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30 of the Best Online Hat Stores

We take our hats off to these 27 of the best online hat stores which offer a huge selection of cool hats and caps for men, women and children.

A woman wearing an aquamarine wide-brimmed hat.

Hats are one of the most worn and most popular fashion accessories in human history. Some types of hats are so old, historians don’t even know how long people have been wearing them. Over tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, humans have invented all sorts of different hat styles and head coverings.

It’s a great way to stay warm in cold weather, stay dry in wet weather, enhance your style, say something about who you are and what you love, get a little bit of extra attention, display devotion to a certain spiritual path…or simply have a super cool way to flirt with good-looking members of the opposite sex by taking the hat off as a sign of respect to get a little bit of attention. Really, is there nothing a hat can’t do? The only way a hat can’t work for you is if you don’t have one at all. Turn to the best online hat stores to quite literally top off your style and show the world something about who you are and what you’re all about.

Find the Best Online Hat Stores

A variety of different hats on display.

Shopping is supposed to be fun but online shopping can actually be a bit frustrating. Sometimes, having too many choices isn’t such a great thing. It’s really hard to find online stores that have good prices, good deals on shipping and a good selection of items. You can waste a lot of time just looking for a place to shop. Start with the best online hat stores and you’ll have a hard time not finding items that you love.


Boasting an impressive amount of stock, Lids focuses its efforts on providing sports fans with the gear they need to show their love. That includes hats for every single sports team and fandom you can imagine, from all the NCAA teams to the MLB, NHL and pretty much every other sport you can name. Lids even has NASCAR and golf branded gear, so you can truly show off your love for any team, athlete, sport or franchise.

The prices are comparable with all branded sports gear, and the variety of headwear you can purchase here is enormous. Lids is one of the most well-known and trusted names in sports apparel, with more than 1,000 physical retail locations across the U.S. and a huge online storefront. They have an easy return policy and a big customer service department, in case you have any problems shopping here. has been pushing the envelope on hat style since it was founded n 2001. This company offers hats in a huge range of styles, fabrics and colors. There’s always something new here, not to mention a rotating selection of seasonal hats to help you keep your look updated so you can get a new winter hat or summer hat when the weather changes. You can also shop for hats by brand here. carries a bunch of different brands and hats for every occasion.


Amazon is the online shopping titan of today’s day and age and of course, there’s a massive selection of hats. There are lots of ways to refine your search here, so you can seek out hats based on type, customer reviews, brand name, price, theme, fit and more. Search by color if you want something red, search by price if you want something affordable or search by brand name, among other options.

Whether you have something very specific in mind or you just want to browse around, it’s easy to do at Amazon. There are multiple shipping and payment options here, too, and Amazon is one of the most trusted online stores in the etail game. This gives you the added benefit of strong customer service support.

Hats Unlimited

Founded in California in 1994, Hats Unlimited is dedicated to its customers and only provides the highest quality headwear. They sell exclusively hats, of virtually all colors, designs and sizes. Specialization pays off. Hats Unlimited boasts a whopping 10,000 hats in their inventory…so they pretty much totally mean it when they say hats unlimited. This is still a family-owned and operated business and has become a known name in the fashion industry. You can always shop for hats for men, women and children here and still see something new all the time.

Village Hat Shop

Village Hat Shop was established in 1980 and got on the internet early, establishing an online shop in 1997. Since then, the company has been expanded its industry to carry a gigantic selection of hats from some of the biggest brand and design names in the business, including Stetson, Sur le Tete and Bigalli.

There are plenty of search features here, allowing you to sort hats by color, rating, size, type, price and many other criteria. You can also browse at large for hats by style, get a look at the latest sales and even browse wholesale items.


Known for its quality products, Simons is a clothing store that sells practically every article of clothing you can think of. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a child or an adult, Simons is a top-notch resource to use. Their other accessories include things like belts, suspenders, sunglasses and even jewelry.

The online storefront is huge, boasting every type of every article of clothing you might need. And when you get to the big hat selection, you’ll find plenty of things to add to your cart.
Simons has been a part of the fashion world since 1840 and maintains physical stores around the world.

Hat Club

Hat Club is constantly getting new arrivals. They sell exclusively headwear that encompasses virtually every sports team and fits every possible style. From snapback hats to baseball caps to fitted hats, Hat Club has it all.

This storefront is all about branded hats so you can show your love for your team or brand. They have a big range of different styles and hat types to suit anyone’s fashion sense.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is known for its style and affordable price points. They sell basically everything clothing-wise, meaning they have an impressive cache of hats to choose from as well. The company also sells graphic tees, vintage clothing, jackets, bottoms and virtually anything else you may want to express your style with.

You can find branded as well as fashion hats here in all casual styles.

The Bay

Hudson’s Bay, known simply as the Bay, is a huge department store in Canada with an even bigger online storefront offering everything you could ever need in the way of clothes, accessories and things you wear on your body.

The price range here is just as big as the hat selection, with highly affordable items on clearance and designer items that can help you put a touch of luxury in your look. The storefront is very user-friendly, with lots of search options to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and something great when you hardly know where to begin to look.

Magill Hats

Magill Hats sells fashion hats that are all about style and honors the classic hat designs that will never go out of style. The store was founded in 1895 by Isidor Magill. Today, it’s a thriving business that hires artisans to design and craft beautiful hats that have been worn by celebrities.

The fedora collection here alone might make you gasp. Magill Hats offers hats in a rainbow of colors and great styles you can wear with all sorts of looks.


Tilley’s hats are known for their lightweight build, easily storable nature and their rugged outdoor look. Meant for those who take long road trips or go horseback riding, Tilley hats are a phenomenal addition to any wardrobe. Their Airflo hats are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Tilley also makes plenty of other clothing, all with an outdoors-ready look.
Tilley hats are guaranteed for life, meaning that you can get a repair or a replacement if your hat fails you. That’s how much confidence Tilley has in their own manufacturing process.

New Era Cap

Boasting free shipping on all orders, the company is known for its phenomenal customer service and its impressive lineup of sports-themed hats. Besides hats, the company sells bags and backpacks, as well as tools and soaps to effectively clean your hat without damaging it in any way or form. Unlike some of the other stores on this list, this one has an entire kid section with plenty of variety.

The Best Hat Store

Shop for felt hats or straw hats at this store, which may be the best place to go if you want a cowboy or cowgirl hat. This place is the real deal. It was founded in the stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas, so this store knows a little something about cowboy hat styles. They sell quality hats and the prices definitely reflect that. If you’re looking for a hat as an investment, this is where you need to start looking.

Goorin Bros

Top off your look with a fedora, trucker hat or straw hat from Goorin Bros. They have a cool compare feature on the site in case you’re deciding between hats…which is likely. The selection here is huge and the hats here are super stylish, so you’re going to want to buy more than one. Luckily, you probably can. The prices are pretty reasonable and you can save your favorites to buy them later.

Samuels Hats

Samuels Hats makes it easy for you to search for hats by occasion, so you can specifically seek out hats for church and the Kentucky Derby, which is a pretty neat feature. They’ve also got a truly awesome selection of fascinators here, just in case you might get invited to a royal wedding sometime in the future. And since non-royal brides are like, totally trendy, you actually never know when you might need a fascinator!

When you do, come here. Samuels Hats specializes in high-fashion hats at actually affordable prices. You can get shiny crystals and faux gemstones, a yard of tulle, mesh and lace and still not break the bank.


Focusing specifically on college sports teams, this company sells virtually every hat you may be wanting to try on. Besides hats, HatsnMore sells novelty items like signs and heritage banners. All hats are authentic and are made of high-quality material. HatsnMore boasts an impressive collection of sports-themed hats within the NHL, NBA, NFL and more. You can even create a wish list of the caps you may want in your future.


Every hat you get from Harricana is made in Montreal, Canada in ethical conditions. They’ve made a big commitment to using recycled materials and maintaining eco-friendly standards. There’s a huge selection of fashion hats in pretty much every single style here, including interesting items. Where else can you find an aviator hat made with upcycled fur or a cloche hat made in paper straw material? Yeah. There’s a lot of super cool hats here and lots of them come in different color options, too.

New York Hat Co.

For everything New Yorker style, New York Hat Co. is the place to check out. Everything from camp and military hats to cool knit styles can be found at this online store. New York Hat Co. began as a New York-based business over four decades ago. Buy classic vintage styles here, along with leather hats, knit caps and hats for women. There’s a great selection of fashion styles here.

Sport Chek

Known for its high-quality sportswear, Sport Chek sells excellent quality hats at great prices. Sport Chek is dedicated to health and wellness. They promote getting active and they’ve got the clothes to do it, including hats in all sorts of sporting styles.

NBA Store

Boasting an impressive catalog of sports-themed hats, you can get branded hats for every NBA team at the NBA Store. The NBA Store also sells shoes, shirts and jerseys for those who want the entire ensemble to match. The hats here are affordable and available in a number of sporty styles. The NBA store usually has promo codes, sales and special deals to make buying even more affordable.

Hats by the Hundred

Hats by the Hundred is an Australian hat company located right on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The retail shop is right next to the warehouse, which makes things pretty easy. This is the biggest hat seller in all of Australia, selling thousands of hats from more than 55 brands. That’s a lot of hats. You can find them in a huge range of styles and colors here. It’s possible to get a hat for every occasion at Hats by Hundred.

The company has been known as Australia’s number one hat store since the 1980s. They stand out above the rest as a company by providing videos. The videos display the structural integrity of the headwear and even an interesting look into how handmade hats are created.


If you’re looking for athletic sneakers and sportswear, look at the Nike storefront. There’s a great selection of headwear here, everything from headbands to visor to beanies. Nike is one of the most famous names in sportswear. This company supplies the world’s greatest athletes with gear, from NBA legends to Olympic champions to college players across all sports. The hats here are very affordable and Nike often holds sales and special discounts so you can get even more gear for your buck.


Since Anthropologie was founded in 1992, it has opened hundreds of retail locations. This company provides fashion with a French twist, including their selection of hats. There are tons of fashion styles to choose from here with a big price range to suit most budgets.

Cotton On

Cotton On makes a great selection of casual hats in both classic and trendy styles. This company began in Australia and their brand is casual Australian style. These hats are lightweight, durable, well made and stylish, all the things you want in a fashion accessory.


You’ll find an enormous selection of athletic, casual and fashion hats at Revolve. The hats here are affordable and stylish, two truly great qualities in any hat. There are almost 50,000 items available at the storefront, including clothing and footwear.


A leader in the athletic wear biz, Vans has a great selection of casual hats for all occasions. The storefront is full of cool styles for men and women. Vans began in California in the 1960s as a skateboard shoe company. In the decades since, it was expanded into an athleticwear powerhouse.


Journeys offers gear from popular brands and hot labels to provide a big selection of athletic and fashion hats. You can find some of the biggest brand names here, which makes it easy to shop for the specific labels you love all in one place.


When you want cool, casual hat style, Jacamo has got you covered. You know, literally…because they cover your head. Jacamo specializes in menswear and they have a big selection of both classic and trendy hat styles, along with lots of other clothes and accessories. The company is part of the ethical trading initiative, which means that no child labor is used, working conditions are safe and hygienic and no harsh or inhumane treatment of workers is allowed, among other standards.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins has highly stylish hats for every possible occasion, from casual events to super fancy soirees. They also have an interesting take on fascinators here: the fascinators are on headbands! That makes things a lot easier. The prices here are very reasonable, and even more so thanks to the frequent sales events hosted by the site. If you want fashion at bargain prices, Dorothy Perkins is for you.


Orvis has a great selection of hats for both men and women. These hats are designed for outdoor use. That means they’re made to withstand rain, wind and harsh outdoor conditions. They have straw hats for summer, insulated hats for winter and hats to help you create just about any sort of casual look you might want.

Orvis has actually been making outdoor gear since 1856. The company began with fly-fishing equipment and expanded from there. Today, Orvis is committed to making comfortable, good-looking items for those with an outdoor lifestyle.


There are so many different types of hats and so many different types of hat stores, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Hats can be a great way to stay warm, stay dry or stay fashionable. But there’s so much to know! Rest easy. We’ve got the answers to all the most common hat questions. They say that knowledge is power. When it comes to these hat questions and answers, knowledge leads to amazing fashion!

Are hats a type of clothing?

Hats are worn on the body, so does that mean they’re clothing? You may also wear jewelry, such as a necklace or a ring, but this is not considered to be clothing. And hats aren’t always made of cloth or leather, while clothes almost always are. So it’s easy to see why some people might not know how to classify hats. This sometimes stumps online stores as well. You may find hats listed under clothing, listed with accessories or sitting in a whole category all by themselves. So what gives?

Things can get even more confusing when you think about other types of headwear. A tiara, for example, is a piece of jewelry even though it is also worn on the head. A headband, though also worn on the head, is typically classified as a hair accessory. It’s enough to leave anyone confused.

For the sake of fashion and classification, hats are generally considered to be an item of clothing when they are truly hats and not some other type of headwear. A hat is a piece of headwear usually made from cloth or straw that is somewhat soft and malleable, designed to fit comfortably and worn as part of an outfit or as protection from the weather and other hazardous conditions. While you can find hats categorized in all kinds of ways in both physical and online stores, they are technically considered to be an item of clothing.

Which types of hats will suit you?

It seems like you should simply be able to find a hat you like, buy it and wear it. But like most of fashion (and life), things are not so easy. While you can always, of course, wear whatever you like, there are some hats that are going to be far more flattering on you than others.

Which type of hat should be you wearing? Which one will be the perfect hat style for you? That all comes down to what face shape you have. And that may sound weird but it’s true. At a glance, it may look like most everyone has a similar face. After all, we’ve pretty much all got a nose, a mouth, two eyes, cheeks, a chin and a forehead. What’s so complicated about that? But look closer and you’ll start to notice that some people may have a more square jaw, a wider chin, perhaps a face that looks longer and leaner than yours. First, find out what face shape you have. Then, you’ll know which types of hats are going to look the most fabulous on you.

If you have a somewhat long face, whether it’s wide or narrow, look for wide-brimmed hats. Cowboy hats and big straw hats will look great on you. Any hat that will fit across the forehead will best suit your face.

Have you got more of a round face? Look for hats that seem to contrast this. Hats with a lot of structure and angular lines like fedoras will look sensational on you. If you want to make your face look more elongated, try a close-fitting hat and pull it down somewhat low on the forehead.

Do you have a square face? You know you do if you have a chin that doesn’t really end in a point and a somewhat angular jawline that’s somewhat well-defined, rather than blending more seamlessly with the rest of your face. This is a strong face shape that can look almost harsh if you’ve got on the wrong hat. Try something that’s a little bit unstructured, like a floppy sun hat with a wide brim. A cloche style will also look amazing on you. One hat type you might want to avoid is the beanie, as this will exaggerate your jaw and chin.

It can be super difficult to pick out a hat when you have a heart-shaped face. And if you have a heart-shaped face, you know it. Emphasize what’s great about this face shape with a baseball cap, a newsboy hat, a fedora or any other hat with a shorter brim. Try wearing the hat at a bit of an angle, because this will help balance out your face shape. Shy away from hats with floppy brims and look for more static designs.

If you haven’t seen your face shape on this list yet, you may have a more diamond-shaped face. This means you have more of a narrow chin. You probably have rather pronounced cheekbones or cheeks. This is actually a great face to have if you wear hats with short brims and a short crown, like a pork pie or a flat cap. How you wear the hat makes all the difference. Wear it sitting somewhat farther back on the forehead. Avoid tall hats and you will look fantastic.

Is your face an oval? Do you have a seamless sweep from your jaw to your chin, with a chin that ends in more of a point? If so, congratulations. You can wear almost any style of hat out there, so start playing around with headwear and have fun! [Source:]

Are hats bad for your hair?

Pretty much everyone has weighed in on the topic of whether or not hats can cause hair loss. Healthline, WebMD and Time have all covered the topic, along with just about everybody else. So when it comes to actually answer the question of whether or not hats can cause hair loss or otherwise do damage to your hair, it’s all a matter of who you ask.

Hair loss is caused by genetics, by hormonal changes in the body, by certain medical conditions and some medications, by stress and even by hairstyles and hair treatments. And in some cases, it may be possible for a hat to cause some hair loss as well. If you habitually wear very tight hats that restrict blood flow to the follicles, this could actually lead to some hair loss…but usually not. For the most part, hair loss is caused by your DNA and your overall health. Avoiding excessively pulling on your hair and wearing tight hairstyles is a more effective way to prevent hair loss than avoiding hats.

How do you get the right size of fitted hat?

Finding out your hat size should be easy. The trouble is, hats are sold in sizes. So while your head could measure 22 inches, you’re looking at hats with weird sizes like 6 5/8. Now, what the heck does that mean and how can you possibly get a perfect fit?

Hat manufacturers have their own sizes that they use for hats. Most of the time, these sizes are something that looks like 6 5/8, though the sizes go up as high as 8 1/8. But sometimes, you may see a hat with a more standard clothing size, like L. Now, you’re really in trouble. If you’re buying fitted caps, where do you even begin?

Size charts are the best and really the only way to determine your fitted size. Start by wrapping a soft, flexible tape measure around your head. It needs to fit around your head perfectly so don’t try to cheat with a stiff tape measure because you won’t get the right size. Measure once around your head perfectly and write down the inches and centimeters precisely. Use this measurement against hat size charts to find your perfect fitted hat. Hat stores online will usually include their own size charts so you can be sure you’re getting the right size with every hat you buy.

What are hat stores called?

According to WordHippo, there are several different words for hat stores. These include hatters, hattery, hatter, millinery and millinery shop.

Are hats even in style anymore?

Look at any black and white movie and you’ll see pretty much all the men and women wearing hats in pretty much every scene. Classic film stars like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman were rarely seen without a dashing hat, in fact. A few decades ago, no well-dressed person would even think of going out without a hat. For women, the hat or some other head covering was pretty much required for centuries. But these days, that’s not the case. So what happened…and are hats still stylish, or just old-fashioned?

Hats in many different styles were pretty much the norm until about the 1960s. Fedoras, pork pie hats, flat caps, top hats, everyone wore them. But as modern technology got better, hats became less popular. Better climate control became widely available to people of all social classes. Cars became more popular as a mode of transportation, with more people driving themselves than riding on public systems. If you’ve ever tried to wear a hat while driving, you get why people started taking them off. [Source: Gentleman’s Gazette]

Also, styles and fashion naturally change in time. Hats became less popular. But more recently, they’ve started to surge on the fashion scene again. So are hats in style? You bet they are! Take a look at Instagram feeds for the hot celebrities and recording artists and you’ll see that hats are definitely making a huge comeback. Berets, cowboy hats, bucket hats and wide brimmed hats are particularly popular. [Source: Stylecaster]

Can hats be screen printed?

Not only can hats be screen printed, it’s done all the time! Many designs seen on trucker hats, for example, are screen printed. If you know how to screenprint or you have a screen printer you can go to, you can create your own custom hats anytime you like. [Source: Hatswork]

How many types of hats are there?

Our list of hats has more than 50 distinct styles on it, so that’s quite a lot. But when it comes to knowing exactly how many types of hats there are, the question is actually impossible to answer. New styles are being created all the time, so the number is always subject to change.

When you consider the many different militaries, religious and historical styles of hats that have been worn through the millennia, the number of different types of hats just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Let’s just say that there are more than enough different types of hats out there to keep you busy looking for new ones to wear. There are so many different hat types, styles, colors and features that you will find plenty of ways to play around with headwear.

Where can you get a custom-embroidered hat?

Many different hat stores, tailors and style professionals provide custom embroidery. You can start by purchasing a hat you want to be embroidered or you can find a place that offers both the hat and the embroidery. There are even some hat stores online that provide custom embroidery. You can look in your local area or online to find a business that can complete the custom embroidery you have in mind.

Are hats machine washable?

Most hats really shouldn’t and can’t be machine-washed, not if you want them to maintain their shape and not become damaged. Even a baseball cap, hats which are known for being pretty durable, should only be hand-washed. Soft, lightweight baseball hats known as dad hats likewise shouldn’t be machine washed because they usually still have a stiff bill that can be damaged in the process.

To properly clean a hat, first check the care label. Hopefully, it will be there and it will give you instructions. Otherwise, try to find out what your hat is made of. Then, look online for advice on how to best clean this material. The process you use to clean cotton is going to be different from the process you use to clean leather, so it’s important to clean your hat based on what it’s made of, not based on what’s making it dirty or what you happen to have on hand. In many cases, hats can be cleaned with mild soap and plain water. Some hats, however, cannot be exposed to water. For these hats, you’ll want to go to a dry cleaner. [Source: Whirlpool]

Can you wear a hat indoors?

Wearing a hat can be a tricky thing. In olden days, failing to remove your hat at the right time or failing to have your hat on at the right time could lead to enormous social problems. So is it still important to remove your hat at certain times?

A couple of decades ago, the rules of wearing a hat were pretty static. People with good hat manners would remove their head covering when entering a church or going into someone’s home. For that matter, it was also proper to remove one’s hat when in the presence of a lady (if you’re a man) or when greeting a superior, such as a supervisor or boss.

However, the rules of hat wearing have become much, much more relaxed in the modern era. Technically, men are supposed to remove most hats while indoors. This does not apply to athletic events, public transportation, public buildings or elevators, however. That means it’s totally appropriate to leave your men’s hat on while in an airport, a post office or even a hotel or office lobby, according to strict rules of etiquette. Baseball hats are usually an exemption, as people tend to wear these indoors and out all the time. Cancer patients are also exempt from any hat manner “rules” of society, as it’s totally acceptable and okay for them to wear a hat all the time no matter where they are.

If you want to follow strict hat manners, you should still remove your hat while in someone’s home, during meals, while being introduced to someone for the first time and while being inside any place of worship. You should also take off your hat if you’re inside your place of work, a library, school, courthouse or town hall. It’s also proper to remove the hat in a restaurant or coffee shop, while at a movie theater or while watching an indoor performance of any kind. In the U.S., it’s also proper to remove your hat while the national anthem is being played or if the U.S. flag is moving past you, such as when a parade is happening. [Source: Emily Post]

Women’s hats, of course, play by a whole set of different rules. Don’t they always? When it comes to women and fashionable hats worn for style, it’s generally acceptable to keep your hat on all the time, particularly if you’re at a special event such as the Kentucky Derby or a royal wedding. Women often wear hats in church. However, if your hat is quite large or otherwise obstructive, those around you might find it rude if you’re in a crowd watching a performance or event while wearing your hat. If you can, remove it while you are a member of the audience and while you are eating a meal. However, this is not required and it may be very difficult because the hat may be an integral part of an outfit and it may be needed to keep hair in place!

It’s even considered appropriate for a woman to keep a fashion hat on while the national anthem is being played or the flag passes by. The only time it truly becomes necessary to remove one’s hat as a woman is if it is bothering other people, blocking a view or somehow becomes a hazard.

Can hats cause headaches?

If you suspect your hat might be giving you a headache, then you’re probably right. According to the Mayo Clinic, hats can cause an external compression headache. Hats or headwear that puts pressure on your head anywhere can cause a painful headache. Make sure your hat fits well but not tightly and don’t wear a hat that puts pressure on your head.

When were hats invented?

Hats and head coverings are so ancient that it’s actually impossible to know who invented the first hat or even which culture invented the first hat. Because they provide necessary protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow and all types of weather, hats were once an essential piece of gear for ancient humans. Hats and all types of headwear have been worn since ancient days, probably well before writing was invented.

Artwork from ancient civilizations around the world includes depictions of people wearing hats. Ancient Egyptians, Grecians, Romans and Chinese people all wore hats for practical purposes and later for ceremonial purposes and as status symbols and fashion statements.

Because ancient hats were made of materials like leather and straw, materials that break down and decompose very easily, it’s impossible to know how long hats have been worn by human beings because the evidence has long since faded away. However, it’s a safe bet that people have been wearing hats for thousands and thousands of years. [Source: Wonderopolis]

Ancient sculptures and cave paintings dating to 8,000 B.C.E. show people wearing hats, so you can safely say that hats have been a thing for a minimum of 10,000 years. [Source: LovetoKnow]

Should your hat match your shoes?

For the most part, you don’t have to be too concerned about matching your hat to your shoes, whether you’re male or female. As long as your hat coordinates with at least one other item you have on, you will have a put-together look. That means the hat can match your shoes, but it can also match your shirt, tie, purse or anything else you’re wearing. So don’t get too bogged down in looking for a hat that perfectly matches the shade of your new fedora. As long as you create a look that’s coordinated overall, you’ll look great.