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Is it Okay to Match My Socks with My Tie or Does that Look Bizarre?

We often get conscious about matching the clothes and accessories that we wear. That includes ties and socks. Read thid article for some tips about matching ties and socks.


Collage ties and socks

Picture this. You got your suit, your shirt, your tie. Now, what about socks? You perhaps have been matching your socks with your ties, but is that the correct way? Should we be matching our socks to our ties? Or is it frowned upon?

Today we shall ponder that question. Is it okay to match your socks with your tie?

Matching Socks and Tie

Socks and neckwear are two men’s fashion pieces where guys can express themselves a bit more freely. Are there rules, though, when it comes to pairing them with an outfit? According to the conventional knowledge and tradition of the fashion elite, the answer is we should be matching our socks with our ties.

For example, dark crimson socks are a good choice if you wear a burgundy bowtie. If we do a Windsor knot in a stunning mustard shade, your socks should also be a rich, deep yellow as well.

Actually, there are no rules engraved in stone that say you must match your socks with your tie. However,  if you are aiming for a sleek, polished look for an interview or wedding, coordinating your socks with your necktie is the right fashion choice, concurring with most men’s fashion experts. Wait, what if I’m wearing a patterned tie? Oh boy!

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Matching Pattern Ties

Pattered tie match with socks photo guide

So, you know that matching your socks with your tie is okay, but what if you got a patterned tie? Many gentlemen wear advisers suggest if you are going with a patterned-style tie, the safe bet is to match your socks with the tie’s primary color to create a uniform look.

 Do you have a red with a black polka-dotted tie? Black socks can be worn if you want to be safe, or you can have some fun and wear red socks to be a little bold. What about a grey and purple striped tie? Grey would be the tie’s primary color, so pairing it with a grey sock is perfect.

What About Matching Socks with Your Shoes, Pants, or Belt?

Hey, wait, I heard you’re supposed to match your socks with your pants, or was it shoes? No, your friend Chuck says you have to match it with your belt. Which is which? It can all get confusing! The men at Black Lapel say, “To hell with matching your socks with either.” They advise you to take a chance and be bold!

Match your socks with your tie, shirt, pocket square, boutonniere, or pants! All as long as you maintain the overall color tone of the outfit. Don’t match; that is even better! Wearing socks that don’t exactly match your tie has its own benefits as well, letting you build a fun, playful look that showcases your personal personality.

Wear two different colored socks that compliment your outfit, like, for instance, you have a brown suit. Wear one burnt orange sock and one brown to create a stylish yet fun fall look. Got a black and white polka-dot tie? Why not pair it with your white and black polka-dot socks?

What About Crazy Socks?

Yes, we know all about crazy socks. Many of them have fun, humorous sayings, images, or art on them, making them an excellent way to show off your creative side without being too showy. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, “In the last three years, they have almost become mainstream amongst casual business cultures. Maybe inspired by Silicon Valley or just a start-up culture where formal traditional dress codes are not enforced.”

Well, if you are looking for that sophisticated, polished, well-dressed man look, then crazy socks such as taco dinosaurs should be avoided. There is no rule book, though. A row of best men at a wedding, all with taco dino socks, just might be fun.

Can I Be Fun Without the Crazy Tacky Socks?

Indeed, you can! Again, opt for bold colors or two-tone colored socks. A good example is Shadow stripe socks by Forte Belvidere. They feature ribbed shadow stripes that fit over the calf and come in various colors, such as a grey turquoise stripe. The socks could go perfectly with a grey suit, turquoise tie perhaps.

These let you still show off a bit of fun without going crazy socks tacky, and you still look polished and put together.

Matching Sock with Tie Sets

To convince you even more, you can even buy matching socks and tie sets that take the complete hassle of matching your socks with your outfit out the window. Many are in fun funky patterns, too, to let you be fun and funky and creative in your daily wear.

Conclusion: Will Matching Socks with My Tie Be Bizarre?

The answer is no. In fact, be bizarre and have fun with your footwear. It’s a fashion do.