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22 Great Men’s Socks Brands for Formal and Casual Wear

Socks are essential for the overall health of your feet. Various fashion brands develop classic socks featuring the best wicking fabrics for overall performance and comfort. Some men prefer longer crew socks, while others like shorter ankle socks. In the article, we have rounded a list of brands to select the most suitable socks depending on the occasion.

A row of men wearing colorful patterned socks.

When it comes to fashion in men, socks are either the very first or very last clothing item. As much as socks have been treated as an afterthought, clothing, integrating stylish socks rounds up an overall eccentric look. Finding the proper pair of socks can enhance a productive workout or jog in.

Classic socks feature durable and innovative technology like moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry, odor-resistant, and extra cushioning for protection upon impact. Top brand names play an integral part in crafting popular socks in the market today.

The Ancient Socks

Since the initiation, socks came in various lengths, colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics depending on the purpose. The term socks evolved in the 17th century from the word stockings. The first socks were made from leather.

In the 8th century BC, Greece crafted the first socks from matted animal hair called ‘Piloi’. In the 2nd century AD, a thousand years later, the Romans sew woven fabrics together to make fitted socks “Udones.”

The oldest surviving socks were excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. They are red-orange pairs dating between 250 AD and 420 AD. The socks are said to have been made with the knotless netting technique. Socks became more of a fashion statement in the middle Ages when brightly colored socks were embroidered.

Without getting into many details, now let’s get into perusing some of the best men’s socks brands. Do you need extra arch support or a reinforced toe? Athletics socks or dress socks? Supima or wool socks? Crew socks or no-shows socks? Below is a descriptive perusal of some of the most sought-after socks that every man needs in his wardrobe.


The brand features simplicity, bold and functional socks designs. Nike Socks are recognized worldwide, especially in sports brands. Nike is well advanced and has the technological ability to make some of the most fabulous top-quality socks. In addition, their collection comes with a substantial cushion that provides the wearer with needed support.

Nike innovates trendy styles and provides sustainable products as part of its mission objective. Socks by Nike will have you sorted, especially for recreational needs. Some of the sought-out Nike socks include;

Nike Dri-Fit Classic cushioned crew socks (6 pairs)

NIKE Everyday Performance Training Socks (6-Pair) (M (Men's 6-8 / Women's 6-10), Crew Black)

The socks keep you comfortable through hours of active engagements such as dance moves. It’s thin enough to slide into sleeker shoes and thick sufficient to keep your toes warm. In addition, the Nike Swoosh’s signature crew has ribbing to mimic a dress sock.

Nike Performance Cushion Low Rise Socks with Bag (6 Pair)

NIKE Unisex Performance Cushion Low Rise Socks with Band (6 Pairs), Black/White, Medium

The low-rise socks are designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. They have reinforced heel and toes to help with padding and durability. In addition, they are manufactured with moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet cool.

These socks feature ribbed cuffs and extra arch support to provide additional stability and flexibility. In addition, the socks are made of cotton blend quick-drying fabric. They are available in Black and White. The low cushion socks come in a pack of six with a bag, feature a Nike Swoosh Logo, and are machine washable.


Adidas is a sporting fashion brand that has been in the game for over 70 years. Most of its products feature a recognizable logo. The symbol looks great on socks and other accessories. Boost your confidence as you find the classic three stripes on your socks when taking part in informal activities and sports. Example of popular socks by Adidas includes;

Adidas Men’s Superlite Low-cut socks

adidas Men's Athletic Cushioned Low Cut Socks (6-Pair), Black/Aluminum 2, Large, (Shoe Size 6-12)

The unique socks integrate ClimaCool technology and odor-resistant fabric. ClimaCool technology keeps your feet cool and dry during workouts. In addition, the low-cut socks are designed to incorporate cushioned heel, arch, and toe to help with absorbing shock on impact.

The socks feature a breathable mesh top and smooth toe seam, which limits irritation in the foot. Adidas socks are made of 58 percent polyester, 40 percent cotton, and 2 percent spandex. They come in 3 packs and are available in 7 different color combinations.

Adidas mid-cut socks (3 packs)

The Mid Cut Crew Socks from Adidas in 3 pairs.

Source: Adidas

They are three stripes athletic socks that are appropriate to pair with all your new Sambas, superstars, and Gazelles. They come in three-packs.

Happy Socks

A pair of black cat socks with colorful patterns from Happy Socks.

Source: Happy Socks

It is a Swedish brand that provides the perfect collection of bold-colored socks. Brighten up your day by incorporating these colorful designs into your clothing. Happy socks designs are created with the motive of enabling you to express yourself and your personality. Others can be encouraged to feel pleased with a new pair of vibrant, bold, and uniquely patterned socks.


The pair of striped short socks from Missoni.

Source: Missoni

Missoni’s socks designs offer vibrant and unique shapes. The brand provides the ultimate socks collection for various occasions. Missoni socks feature a perfect choice of a cotton blend with colorful and patterned selections. The socks are ideal pair designs for most men.


The GG pattern cotton blend socks from Gucci.

Source: Gucci

Gucci is here for you if you are after trendy and statement-making designs. The brand integrates quality craftsmanship paired with innovative and bold ideas. Gucci is famous for entailing unique, striking, and unforgettable patterns. The brand identity is easily noticeable in their socks designs.


The Men's Dress Knee High Sock 4-Pack from Bombas.

Source: Bombas

It’s a favorite brand for most socks aficionados. The Bombas socks are unique to many as their collections feature an ultimate combination of high-quality fabric and intelligent design. In addition, it offers durably seamless and comfortable socks.

Bombas puts in place the use of cotton to enhance comfort. More so, the fabric used is crucial in preventing painful blisters and pesky odor. An example of popular Bombas socks is the Bombas Solids Ankle socks best suited for running.

Let your socks be the first garment people notice within your overall gear! Bright and vibrant patterns are imperative in expressing oneself.

Ted Baker

The CADIN Striped socks in pink from Ted Baker.

Source: Ted Baker

It is a fashion brand located in London. Ted Baker brand spices up your sock drawer. More so, the collection adds a flash of color and texture to any outfit. Pull together a classic look with the Ted Baker collection.

Ted Baker collection features bright and unique patterns. In addition, the pack comes with a wide range of whacky designs. They are perfect for adding an unusual touch to your overall gear/outfit.

Calvin Klein

The Organic Cotton Blend 3-Pack Rib Crew Socks from Calvin Klein.

Source: Calvin Klein

Look no further for comfy socks as you express your individuality via Calvin Klein socks. Calvin Klein crafts sleek comfort and trendy socks designs. The clothing line was established in 1968. The brand thrives on seductive and bold aesthetics. Calvin Klein brand enhances unique and simple designs.


The Black and White 4G Socks from Givenchy.

Source: Givenchy

Givenchy brand is famous for designing sleek, simple, and classy socks. The high-end label offers comfort and elegant class across various products. The socks by Givenchy provide a wide selection of products for different occasions. Get a sophisticated vibe as you select this distinct brand.

Alexander McQueen

The Black and White Skull Sport Socks from Alexander McQueen.

Source: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a perfect brand for both casual and relaxed sock designs. Modern McQueen’s collection is trendy, stylish, and suitable for various activities. In addition, the brand integrates a forward-looking approach.


Puma is a worldwide fashion line. It delivers high-performance workout apparel. The brand collates both long and short socks made of a cotton blend with rubber and spandex. With Puma’s collection, expect maximum flexibility, comfort, and fit. Example of best running socks includes;

Puma 6-Pack ½ Terry Low Cut Socks

The Wordmark 1/2 Terry Men’s Low Cut Socks from Puma.

Source: Puma

The socks feature a cushioned heel and toe, a non-slip cuff and heel, extra arch support, and a mesh top for added breathability. They come in a pack of six and are available in multiple colors combinations. Puma logo is indicated on both heel and toe.


The Diagonals Mid Socks from Off White.

Source: Off White

The brand offers the very best couture and streetwear. Off-white casual designs have an extra touch of out-of-the-ordinary. Get out of your comfort zone and try out some unique, vibrant, and abstract pairs of socks. Graphic print strikes are displayed throughout the brands clothing items like socks.

Hugo Boss

The Two-pack of socks in a stretch-cotton blend from Hugo Boss.

Source: Hugo Boss

The brand amalgamates both unique and great heritage designs. They are suitable products for those of you who enjoy vibrant selections. Get casual selection designs right for any activity.


The Navy Blue Soft Everyday Socks from Bonobos.

Source: Bonobos

Shop for modern men’s fashion outfits from Bonobos clothing line. The brand provides class and innovation. Additionally, the Bonobos brand offers an array of work and special occasion socks. With a wide range of socks selection, you get to access various cool and fun designs.


The fashion brand has been historically recognized for undergarments. The socks collections provide the comfort you need. They are also high performance for men wearing them for working out. Hanes blend Fresh IQ features to help fight bacteria and odor.

Other imperative features encompassed include moisture-wicking fabric, ribbed cuffs, reinforced heel and toe, and entire foot cushioning. Example includes;

Hanes Men’s Ultimate No Show Socks

Hanes Men's Ultimate No Show Socks, 10-Pack, White, Shoe Size: 6-12

They are made of 63 percent cotton, 34 percent polyester, and 3 percent fibers. The socks are available in 6 packs of white or black. In addition, Hanes ankle-socks integrate FreshIQ technology for smell protection.

Did you know wearing socks could improve your mood and self-esteem? Boost any outfit by rocking in a stylish pair of socks! Some sock designs are suited for hiking, skiing, and hunting? Keep intact to identify such kind of outdoor activity socks brands.


The Starfish mid-calf socks in Ruby from Bugatchi.

Source: Bugatchi

This is an American-based men’s fashion company. It strives to develop, design, and create classic and timeless pieces of socks for any activity/occasion. The brand provides the perfect pair of socks for work, everyday activities, or downtime in bed.

Bugatchi designs feature elegance, resilience, and innovation. The core of Bugatchi designs is to provide a great variety of socks options for every man.

Thom Browne


Source: Thom Browne

Thom Browne brand is an American-based fashion company. It is located in the heart of New York City. The brand inspires the production of men to wear and has been in the fashion industry for a long time. Thom Browne brand captures the lifestyle of most people by incorporated sock designs.

Find comfort with these eccentric collections. The collection offers a wide range of designs ranging from stripes, symbols, and a logo. Various designs and products are suited to meet everyone’s needs.

Paul Smith

The Men's Multi-Coloured 'Dino' Socks Three Pack from Paul Smith.

Source: Paul Smith

The collection is a UK-based fashion company. Paul Smith opened up the first retail shop in London in 1979. Be sure to find some stylish pair of socks from the brand. Additionally, Paul Smith articulates an array of men’s accessories and fashionable clothing.


The blue light single tab socks from Asics.

Source: Asics

The fashion brand is known for its running shoes. Be sure of authentic performance, comfort, and classy design with these designs. In addition, the brand creates up to par athletic socks available in different color patterns. Asics integrates the use of polyester, nylon, cushioned sole, and spandex with plush.

Enjoy the mesh fabric socks from ASICS for overall dry, calm, and fresh legs during workouts and exercise.

Under Armour

The Men's UA Essential Lite 6-Pack Socks from Under Armour.

Source: Under Armour

Under Armour, a fashion brand is one of the leading producers of athletic gear and apparel. The brand features innovative technology for top-notch performance. For example, under Armour socks are highlighted by HeatGear fabric.

The fabrics wick moisture away to keep you cool, dry, light on the warmest days. More so, the designs have built-in cushioning and extra arch support for protection from impact and stability.

Among the list above, which socks brands have you tried out and how comfy they were they? We have come to the end of our round-up of the best men’s socks brands. Get some of the listed popular brands from both local and online stores! Keep in touch as we update more advanced brands as they pop up.

Importance of wearing socks

A close look at a pair of colorful striped socks paired with black leather shoes.

To keep warm

Wearing socks is ideal in keeping your feet warm. In addition, wearing correctly fitted socks can aid in circulatory health conditions. Try a pair of wool socks for a generation of warmth and heat, even on chilly days.

Protect feet from Injury

Have you ever walked a long-distance sockless? You discover that developing blisters and painful spots are inevitable. Wearing socks, especially those crafted with cushioned soles, helps eliminate friction and stop blisters before forming.

Keep your feet dry and avoid odor.

Feet get hot and sweaty, especially when working out. These conditions favor the thriving of fungus and bacteria. But, thanks to the socks, the moisture evaporates and winks into the fabric without us noticing.

Wearing closed shoes without socks can get uncomfortably damp. Wear socks with natural fibers such as bamboo, wool, or wool to allow easy breathability. Acrylic and nylon fibers enhance wicking and breathability. Wear socks that would enable a steady supply of air for happy feet.

Express yourself

The right pair of socks boosts physical and mental health. Neat socks attract compliments. Some people treat themselves by purchasing new branded socks every month. According to the journal of consumer research, people who wear non-conforming and crazy socks are more likely to be creative, successful, and intelligent.

Prevents feet from germs and athletes’ foot

Wearing socks keeps your feet dry. However, feet have many sweat glands; thus, going sockless can result in athletes’ foot conditions.

Manage Moisture

Wearing socks enhances the absorption of moisture generated in the feet during a workout. This is because socks are crafted using wicking fabrics that are essential for moisture absorption.

Best Socks for Men FAQs

What are the best socks for men?

That all depends on whether you are looking to keep your feet dry in swampy heat or make your feet warm in cold weather.

What is the best socks brand?

The best socks brands amalgamate style with comfort and quality. Missoni socks collections are ideal for men who want to make a designer statement. Thom Browne sock collections are suited for luxurious, business, and classic options.

Off-white or Gucci is ideal for streetwear fans. On the other hand, Adidas, Nike, Happy Socks are affordable and full of personality.

What are the best socks for cycling?

Drymax socks are flat knit and comfortable socks great alternative to thin cycling for your whole cycle. The socks provide more protection from chafing and blisters. In addition, dry max socks feature a proven dual-layer sweat removal system.

What socks brand lasts the longest?

Some socks brands offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. Such collections blend high-density knit and merino wool fibers. In addition, socks brands like Bombas, Feetures, Darn Tough, and Ice Breaker offer long-lasting and durable designs.

Ice breaker and Darn Tough are crafted for workwear and outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, and skiing. In addition, Feetures collections are ideal for running and other exercises.

What are good quality socks?

Material is vital in determining socks’ quality. Good quality socks hold their shape over time and keep your feet warm and dry. Additionally, quality socks don’t tear or wear through at the heel or toe seam.

Look for socks that suit your needs and activities to engage in. Good quality socks offer high-performance synthetic fibers (nylon and acrylic) and blend well with merino wool, silk, cashmere, and bamboo.

Is there a particular type of sock you recommend?

My favorite kind of sock is one that wicks away moisture. Sweat glands produce lots of sweat during humid summer months. Thus, keeping feet dry always prevents a wide range of hurdles.

What other sock brands compare to Bombas?

Bombas offers a wide range of fashion socks. Although Darn Tough doesn’t provide extensive designs like Bombas, the brands equally provide a durable and lifetime replacement guarantee. In terms of fun and fresh designs, Happy socks rival Bombas.