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Canada Goose Black Label: What is it and is it as good as the regular apparel?

Canada Goose Black Label Badge from the Brockton Parka

I own several Canada Goose Black Label items including the Brockton Parka and the Elgin Full Zip Sweater.  Read all my Canada Goose write-ups here about the various items I wear.

According to Canada Goose, the Black Label lines are designed for urban wear.  The Logo is not so obvious being a more muted black and gray design (compared to the stark contrasting colors of the original red, white and blue badge.

The Black Label line is growing all the time.

Canada Goose Jackets

While I don’t have a Black Label version of all Black Label items sold by Canada Goose, I have two that I can compare with a good number of the non-Black Label items (i.e. Red Label) I own.  I’ll probably buy more Canada Goose over the next year because it is, without a doubt, my favorite outerwear clothier.

What is the Canada Goose Black Label?

It’s a line of apparel for “urban wear” (I’m not entirely sure what that means) that’s identified with a more muted, less obvious Canada Goose badge.  Perhaps it’s for folks who want the Canada Goose quality without announcing to the world they’ve splurged on Canada Goose.  Perhaps the more humble set.

I actually don’t care one way or another.  If I like something with the Black Label, I’ll get it.  If I like something with the traditional badge, I’ll get it.  I’m at the point where I buy Canada Goose apparel because it’s the best.

Available for women and men

The Black Label items are available for both women and men.  I’m not sure folks would restrict their Canada Goose selection to Black Label… perhaps some do. I don’t.  I’ve combed over the site many times shopping and comparing and now own both Black Label and regular Canada Goose wear and I can’t distinguish why an item would be “Black Label” and why one has the traditional badge.

Available for all products

Pretty much every product line (i.e. parkas, rain jackets, puffers, sweaters, hoodies, etc.) offer a Black Label option.  Most offer several.  In fact, the number of different product lines is growing very fast.  It’s hard to keep up with all the new options available.

Is the actual badge drawing design different?

No, it’s not. Both badges are a drawing of the arctic with the text “Canada Goose”… “Arctic Program”.  Compare the two badges below:

Canada Goose black vs red label compared side-by-side (close up photo)

Is the Canada Goose Black Label line as good as the regular Canada Goose lines of clothing?

As far as I can tell, yes it is.  But here’s the thing.  The one coat that stands above them all if you’re going to sub-zero environments is the Expedition Parka.  Generally speaking, the traditional line is more rugged and designed for outdoor adventure.  If I were going to the Arctic or anywhere that I would be outside in the cold for any length of time, I’d get the Expedition.  Given I have no plans to do that other than ski, I haven’t bought the Expedition Parka yet.  Instead, I opted for the Brockton Parka (Black Label) just because I liked the design and wanted to check out something from the Black Label line.  I’m very happy with it.  It’s extremely warm and I doubt there will be a situation where it won’t be sufficiently warm.

Which is better: Black Label or Regular Canada Goose?

If you need outerwear for the most extreme weather, get the regular Canada Goose parkas.  That’s what they’re designed for.

Otherwise, if you more or less stay in urban or suburban settings and don’t spend prolonged periods of time outside, the Black Label will be more than sufficient.

Black Label items aren’t lightweight, lesser-quality apparel.  It’s very high quality and chances are some of the designs appeal to you more; they did me.  Aside from my puffer Canada Goose coat and rain jacket, the Elgin hoodie is my favorite.  It’s a mix of Merino wool and shell. it’s so cool and very, very well made.

A Third Badge: The “Northern Lights” Line Badge by Canada Goose

I guess launching new badges and new clothing lines works because very recently Canada Goose launched a third badge color scheme.  The concept behind the Northern Lights line is “colorful”.  The badge colors match the dominant color of the clothing.

I don’t own any Northern Lights clothing from Canada Goose yet but I very well might.  I like wearing color sometimes especially on gray days.  It’s kind of like how Scandinavian countries build colorful buildings against white and gray landscapes.  It’s effective.

Canada Goose Outer wear