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40 Different Types of Engagement Rings

Here is a massive collection of the different types of engagement rings showcasing each ring's unique personality and characteristics so you can make the right choice in your proposal.

This is a diamond engagement ring in a blue box.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be challenging because you want everything to be perfect. Besides the nerves about whether your proposal will be accepted, the engagement ring symbolizes the couple’s love and commitment.  If you know what types of engagement rings there are, proposing will be the easy part.

There are many types of engagements rings, but most fall within four distinctive styles. These are

  1. Classic
  2. Accented
  3. Vintage
  4. Modern

Within these broad groups are rings to suit every personality, hand, and budget. Some designs overlap and contain elements of several styles.

Selecting a perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task. You want it to perfectly represent your love for your partner and be a tangible and visible symbol of your future life together. Knowing the types and styles of engagement rings that are available can make your task of selecting the perfect one much easier.

Table of Contents

Types Of Engagement Rings

Beautiful rings of all shapes and sizes are available.  Selecting a style that will be unique and yet still timeless can be tricky. The engagement ring that you choose is not an ordinary piece of jewelry as it is intended to serve as an enduring symbol of commitment.

From the time it is presented, it will be proudly shown off for a lifetime.

Types of engagement rings have been divided into four main categories. Each group features types of rings that are unique but that have similar design properties. No ring will ever be an identical copy of another because each stone has unique properties. 

While some stones may look identical to the untrained eye, the same setting can differ considerably in cost because of the value of the raw materials used.

The following is a list of types of engagement rings that fall under the main four groups: Classic style engagement rings, Accented style engagement rings, Vintage style engagement rings, and Modern / Alternative style engagement rings.

Classic Style Engagement Rings

1. Three Stone Engagement Rings

Amazon Collection Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Round 3-Stone Ring made with Swarovski Zirconia (2 cttw), Size 5

Besides just being beautiful, three-stone engagement rings can be significant. Traditionally the three stones of this setting represented the past, present, and future of the couple.

More recently, two stones taken from rings from each side of the family can be set alongside a new central diamond to signify the coming together, joining, welcoming of the new family member.

2. Solitaire Style Engagement Rings

This is a solitaire style engagement ring with diamond.

The solitaire style is the most classic of all kinds of engagement rings. It is elegant and uncluttered, and it is a solid statement of commitment.  Solitaire-style engagements rings include all types of rings that feature one central stone.

They can be raised or set in the band. Understated and timeless, solitaire-style engagement rings will never go out of style.

3. Double Diamond Engagement Rings

This is a close look at a Double Diamond Engagement Ring.

Why have just a single diamond when you can have two? The double diamond style engagement ring is just the thing to symbolize two lives coming together. It usually features two prominent stones that stand alone or sometimes have some detailing or other much smaller stones.

4. Halo Style Engagement Rings

Oxford Diamond Co Cubic Zirconia Halo Style Engagement Ring .925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7

Halo-style engagement rings add a touch of bling to the classic solitaire setting by adding small accent stones, usually diamonds, to encircle the central stone. Like an angel’s halo, a circle of small gems highlights the main stone and can make it appear bigger.

5. Double Halo Style Engagement Ring

CapsA Ring Round Diamond Wedding Band Accessory Rings Size 5-10 White Diamond Bridal Halo Engagement Ring (Silver, 7)

The double halo style of engagement ring has a second halo of diamonds or precious stones. Sometimes the second halo is the same color as the main stone, and the middle halo is a slightly different tone. But whether the setting is done in different colors or only diamonds, the result of a double halo is bling!

Each halo adds size to the feature section of the ring, so a second circle can make the entire ring appear larger, regardless of the size of the main feature stone.

6. Cluster Style Engagement Rings

Blue Apple Co. Simulated Morganite CZ Size-8 Sterling Silver Art Deco Floral Engagement Cluster Ring Vintage Style Round CZ

Cluster rings are for those couples who want their ring to show off the one-of-a-kind love. Cluster rings combine several types of stones in various cuts and sizes and put them together to form a unique setting. Often there is no feature stone, and designs can be asymmetrical, making them visually interesting.

7. Cathedral Style Engagement Rings

10K Yellow Gold, Oval Cut Lab Created Ruby & Lab Created White Sapphire Starburst Halo Fluted Cathedral Style Engagement Ring - Size 7

Cathedral-style rings are elegant, formal, and structured rings that have an understated charm to them. This setting features two solid metal arches that rise from the sides of the shank and girdles the center stone. These formal arches not only secure the center stone but are visually reminiscent of ancient cathedral designs with their solid arches and Gothic-style ceilings. 

Cathedral-type designs are a lovely classic setting that provides functionality with a vintage feel.

8. Marquise Style Engagement Rings

2.1 Carat t.w. 14K White Gold Antique/Vintage Style Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain with a 1.5 Ct Forever Classic Marquise Moissanite Center

Marquise-style engagement rings are making a comeback. These distinctive boat-shaped settings, also known as the Navette cut, originated a few centuries ago in France.  The elongated style can maximize the stone’s cut, and its oval shape with pointed ends can make shorter fingers appear longer.

9. Princess Style Engagement Rings

JewelryPalace Vintage Engagement Rings for Women, 14K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Promise Rings for Her, Anniversary Celtic Knot Princess Cut Solitaire Simulated Diamond Ring Size 8

The Princess-style engagement ring is a relatively modern style that has quickly gained in popularity. It features a distinct square-cut stone as its centerpiece. Occasionally the princess cut can also be slightly rectangular, but this is not common.  With its clean straight lines, the Princess style offers an alternative to the traditional round solitaire setting.

10. Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

SHELOVES 3 Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Rings AAAAA White Cz 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Band Sz 7

One of the most flattering styles with a slenderizing effect on fingers is the Emerald Cut-shaped engagement ring. The central stone is rectangular with cut corners.  The large surface area makes it appear larger than other diamond shapes.

The stone can be any number of colors, and its large, flat shape makes a bold statement.

11. Pear Engagement Rings

BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Pear Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ 3-Stone Anniversary Promise Wedding Engagement Ring 2.3 CTW Size 6.5

The pear-shaped cut engagement ring is also often called a ‘teardrop’ shape. The shape of the diamond is not symmetrical, so it remains an object of fascination each time you see it. The ring can be worn facing up or down, which will change its appearance.

The only consideration is that the pointy tip of the diamond may make it fragile, so selecting a secure setting is essential if choosing this unique shaped engagement ring.

12. Split-Shank Style Engagement Rings

Silver Gems Factory 2.00 CT Princess Cut Black Created Diamond 14k Black Gold Rhodium Finish Split Shank Halo Style Wedding Engagement Ring Bridal Set

Split shank engagement rings draw attention to the center stone. The divided shank also gracefully assists in holding the central gem securely in place. There are many variations, and the width of the split depends on the shape and size of the centerpiece.

The shank may be split near the stone, or it can maintain the fork all the way around, which is becoming popular in modern designs.

13. Twist Style Engagement Rings

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.50 Carat (ctw) Round White Diamond Split Shank Bypass Twist Swirl Style Three Stone Engagement Ring 1/2 CT | 10K Yellow Gold, Size 7

Twist-style engagement rings are deeply symbolic. Two lives will be bound together like the two entwined prongs of this ring that perfectly display the central stone. These beautiful rings are reminiscent of infinity symbols.

Twist-style engagement rings perfectly represent the ‘happily ever after’ dream of all engaged couples.

14. Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Millennium Blue Mystic Topaz and Blue Diamond Women Ring (3.03 Ct Oval, Available 5,6,7,8,9) (Size 6)

Colored stone engagement rings have a magical charm of their own.  While any gem can be used, the main stone is often a colored diamond. Let your originality, creativity, and imagination run free and showcase a favorite color stone in an engagement ring. 

15. Bombé Engagement Rings

The name may be rather difficult to pronounce, but a Bombé style engagement ring is glamorous and elegant. Its curved sides and rounded dome shape blend with your finger’s shape, so there are no harsh pointed lines.

The design may feature one central stone or many small stones encrusted on the surface of the ring.

Accented Type Engagement Rings

16. Prong Style Engagement Rings

14k White Gold 4-Prong Petite Twisted Vine Simulated 1.0 CT Diamond Engagement Ring Promise Bridal Ring (6)

Prong-style engagement rings feature vertical prongs or bars that allow light to set off the featured stone from every side, adding sparkle. These can often be solitaire settings but may include more than one stone set within vertical prongs.

17. Bar Setting Engagement Rings

Amazon Collection Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Round Ring Set made with Swarovski Zirconia (1 Carat Center Stone), Size 9

Show off your diamonds by having them set in a bar setting. Bars of precious metal on either side of the stone hold the setting in place and allow the light to shine through gem from all sides for extra sparkle. The diamonds are often more exposed in this setting which shows off the stone’s clarity to perfection.

18. Channel Setting Style Engagement Rings

LEEYA NL20 Womens Stainless Steel Rose Gold Wedding Ring Channel Set Cubic Zirconia Engagement Eternity Band for Her (5)

A channel-setting engagement ring offers a more secure setting for the stones on the shank. The stones are packed together tightly and not separated by prongs, in a similar style to the Pave setting, but they are set inside a defined track and securely fitted between the walls of precious metal. It is a practical and structurally appealing setting.

19. Bezel Style Engagement Rings

Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Bezel Set Vintage Style 3 Stone Bridal Ring Size 8

A Bezel-style engagement ring offers old-world classic solitaire appeal and gives it a modern twist. Instead of the central diamond standing tall on prongs in the standard one-gemstone setting, the Bezel setting provides more security.

The main stone is held in place by a solid metal lip which can highlight the stone while at the same time offering it better protection.

20. Pavé Style Engagement Rings

Cushion FB Moissanite Engagement Ring Pave Diamond Halo Wedding 14K Rose Gold 7mm

Pavé style engagement rings are trendy because the main stone appears to be supported by the diamond-encrusted shank. Unlike the channel setting, the tiny supporting gemstones are not set beneath a track. They seem to be floating above the shank, and light can enter from all sides, making this a delightfully sparkly option.

When a Pavé style band is encrusted with diamonds all the way around, it is often called an eternity-style engagement ring.

Vintage Type Engagement Rings

21. Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia CZ Art Deco Halo Wedding Engagement Ring Set 2.2 CTW Size 7.5

Lines, geometric patterns, and interesting linear shapes feature in Art Deco-style rings. These rings are bold and almost architectural in their use of angular and symmetry.  In addition to diamonds, these eye-catching pieces frequently feature colored gems. 

Tiny masterpieces of creativity set out in a highly structured setting.

22. Victorian Style Engagement Rings

Luxurious Ring for Women Halloween Gothic Retro Vintage Jewelry, Women's Fashion Jewelry Victorian Style Rings for Girls Engagement Wedding Ring (C, 7)

If you need an engagement ring that is opulent and elaborate while still tasteful, then a Victorian-style ring may be perfect for you. These highly detailed rings are usually formed with highly ornate silver, yellow gold, or rose gold that hold the feature stone in place.

Each setting is unique, and you can include symbols like flowers or hearts or even your beloved’s initials as part of the design.

23. Edwardian Style Engagement Rings

1.25 ct tw Natural Cushion Cut Diamond Solid 14k White Gold Edwardian Style Engagement Ring for Women 8.5 mm

Edwardian-style engagement rings are sure to stand the test of time in terms of enduring elegance. These rings often feature a center stone beautifully accented by finely crafted metal elements, including lace patterns or ornately sculpted birds or scrolls. A lovely style of ring that can be passed from one generation to the next.

24. Ballerina Style Engagement Rings

Ballerina Style Solid Sterling Silver White Gold Finish With Round And Baguettes Cut Simulated Diamond Ring Wedding Anniversary 3.00ctw

Ballerina-style rings are back! These striking pieces that were popular during the 1950s resemble a ballerina’s tutu. They add a feminine and whimsical touch to any hand.

The stones that form part of the ‘tutu’ can be the same color as the central stone, but more often than not, they provide contrast to the feature stone.

25. Art Nouveau Style Engagement Rings

14K Solid Gold Natural Vivid Swiss Blue Topaz Halo Birthstone Ring Customizable Edwardian Art Nouveau Deco Style Antique Engagement Promise Anniversary Rings

Art Nouveau Style engagement rings evolved from the detailed Edwardian style that was popular at the turn of the 20th century after the end of the first World War. This style makes a modern statement of sleek sophistication that is feminine and unique.  Art Nouveau-style rings often feature alternative materials like colorful gems and white metals.

Curves, colors, and patterns can all be customized to create something with intricate detailing. 

26. Mid-century Style Engagement Rings

Stainless Steel Retro Vintage Signet Style Wedding Engagement Statement Promise Ring (Red, 8)

Mid-century-style engagement rings speak of prosperity and optimism. This style came about after WW2, and jewelry themes took on a bolder look. The stones and metals were made to create larger pieces with abstract designs, textured surfaces, and varied gems.

A mid-century, or retro-style engagement ring as it is often called, is perfect for couples looking for something out of the ordinary. 

27. Baroque Style Engagement Rings

Mytys Vintage Fashion Silver Jewelry Marcasite Oval Crystal Cocktail Statement Wide Chunky Rings for Women (8)

A Baroque-style engagement ring shows off bold personalities. This style is ornate and heavy and exudes character, movement, and enthusiasm for life. Dramatic, bold lines and features make these rings hard to miss and a constant reminder of your passion for living every moment to the max.

28. Eternity Band Engagement Rings

NYC Sterling 4mm Sterling Silver 925 Cubic Zirconia Cz Eternity Engagement Wedding Band Ring (7)

Eternity band rings are popular because they symbolize everlasting love and commitment. These gorgeous, classic rings feature a continuous line of gemstones or diamonds. The rings can be full-eternity bands with diamonds all the way around the ring or half-eternity style, which is a more practical version.

Rings that have sparkly diamonds all the way around are prone to get bumped or rubbed during day-to-day activities, and it is also difficult to have them resized.

29. Acrostic Style Engagement Rings

925 Sterling Silver Fashion Natural Ruby Sapphire Emerald Ring 18K Gold Plated Diamond Rainbow Gemstone Women's Ring CZ Eternity Engagement Wedding Band Ring for Women (US Code 6-10) (8)

And now for something completely different and special! Acrostic-style rings were popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras. The use of different gems holds a code that spells out a secret message.

The words are usually terms of endearment like ‘dear,’ containing a Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, and Ruby set in that order. Depending on the message and the size of the piece, any number of gemstones can be used. A charming, unique, and sentimental type of ring that will continue to tell a story long after the wedding.

Modern and Alternative Type Engagement Rings

30. Minimalistic Style Engagement Rings

YeGieonr Handmade Flower Signet Ring -18K Gold Ring-Minimalistic Statement Ring with Botanical Engraved- Delicate Personalized Jewelry Gift for Women/Girls (Plant Ring-Yellow Gold, 7#)

If you don’t like wearing jewelry or have a job that makes wearing an ornate ring a challenge, then a minimalistic style engagement ring will be perfect. Smaller, less flashy rings that are intricate expressions of love can include elements like birthstones or a meaningful engraving.

31. Geometric Style Engagement Rings

Emsione 925 Sterling Silver Plated Created Rainbow Topaz Round Cut CZ Geometric Celtic Eternity Anniversary Wedding Engagement Band Ring Size 8

Geometric style engagement rings are all about angles. These distinctive rings feature sharp stones set in distinct sharp-edged settings or hexagonal or kite-shaped stones.  A geometric style ring is sure to be noticed because it is quite different from the usual soft, romantic settings traditionally used for engagements.

32. Flush Setting Engagement Rings

TIGRADE 3mm Women Titanium Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Eternity Wedding Band Size 3 to 13.5(Silver, 7)

A Flush Setting engagement ring features gems set inside the band to sit ‘flush’ with the metal. There are no protruding stones, and the ring is elegant and comfortable to wear continuously. The flush setting is perfect for people with an active lifestyle and can easily be unisex, so matching rings for the couple can be crafted.

A flush setting can also be called a Gypsy setting, mainly when referring to men’s rings. 

33. Tension Setting Engagement Rings

Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Brilliant CZ 2.0 Carat Engagement Ring Tension Set - Size 6

The tension-setting engagement ring gives the impression that the center stone is floating between a break in the band. These rings use compression to hold the stone in place, and the illusion of being suspended is fascinating and beautiful.

The central stone can sparkle magnificently in this setting. The only drawback is that this setting is difficult to have resized. This setting is also frequently referred to as a Suspended Stone setting. 

34. Confetti Type Engagement Rings

18K Rose Gold Silver Brandy Diamondorables Chocolate Brown Luxurious Pave Style Ring 3.60 Ctw.

Confetti-type engagement rings feature lots of tiny sparkling diamonds scattered over the surface of the band.

Reminiscent of a toss of confetti, the ring exudes joy and carefree happiness. The style can be used as an engagement ring and stacked with another matching band to create a wider matching version with the same exuberant theme. A confetti-type engagement ring is an adorable ring with charming appeal.

35. Nature Inspired Style Engagement Rings

10K 14K Solid Gold Natural Moss Agate Nature Inspired Maple Leaf Engagement Ring Healing Gemstone Crystal Vintage Art Deco Style Antique Engagement Promise Anniversary Rings

Engagement rings are made from natural materials. Gemstones and precious metals originate from the earth, so what could be better for nature lovers than including some beautiful detailing inspired by nature? Leaves and bark and organically twisted designs can be skillfully included in settings that are inspiring and unique. 

36. Swirl Style Engagement Rings

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.37 Carat (ctw) 14k Marquise & Round Diamond Ladies Swirl Style Bridal Engagement Ring, White Gold, Size 8.5

Swirl-style rings are richly ornate and deeply feminine. The two shafts of the band rise to embrace the central stone and hold it securely in a beautiful swirl of precious metal.  These rings often feature braid-like patterns, and the feature stone can at times also be tension set between the flowing side shanks of the ring.

37. Color Accent Style Engagement Rings

OGBK Samury Wedding Engagement White Stone Ring Handmade Luxury Cut Wedding Engagement Carving Diamond Jewelry Gift for Women Girls (Green, 7)

Color Accent style engagement rings add flair and draw attention to the ring by adding another dimension to the traditional diamond and metal setting. The addition of colorful gems around the central diamond can highlight the beauty of the stone, and the result will be unique and captivating.

38. Enamel Engagement Rings

Ross-Simons 0.23 Carat Simulated Emerald and .65 ct. t.w. CZ Art Deco Ring With Black Enamel in Sterling Silver. Size 7

For anyone looking for something distinctly different for an engagement ring setting, the inclusion of enamel will make a statement. This material has been used for centuries in jewelry making but is only recently making a comeback.

The colors can be adjusted, so you may only want a hint of a specific hue or entirely cover the band to contrast with the featured stones. Enameled rings are worth consideration as unique signature pieces.

39. Granulated Type Engagement Rings

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band Ring, Size 8

Granulated Rings are all about texture. The surface of the ring’s band can have visibly raised organic or spherical granulation that adds contrast to the smooth surface of the featured stones. Tiny beads of heated metal are fused to the band to create an interesting surface pattern with multiple shiny dots scattered over a matte surface.

A granulated style ring can stand on its own or contrast sharply against a matching wedding band with the same textured elements.

40. Modern Cluster Type Engagement Rings

Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Princess-Cut Created Sapphire Vintage Ring Set made with Swarovski Zirconia, Size 5

Most people own a few gorgeous vintage rings that have been passed down through generations.

The settings are sometimes outdated, or stones may be missing, but they are deeply sentimental items. Bringing the gems back to life to create a charming engagement ring will be a deeply meaningful and symbolic gesture. Multiple stones can feature in a modern cluster-style engagement ring. These rings are usually custom-made.