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Which Canada Goose Jacket Should You Buy? I’ve Bought 7 of Them… Here’s How to Choose

My Canada Goose Jackets

Gone are the days when Canada Goose had a small selection to choose from.  It was easy back then.  You went with a parka or a down jacket. There weren’t many of each to choose from.

Now, there are many types of Canada Goose jackets. It’s actually kind of stressful deciding which Canada Goose jacket to buy because it’s so expensive.  The last thing you want to do is buy the wrong jacket.  I know what it’s like because I bought the wrong parka.  That said, you can return Canada Goose jackets… but it’s a hassle.  I loathe returning stuff.

I know a thing or two about choosing which Canada Goose jacket to buy.  I’ve now bought 7 Canada Goose jackets and coats.  Here’s the list of jackets I’ve purchased from Canada Goose:

Canada Goose Jackets

What this means is I know what I’m talking about when it comes to choosing Canada Goose Jackets.  I have every type of jacket they sell. Not every model but one or two of every type.  I have three parkas, three down and one rain jacket.  I also have two vests, two sweaters, a pair of mitts, two pairs of gloves, a pair of hiking boots and the Canada Goose beanie.  When it comes to choosing anything from Canada Goose, I’m an expert.

8 key considerations when choosing a Canada Goose jacket

There are three decisions to make.  Once each decision is made, it’s just a matter of choosing your preferred style, fit, and color.

  1. Style – Bomber vs Parka
  2. Temperature rating
  3. Weatherproof features
  4. Personal style
  5. Color
  6. Fit: fusion vs. classic
  7. Hood?
  8. Badge: Classic vs. Black Label
  9. Pockets

1. Style – Bomber vs Parka

Canada Goose Parka vs Bomber

This is a big decision but it significantly narrows down your options.  Generally, the parkas are rated for colder temperatures.  They’re more weatherproof as well.  However, for cold but not sub-zero climates, a parka can be overkill.  I own three Canada Goose parkas but I wear the bomber down jackets more often.  But, if you want the iconic Canada Goose parka, that makes it easier.

If you’re doing any outdoor adventuring, you definitely should get a parka. That’s what the parkas are designed for.  They’re weather-resistant, warm, many come with multiple large pockets and they’re designed to protect you from the elements.  

The bomber jackets are more for everyday wear.  I wear my bombers all the time – to work, errands, outings, etc.  

The one activity where Canada Goose jackets aren’t terrific for is skiing.  I shouldn’t say that. Canada Goose jackets can work for skiing but there are better ski jackets out there.  I have a Descente ski jacket and it’s second-to-none. I don’t wear any of my Canada Goose jackets skiing.

2. Temperature rating

Canada Goose temperature rating

Source: Canada Goose

Regardless of which style you choose (parka or bomber), it’s worth paying attention to the temperature rating.  Overall, the parkas are rated for colder temperatures but some parkas are not as warm as others.  If you don’t need the thickest, warmest parka, look for something rated for not so cold.

It’s the same with the bomber jackets (in which I include all the down jackets). Some are rated for fairly cold temps while others not so cold.  

3. Weatherproof-features

This is kind of a biggie. If you expect to be in the rain with your jacket often, the down jackets are not good. Water seeps through them quickly.  The parkas are fairly water-resistant. The rain jackets are waterproof.  If you plan to wear it in wet, cold weather, a down worn under a rain jacket it an outstanding combination. I wear a Canada Goose down under my Canada Goose rain jacket quite often.  I like layering so I have options if it warms up or cools down.

Featured Canada Goose rain jacket

Above, I’m wearing my Canada Goose Nanaimo rain jacket. It’s the best rain jacket I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned many living in Vancouver, BC).

4. Personal style

At this stage of the decision process you need to carefully check out the cut and various jacket features for each product line.  For example, the Brockton parka is a narrow-fitting parka.  It’s somewhat snug around the legs.  It’s not my favorite look which is partly why I then bought the Expedition and Langford parkas which flare out a tad below the waist instead.  I prefer the slightly flared parka design than the snug park fit.

When it comes to choosing a bomber, you need to decide whether to get a puffier look or a less puffy design.  Some have “small but more bubbles” while others have large, fewer bubbles.  Some don’t have the bubble look at all.  When it comes to the bomber jackets, some have cinched cuffs and others don’t.

5.  Color

Canada Goose jacket colors

I’ve struggled choosing colors.  I have Canada Goose jackets of all colors – black, navy, blue, carbon and red.  Now I choose colors I don’t have just to mix it up.  I don’t need 7 black jackets.  I like the variety.  For instance, I have the Expedition parka in red which is striking. 

When choosing a color, it depends on whether you want to stand out or not.  Black and navy are more subtle.  Red, white and any of the metallic colors really stand out.  Most of my Canada Goose colors are more subtle but then I tend to dress in more neutral colors anyway. 

Not all jackets offer the same color options. Some offer only one color option while others offer 7 or more colors.  

6. Fit: Fusion vs Classic

This is also an important consideration when choosing a Canada Goose jacket. Some offer two different fits: fusion and classic.  The fusion fit is more snug for smaller body frames.  Classic is for larger body frames. I always opt for classic.  I know that classic fits me. Fusion would be way too tight.  You’ll know whether you have the option for classic vs. fusion fit if you see the following on a particular item’s page:

Canada Goose classic vs fusion fit option

7. Hood or no hood?

Most that do come with hoods are removable hoods. But some parkas and bombers don’t have a hood at all.  Most of the jackets I have include a hood.  Interestingly, I seldom wear the hood except when wearing the rain jacket in the rain.  That said, I keep the hood attached just because if I remove it and put it somewhere, I’ll lose it.

The one jacket I bought that doesn’t have a hood is the Crofton Down jacket.  I could have opted for the hooded version but I thought it would be interesting to mix it up and get a down jacket without a hood.

Generally, you’ll end up with a hood because most come with a hood.

8. Badge: Classic vs. Black Label

While some jackets come with only the Black Label badge option, I’ve noticed recently that Canada Goose offers the option for the classic or black label badges.  The classic stands out more; if you want people to know you’re wearing a Canada Goose jacket, get the classic badge. If not, opt for the Black label badge.  I have both. I like both. I don’t particularly care either way although most of my jackets have the classic badge. 

If you see the following for any particular jacket, you know you have the option to choose your badge design:

Canada Goose disc option classic vs black label

9. Pockets

I actually put a lot of stock in the pocket options, sizes and locations with jackets I buy. The more and bigger te pockets, the better.  My Expedition parka rocks in the pocket department. It has multiple, large pockets on the front (two lower and two upper).  It gives it a particular look I like as well.  My Langford park also has decent pockets but not as many as the Expedition and not as large.  It’s more of an everyday wear parka. The Expedition is for more serious activities in the cold.  If pockets don’t matter to you, disregard this consideration.

Generally, parkas offer way larger and more pockets than the bomber jackets.  Bomber jackets have two side pockets and one interior (for the most part).  Parkas, on other hand, come with larger pockets and in most cases, more pockets.

Choosing the right Canada Goose Jacket size

Canada Goose jackets fit large.  I’m 6′ 3″ tall and weigh 220 lbs. The large fits me perfectly for every single item I’ve bought from them except for the HyBridge knit hoody. The hoody is a tad small but it’s wearable.  

If in doubt, check out the Canada Goose Sizing Chart here.

What’s the most popular Canada Goose jacket?

By far, the most popular Canada Goose jacket is the Expedition parka based on what people search for online.  I use software that estimates monthly search volume and by far, the most searched for Canada Goose jacket is the Expedition Parka. I infer from this data that it’s also the best-selling jacket.

Therefore, if you want the most popular jacket Canada Goose sells, get the Expedition Parka.  The Langford is also a best-selling Canada Goose jacket.
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