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Can You Go Golfling With Cargo Shorts? Are Golf Courses Okay With It?

Wearing a different combination of clothes on any occasion can prove awkward, not just for oneself but for others in the setting as well. It's like being in the proper place but dressed incorrectly. Continue reading to learn why cargo shorts should not be worn on the golf course.

A man looking down the way before hitting the golf ball.

Let’s be honest, wearing cargo shorts on the golf course is not it. Golf has a dress code for a reason and ignoring it could get you into a lot of trouble.

Wearing the wrong combination of clothes on any occasion can prove awkward, not just for yourself but for others in the situation as well. It’s like being in the right place but with the wrong outfit. Keep reading for key reasons why cargo shorts should not be worn on the golf course.

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Cargo shorts are not for golf at all

Cargo shorts are one of the most comfortable types of pants you’ll wear. Their length reaches the knee and with so many pockets, they’re perfect for hiking, running errands, etc. 

Now, I know what you’re going to say; golf courses allow shorts for both men and women. However, it is only specific kinds of shorts that are permitted, and they usually don’t have a cornucopia of pockets like cargo shorts. They have a simple, streamlined design that looks decent and neat. Plus, the shorts can’t be too short either. 

So, if you wear your beach shorts for golf, you’ll probably get asked to leave because your opponents won’t want to play with you looking like that. 

“Some golf courses might allow it while some may not. Check with your local golf course to see if they allow it.” – Louie Tolentino

Don’t you want to fit in? 

A man hitting the golf ball.

“I’m a traditionalist, while I own a pair of cargo shorts, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them for golfing.” – The Golf Girl

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should look exactly the same as everyone else, but you should still put some effort into your outfit so you don’t look jarringly out of place. Most golf courses have a smart casual dress code and cargo shorts don’t meet those requirements, and neither do the following items: 

  • Denim jeans
  • Joggers 
  • Leggings 
  • Tank tops
  • Tennis shorts 
  • Tee shirts 
  • Pajamas 

If you wear any of the above, you probably won’t be allowed to play. Only massive celebrities and club presidents are allowed to wear whatever they want.

Why it’s important to follow dress codes

A golf player og his complete outfilt for golfing bending to pick the golf ball.

While the dress code is important, that doesn’t mean you can’t inject your own personality into your golf clothes. Even if you don’t have golf clothes to wear specifically, I’m sure you can find a decent outfit in your wardrobe that works for the occasion. 

If you only ever wear casual clothes and don’t have anything other than jeans and cargo shorts in your wardrobe, then you may want to visit the golf store. 

You have to follow the rules 

Rules are there to be followed, and if you’re a newcomer, then you have to ask around before going to play because the minute you walk in wearing casual attire, you run the risk of being disqualified and missing out on the joy of golfing.

Dress style is important too

A golf player ready to hit the golf ball.

In addition to what you decide to wear, how you wear it is important too. Here are a few rules to consider:

  • Sagging will get you disqualified for sure, because your pants should always be on top of your waist. 
  • You can wear shorts or skirts as long as they don’t have too much going on in the form of decorations. They shouldn’t be too short either. 
  • Keep your attire neat and comfortable, your t-shirts shouldn’t be too tight or big, they should fit you neatly. 
  • You can wear any printed shorts or skirt but make sure the print is in a simple and unassuming color, such as nude, tan, cream, ivory, etc.
  • Generally, men are not allowed to wear trousers that don’t reach the bottom. Ideally, trousers should be long enough to touch your shoe. 

Whether you agree or not, the dress code is there for a purpose, and sometimes, it’s worth it to follow the rules just to avoid feeling awkward or sticking out like a sore thumb. 

You can’t show up to a wedding or funeral wearing shorts or sagging your pants because there’s a time for everything and the clothes we wear say a lot about us in addition to providing contextual significance to the moments in our lives. 


What can a golf player wear when it’s cold?

Close up photo of a golf player with a putt pocket the ball on green.

One thing is for sure, you can’t wear a puffer coat, it will definitely draw attention for you. Perhaps consider the following options: 

  • You can wear long pants to stay warm, but you have to make sure that they’re comfortable enough for movement. 
  • Base layer tops are the best for this weather. They will trap heat and keep it close, plus they are very comfortable compared to puffed jackets.
  • Gloves are very important, especially in the rainy or cold season. They will keep your hands warm. Without them, your hands would freeze, causing you to lose concentration, so it’s always important to carry them just in case the weather changes. 

Can you wear boots for golf?

Unfortunately, boots aren’t allowed when playing golf, and neither are the following types of shoes: 

  • Toe revealing shoes, like sandals 
  • Metal-spike cleats 
  • Street shoes 

The good news is you can still wear sneakers and stay comfortable all the way to the 18th hole. 

The best way to simplify this whole topic for yourself is to make sure that whatever you’re wearing is comfy, sturdy, and suitable for the surroundings and ambiance of a golf course.