21 Different Types of Shorts for Women

A group of women in different style of shorts.

Just a few decades ago, shorts were considered an improper or rather risqué attire for women. Women who were fashionable (and quite bold) to sport it nonetheless had to serve a penalty according to the legal laws.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Today, shorts have become highly popular apparel for both men and women. They line the shelves at various clothing stores all around the year while new styles and designs continue popping up every now and then.

With the summer season just around the corner, it goes without saying that you must be looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe and wish to purchase the best shorts for women that will keep you cool and comfortable during the hot days without compromising on looking your best.

Check out our comprehensive article discussing the various types of shorts for women that will help you decide which style’s the best for you.

1. Denim Shorts

onlypuff Black Pockets High Waist Denim Shorts Push Up Zipper Jean Shorts S
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Denim is hands down one of the best materials for women’s shorts. It’s classy, comfortable, and never goes out of style. Clothing stores are brimming with denim shorts made as per the manufacturer’s preference, but there are also many iconic styles such as the cut-off denim shorts and boyfriend shorts that are easily available at almost all shops.

You can pair denim shorts with flat pumps, boots, or sneakers, and wear a tank top or a t-shirt.

2. Printed Shorts

Nautica Girls' Printed Short, Trans Floral Blu Grotto, 2T
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From polka dots to flowers, tribal prints to stripes, and geometric patterns to fake cheetah skin, the options are endless when it comes to printed shorts. Whether you pair it with a matching top or go for a more eccentric style, printed shorts are bound to make you stand out of the crowd.

3. Cut-Off Shorts

Sexyshine Women's High Waist Distressed Clubwear Hot Pants Sexy Ripped Summer Denim Shorts(6273BL,S)
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As the name suggests, cut-off shorts are shorts that have been “cut-off” from pants, trousers, or any other long to medium-length leg-wear. These are normally cut off at least a few inches above the knee or even higher. It goes without saying that an unfinished look is the most prominent feature cut-off shorts.

Cut-off shorts are one of the most beloved forms of summer outfits for women given how edgy they look.

Another reason why cut-off shorts rose to utmost popularity overnight is that you don’t need a single extra penny to rock this style. If you have got old jeans, simply cut them off at the desired level using a pair of scissors or use a sharp blade to rip off the required length. To make sure that you get things right in the first try and don’t end up wasting a perfect pair of jeans, take DIY tips from those who have successfully tried it a number of times. You can embellish your jeans with studs or gems to up the fun factor.

4. Boyfriend Shorts

Bandolino Women's Karyn Slim Boyfriend Denim Short, Porto Studded, 6
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Boyfriend shorts refer to loose and baggy shorts that are usually made of denim. Whether they have elastic waistbands or a regular one, these shorts almost always have zippers and buttons and might be ripped for a faux rugged look. Boyfriend shorts got their name because they have a semblance to most of the common men’s pants even though they were exclusively designed for women.

To master the style of sporting boyfriend shorts, pair them with sneakers or sandals for a really chic and trendy look. This legwear that extends from the waist till the thigh is suitable for casual and semi-casual events.

5. Jamaican Shorts

An online search for this type of shorts might turn up any shorts printed with the flag of Jamaica, but don’t be confused. Although it may or may not come in the colors of the native flag, Jamaican shorts basically refer to shorts that end at or above the knee regardless of their print or the material that they are made of.

6. Bermuda Shorts

XinYangNi Women's Petite Casual Cotton Fit Shorts Elastic Waist Drawstring Bermuda Shorts Knee Length Turmeric US S/Asia 2XL
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Hardly any other type of shorts is treated as differently as Bermuda shorts. Many women detest them given their baggy look, while others love them because they are airy and comfortable. These shorts got their name due to their high popularity in Bermuda where they are considered formal attire for men when made from appropriate material and worn with a dress shirt, tie, and knee-length socks.

However, in most of the other places, this type of shorts is normally made from soft and cozy materials and often worn by women as nightwear in summers.

Bermuda shorts are also known as walk shorts or dress shorts and might be cuffed or un-cuffed at the hem.

7. Chino Shorts

7 Encounter Women's Low Rise Casual Stretch Cotton Chino Shorts Navy Floral Size 2
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Chino shorts are a type of walking shorts. Walking shorts refer to medium to long shorts that are specifically designed for ease in walking and performing any other leisurely activity. Keeping the comfort factor in mind, the preferred material for these shorts is cotton. This is often twilled to add more class and style with the diagonally weaved pattern. Chino shorts come with a zipper for ease in wearing and are available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

8. Wrap Shorts

Short Size Two Layer Reversible Wrap Around Art Skirts,Random Assorted,One size
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Wrap shorts or wrap-around shorts were much-spotted hosiery during the ’70s and even made it to the screens during the early ’80s. The style died down after some time but has made a comeback over the past few years. Today, you can find wrap-around shorts in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colorful designs.

These shorts are somewhat like skirts in the sense that the fabric wraps around your waist in a similar manner. These are also different than most of the other short pants as wrap-around shorts do not include a zipper and/ or buttons to open and close. Instead, they come with a drawstring or a thin strap to fulfill the purpose.

9. Cargo Shorts

Roamans Women's Plus Size Cargo Shorts - 12 W, Black
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Originally a type of military uniform for the British soldiers, cargo pants were introduced to the U.S during the First World War in the mid-1940s. The two defining features of these shorts are loose-fitting coupled with lots of large outer pockets on both sides.

Although they are mainly a type of men’s wear, it is not uncommon for women to sport cargo shorts every now and then. Not only do these shorts look super cool with their khaki, brown, and olive green colors, but they are also highly functional given the array of pockets that come in handy for carrying the smartphone, wallet, keys, and more.

10. Slipshort

Fruit of the Loom Women's Plus Size Fit for Me 4 Pack Microfiber Slip Short Panties, Assorted, 9
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Slipshorts are basically a type of shapewear for women and therefore, worn under dresses, pants, skirts or even regular shorts. Needless to say, slipshorts are made from stretchy fabric and come in various sizes to fit women with different body types.

Until a few years back, wearing slips was nothing less than torture for women, but thanks to advancements in textile and materials engineering, the fabric used for making modern slips is extra soft and really comfortable to wear. It’s silky and lightweight and still fits perfectly against your waist and legs to create a runway model-like silhouette.

11. Skorts

Cityoung Women's Casual Pleated Tennis Golf Skirt with Underneath Shorts Running Skorts bk xs Black
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Skorts, which is a portmanteau for a skirt and shorts, is nothing but a skirt with a pair of shorts stitched under it. The skort is one of the smartest forms of women’s attire that combines fashion with function.

If you are a skirt lover but hesitate to wear them because they might lead to embarrassing moments, then skorts are the ultimate solution to your worries. Not only do they allow you to walk around and sit comfortably, but can also be worn to dressy occasions and anywhere else where wearing skirts is appropriate but sporting shorts are not.

Skorts are really versatile too as they can be paired with blouses, t-shirts, crop tops, or whatever else you like.

12. Board Shorts

O'NEILL Women's Water Resistant Stretch Swim Boardshort - 2, 3, or 5 Inch Inseam (Black/Salt Water Solids SP20-7 Inch Inseam, 0)
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Quite similar to men’s swim trunks, board trunks are suitable for women as well. Unlike swim trunks, board shorts have drawstrings to secure the clothing item at the waist. Also, they are slightly longer than swim trunks and have no inner lining. Board shorts come in captivating neon colors with equally fascinating floral prints and other designs.

13. Capri

Eddie Bauer Rainier Capris Black 4
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Fashionistas believe that capris are not a type of shorts because they extend a minimum of three inches below the knee, but we still include them here because they are a type of short pants nonetheless.

Capris are perhaps the only type of shorts that are perfect for wearing all around the year as they are neither too short not too long. Whether you want to prevent tanning or avoid exposing your legs, capris let you take on the summer fashion vibes without worrying about either of the two. Even when the chilly autumn winds start blowing, you can still stick with wearing capris. In fact, pairing them with calf-length boots looks super trendy.

14. Knee-Length Shorts

BALEAF Women's 10" Active Bermuda Shorts Jersey Walking Knit Shorts Pajama Long Shorts Deep Pockets Black Size XS
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As the name suggests, knee-length shorts have one and only one definite feature – they end exactly at the knee level. These shorts are especially popular amongst older women because wearing knee-length shorts of the right color and design helps them balance fashion and grace perfectly. When made from an appropriate material, knee-length shorts can also be worn to dressy occasions, picnics, or any other semi-formal or casual event.

15. Low-Rise Shorts

HDE Women's Solid Color Ultra Stretch Fitted Low Rise Moleton Denim Booty Shorts (Khaki, X-Small)
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When you wear a pair of shorts and it starts from a few inches below your actual waistline, then it is a pair of low-rise shorts. These can come in different lengths although most low-rise shorts are usually really short in length. Low-rise shorts are extremely popular amongst teenage girls as they are available in countless styles, colors, and types of fabric. Plus, since this clothing item is often form-fitting, it highlights their figure and makes them look very attractive.

16. Pedal Pusher Shorts

HydroChic Women’s Modest Swim Shorts – Pedal Pusher Style Swimwear (Black, X-Small)
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Shorts that fall in between knee-length shorts and capris are known as pedal-pusher shorts. Commonly made from denim or twill, these shorts go well on all casual outings as well as on relatively formal ones. Whether you wear flats or any type of heel, pedal-pushers are a classic legwear that will make you look effortlessly stylish.

17. Pleated Shorts

JOFOW Womens Shorts Summer Solid Pleated Loose A Line Trousers Casual Fashion Mini Pants for Work Plus Size (2XL,Black)
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Pleated shorts often end a bit above the knee, come in pastel colors and of course, have pleats on them. Running vertically down from the waistline, these pleats create an illusion of slightly fuller thighs. If you are a slim-figured woman then these sophisticated shorts are a must buy.

18. Toreador Shorts

Toreador shorts are quite longer than knee-length shorts and can sometimes reach near the feet as well. Depending on the intended use, these shorts can be made from cotton, twill, silk, wool, or even spandex. This kind of shorts is great if you are planning for a girls’ night out or going for a jog. There might be many different types of yoga shorts available in the market, but none of them look as chic as toreador shorts made from spandex.

19. Lace Shorts

Rimi Hanger Womens Scallop Lace Trim Gym Shorts Viscose Active Shorts Cycling Hot Pants Black Small/Medium
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If you want a truly feminine look, then lace shorts are the way to go about it. Some consider them to be a type of intimate wear, but if the length is long enough, you can even wear lace shorts out in the sweltering heat.

20. Booty Shorts

Given their really short length, booty shorts are more like a type of underwear and usually worn under skirts. However, some women also sport them when heading out for a day at the beach or at casual summer parties.

21. Boy Shorts

Maidenform Cotton Dream Boyshort with Lace
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Boy shorts are unisex shorts that are slightly longer than booty shorts. However, unlike booty shorts which have a low rise, boy shorts have a high rise which means they extend high above your waist (about 3 inches or more). They are a preferred garment amongst women going to poolside parties, beaches, or going for any other similar outdoor activities.

The key to slaying short pants is to not over-think about how you will look. Just pick the type of shorts that you like best and head out with sheer confidence.

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