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How to slay crochet


Blue floral crochet

Alrighty, this is all the nostalgia right here. Where are all my crochet baes? You know you’re out there, yeah the ones that secretly (or not so secretly) loving on the Gramma and Grampa vibes? All y’all out there sporting the bucket hats, the fisherman sandals and the Grampa sweater need to be welcoming back the crochet. I mean soak up anything crochet. When I grew up and there was nothing and I mean nothing that was off limits when it came to this ancient weave of love all it took was a needle and a ball of yarn.


I was about two when I remember my first item of apparel made of crochet. It was a poncho made by my Gramma and as usual totally out of necessity. I had cut my finger pretty deep, and it required a cast to heal, annoying. I was a complicated BB and so I couldn’t wear my normal jackets and such so my Gramma thought a poncho would be the answer. It was. I recall the fringe and floral patterns, and this is why I’m sure to this day I still rock the poncho. Catch me on a plane, I’m in a poncho. On a trail? I’m in a North Face or Poler poncho, I tell you this poncho thing is super underrated.  I’m telling you this is cute..if the fringe is too long then trim it down, but think about this with a simple tank with jean shorts on a cool summer night with some clogs or if a red sandal.  We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and have some fun with this.

tinacrochetstudio Crochet Fringed Poncho Cape Shawls Wraps Granny Square Womens Coat Sweater (L, Black Base)

Crochet is coming in hot this year and I don’t see an end in sight. Yeah, it tries here and there once in a while but I think we are all ready for it. With creatives owning the spotlight in the last 2 years and well we have kind of run out of design ideas for the moment it makes perfect sense to revisit crochet. If you have been online shopping and starting your spring / summer peeks, you no doubt have been visually blessed. There is an interpretation from some major brands including footwear.

I learned to crochet at a young age, it was all around me. If you walked into my Gramma’s house you would find kitchen towels reimagined with a crochet topper and a button to securely keep them on the refrigerator handle, if you went into her bathroom you would find rolls of paper hidden under a decorative crocheted toilet paper roll cover, sometimes they would be topped with a creepy but happy doll or still to this day the most grippy hanger you could imagine and yes it was a little crochet number. Growing up we laughed about it and maybe even a little embarrassed but as we grow, we know that all good things are made with love. I think the most prized possession in my family was the little purple blanket made of the infamous Granny squares. I swear my brother used that thing until it disintegrated. FYI you would be surprised how long yarn can last.

Crochet was the lost art for like ever! There are a lot of theories about its conception, some say it came about as early as the 1500s while others say 1700 – 1800s. The first documented Granny square pattern was in 1882.  Thankfully, today there are a lot of resources out there to learn all the stitches your heart desires.

Crochet for Beginners: The most complete Step By Step Guide to quick and easy crochet learning with illustrations including amazing crochet pattern Ideas


Can you believe there are about 150 different types of crochet stitches? That’s just crazy but it makes sense, all dependent on region, evolution, and material.

Work it girl

There are so many options out there but probably the most popular and the most recognizable is the chain stitch. This is just the basic stitch that is the foundation of this art. Another classic and probably the most recognizable is the Granny square, this is something it can stand alone as in a potholder but we see this in pretty much any wardrobe item out there, pants, sweaters and dresses.


Look at this cute little number mostly comprised of the chain stitch.  This is a perfect top to update the little bralett top that everyone got some comfy wearing through the pandemic but now that we are free let’s freshen up that look.  This can be paired with any cute denim that you feel your best in and if it’s a bit too much for ya just throw on a white cotton or linen button down.  You can wear it open or tie at the waist.  Layers are always good and really adds a lot to any outfit. 


Halter Neck Crop Cami Top Knitted Printed Tank Tops Tee Y2k Sleeveless Strappy Summer Shirts Streetwear(Tops Crochet Orange,S)

I mean we aren’t new to the knit world, and we all have a beanie somewhere close by these days.  While those tend to be a little smaller I can understand why crochet may seem a little chunkier and bulkier than you’re used to but that’s why spring and summer is a great way to introduce it into your wardrobe.  You can find much lighter weight pieces that won’t seem overwhelming.  Check out these flowy pants, they are great for  over a swim suit or even with a long t-shirt or tunic and maybe even layered with a button down.  Accessories it and have fun, you get the jest.  Cute, right? My advice always is about the balance of something ornate and detailed with something basic it’s always about the yin and yang and even in your outfit choices.

Women's Lace Crochet Pant Suit Black Lace Hollow Out Mesh Pants Swimsuit Coverup

Ok, there is a skirt that I almost lost it when I saw this.  Seriously, is there anything more feminine and understated as this?  I mean this and a tall pair of boots and a blazer is suitable for any power meeting out there because we need to stop acting like we’re men when we have that seat at the table.  Can you picture it with a black denim jacket and a white tee for something more casual like strolling through a farmers market with some flips.  Jeez even a tee with it tied on the side granted you might need a tonal biker short but this has a lot of potential just like you do girl, just like you.

chouyatou Women's Stretched High Waist Crochet Hollow Out Knit Flowy Patterned Lace Maxi Skirt (Large, Beige)

The thing about me, is that I’m always going to push y’all out of your comfortable zone when it comes to anything fashion related and well who am I kidding just about anything else in life.  It’s always about taking a risk, in your career in your choices in men and most definitely your outfit choices.  The nice thing about going out on an outfit ledge is that it’s won’t cost you alimony or pulling the weight for your slacker co-worker.  The most it’ll cost you is a day of WTF was I thinking but guess what?  You’ll get over and you’ll try again and again and eventually it doesn’t bother you.  

Take a risk, wear it, learn it love it!