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How to Style Biker Shorts

Marilynn dress with shorts

Hey what is better than a dress with pockets? Heck yea it’s biker shorts. You know by now that I am a super fan of freedom and if it’s freedom by means of clothing this my beauties is what a perfect marriage looks like to me.

Can we be honest for a quick second? Make no mistake we aren’t going down the road of the bikers’ shorts that are there to protect our assets, and yes, I mean literally. I’ve got mad respect, trust me. I have spent some serious miles on a bike, at one point it was my only mode of transportation I wasn’t really complaining either. I had great legs in my bike riding days, and yes sometimes I would sneak my mom’s padded bike shorts for my rides as a teen, but you can bet that after my bike ride, I was changing into some fashion biker shorts.

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There are some really great things that came out of the 70’s not only was I born but so was the Lycra Biker Short. No, these are not just for the super jocks or exercise buffs. They are for us, and they were also for Princess Diana. That photo of her has sure been circulated a lot in the new era of casual spice.

There were many versions in the previous decades of the short, but nothing was made for it more than when they introduced Lycra. Some were made of silk even more popular was wool before that. Wool! Can you just imagine that itchy disaster? I’m breaking out just thinking about it. Is there anything more unforgiving than sweating in wool? Yeah, no I’m not talking about that narcissist fool.

So, how do wear these?

They are quite versatile and there are no shortages of options out there in the world.

I tell no lies when I say I’m digging the bikers and some heels right now. It’s taken me a hot minute to come around to that whole combo, but I do believe it can be very chic and look like you’re not trying to be a KK. Any one of them. Well within reason, I guess.

You’re heeling me smalls

Yeah, let’s talk about you working that look. First and foremost, I think it’s imperative you don’t go to, too many extremes here. If you are sporting the tight short and a leg elongating heel, I recommend going easy on the top. Even if you have the confidence of some former US Presidents, I think you still look on the easy side of the top. Sure, you could wear the matching bralette, but I think it would be better if you opted in for a slightly oversized pullover. I mean the coziness of the fleece and roomy attributes of the sweatshirt is dreamy. Again, with the dramatics of the heels and what used to be a pajama staple I feel like you would want the top to hit just right there. Yep, just right under there, the bum. No reason to look like you’re walking down the street for your livelihood. Keep it classy ladies, we have left nothing to the imagination. You can still have the wow factor with the shoes alone, it’s all good.

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Baby dolls aren’t just for kids

No way rosé, give me all the baby dolls tops and biker shorts you can. It could be as simple as cotton for a day when you’re going to have to do activities. This is a good shopping ‘fit, easy on and off too. IDK maybe you’ve got some games to hit or stroll over to the neighbors for a little cocktail. You could add cute accessories too, necklaces, bags or hats there is no discrimination here. You can add whatever footwear you’d like, that is what surely will set the tone. Baby doll tops are nice especially when you’re not interested in going full on dress mode.

Dark baby doll top

It’s not just for Diane Keaton

Ok, first of all how is it possible that Diane Keaton just keeps getting better with age? Let’s hear it for Annie Hall. I’m not kidding myself with this one, there is no way she would be caught in biker shorts. This I know. She would be caught in an oversized white button-down shirt though. I don’t want to see another white starched collared shirt for the rest of my life, it’s like like who needs to pretend that hard that your life is sooo together that you don’t even have one wrinkle in your shirt? I call bologna and I challenge you to think about the people in your life who starch their shirts…and if don’t have anyone in that circle that does then Beeeshh you’re doing a good job. Back to the point, and I’m saying a nice flowy, clean white shirt with only a few buttons, buttoned is like a permanent vacation right there. You can wear a little tank under it or even a bandeau top there is almost no wrong here. Hats or no hats, and honestly you could do boots or sandals and anything in between. This is like the no outfit outfit. I won’t even be upset if it isn’t white, but it should be light in weight.

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Are you happy to see me?

The last couple of years we have been lucky enough to see some seriously cute color combos in some long line flannel jackets. Did you see J-Lo in her teal stunner? If anyone has a connection, holler at ya girl! Hey, can’t blame me for trying. Fine, I’ll snap out of it but if you’re going to body con yourself, this is where it’s at. I promise in life I’m not a hypocrite but in the world of fashion I am the biggest. I like it that way. It’s almost like you’re doing the walk of shame in a coat that typically would have no business being paired with the casualness with form fitting biker shorts and tiny tank. I’ve been watching Al and I know that it’s February and we are having summer and springs in winter, so this outfit has a lot of potential right now. It’s great for a bright sunny day but there’s still a chill in the air and you need just a little warmth. You can go full on thick wool flannel or a nice mid weight totally up to you.

It was an honor just to be nominated

It’s only fair to mention the obvious go alongs.

It is still ok to wear them under dresses whether you show them or not. I live in dresses in fact I’m wearing one now and while today I don’t have biker shorts on under it, I do have a pair of cropped leggings but if it was a hot one it would be shorts. Hands down.

Definitely grab the boyfriend tee I don’t care whose logo is on it. Remember not all tees are the same so if you need a pair of scissors to make it fit just right go ahead and cut away. Slit the sides like a few inches at the seam, I like to cut the arms but not to make them shorter but right down the middle to open it up a bit. Sometimes I’ll run my shears at the bottom, you were where the little finished hem is and just cut along that fold, it just gives it an interesting and worn in finish. Oh, and there is no such thing as a safe collar. One way or another I always chop those off.

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Last and certainly not least I’m sorry but duck it, grab that hip bag. No, it doesn’t look weird on you at all, if you can’t muster it up to wear it on your hip then sling it over your shoulder. Pretend they’re not there and you’ll get through day one with the old trusty fanny pack.

Thank you biker dudes and dudettes we appreciate your commitment to the evolution of your shorts so that fashion babes can enjoy the luxury.