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Are Canada Goose Jackets Good for Skiing? Which Ones?

Wearing Canada Goose Parka and Down Bomber Jackets

I own several Canada Goose jackets including a parka, HyBridge down bomber and rain jacket (among any other Canada Goose items so I’m very familiar with Canada Goose apparel).  I also happen to ski 20 to 30 days each year. I live 10 minutes away from a ski mountain and spend a week every year skiing at Whistler Blackcomb.

A good ski jacket must be warm, waterproof (or highly water-resistant) and breathe to avoid overheating. 

Additional attributes of a great ski jacket include:

Canada Goose Jackets
  • Seals around writs and waist.
  • Sealed seams.
  • Decent length but not parka length.  Should drop just below the waist.
  • Includes an oversized hood to accommodate helmets
  • Ski pass card zipper pocket in the lower sleeve (this is crucial now that ski lifts open with a digital card pass).
  • Oversized pockets for toques, gloves, etc.

More information: Which Canada Goose Jacket to Buy?

Which Canada Goose jacket is best for skiing (as in meets all of the above criteria)?

One of the best Canada Goose jackets for skiing is the Chilliwack bomber jacket… but IMO it’s not the best ski jacket you can buy.

Why the Chilliwack Bomber?

While I don’t own the Chilliwack bomber jacket, I do own the Canada Goose Freestyle Crew Vest which has the same exterior shell-like material and interior down as the Chilliwack Bomber.  That material, combined with the warmth serves as a decent ski jacket.

Here’s the thing.  Canada Goose jackets are not ski jackets specifically but some will do the job.  Which ones specifically really depends on the weather.  Actually, that’s why I own so many coats… ski conditions can vary tremendously.

What does Canada Goose suggest to use for a ski jacket?

I contact Canada Goose asking them and here’s what they suggested:

“We recommend the Skreslet Parka. It’s designed in an oversized fit for optimum movement with extra-long sleeves for coverage and mobility and is fully seam-sealed for wind and wet weather protection.

We also recommend our Mountaineer Jacket as well. This Jacket has a longer hem at the back for added protection and features an interior drawcord to customize fit and trap heat towards the body, with a 2-way adjustable down-filled hood that adds warmth and element protection and a chin guard that is lined with Tricot fabric for softness and comfort.”

Are the Canada Goose parkas good for skiing?

No. You will overheat unless you’re skiing in -25° C degree weather (which isn’t all that common at least where I ski).  Don’t take this assessment from me, the folks at Whistler say the same (I agree given I have a Canada Goose parka and ski frequently).

The right ski jacket depends on the weather… so Canada Goose isn’t totally out of the picture

It’s impossible to say there is one perfect ski jacket because it really depends on the conditions and weather (although my Descente is pretty darn close).   If it’s -20°windy and snowing, you’ll wear a different jacket than if it’s 0° and sunny.  Sometimes on the mountains near us, it’s wet snow, in which case I do put on my Canada Goose rain jacket on top of my Canada Goose down (my rain jacket won’t fit over my Descente ski coat).  In the case of spring skiing when it’s sunny or overall mild temperatures, my Canada Goose Freestyle vest or HyBridge Knit Hoody is perfect outerwear.

Nevertheless, while the Chilliwack bomber jacket will serve as a decent ski jacket, you can buy something better for the money.

The right ski jacket depends on what you prefer as well

Some folks like lots of layers with a breathable shell as the final layer.  Other folks prefer a thicker, insulated ski jacket.  I fall in the latter camp; I like a thick, insulated, warm ski jacket so I can wear fewer layers.

Nothing Canada Goose sells is your best ski jacket option whether you prefer a shell exterior or thick, warm, insulated ski jacket.

If not ideal for skiing, can you wear Canada Goose jackets in the snow?

Yes, absolutely.   Again the Chilliwack Bomber is good. If very cold, the parkas are terrific.  When it comes to sub-zero temperatures, I don’t think any coat on the planet is as good as a Canada Goose parka (specifically the Expedition parka).

I would love it if Canada Goose designed the ultimate ski jacket

I’m baffled as to why Canada Goose hasn’t come out with the ultimate ski jacket.  They’re cranking out new product lines all the time, one would think they’d design and sell something specifically for skiing and snowboarding.

One thing I love about Canada Goose is the attention to detail they put into their apparel.  Some of the nuanced features are very clever and that’s why if they decided to design the ultimate ski jacket, I’m sure that’s exactly what they would end up with… the ultimate ski jacket.  I’d be one of the first to buy it.  I’m surprised they haven’t designed a jacket specifically for skiing.

If Canada Goose jackets aren’t ideal for skiing, which coats are?

The ideal ski jacket for you depends on your budget, preference for shell vs. insulated and what type of conditions you typically ski.

One of my favorite brands is Descente.  It’s the best ski jacket I’ve ever owned (after 35 years of skiing).  But it’s expensive.  The only way to really answer this is to provide some quality ski jacket brands. From there you can browse what would serve as a good jacket for you. Here are top brands:

  • Descente
  • Arc’teryx
  • Helly Hansen
  • Peak Performance
  • Outdoor Research
  • The North Face
  • Patagonia

Any ski jacket from the above brands will serve you well… but you really need to decide first whether you prefer a shell or insulated.  If you’re rolling in bucks, get both.  I used to use a shell because that’s what most people seem to do but when I switched to a fully insulated ski jacket, that was a gamechanger for me.

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