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Jeans vs Chinos

Chinos and jeans may seem like they are two completely different types of pants, they may have more things in common than you realize. These stylish pants have been filling up closets for generations and there is no sign of stopping. Check out this article about chinos and jeans.

This is a close look at a stack of pants on a chair.

Two of the most popular types of pants available today are jeans and chinos. They both have been around for an incredibly long time and are worn by countless people. They are both stylish, and you can dress them up or down. However, there are some similarities and differences between them.

There may be some events where you should wear chinos and others where jeans are appropriate. Continue reading this article to find out the difference between jeans vs chinos to determine which ones are right for you. 

What are Jeans?

A row of kids wearing jeans.

You may often hear of jeans called blue jeans or denim jeans. No matter what you call them, they are all the same type of outfit. Jeans were first introduced in 1873 by Levi Strauss. That company is still manufacturing jeans with the same quality they have focused on since the beginning. Jeans are made of a heavy twill denim fabric.

You can wear jeans at any time. There is not a specific season in which you can wear jeans. Jeans are typically considered casual attire but you can dress them up. They have a trademark blue color, but you can find jeans in various colors. They have multiple fits, including slim fit jeans, regular fit, boot cut, relaxed fit, skinny jeans, straight leg, and jeggings. The most traditional style of jeans has five pockets.

Jeans appeal to just about everyone, no matter their age or style. They are comfortable and convenient. Jeans always remain in fashion, and the style of the jeans change to be current with the times. You can wear jeans multiple times before you wash them, and they do not need to be ironed. Some people choose to iron their jeans, but it is not necessary.

It is thought people generally have about seven pairs of jeans, making them the most common article of clothing. There are different styles for men’s jeans and women’s jeans. 

What are Chinos?

This is a close look at various chino pants.

Chinos were initially manufactured as a part of a uniform for the United Kingdom and French armies. The word Chino means roasted, which is why the typical color of Chinos is a brown color. Chino is the name of the actual pants and the name of the material that is used to make the pants. Chino is a light twill fabric made of cotton.

They are worn mainly during the warmer months of spring and summer since they are cotton twill and a thinner fabric. Chinos are not as casual as jeans. They are a twill pant option typically thought of as a business casual type of pants but still not as relaxed as jeans. Chinos are available in standard trouser style pants.

You may be able to find slim-fit chino options. Chinos are considered a comfortable type of pants that are easy to wear. You may want to iron your chino pant before wearing, but they usually do not have a lot of wrinkles. You are more likely to find khaki chino options than white chinos, but if you really want them, they are available. 

Similarities Between Chinos and Jeans?

This is a close look at a man wearing jeans and brown leather shoes.

There are not many similarities between Chinos and jeans. However, they are definitive types of style. Just about every wardrobe has both of these types of pants in it. They are both considered essential parts of a wardrobe, as well as both, being comfortable pairs of pants. Both Chinos and jeans can be worn at casual events. 

You can expect to pay about the same price for jeans or Chinos. Jeans and Chinos that are high quality will run about the same price. You will pay more for designer clothes and more likely to find designer jeans than Chinos. You can purchase a pair of custom jeans or Chinos. Custom pants may be the best way for you to get the right pair of pants for you. For both jeans and Chinos, it will most likely be less durable and not the best quality if you opt for a lower-priced item. 

Both Chinos and jeans have the same washing instructions. Both of them are typically machine washable. All you have to do is throw them in the washing machine with laundry detergent and call it a day. It is ideal that you wash either of them in cold water and not hot water. Washing in cold water will help preserve the color of your pants.

Hot water often pulls the color out of the material. Loss of color happens after repeated washing in hot water. You will notice they become lighter the more you wash them in hot water. The best way to dry these pants is to hang them outside. You can put them in the dryer, and they will dry quickly. 

Differences Between the Two

This is a man wearing a pair of brown chinos.

Jeans are made from a heavy twill material, while Chinos are made from lightweight twill. The traditional color for jeans, but the traditional color of Chinos is a brown or khaki color. Jeans are worn at any time of the year, no matter the season. Chinos tend to be worn more in the spring and summer seasons. Jeans have many different styles and cuts, but Chinos only come in a standard trouser style.

Jeans are typically a more casual style of pants, while Chinos are considered more business casual and can be found in the office. They are also considered to be dress pants. Chinos are able to be dressed up to make them formal more easily than jeans. Jeans are definitely considered casual wear and most likely to be worn with sneakers. 

Of the two types of pants, jeans are more durable than Chinos. They were initially intended for people who were doing hard work and labor. As a result, they are able to stand up to a large amount of stress. Chinos are durable and more durable than other pants, but not as durable as jeans.

While you are not going to be able to find any fabric that completely resists stains, jeans are more resistant than Chinos. In addition, jeans also tend to hide dirt and stains better than Chinos. 


How Do I Know if I Should Wear Jeans or Chinos?

Your personal preference and style will have a lot to do with which pants you pick. If you need casual pants, then jeans may be the right choice. If you need dress trousers, then you must go with Chinos. While you can find casual Chinos, it is best if you find out what the attire is before you pick out your slacks. You can ask about the dress code if you are not sure what shirt, shoe, and pants you want to wear.

Can I Wear Chinos as Suit Pants?

As long as you are not going to a formal event, you are safe to combine chinos and a dress shirt and jacket to create a suit. 

Are Chinos the Same as Cargo Pants?

No, they are not the same. There are some similarities between cargo trousers and chino cloth men’s pants. One of the features that set cargo pants out from all others are the large pockets on the side of the legs. Cargo pants have a much more casual look. The stitching is not obvious on Chinos like it is on cargo pants. Cargo pants are baggier than stylish look of Chinos. 

Can I Find Chinos in Different Colors?

Yes, you can find Chinos is a wide range of colors. The easiest color to find is brown or khaki pants. There are many other colors and shades of Chino pants. You may really have to search for them.