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11 Good Tie Stores Online

From Ledbury to The Tie Bar and Nordstrom, there are many stores that have online shops that you can purchase neckties from and below is our list of the best tie stores online to assist you in your search for the perfect tie to wear

This is a close look at a gray tie with minute patterns.

No man’s suit really looks complete without a tie. Neckties are essential as a finishing touch on a suit and there are tons of styles, colors, and tie stores that sell ties throughout the internet. This makes it nice and easy for a man to pick out exactly the tie he wants without having to go shopping from store to store which typically most men do not like to do.

Purchasing a necktie can be a great way for customers to test out a store they’ve never been to before to see if they like their product or not without having to spend a ton of money initially. There are many stores that have online shops that you can purchase neckties from and below is our list of the best tie stores online to assist you in your search for the perfect tie to wear.


This is the black monroe bow tie from Ledbury.

Source: Ledbury

Ledbury is a menswear startup that offers a modern take on British tailoring mixed with southern charm and it is even based in Richmond, Virginia. You can order a variety of ties from their website along with dress shirts and the entire suit. Most of their ties tend to be a little wider which may not appeal to everyone but they do offer an array of different luxury ties.

The Tie Bar

The Wild Paisley Olive Green tie from The Tie Bar.

Source: The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar is a widely popular online store for people to purchase ties and it has been around for a while so it is a proven retailer when it comes to neckties. It was founded in 2004 by Greg and Gina Shugar who are based in Chicago to offer quality ties at a very affordable price. They also offer brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States, including an amazing showroom in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

The mens ties offered at the Tie Bar come in a variety of widths so whether you are searching for a great skinny tie to a wider one, the Tie Bar has you covered. No matter which style of tie you prefer, you will probably be able to find it at The Tie Bar.

Augustus Hare

This is the Red and Taupe tie from Augustus Hare.

Source: Augustus Hare

From pocket squares to the ultimate selection of neckties, Augustus Hare is based in the United Kingdom and offers an array of knit ties. The store also offers a collection of silk ties and woven wool ties in a variety of styles, colors, and widths.

The Nines

This is the dark green knit tie from The Nines.

Source: The Nines

When I’m looking for a new tie, one of the first places I search is The Nines, a Paris-based retailer of neckties, cufflinks, socks, dress shirts, ties and more.

The Nines was founded by friends Erwan Desvignes et Renaud Martel, who had met in Sweden and jumped into menswear in France. I’ve had a chance to visit their shops in Paris and order several ties from the company.

Many of their ties are 8 cm, which is a tad wider than my preferred width of 7cm (around 2.75 inches).

All of Bonobos’ neckties are made in America.


This is the premium necktie from Bonobos.

Source: Bonobos

All of the neckties at Bonobos are made in America. This online store offers an array of different types of neckties, including ties made of linen, fine silk, and cotton. They also offer plenty of other style options and accessories, such as button-down shirts, inexpensive chinos, and other men’s wardrobe accessories. While the ties at Bobobos start out at about $70, the online store offers a lot of sales so look out for those!


The Quindici Floral Paisley Silk Tie from Nordstrom.

Source: Nordstrom

Nordstrom is touted as offering the best customer service on the internet and the website is super easy to use. They are based in the state of Washington and offer a variety of their own brand of ties as well as from some of the top necktie retailers in the market, including Boss, Salvador Ferragamo, Ted Baker London, Canali, and Bruello Cucinelli. The website allows you to filter your search for neckties, including by the width of those and the style. Nordstrom also offers clothing, men’s accessories, and a ton of other style options for the entire family.

The Dark Knot

The Waterbury Blue Silk Tie from The Dark Knot.

Source: The Dark Knot

If you are looking for a quality tie made of printed silk, wool, silk knitted material, grenadine, or even woven silk fabric, The Dark Knot will probably have what you are looking for. This menswear startup company does not yet have a huge selection but they offer a 25 percent discount from their luxury line and their skinny ties are touted as being the perfect width for most people’s preferences.

Drake’s Haberdasher

The Navy Blue, White and Red Broad tie from Drake's Haberdasher.

Source: Drake’s Haberdasher

Drake’s Haberdasher is a high-end luxury tie store that was founded in East London in 1977 by Michael Darke. The store offers beautiful ties, whether you want a knitted tie, a woven tie, and or one made of grenadine. The store also has a brick and mortar shop near Savile Row in London. This is a great place to shop for a pure silk tie, a high-end pocket square, or an array of other accessories for a black tie or other formal occasion.

Spier and Mackay

The Navy and Gold Geometric tie from Spier and Mackay.

Source: Spier and Mackay

Canada-based menswear startup Spier and Mackay may be best known for their affordable yet luxurious suits, but they also offer a nice selection of affordable ties. From red and purple paisley to brown and tan foulard, this store has a variety of unique ties that men can wear to the office or a party.

Sam Hober and Benjamin Hober

If you want a handmade tie that can be custom made, Sam Hober and Benjamin Hober is the place for you to do your online shopping. They craft each tie to be unique and each pattern is cut from silk or wool by hand instead of in a factory with a machine. Expect to pay more but if you want a tie that no one else will be wearing, this is the place to purchase it from.

Foundation Menswear

The Navy blue woven pindot tie from Foundation Menswear.

Source: Foundation Menswear

Foundation Menswear also offers handmade ties and they are created in the heart of Italy from high-quality materials. The company was founded by Joe Hakin as a micro-brand and not only can you purchase ties from the website, they even offer an Etsy shop. The ties are very affordable at about $40 each which is an amazing price for a handmade necktie.

FAQs About Ties

What is the best width for a necktie?

Each person is different so the best width for a necktie can vary wildly and is based on the size of the tie and of course the preferences of the person purchasing the tie. Some people prefer skinny ties while others prefer something that is much wider. A smaller framed man should probably stick with a tie that is 2.8 inches in width or below while a taller, larger man can get away with 3.25 inches in width or even a wider tie.

Can you buy ties online?

Yes, there are several necktie companies and retailers that offer ties for sale across the internet. They are delivered right to your door which makes it nice, easy, and quick to shop from the online tie stores.

What are expensive ties made of?

Ties made of pure silk tend to be the most expensive to purchase. A silk tie offers the most polished look if it is paired for the right suit and the touch and feel is amazing. Silk ties are offered by several different tie designers and while some are created from silk mixed with other materials, a tie made of 100 percent silk is going to cost quite a bit more to purchase than the cheaper alternatives.