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What is a Bobble Hat? Types, Definition & Photos

Find classic headgear to keep you warm in winter from local retail shops and online markets like Amazon and New Era. You can purchase embroidered bobble hats for the price range of $15 to $30.

Woman in a purple jacket and bobble hat looking though binoculars.

The term bobble hat can mean:

  • A hat made from wool with a small, round wool ball on top.
  • A bobble hat is a knit cap that has a pom-pom on top.
  • An insulating hat that blends decorative pieces of spherical fluff on top.

Get to learn more about bobble hats as you read within the article. Bobble hats are fashionable outdoor warm hats. They are also recognized as Bob Cap. Bobble caps sell a wide variety of warm winter hats.

C.C Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Skull Cap Cuff Beanie, Light Melange Gray

The pom-pom hat has its roots in the military. Although bobble hats are never a fashion, they have existed to feature a great range of designs and colors. Bobble hats are great for men, women, and kids. The hats are available for both casual and informal outfits.

Beechfield Fair Isle Snowstar Beanie French Navy/white O/s

Bobble hats are versatile caps that can be folded and stored in a purse or bag. Boggle hats can blend embroidered logos and badges. Make a cool fashion statement, protect yourself from terrible colds or protect your head from the sun.

Modern fashion in bobble hats

Whether you are fighting cold weather or rocking the streets, you can opt for a bobble hat to do the job. They are beautifully knitted to be integrated with almost any kind of clothing easily. In recent years, bobble hats have resurfaced as a classic and popular fashion. It is worn all year long for outdoor weather variations and as an indoor fashion accessory.

Protect your head in style. The bobble hats can be modified to suit modern fashion trends. Residents living in cold-climatic regions integrate bobble hats as part of warm clothing for their daily activities. Celebs blend in these headgears during the winter seasons for warmth.

A perfectly blend bobble hat is vital in outputting excellent complementary addition to your superb outdoor overall appearance.

Materials used in waving bobble hat

Polyester Fabric

They are fibers synthesized from petroleum-based products. Polyester-made bobble hats are durable, resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling. Hats made from polyester keep their shape, color. In addition, they are washable and dry quickly.


Some bobble hats feature a lightweight, soft material that is made to mimic wool or cotton. It is blended with other natural fibers. Bobble hats crafted with acrylic fabrics are washable and colorfast.


The fabric is used to weave comfortable headgear for winter. Silk is moisture absorbent and doesn’t conduct heat. The silk features a luxurious natural fabric that incorporates a soft and smooth texture.


The soft animal fibers from merino sheep are integrated to craft durable bobble hats. The bobble caps made from wool fibers are wrinkle-resistant, flame resistant, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergic. Additionally, they have breathability elements and insulating properties that are vital in keeping you warm.


Cotton-made bobble hats are comfortable to wear, breathable, washable, hypoallergic. The fluffy cellulose fiber is often blended with natural fibers like polyester to make packable hats.

Alternative options for bobble hats

Watch caps/ Beanie caps/ Stocking caps

Aran Traditions Aran Cable Knit Beanie Hat (Dark Green)

The caps were given the name because Navy sailors wore them to keep warm while keeping watch overnight. They are vaguely acceptable headwear for a winter wardrobe. The caps gained popularity in France and quickly migrated into civilian fashion. Ideally, the watch cap is a bobble hat without a bobble cap. Beanie hats keep your ears warm.

Variations of Bobble hats

Cuff-less Bobble hats

Eisbär Men's Styler Pompom Hat, Black/White Mele/Mugoazu, One Size

They are the most common bobble hats found in clothing stores. The cuff-less bobble hats come with a well-defined length and added cuff thickness. It entails no added length to unroll. Thus the edge of every normal bobble hat reaches your forehead. It is ideal for average weather conditions. The cuff-less headgear keeps your head hot at all times.

Cuffed Bobble hats

Kids Beanie with Pom, Crochet Knit Fur Hat with Real Fur Pom Pom Bobble Winter Beanie Hat Black 46-51cm

This is a bobble hat that comes with a cuff around its edge. The cuff covers your forehead and ears completely. It is best suited for wintertime for both men and women. They are mainly woven in cotton and wool with great texture and patterns. Cuffed bobble hats integrate some extra materials knitted into the innermost part of the hat.

The knitted material allows you to fold the bob cap as the cuff sits on top of your head, a bit above the ears and around the forehead. These types of bobble hats are perfect for keeping your entire head warm through winter. It is a very versatile accessory that is available in diverse colors.

How to wear bobble hats

Wear a tighter fitting style that sits snugly on your head to avoid extension of height.

Standard method

Wear it slightly back off your face rather than pulling it down over your ears. This mode of wearing keeps you warm. The front should just rest above your eyebrows.

Single Cuff

This is a great style for casual office settings and bad hair days. Cuff the bobble hat and wear it on the top of your head. Let the bobble hat rest halfway down your ears.

Steve Zissou

This is a classic fisherman’s look. Roll/cuff the bobble hat twice and wear it at the top of your head. If you want to show your hair from underneath, wear the bobble cap backward.

High-top style

Let the hat rest above your ears. Wear a bobble hat as far toward the top of your head. Keep the hat vertical and well-rounded.

The David Beckham

Cover your ears and allow some hair to tuft out in the front. This style portrays a cool look as you blend the hat as far back as possible. Let the fabric slouch in the rear.

Pros associated with bobble caps

Woolen warmers are imperative in providing warmth during the winter seasons.

Used as part of decorations for cheerleaders at high school dances.

They were traditionally used to protect sailors’ heads from getting bashed when they bent down under things.

They are used to promoting or advertising items.

Different colored Pom-pom hats were used to signal marital status.

Cons associated with bob caps

They are not suited for extremely hot climatic conditions.

Historical Overview

The origin of the bobble hat can be traced back to Scandinavia. A Vikings god (Freyr) statue discovered in 1904 in Sweden depicts the god Freyr wearing a hat a pom-pom.

In the 18th century, the close-fitting, knitted hat with a bobble at the top was an extremely common headgear for seamen, hunters, and fishers. The bobble caps were traditionally found where the climate demanded a warm hat.

During the 18th century, the Hussars army wore a tall structured cap (shako) as part of their uniforms. Various regiments embalmed their cap tops with feathered plumage or pom-pom fabrics. Regiments such as the Napoleons’ army topped their headgear with a pom-pom. Napoleon’s infantry and Scottish highland regiments integrated pom-pom on their hats to differentiate between companies.

Bobble hats later gained high popularity during the Great Depression of the 1930s in Scotland. The pom-poms were used as part of traditional dress.

Where does the bobble hat come from?

Bobble hat products are designed in Scotland. Although designers in other countries style knitting an array of bobble hats, Scottish residents encompass the headgear in their most outfits.

Price Range and Where to Buy the Bobble Hat

Find classic headgear to keep you warm in winter from local retail shops and online markets like Amazon and New Era. You can purchase embroidered bobble hats for the price range of $15 to $30.