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Transitional Pieces from Summer to Fall

Despite the stand-still brought by the pandemic, the world still goes on with the seasons changing from Summer to Fall. Here are the transitional pieces to wear.

A close look at a rack of clothes in a boutique shop.

From the must-have jackets we are living in this fall (hello, MANGO) to the sneakers we wore all summer and just can’t seem to let go of, we are here to bring your wardrobe into a new light. We rounded up the best transitional pieces to bring your summer closet into fall.

If seasonal fashion trends were your friends in life, summer would be the boho queen who you can always count on to go on an adventure with you. Summer fashion is effortless, simple, light, and airy. You can’t go wrong with a pair of jean shorts, a tank top and a pair of cute sandals.

Fall, on the other hand, is what most girls look forward to when it comes to fashion. Fall is like your friend who always wants to bundle up and live for the events where she can throw together a cool outfit. We all have that friend who is a little overdressed wherever they go. You can guarantee your most fashion-forward gal pals love fall. With so many opportunities to layer and use the cute boots you have been storing away, who wouldn’t love this season’s fashion?

In most parts of the world, especially the United States midwestern states, it is hard to tell what the weather is going to be like. With one day being thirty degrees outside and the next day being seventy-five degrees, there is really no telling what you might need in terms of wardrobe. That is where transitional pieces come into play.

Here are the top transitional pieces from summer to fall:

1. Cropped Cardigans With Shorts & More

While cardigans may seem like the sweater your mother used to wear to business meetings or the funny accessory people use when they dress up as grandmas for Halloween, they are making a comeback. In the last several year’s cardigans have turned from the preppy accessory we once saw them, to a way to stay warm while still looking fashion-forward. What started as a simple sweater with buttons, is now worn in several different ways. Cardigans are perfect transitional pieces for the days that it is cool outside, but not cold enough to wear a jacket.

Urban Outfitters Maura Chenille Cropped Cardigan

Maura Chenille Cropped Cardigan from Urban Outfitters.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Nasty Gal White Cropped Button-Down Cardigan in Ribbed Knit

No Chills Cropped Button Down Cardigan from Nasty Gal.

Source: Nasty Gal

Pretty Little Thing Pink Colour Block Button Up Cropped Cardigan

Pink Block Button up Cropped Cardigan from PrettyLittleThing.

Source: PrettyLittleThing

2. Sneakers You Can Wear All Year Long

As the years have passed, sneakers have changed the game of fashion. Sneakers used to be part of everyone’s exercise outfits. Activewear began as sport-specific clothing worn when participating in physical exercise.

What began as a way to move comfortably while working out, has now transitioned into modern-day activewear. Sneakers have been a big part of activewear turning into street style. Sneakers can be paired with both jeans and dresses alike, for a seamless look you can wear year-round.

Madewell Thousand Fell Vegan Leather Lace-Up Sneakers

Thousand Fell vegan leather Lace up Sneakers by Madewell.

Source: Madewell

Everlane The Court Sneaker

Women's Court Sneaker White Mustard from Everlane.

Source: Everlane

Vintage Havana Gadol Perforated Star Sneakers

Vintage Havana Gadol Perforated Star Sneakers from Saks.

Source: SaksOff5th

3. Knitted Tank Top Transitions

I think we can all agree that there is a huge difference when it comes to various types of tank tops. There are tank tops that you only wear when you are lounging around your house and tank tops you can take to brunch with your friends. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, try these tanks that are the perfect piece to bring you from summer into fall. Style your new piece with a pair of jeans and booties for the perfect fall look.

Anthropologie Frieda Eyelash Tank

Frieda Eyelash Tank from Anthropologie.

Source: Anthropologie

J. Crew Sweater Tank

A mint green sweater tank from J Crew.

Source: J. Crew

Kate Spade Plaid Sleeveless Sweater

Plaid sleeveless sweater from Kate Spade.

Source: Kate Spade

4. Lightweight Jackets

Even in the summertime, we sometimes need a jacket. On those cool nights where the temperature drops 20 degrees, you might need something to wear over your tank top or t-shirt. Fall is all about comfy clothes and cool separates. Stay warm, while still looking chic with these lightweight jackets.

UNIQLO Women Corduroy Relaxed Jacket

Women's Corduroy Relaxed Jacket from Uniqlo.

Source: UNIQLO

ASOS Bershka Throw-on Coat In Ecru

Throw On Coat in Ecru from Bershka.

Source: Asos

Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Pieced Trucker Jacket

Ex Boyfriend Sherpa Pierced Trucker Jacket from Levi's.

Source: Levi’s

5. Pants From Summer to Fall

Although this may be a slightly unpopular opinion, I still wear pants in the summer on occasion. Depending on where you live, pants can still be a very big part of your summer wardrobe, making them the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall.

Wearing pants, especially with a wider leg and thin material can be a perfect additive to your fall wardrobe. Pairing wide-leg pants with booties and a sweater is a great option for cooler days.

Madewell Slim Emmett Wide-Leg Crop Pants

Slim Emmett Wide Leg Crop Pants from Madewell.

Source: Madewell

Everlane The Italian GoWeave Easy Pant

Women's Italian Goweave Easy Pants from Everlane.

Source: Everlane

Free People Feelin’ Good Utility Pull-On Pants

Feelin Good Utility Puul on Pants from Free People.

Source: Free People

6. Midi Dresses You Can Wear For Colder Weather

Midi dresses might seem like a thing of the past, but in the last several years they have made a major comeback. From fashion bloggers like Arielle Charnas and Julia Hengel to designers such as Calvin Klein and Alice and Olivia, midi dresses are perfect for those cool summer nights and those colorful fall days.

Pairing midi dresses with sandals is perfect for the summer, and adding booties to your midi dress is a great way to transition the piece to fall. Adding cowboy boots or short booties can help bring your dress to a new light. If you are shorter, opting for a midi dress that does not have a lot of additives like ruffles may be your best bet as long dresses can make you look weighed down

ASOS Vila Button Front Midi Dress in Black

Vila Button Front Midi Dress from Asos.

Source: Asos

Urban Outfitters Motel Cypress Side-Slit Midi Dress

Motel Cypress Side-Slit Midi Dress from Urban Outfitters.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Reformation Sigmund Dress

Sigmun Dress from The Reformation.

Source: The Reformation