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20 Top Tie Brands

From the Tie Bar and Amazon to Calvin Klein and Hawes and Curtis,we have listed some of the top tie brands that produce neckties and bow ties for every occasion in today's tie market, whether you wear a tie to work everyday or need one for a special occasion.

This is a close look at a couple of colorful and patterned ties.

A necktie is an extremely part of a man’s wardrobe, either for just special occasions or for everyday wear for professional men. A necktie can polish off the look of a suit, tuxedo, sportscoat, or any button-down shirt. Some men prefer to wear a bowtie and seem to have a different color and pattern for every single occasion.

I had a science teacher once that was known for his colorful and sometimes downright funny-looking bowties. I think he wore them just to entertain us and make his science class more interesting.

My dad wore a suit and tie every day to his job at a local garden hose factory since he was in middle management. He had worked his way up from the janitorial position he was hired in at and wore his suits and ties very proudly as a Greek immigrant. My mom, though, is the one with an amazing sense of style and she picked out and purchased all of his suits and ties.

She is also really good at picking out clothing that looks very expensive but is more budget-friendly. She simply has an eye and flair for that type of thing which I evidently did not receive. I could never even help my son or my ex-husband put their neckties on correctly and for a long time, did not understand why a tie clip as necessary to hold the tie in place and keep it from getting in a man’s way and out of his plate of food while eating.

Whether you prefer a necktie made of wool fabric, silk, cotton, linen, or simply a high quality tie that will look great around your shirt collar and match well with your pants, choosing one that is within your budget but still a very nice tie can be tricky. There is an array of different neckties and bow ties on the market today and a variety of different brands that create them and market them. Here is our list of some of the x best tie brands there are available in today’s market.

Nordstrom Men’s Ties

The Star Wars™ The Mandalorian The Child Silk Tie from Nordstrom.

Source: Nordstrom

The brand of ties that you will find in Nordstrom Men’s Shop is amazing in the fact that each tie offers a high-quality look, style, and feel that you can purchase at a very reasonable price. The ties range in price from about $40 to $80 and are made of silk. Whether you are heading to a party or formal charity event, you will step out in style with any of the ties from the Nordstrom brand that customers give high ratings to due to the luxury look with a decent price tag.

H&M Ties

The Burgundy Satin Tie from H&M.

Source: H&M

From satin neckties to colorful bowties, H and M is no stranger to men’s fashion and do not disappoint when it comes to their broad line of ties. The H&M Group touts itself as a family of brands designed to bring people great products while securing sustainability.

Vineyard Vines

The Graduation Caps Printed Bow Tie from Vineyard Vines.

Source: Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines was founded more than two decades ago by two friends who were sick of the corporate world and wanted to own their own business. They sell much more than just ties but offer an array of them, including bowties and a variety of different colors and styles of neckties.

Brooks Brothers

The BB #5 Rep Tie from Brooks Brothers.

Source: Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers brand has been around for a long time and has always been centered around men’s clothing and accessories. If you prefer ties that boast a classic style, this brand may be for you no matter what the occasion is that you will be wearing it. Most of the Brooks Brother menswear brand of ties are made of nearly 100 percent silk yet tend to cost a little less than other higher-end brands of ties, coming in at between $50 to $80. The style offered by the Brooks Brothers brand offers you a high-quality tie that will look great with a sports coat for a more casual event you have something you can feel confident in.


The patterned premium necktie from Bonobos.

Source: Bonobos

Whether you need a satin or silk bow tie, a silk twill pocket square, or a gorgeous necktie, Bonobos has one for you and the prices are not bad either. Bonobos even offer beautiful ties to wear to a black-tie affair. Step out in style after you purchase your next tie from Bonobos.

Amazon’s Own Brand of Men’s Ties

DiBanGu Formal Black and Gold Paisley Tie and Pocket Square Set for Men Silk Necktie Cufflinks Woven

Source: Amazon

Amazon has even joined the menswear arena with its own brand called Buttoned Down. The Button Downed men’s classic silk necktie is great if you are on a budget but still want that classic look for a special occasion or for work. Amazon’s line of ties is made of high-quality material at a surprisingly very low price and is offered in 27 different colors and two different sizes, including regular (58-inch length) and extra-long (62-inch length).

The ties are three inches wide, made of 100 percent silk, and come with an unconditional satisfaction money-back guarantee so you cannot go wrong with this brand when you give it a try. This brand also offers ties in both patterned material and plain and they even offer novelty ties. That’s right, you can pick up a tie for a low price that features Star Wars or another favorite in a classy yet fun skinny-tie style.

Trend Him

The Black Musical Self-Tie Bow tie from Trend Him.

Source: Trend Him

Trend Him offers ties in their own brand name as well as a variety of Bohemian Revolt and Tailor Toki ties of all colors, styles, and materials.

Calvin Klein Ties

The Subtle Herringbone Tie from Calvin Klein.

Source: Calvin Klein

Priced pretty well at around $25 per tie, the Calvin Klein brand has been around for a long time and has always carried an amazing line of stylish clothing for men, women, and even children. When it comes to ties, this brand brings it with 100 percent silk ties that provide you with plenty of shine and the high-end quality we have all grown to expect from the Calvin Klein brand.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ties

The Microprint Silk Bow Tie from Tommy Hilfiger.

Source: Tommy Hilfiger

If you have been searching for the perfect tie for your next job interview, we think we have found some for you in the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ties brand. From bold colors to neutral patterns, you should be able to find the perfect tie to take you into your next chapter in life with confidence and professionalism.

Hawes and Curtis

The Men's Pink 2 Tone Circles Tie - 100% Silk from Hawe and Curtis.

Source: Hawes and Curtis

Known as a very prestigious shirtmaker, Hawes and Curtis has been around since 1913 when the company was first established on Jermyn Street in London. Although English aristocrats have been purchasing ties from this higher-end brand for many decades, in today’s market the ties are fairly priced and affordable by many people. The brand is known to offer great value for your money and their ties feature a high-end wool lining.

Turnbull & Asser

The Gold Knitted Silk tie from Turnbull and Asser.

Source: Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser is one of the leaders when it comes to shirtmaking but this British brand offers an array of really nice men’s accessories, including ties.


If you need an amazing tailored tie, Arket can help you out. This brand’s ties are woven from pure silk and are cut to offer a unique, pointed appearance.


The Blue Striped Interlocking tie from Gucci.

Source: Gucci

When people hear the name Gucci, they automatically think of high-end fashion and the tie line offered by the designer, does not disappoint. From head-to-toe floral ties to solid colors and a variety of other patterns, you will have plenty to choose from when you visit this website.

Paul Smith

The Men's Burgundy Tonal Paisley Tie from Paul Smith.

Source: Paul Smith

When it comes to refined luxury in the tie department, Paul Smith has been at the top of the game for a very long time and offers an array of amazing neckties.

Brunello Cucinelli

The Cotton and Linen Knit Tie from Brunello Cucinelli.

Source: Brunello Cucinelli

If you want to step out in elegant style, the Brunello Cucinelli brand brings it. It is a luxury Italian brand that boasts formal design in features wool and silk ties.

Eton Shirts

The Blue bow tie – self tied from Eton.

Source: Eton

Eton is a Swedish brand that has been around since the 1920s. It offers European-made ties that are both luxurious and minimalistic so they appeal to a lot of people with different style preferences.

The Tie Bar

The Wild Paisley Lavender Tie from The Tie Bar.

Source: The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar is a great value accessory brand for the budget-conscious shopper and offers a ton of different men’s accessories, including neckties and bow ties. Because the Ties are quality made and offered at a much lower price than many other brands, The Tie Bar is a favorite brand for many men.


The Dior and Kenny Scharf flowing tie with tiger print from Dior.

Source: Dior

From bright prints to the traditional Dior’s logo pieces, the ties offered by Dior are gorgeous and fashionable. From skinny ties to bold patterns, Dior is your brand if you like variety in your ties.

Hermes Ties

The Quincaillerie Tie from Hermes.

Source: Hermes

Hermes offers hand sewn ties made of a very heavy silk twill material with a traditional flair in earthy tones, including blue, black, and brown.

The microfiber red and navy striped tie from


This tie company is one of the leaders in budget-friendly men’s ties and is very similar to the Thai bar. You will be able to find an array of men’s neckties in a variety of colors, styles, and materials on

FAQS About Ties

What are tie clips called?

A tie clip is also referred to as a tie clasp or tie slide and is basically a menswear clothing accessory that is used to clip a tie to the shirt the man is wearing beneath the tie. This promotes a neat and professional appearance since that tie clip prevents the tie from swinging back and forth and allows it to hang straight.

Who invented the modern tie?

The modern ties we see men wearing today have been around since the 1940s after a man by the name of Victor Emmanual Cedarstaff claims he created the tie after he once wore a silver-trimmed hatband around his neck to compliment the outfit he was wearing.

Are tie clips out of style?

For a period of time, tie clips were out of style but have made a comeback since then.

Are tie clips and tie bars the same thing?

A tie bar and a tie clip are basically the same things when you just look at them but they’re actually a little different. While tie clips open on a spring-like your jaw does and clamps onto the man’s shirt beneath that tie, a tie bar slides over the tie and shirt. It is best if neither one of them is wider than your tie.

Are tie clips necessary?

A tie clip is necessary to keep your tie in place so it will not move around and get in your way or look unprofessional. Many times I feel like it also keeps the tie out of men’s food when they are eating while wearing one.

How did the necktie originate?

Many historians say that the necktie originated during the 17th century. It was during the 30-year war in France when King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries to help out. They wore a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform and the idea eventually caught on.