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13 Brands Similar to Vineyard Vines

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Even if you don’t know Vineyard Vines by name, you know it by sight. You’ve probably seen the cute whale logo on tote bags and other items. But this brand carries a huge line of different fashions to wear, too. The clothes are soft and comfortable, ideal for outdoor wear and hanging around. These are everyday clothes and lots of people love wearing Vineyard Vines every day. But are there brands similar to Vineyard Vines? Can you fill your wardrobe with even more casual, fashionable clothing?

What is Vineyard Vines?

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It all started when Shep Murray was at work at a New York marketing company. He was told to “think more inside the box.” Shep Murray knew in that moment he couldn’t be in a box anymore. So he quit. Just like that, he walked away from his fancy New York City marketing job. He had friends, a family, a wife. But he also knew he couldn’t stay in that job.

He called his broth Ian Murray and told him that he’d quit his job…and he challenged his brother to do the same thing. Five minutes later, Ian called him back and told him that he had also quit.

This is pretty much how Vineyard Vines began. The brothers acted fast. They got a bunch of credit cards to fund the business, purchased a used Jeep and a used Ford Bronco and started investing in neckties.

Yes, neckties. The brothers saw a lack in the menswear market. People weren’t really wearing ties except for formal occasions. So they decided to sell fun fashion ties people would like to wear. Ties that could be worn with all kinds of different outfits for all kinds of different reasons.

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That was in the late 1990s. Today, there are more than 90 Vineyard Vines stores across the U.S. Vineyard Vines makes clothing for men, women and children. You can also get a huge range of university wear from Vineyard Vines and show your love for your team. The catalog is full of soft pastel colors, classic wardrobe staples and casual, easy-to-wear clothing that feels great and looks just as classic and stylish as you want.

Vineyard Vines stands out to customers for its casual, stylish designs, great feel and of course, that great logo. But does Vineyard Vines completely stand alone…or are there other brands that are similar?

Finding Brands Similar to Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines has a definite look and a very clear style. The brand is devoted to comfortable but stylish casual clothing that has a distinctly New England vibe. It’s a lot of fleece, a lot of stripes and a lot of clothing that would be totally at home on a sailboat. Vineyard Vines is named for Martha’s Vineyard, after all.

But there are other brands out there that have captured a similar casual, stylish, sailing-ready sort of vibe. Discover Vineyard Vines similar brands that have certain characteristics in common with these other brands.

Banana Republic (Similar Pricing)

BANANA REPUBLIC Mens Slim-Fit Untucked Non-Iron Shirt, White (L)

Banana Republic makes clothes for everybody, just like Vineyard Vines. These styles are meant to appeal to people of all ages and they’re meant to be classic and casual. Banana Republic is a little bit less casual than Vineyard Vines. Where Vineyard Vines clothes look outdoor-ready and weather-capable, Banana Republic fashions are more for looking cool and casual indoors.

When you want slightly more refined casual looks or you want items to mix and match with your Vineyard Vines, Banana Republic is where you should shop. The pricing here is similar to Vineyard Vines products, so you can spend about the same amount of money across both brands.

Barbour (More Expensive)

Barbour Mens Heritage Lidde Quilted Jacket, L, Blue

If you like the somewhat rugged style of Vineyard Vines, you’re going to like Barbour. The clothing here is definitely meant to be everyday streetwear with a cool edge. Like Vineyard Vines, Barbour makes clothing for men, women and children. You can even get the footwear here to go with it.

The Barbour brand is definitely about casual, hip style with a distinctly outdoorsy sort of vibe. There are a lot of plaid patterns and cool hoodies here. This clothing has a distinct designer look and a trendy style. The Barbour brand is more expensive, on average, than similar items from Vineyard Vines.

Dockers (Less Expensive)

Dockers Men's Relaxed Fit Comfort Pants, British Khaki, 44W x 30L

If there’s a brand associated with casual, everyday style that’s comfortable, it’s Dockers. The brand is absolutely famous for khaki pants but Dockers makes a huge range of clothing for men and women. You can get everything here, including shoes and accessories, T-shirts and polos.

Dockers, like Vineyard Vines, specializes in casual style. The catalog is full of staple pieces in classic silhouettes. It’s a lot of neutral colors and Earth tones, like brown, black, gray and white. These are clothes that can go anywhere and look presentable everywhere, a lot like Vineyard Vines.

On average, Dockers is less expensive than Vineyard Vines. You can spend a little less on similar items here, so Dockers is a great choice when you want to do a little bargain-hunting.

Draper James (Less Expensive)

Draper James Reba Flutter Wrap Dress in Angie Plaid Blue Multi 6

Draper James makes only women’s clothing but it definitely strikes a similar style vibe to Vineyard Vines. This clothing is meant to be casual, everyday wear with a pretty, feminine look. There are a lot of floral patterns and vivid color combinations. The catalog has a lot of everyday dresses, loungewear, tops, pants and skirts. Everything you need to strike just the right style vibe.

Draper James doesn’t have the same large selection of clothing that you’ll find at Vineyard Vines, but the distinct style here definitely appeals to the same female customers who like Vineyard Vines. The clothing here is somewhat less expensive than Vineyard Vines, so you can buy a little bit more.

Faherty (Similar Pricing)

Faherty Men's Legend Sweater Shirt, Charcoal Black Buffalo, L

If casual, classic fashion is your thing, Faherty is your brand. You can come here for a massive selection of plaid button-downs, T-shirts that drape beautifully and comfortable slacks that are just gorgeous for running errands or whatever else you need to do. This brand almost looks like a natural companion to pieces from Vineyard Vines, with its catalog of traditional clothes in neutral, soft colors.

This is just soft, pretty clothing that looks good, feels good and wears well, qualities that you can find in both Faherty and Vineyard Vines clothing. Faherty sells a range of fashion items, along with all kinds of accessories and even some home items.

Prices at Faherty are similar to what you’ll find at Vineyard Vines, so you can spend about the same amount of money at either brand. Shop across both to fill up your wardrobe with all the casual style you want.

Fred Perry (More Expensive)

Fred Perry Men's Twin Tipped Shirt, White/Red/Navy, XL

Fred Perry creates casual clothing with a distinctly athletic look. These clothes are great for lounging but they’re also perfect for getting active, something this brand has in common with Vineyard Vines.

Fred Perry fashion has a bit of a preppy vibe. The catalog is full of shades of blue, black and white, classic New England colors. Items from Fred Petty mix and match well with items from Vineyard Vines. Both have a similar classy look that’s timeless and perfect for everyday, go-anywhere style.

Because Fred Perry is a designer brand, the pricing here is somewhat more expensive than similar items at Vineyard Vines. However, Fred Perry captures that same classic, timeless look that Vineyard Vines provides.

The Iconic (Less Expensive)

iconic luxe Women's A-Line Swing Trapeze Midi Dress Medium Mustard

If you like a big selection of lots of different fashion items, the Iconic is the brand you’ve been waiting for. The catalog of items here is absolutely huge. You can buy anything you want to wear here. Best of all, it all has a casual, timeless sort of vibe. Like Vineyard Vines, the Iconic makes clothing that has a classic, traditional look that never goes out of fashion. This isn’t a trendy brand, it’s one that you can wear any time.

The Iconic makes clothing for everyone here. The catalog includes clothing for men, women and children, something the brand has in common with Vineyard Vines. You can also find a huge range of accessories here, along with shoes to help you complete every outfit. Sometimes, it’s the accessories that make the outfit.

The everyday styles here are made to be comfortable and flowing. These clothes aren’t meant to be skintight but they’re still flattering and attractive, designed in a range of soft pastels and Earth tones. The overall style of this brand looks a lot like Vineyard Vines. Pricing here is a little less expensive than Vineyard Vines and the catalog is always full of new styles to try.

Jack Wills (Less Expensive)

JMIERR Mens Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt Jacket Casual Button Down Shacket Poplin Collar Fall Jacket Coat with Pockets US 40(M) Brown

You know that person who seems to show up at the gathering just looking like they know what they’re doing? Their clothes are casual and stylish but not wildly trendy. Their look is put together but not like they’re trying too hard. And it all just works together in a cool, casual sort of way that looks comfortable but also like they’re dressed well. So, that person is wearing Jack Wills…or maybe a brand just like it.

The catalog from this brand is full of soft T-shirts, comfy hoodies and clothes that are perfect for pretty much all occasions. Jack Wills makes clothes for men and women, along with plenty of accessories to go with it all. You can even get shoes and purses here to go with every outfit.

Jack Wills doesn’t have a huge selection but it does have casual clothes that look good and wear well, something the brand has in common with Vineyard Vines. The pricing here is more affordable than Vineyard Vines. You can get a lot of items here without spending a lot of money.

Pendleton (Similar Pricing)

Pendleton womens Rock Point Cotton Cardigan Sweater, Taupe Multi, Large US

The rugged, outdoorsy look you like in Vineyard Vines is on full display at Pendleton, too. This brand carries a huge line of plaid button-down shirts, casual sweaters, vests, pants, sleepwear and a selection of all kinds of different fashion. The Pendleton look has a lot of patterns, textures and beautiful fabrics. The catalog is full of fleece, knits and all sorts of materials that look great, wear well and keep you protected from the weather.

Pendleton has a similar outdoorsy look to Vineyard Vines. Both brands also make clothing for both men and women. Pendleton also carries a big selection of accessories and home items. The list of items offered by this brand is absolutely huge and many items are available in multiple colors to suit any style preference you might have.

The pricing here is similar to the items you’ll find at Vineyard Vines, so you don’t spend any more here buying like items. Pendleton has a similar style vibe and sells the same type of clothing, so you will definitely find a lot to like here if you like VIneyard Vines fashion.

Southern Tide (Less Expensive)

Southern Tide Cruiser Micro Stripe Performance 1/4 Zip Heather Steel Grey LG

If you like the sort of watersports-inclined, sailboat-ready, casual and preppy look of Vineyard Vines, you will love Southern Tide. Even the colors here look like water: light green, soft gray, gentle shades of blue and white.

Like Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide has a big selection of fashion that includes outerwear, every day inside wear and all the casual items you might want to put on, along with accessories and even fragrances. Southern Tide has something else in common with Vineyard Vines: it also sells collegiate team apparel.

Southern Tide carries clothes for men, women and children, something else it has in common with Vineyard Vines. You can also get home items here. Prices here are less expensive than Vineyard Vines, so this is a great brand to try when you don’t have a lot of shopping money but you want to get a lot of stuff. After you see everything available here and if you’re a fan of Vineyard Vines, you might just want to buy a lot at Southern Tide.

Talbots (Similar Pricing)

TALBOTS Ivory Back Zip Sweater Pullover Size M

If you like your fashion with rich colors and classic good looks in traditional designs, you will like Talbots. This brand has a distinct preppy vibe that’s similar to Vineyard Vibes and a classic overall style. Traditional patterns, stripes and a lot of knitwear help make up the Talbots catalog of clothing. Style-wise, this brand has a lot in common with Vineyard Vines.

Talbots makes clothing and they make a lot of it. The selection here is huge. You can find just bout anything you want to wear here, including professional looks and sleepwear. Talbots carries a big line of shoes and accessories as well, not to mention all the items you might need to take on the weather.

The pricing at Talbots and Vineyard Vines is similar so if you like shopping with one, you will like shopping with the other. Try mixing and matching pieces from both brands together and start experimenting with different looks you can create with both.

Tommy Bahama (Similar Pricing)

Tommy Bahama Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Kentucky Blue XL

Cool, laid-back and beach-ready is the vibe you’re going to strike when you’re wearing Tommy Bahama. If Vineyard Vines is the Martha’s Vineyard look, Tommy Bahama is the Caribbean island look. The bright colors come in shades of aqua blue, tomato red, azure blue and burnt orange, among others. Polo shirts, sporty bests, casual button-downs and great pants in khaki, plaid and denim are among the items you’ll find here.

Tommy Bahama is beach-reach clothing that’s made to be effortlessly stylish. These clothes are perfect for golding, for the Sunday picnic, for whatever you want to do. This brand makes clothing for men and women and makes items for the home as well.

The pricing at Vineyard Vines and Tommy Bahama are similar, so the brands definitely have a lot in common. If you like Vineyard Vines, go see what you like about Tommy Bahama, too. This brand is definitely the style cousin of Viineyard Vines.

Tuckernuck (Similar Pricing)

AlvaQ Womens Oversized Half Button Hoodie Sweatshirt Casual Ribbed Long Sleeves Pullover Tunic Top Fashion 2022 Gray Large

Everything you like about Vineyard Vines clothes is a strong characteristic of the Tuckernuck brand, too. This brand makes a huge selection of classic fashion pieces in soft fleece, beautiful knits and performance materials. This clothing is made to take on the weather and still look good, a design style Tuckernuck has in common with Vineyard Vines.

Tuckernuck makes clothing for men and women and it makes a big selection of items, along with plenty of shoes and accessories, including jewelry, bags, sunglasses and lots of other items. Tuckernuck carries a huge selection of home items, too. All of it has the same casual, classic look and national style, with soft colors and a distinctly preppy look.

Tuckernuck’s pricing is similar to Vineyard Vines, with items priced at close to the same amount at either brand. If you like Vineyard Vines, you will like Tuckernuck, too. You can get a similar classic, outdoor look and at a price that’s close to Vineyard Vines items.

Wearing Brands Similar to Vineyard Vines

There are many brands similar to Vineyard Vines that capture some of the characteristics you like. Shop around at these similar brands and you’ll find that there are many ways to capture a classic, can-do, causally elegant anywhere sort of vibe. Try these different brands and see how well they suit your style. Because if you like Vineyard Vines, they will!


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Now that you know how to capture the perfect classic style with Vineyard Vines and similar brands, you might have lingering style and clothing care questions. There’s more to know about Vineyard Vines. We searched online for the most frequently asked questions about Vineyard Vines and got the answers to help you get those lingering style questions settled.

Are Vineyard Vines clothes made in the USA?

Vineyard Vines, like many clothing brands, uses manufacturers based outside of the U.S. to produce clothing. Vineyard Vines uses factories in Peru, China and other countries outside the U.S., though the brand was founded by two Americans and the fashion here was inspired by the Martha’s Vineyard climate and sense of style.

How much do Vineyard Vines shirts shrink?

Many Vineyard Vines clothes are made with cotton or cotton blends. Because cotton is such a soft, breathable material that’s non-irritating and not itchy on skin, it’s a popular clothing material that looks and feels good. Cotton can be dyed any color and it machine washes well. There’s just one problem: cotton shrinks.

So will your Vineyard Vines clothing also shrink when you wash and dry it in your machines? Vineyard Vines clothing that is made with cotton and other natural fibers is pre-shrunk to avoid this phenomenon. This means you should be able to wash and dry clothing from this brand without worrying about shrinking.

However, you can always wash your cotton clothing in cold water and dry it in low heat to avoid any and all shrinkage issues. Heat is what shrinks cotton so if you avoid heat, you won’t have this problem.

Is Vineyard Vines a luxury brand?

Vineyard Vines has a definite preppy look to it, a sort of New England type of vibe. You could go to the yacht club in these clothes, probably, and fit right in. Vineyard Vines is also priced higher than some other similar brands. So is Vineyard Vines a luxury brand?

Luxury brands limit their items, producing only a few items rather than mass-producing as many styles as they can sell. This creates exclusivity that makes the clothing more expensive and more coveted. Luxury brands also use premium materials, such as fine silks and fancy cotton.

Vineyard Vines uses more regular fabrics. The catalog has a lot of fleece and cotton and even the cashmere designs are usually made in cashmere-cotton blends. These are everyday clothes, not luxury clothes, and they’re made for everyone to enjoy.

The reason Vineyard Vines clothing is more expensive than other brands is because of the quality it’s associated with. The clothing under this brand is made to be durable because it’s made to be fairly rugged clothing that can take on the wear and tear. This is not cheap clothing but it’s not luxury clothing, either.


Business Insider – Brothers share what it was like quitting their corporate jobs to sell ties on the beach and cofound Vineyard Vines, a company worth nearly $1 billion