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  • A fashionable woman wearing jeans.

    Advantage and Disadvantages of Wearing Jeans

    For decades now, jeans have been in-style with young and old people alike in many different countries throughout the world. While they are not the most comfortable type of pants you’ll ever wear, they do have the ability to fit almost any look or style you might be going for; whether it be casual or […] More

  • My blue pair of Crocs

    Are Crocs comfortable? Durable? Worth getting?

    When I first saw Crocs I thought them hideous. Then my mom bought a pair.  She loved them.  They were her gardening footwear. She told me they are very, very comfortable and perfect for wide feet. I have ridiculously wide feet.  So wide that I’m precluded from buying many shoe brands. Her endorsement forced me […] More

  • A close look at a pair of jeans inside the washing machine.

    What’s the Best Way to Wash Jeans?

    Washing cotton t-shirts, socks, and even underwear are pretty straightforward. However, jeans are made out of denim, a material that a lot of us don’t know how to work with. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the best way–or even just the right way–of washing your jeans is, you’re definitely not the only one. Below, […] More

  • A close look at a woman wearing a pair of sporty gray leggings.

    6 Different Types of Leggings for Women

    Leggings are some of the most comfortable, versatile clothing pieces on the market. You can wear them with practically any outfit, either to dress it up or dress it down. All-day long, leggings will stay breathable and comfy, making them the ideal pair of pants for practically every type of person. But, there are so […] More

  • A close look at different blouses for women on display on a rack.

    14 Different Types Of Blouses For Women

    Finding the perfect outfit to wear may seem like a tall task for any woman (myself included!). However, my go-to is almost always a blouse given how versatile they can be. There are so many blouse types and styles out there that you can really wear one for almost any occasion. From different patterns and […] More

  • A close look at a rack of used clothes on display at a store.

    Where to Buy Used Clothes Online

    Thrifting can be one of the most rewarding, fun ways to go clothes shopping. But, sometimes, you just don’t feel like leaving your house. If this is the case for you, we’ve come up with 13 of the best places to buy used clothes online. Every one of these retailers is reliable, clean, and have […] More

  • A look at a sewing machine on a work desk along with sewing materials.

    How to Buy Second Hand Sewing Machines Online

    Unlike many other things in the world today, sewing machines have been something that has remained relatively timeless. When you are shopping for a sewing machine, whether you are buying it brand new or used, the features haven’t evolved very much over time. The newer high-end sewing machines are very similar to ones made 30 […] More

  • A woman browsing through the dresses on display at a store.

    30 of the Best Online Clothing Stores for Women

    1. Adorned By Chi Adorned By Chi is a very unique, feminine, alternative-style clothing line. Think magical creatures meet urban style. They have a very large selection of graphic print tees and sweatshirts. They also have skirts, accessories, and Adorned By Chi comic books. 2. Venus Venus carries a lot of sexy, feminine, sophisticated clothing for women. It started […] More

  • A close look at a woman knitting with yarn.

    31 of the Best Online Yarn Stores

    The rise of e-commerce has not spared even the knitting community. This means that if local yarn retailers want to remain relevant and competitive, they need to do more than just fill their stores with yarns. They need to create an online presence, update their website, and promote a community of knitters offline. From commercial […] More

  • A close look at wedding bands on a wooden table.

    17 Unique Wedding Ring Alternatives (as in no ring at all)

    Okay, there are two approaches to the question “what are viable wedding ring alternatives?” The first approach is to seek out non-ring options. That’s the avenue we take as you’ll see below.  We came up with many great ways to symbolize your commitment without sealing the deal with exchanging wedding bands. The other approach is […] More

  • A look at a crowd of different colorful and patterned umbrellas under the rain.

    13 Different Types of Umbrellas

    The umbrella was invented over 4,000 years ago and was used in early civilizations in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and China. They were initially used as parasols to provide shade from the sun. The term comes from the Latin root word umbra which means shade or shadow. The Chinese invented the first waterproof umbrella as protection […] More

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