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    25 Things to Know Before Buying a Smart Backpack

    When choosing a smart backpack, you have to consider first your actual needs. If you’re a student, you might want to look for backpacks with a laptop sleeve, USB ports, pen loops, and inner pockets. Business people may look for the same plus an anti-theft to secure all your stuff. A traveler may want a […] More

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    19 of the Best Online Eyeglasses Stores

    Getting a new pair of specs has never been easier than online shopping. Keep in mind though that you need to know your prescription and pupillary distance or simply the space between your eyes. Once you have these, you are set to go through the web and discover plenty of choices. They’re pretty cheaper too. […] More

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    23 of the Best Online Fabric Stores

    If you have a heart for crafts and love sewing, then you might have probably stumbled on the internet to look for fabric stores that offer something you’re particular with. There are instances where you wanted an exact textile to use for your project. The easiest and most efficient way is of course through online […] More

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    50 of the Best Online Clothing Stores for Men

    Online shopping has been the new normal today. From head to toe, everything is on the internet now. With just a few clicks, you can get anything you want in the comfort of your couch. One thing though, if you’re shopping for clothes, instances are you would be diving into a huge pile of options. […] More

  • A woman browsing through the wedding dresses on display at a store.

    24 of the Best Online Wedding Stores for All Your Wedding Needs

    Weddings are one of those rare occasions that demand months-long of planning and one that can potentially break the bank. There are dresses to think of as well as flower arrangements, party needs, invitations and so much more. According to the 2012 American Wedding Study, 18 percent of brides purchase their dresses online. That’s not such […] More

  • Second hand clothing of different styles and colors on display.

    16 of the Best Online 2nd-Hand Clothing Stores (Save Big)

    Second-hand clothing is a major source of business. It is said that over 70 percent of the total world population wears second-hand clothes. The U.S. is the largest exporter, amassing over $1 million in trade. An alarming rate of 68 pounds of clothing is estimated to be thrown away by each American. Africa is the […] More

  • A group of friends with different types and styles of sneakers.

    20 of the Best Online Sneaker Stores

    We’ve reached the day and age when online retailers outperformed physical stores when it comes to selling sneakers. According to as reported by Forbes, the number of sneakers sold online was consistently on the rise since 2011 and more aggressively than those of physical stores. This is all thanks to post Millennials and Millennials who […] More

  • A baby surrounded with various baby clothes.

    20 of the Best Online Baby Clothing Stores

    The online baby and infant apparel sales industry has grown significantly in recent years. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of online baby clothing stores grew at an average annual rate of 7.6 percent. Industry research also forecasts that it will only continue to grow at an average annual rate of 12.1 percent over the 10 […] More

  • A couple of women having fun at the rack of vintage clothes.

    20 of the Best Online Vintage Clothing Stores

    Who doesn’t want to have a high-end and fashionable wardrobe for only the fraction of retail prices? That’s what you get when you shop at vintage clothing stores. Online shops selling luxury vintage items are also cashing in with their collection of barely worn designer clothes sold at discount prices. As the demand for prime […] More

  • A woman wearing an aquamarine wide-brimmed hat.

    27 of the Best Online Hat Stores

    Hats date back as far as 15000 B.C. The smallest recorded hat was measured two inches by four inches and was worn on top of a man’s wig during the 18th century. The inventor of the top hat, John Hetherington, paid 50 pounds sterling after he was arrested for supposedly scaring people off when he […] More

  • Wearing Shimano GR9 mountain biking shoes.

    Detailed Shimano GR9 Shoe Review (Photos Included)

    Before I bought my Specialized Levo electric mountain bike I didn’t think mountain biking shoes would be necessary. Then I test rode my buddy’s electric mountain bike on a fast ride through some North Vancouver trails.  After 1.5 hours, my shins were a bloody pulp and I suffered a gash on my ankle (nothing permanent). […] More

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