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Is it Okay to Wear a Quarter-Zipper Long-Sleeved Athletic Shirt with Jeans?

People have different tastes and choices when it comes to what they wear. However, does athletic quarter zip fit with jeans? Read this article for some fashion advice.


Girl wearing athletic shirt

I’m all about letting people wear what they want to wear. After all, it’s their body! I would hate if someone told me they didn’t like my fashion choices, so why would I critique someone else? 

However, if there is one thing I’m critical of… it’s mixing athletic wear and comfort clothes. I know! I’m a hypocrite. 

While a lot of people might like to pair their favorite athletic quarter zip while out-and-about running errands or seeing friends, I simply can’t accept it. I think what I don’t understand is the way it looks — workout wear on top, everyday wear on the bottom. The two don’t mesh! 

Listen, you might think I’m judgmental. And honestly, maybe I am! But let me make my case for why I think it’s wrong to wear your quarter zip with your skinny jeans.

Options, Options, Options

The world of athletic wear has so many options! If you want to stay cozy and cool on top with a light quarter-zip, you can pair it with so many other athletic-looking options that won’t throw off your whole vibe. 

And the same goes for jeans! You can pair your jeans with an old-school cool sweater, or layer a turtleneck under a t-shirt for a taste of a new edgy style. There’s so many options out there, there’s no need to mix your gym clothes with your brunch clothes. 

Keepin’ it Cool

One of my favorite ways to wear an athletic quarter-zip is with an equally as athletic pair of jogger pants. Jogger pants are a step up in style from sweatpants, but with all the same comfort! Instead of looking like you just rolled off the couch, you’ll look like you just dropped cash on a cool green juice or a season-pass to the sweetest yoga spot. Trust me — it’s all about appearances these days! 

And for the ladies (or the men, you do you!) who don’t want to opt for joggers, there’s always leggings. I’m so happy leggings exist — they’re truly the most versatile, flattering pant, and if anyone disagrees it’s simply because they don’t understand the joy of a buttery-soft, snatched pair of legging pants. If joggers aren’t your style and you want a more skin-tight look, the a solid pair of black leggings can never go wrong.

Or, if you want to try to make things little crazy, you could always throw on a wild print-pair and see how they go match your quarter-zip look!

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Short & Sweet

Another great way to wear your athletic quarter-zip is with a pair of shorts. Ladies, I’d recommend a baggier quarter zip with some biker shorts for a retro 80’s throwback look — a la Princess Diana, or your coolest aunt. If your quarter zip is a thicker material or vintage, then it’s even better! 

For the fellas, I’d recommend a loose but short inseam pair of shorts. If the shorts are too long, it’ll cut off your legs and just make it look like you are short, which nobody wants. Or it could make it look like you’re drowning in fabric, which is even worse.

A nice pair of well-fitting shorts that aren’t too short is just right. You’ll be able to wear this outfit anywhere — from the gym, to the golf course, to the grocery store — and turn heads while doing it. 

A Little Bit of Both!

Women Quarter Zip Workout Top Half Zip Athletic Shirts Activewear Tops for Women Lightweight Golf Shirt Quarter Zip Running Pullover Black XS

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to wear shorts but also don’t want to shave your legs? I know I do. When situations like that settle in, I can either opt to wear pants, or I can find a solution. For me, one trend I’d like to try is the under-skirt legging. 

This modern modest look allows you to have all the benefits of wearing a skirt, but without having to worry about what will happen if the wind blows — if you know what I mean! Pairing one of these skirts, whether they’re all black or one of the fun and pretty prints, with an athletic quarter zip makes the whole outfit appear sporty — even if I’m only stepping outside to walk my dog, and then heading back in to finish my latest reality TV binge. 

Pro or No? 

While you can wear athletic quarter zips with jeans all you want, I know I’ll stick to pairing mine with workout wear only. We all can do whatever we want to, but I think some of the most fashionable folks will agree with my take. And if you don’t, that’s OK! We should all wear what makes us feel our best — even if we don’t agree.