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26 Great Handbag Stores Online

Shop the best handbag companies online today to make it easier to find any type of purses in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Online shopping for purses increases your selection and lets you shop department stores and second-hand shops with massive selections.

This is a close look at a couple of hand bags on display at a store.

What makes a handbag or purse store better than the rest? A combination of a vast selection, amazing prices, high-quality items, quick shipping and terrific customer service are things that you should not just expect but demand from your online shopping experience.

Knowing where to start looking for handbag stores certainly helps you find the clutch bag you need in a clutch.

Finding the Best Handbag Stores Online

Selection. Service. Quality. Affordability. Style. It’s easier to shop in an online store than it is to get dressed, get in the car and start walking around and poking at shelves. But you still deserve a great shopping experience and you still want to find great handbags. The best online stores will give you the experience, the fashion and the bargains you want.


No, these bags are not new. Think of these purses as gently loved. You can find true finds on Poshmark like a Gucci limited edition bag that was only worn on the runway. You can also find a luxury handbag carried for one season or with the tags still on it because the purchaser never used it. There’s a big mix of styles here, from classic clutches to that must-have shoulder bag.

Variety, beauty and great prices define this store. These gently owned designer brand bags come at a much lower price than new ones. Buy Louis Vuitton for less than $300, limited edition Gucci for under $3,000, Fendi for less than $600. It’s enough to make any fashionista’s heart beat faster.


Shop H&M for trendy bags meant for shoppers on a budget. You won’t find designer bags here, but you can find well-made purses for less. These bags are made to look like high style but they come at an affordable price. As such, you won’t find a lot of genuine leather or high-quality materials on these bags. More budget-friendly materials that aren’t as durable are used instead.

Though these bags mimic designer style, they don’t mimic designer quality or price. You can also get a variety of clothing here, everything from shirts and dresses to footwear to accessories like jewelry and gloves.


Shop ModCloth for vintage-inspired purses and messenger bags. The designs make it look as if the bag came from another era but these purses are brand-new. If you love the vintage look but want modern materials, shop ModCloth. The prices are very affordable and the designs are colorful, whimsical and fun.


Nordstrom is somewhat unfairly known as an expensive store. Yes it carries designer bags, but you can also find many everyday bags here. The prices range from the low two-digit range to nearly astronomical for the big-name designer purses.

While the department store earned its reputation on the designer pieces, it also offers a range of affordable but stylish bags.


Amazon has an enormous selection of purses and a ton of customer reviews. Just about every type of handbag you can think of is available here in a huge range of prices. Amazon has everything from the most affordable discount bags to high-end luxury bags. You can even find some cool vintage replica designs here.

It’s easy to shop at Amazon thanks to the multiple search features. Come here to look for a hot denim bucket bag, a genuine leather tote or any other type of handbag you might want. This is also a great spot for gift ideas or gift cards, because you can find just about anything in any price range at Amazon.


Asos is all about affordable fashion and trendy style that’s unique. There are many bags here that echo designer styles but cost way, way, way less than the designer prices. Asos prides itself on promoting positivity through its products and designs and that’s all part of giving you a positive shopping experience here.


No matter what kind of bag you might want, you can surely find it at Macy’s. The famous department store has a huge online storefront that includes very affordable styles to high-end designer products. Get a Coach bag or one with no name at all here. Macy’s frequently has sale items so you can get even the designer bags at discounted prices.

Macy’s has been a known and trusted name in the fashion game for decades and their storefront contains all kinds of items in addition to handbags.

TJ Maxx

The venerable brick-and-mortar store TJ Maxx also sells online. This store carries designer brands for much less. Its prices start low, so you can affordably nab a bag with a designer label. It buys up store closeouts and resells them for a fraction of what you would have paid in the original store. These bags are so affordable, you may have enough left over for a matching wallet.

Urban Outfitters

When you want a huge selection of bags in a big variety of colors, Urban Outfitters is the store for you. There are many different style options here and the bags are affordable. Urban Outfitters is known for its cool, casual style and the bags they carry reflect that vibe. Urban Outfitters has lots of retail locations and it has become a well-known name in the fashion game. Shop here for hobo bags and other cool styles any time.


Target has a wide array of lots of different styles of handbags. This store specializes in affordable fashion that looks trendy. When you want quick style that won’t break the bank, Target is a great choice. The store has lots of search features and Target ships all over, so you can get your items quickly or possibly pick them up in store.

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around is a vintage shop offering the best in designer names. Since they’ve been used, these bags are more affordably priced than brand-new designs. You can buy Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. Here, you can find the handbag of your dreams here and not spend a haute fortune on it. It’s kind of like a luxury garage sale for handbags online.

J. Crew

Go to the J. Crew storefront for fashionable, well-made style. They have a good selection of bag styles here and multiple color options for most designs. J. Crew is a respected and popular name in the apparel game, so you can always find a good mix of trendy styles and classic designs here.


Mango offers Mediterranean-inspired fashion and that look shows through in their handbags, too. There’s a unique range of bag styles here, some of which are available in multiple colors and all of which are reasonably priced. This store has everything from casual everyday style to more evening-ready looks.


Coach is a famous name in high-fashion handbags. This is a highly recognizable designer label and Coach is a super coveted brand. Shop for all the latest and classic styles at the Coach storefront, but be prepared to pay for high-end style. Getting a designer purse or handbag is always going to be pricey but there are ways to pay a little bit less. Always look for sale items and special offers when you visit an online storefront because often, you will get discounts and exclusive offers as a first-time shopper.

The Sak

Each handbag you get at the Sak is hand-crafted and each has a compelling, touchable texture. The Sak plans to reach 100 percent sustainability by 2024. Meanwhile, you can shop for a new handcrafted handbag here.

The bags here come in a huge range of different colors and patterns, so you can simply shop for style and order the color shade you want. The bags here are affordable and since they are all handmade, they’re pretty high quality.


Donna Karan rose through the fashion ranks by creating outstanding fashion. This is a famous name in high fashion and the bags you can find at the online storefront are highly recognizable. The branded styles here let everyone know that you’re a fashionista. However, the prices reflect the designer label. You will pay to have DK style.


Zappos is a super popular name among shoe buyers for trendy sneakers, boot styles and other types of footwear, but this site has plenty of stylish handbags, too. There’s a big selection of bags here, including designer bags from labels like Fossil, Coach and Kate Spade. Zappos has bags in a huge price range, so you can find something to fit your budget. Search for bags here by brand name, type and popularity.

Ralph Lauren

Everyone knows the name Ralph Lauren. Over the decades, Ralph Lauren’s name has become synonymous with style. Along with new fashion styles, the Ralph Lauren website debuts new handbag designs every season. The designs reflect the changing trends and styles, along with some classic looks. This is high fashion, however, and you will pay a high fashion price.


DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse but you know what goes great with shoes? Handbags, of course. There’s a huge range of bags and designer labels here, with plenty of affordable options mixed in along with the pricier ones. Some of the bags are available in different colors, too. In other words, you can find a huge selection of bags in a ton of styles here at prices you can afford and prices that may be a little less affordable.


Chico’s is a bit of a new kid on the block compared to some of the others on this list, established just in 1983. It began as a small gallery and today is known as a fashion powerhouse providing affordable, trendy fashion of all types. Along with all the clothes, Chico’s has a rotating, small selection of trendy bags in the latest styles. The prices are reasonable and the look is always on trend.

Steve Madden

A popular name in high fashion, Steve Madden has an online storefront that’s full of handbag styles that reflect the trendiest looks, hottest colors and most up-to-date designs. Whether you want something colorful and fun or something classic and elegant, it’s here. But here it’s also designer, so you will pay a decent price for every bag you buy here.

Steve Madden started making fashion footwear in 1990, inspired by the New York fashion scene all around him and the edginess of rock and roll style. That spirit still shines through in the handbags you can find bearing his name.

State Bags

State Bags specializes in bags, luggage and accessories that are practical and durable. Come here when you need a bag that can do the work of carrying your stuff around. The online storefront has a selection of crossbody bag designs, fanny packs (also known as belt bags), slings and tote bag styles.

State Bags gives back by donating full-packed backpacks at bag drop rallies. These bags go to children in need.


Baggu’s mission is to create and sell simple, colorful, fun bags for everyday use. The selection of vibrant bags at their online storefront is proof that the company succeeded. There’s a big range of bags here in all kinds of fun prints and colors, playful designs that are perfect for casual, everyday use. These bags are also affordable, which is definitely a great quality in any bag. You can shop for shoulder bag and handbag designs here.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is known for bold style and classic fashion looks. The handbags you can find at the Tommy online store are no different. They have the classic look and color schemes of Tommy designs, with signature branding to add flair. You will pay the designer price when you shop here but you can get lucky and find items on sale here regularly.


Though famous for coats and accessories like scarves, Burberry makes a whole line of pretty handbags as well. These handbags have an elegant classic look and some designs are available in the highly recognizable Burberry plaid. The Burberry label is famous and highly desired, so you will pay a pretty price for any one of the pretty bags you find here.


Longchamp’s story begins a little differently than most. This company actually began in 1948 by making luxurious smoking pipes out of leather. Soon, the store expanded its product line to include all sorts of small leather goods, including handbags. What began as a smoke shop in Paris has become a luxury fashion brand. And for all this style, you will pay the designer price tag.


Still have questions about buying handbags online? Not sure what you want, what to look for, where to begin? We’ve got the answers to the most common questions about handbag stores online.

Which handbag brand is best?

The handbag brand you like the best is usually a matter of personal preference. You may prefer the elegant quilted looks from Chanel or perhaps the bolder designs from Dior. Maybe you like the posh look of Hermes or the fun fashion of Louis Vuitton.

A trendy designer bag will always look good and will stay stylish. Even after certain trends have faded and new designs have entered the fashion world, past designer handbags become vintage and they become even more valuable. In other words, the best handbag is the one you like. And if that changes every day, that’s okay, too!

Can you buy designer handbags online?

There’s a huge selection of designer handbags online. In fact, it’s easier to search for designer handbags online because you can shop for sales and discounts, or even secondhand designer bags, to save some money. All the big designer labels either maintain their own online stores or sell their bags in other online stores that offer bags from several different designer labels. Look for promo code offers and other deals that can save you money on big designer purchases.

Can you sell used handbags online?

Some sites and online marketplaces make it easy for you to sell your used handbags online. There are sites that specialize specifically in handbags, some that offer fashion of all kinds and some that are open marketplaces where you can sell anything. If you want to sell your old handbags online, you can find a ton of options.

What is the most popular handbag?

Fashion trends come and go in time as various style icons popularize new looks in new eras. But in the annals of fashion, there are a few bags that can be listed among the most popular and sought-after of all time. This includes the “Speedy” bag from Louis Vuitton, which was first created for film legend Audrey Hepburn. Once she was seen carrying the bag, everyone had to have it.
The Chanel 2.55 bag is one of the most recognizable and most-copied bags of all time. Also known as the flap bag, this is a quilted, small handbag with a flap closure that has been carried by fashionistas and style icons through the decades. This bag first debuted on the fashion scene in 1955 and it’s still a hot and highly fashionable look.

The Fendi baguette is known as the very first “It” bag because everyone wanted one after this mini handbag was carried by “Sex & the City” fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw, as played onscreen by Sarah Jessica Parker. Then of course there is the much larger Birkin bag by Hermes, also a famous “It” bag mentioned on the show, that has been carried by the likes of Princess Diana, among others. [Source: Savoir Flair]

Are handbags a good investment?

High-end luxury handbags are considered to be an investment but this is not the same kind of investment as stocks and bonds. A designer handbag does retain value and will even become vintage in time, which makes it highly prized among fashion lovers. [Source: WhoWhatWear]

Handbags can actually a better investment than pieces of art because their value does go up in time once they become vintage. Fashion is something that just doesn’t stop being valuable. Because bag styles fluctuate and most bags are only made for a few years, people are willing to pay for them. [Source: Forbes]

Can handbags be dry cleaned?

Can you have your expensive handbags dry cleaned? The short answer is no. Because luxury handbags are so expensive and often use special leathers and fabrics, even dry cleaners may not be equipped to clean certain bags properly. Coach, for example, carries a whole range of products that are made specifically to clean their bags. They also have step-by-step instructions on their website to walk you through the process of cleaning your Coach bag.

Usually, designers and retailers advise that you clean your handbags yourself using specific instructions and product. [Source: LoveToKnow]

Dry cleaners do handle leather goods of all types but handbags are sometimes made with specialty leathers, like crocodile, that are rarely seen by dry cleaners.

How many types of handbags are there?

Our list of handbags has more than 35 distinct types of bags on it but that number has probably changed. As new styles are invented and new trends are introduced in fashion, the number of different types of handbags goes up. There are new bags being created all the time and probably many new styles out there that the world simply hasn’t discovered yet.

Do handbags need any special care or special cleaning?

Handbags must be cleaned according to the material they are made from. Leather handbags, for instance, require special cleaning products and tools. Canvas can be gently hand-washed with mild soap and water. To find out how to clean your bag, find out what it’s made of and who made it. Look online for the manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and then look up ways to clean the material that your bag is made from.

Can you return handbags you buy online?

Online stores have return policies that allow you to return any items that were shipped incorrectly or otherwise don’t meet with your satisfaction. You can always check a store’s return policy before you choose to buy to make sure their policy meets your standards.