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13 Brands Similar to Yeti

Group wearing outdoor fashion

Yeti first made a name for itself selling coolers, the things you store your food and drinks in when you’re going on a road trip or a camping trip, or a day adventure…or to a friend’s house for a party, maybe. But the cooler lifestyle goes with being casual, ready for anything and up for a good time. You might go tailgating or hiking, biking or boating. And when you do, you might need some cool T-shirts, comfortable hoodies and clothing to wear while you’re out there. This is where Yeti has continued to excel, providing outdoor fashion that looks and feels good. There are brands similar to Yeti, however, so does how this fashion newcomer stand up against them?

Spotting a Yeti

People hiking in outdoor clothing

In folklore, the yeti is also known as the Abominable Snowman. This is a cryptid that is legendary in Asia, where it roams its native mountain habitat. The yeti lives in the Himalayan mountains and leaves large footprints in the snow. The yeti has never been definitely proven to exist but has reached iconic status as a famous cryptid. Many adventurers have gone in search of the yeti. But…what would you wear while searching for it?

The yeti is perhaps one of the oldest cryptids in history, with rumors of its existence dating back more than 2,000 years. Alexander the Great himself demanded to see a yeti when he conquered the Indus Valley area in 326 B.C.E. That’s a pretty long time ago.

In other words, it’s a pretty cool monster. And it inspired the name of a brand created by Roy and Ryan Seiders in 2006.

The Beginning of a New Legend

The Yeti company was founded by two outdoor enthusiasts. They loved having adventures out in nature but were frustrated again and again with the cheap, flimsy coolers they were purchasing that fell apart. Why not design something better instead?

So, they did. They created the first Yeti cooler. The design was durable and well thought out. The cost was a bit on the high side, as the cooler sold for $200. Wasn’t this too expensive for a market flooded with inexpensive coolers that were quickly and cheaply made, used and discarded?

Wearing camping clothing

People bought it as quickly as they could get it. More cooler designs followed, including a durable soft cooler design and a can holder cooler. Yeti coolers were a huge hit. People couldn’t purchase them fast enough and rave reviews proved that the company was on the right track.

The Tundra model of Yeti cooler is so tough, it was tested to withstand a grizzly bear attack. That’s a pretty good cooler. The brand expanded to include apparel, the kind of clothes you’d wear if you think about a potential grizzly attack because of what you’re doing.

Yeti carries a big range of cool T-shirts, hats, fleece pullovers and all kinds of items you might wear to go camping, or fishing, or looking for bears. Yeti makes clothing for men, women and children.

The brand is characterized by eye-catching colors, camouflage patterns and classic go-anywhere staple items. You can always get a comfy hoodie here, a great-looking long-sleeved shirt and a bag to carry all the gear you need to have with you.

Yeti definitely isn’t the only brand to specialize in outdoor clothing but Yeti does use interesting graphics and branding and uses unique color choices to make designs stand out. If you’re looking for brands similar to Yeti, you’ll find many options for outdoor wear. However, only some of these are truly comparable to the fashion, pricing and general style and selection you can find at Yeti.

Finding Brands Similar to Yeti

Young group hiking in the woods

Many brands have become famous by selling outdoor wear of all kinds, including labels like L.L. Bean and North Face. But some brands have managed to stand out in the outdoor apparel market, the way Yeti has managed to stand out for its graphic, colorful, comfortable designs.

Black Diamond (More Expensive)

Black Diamond Equipment - Crag Gloves - Black - X-Large

Black Diamond is named for a rare gem and this is a pretty rare brand when it comes to performance outdoor wear. Black Diamond combines bright colors with high-performance design and makes a huge range of clothing designed for just about every imaginable activity. Black Diamond even makes clothes for bouldering. And if you know what that is, you are definitely a target customer for this outdoor brand.

The designs here are elegant and simple but also casually stylish and made for high performance. A lot of tech goes into this clothing, which is one reason why the pricing here is more expensive than similar items you can find at Yeti.

If you want high-performance outdoor clothing that has timeless style and great color, you will want to do more shopping at Black Diamond.

Burton (More Expensive)

Burton Men's Peasy Jacket, True Black, Medium

If you’re going to be doing anything active, you can find clothes for it at Burton. This brand specializes in pants, hoodies, T-shirts and activewear of all kinds. This is something the brand has in common with Yeti. Like Yeti, Burton has a product line that includes a lot of fleece, a lot of different colors and a lot of “cool” outdoor clothing.

Burton, like Yeti, uses distinct graphic images in some of its designs and creates classic pieces that are all go-to items for any outdoor enthusiast. The brand provides all levels of outdoor wear, from thin base laters to heavy outerwear styles. Yeti and Burton both make clothing for men, women and children.

Burton also sells bags, something else it has in common with Yeti. You can even find a lot of gear here. Burton carries some items for snowboarding, including protective wear and snowboard boots. Burton, like Yeti, is a true lifestyle outdoor brand with clothing that has a fresh, fun look to it that’s still built on a foundation of classic style.

Prices a Burton are somewhat higher than the prices at Yeti, so you will pay a little more. However, this brand has a lot in common with Yeti so if you like one, you will probably end up liking both.

Eddie Bauer (Similar Pricing)

Eddie Bauer Women's Favorite Long-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, Black, Medium

Tons of color options, great graphics, comfortable fashion staples? Eddie Bauer has all of that. This famous fashion label carries a huge selection of items you can wear outdoors and carries so many different T-shirts, it could make your head spin.

Eddie Bauer sells graphics T, hoodies, henley, pants and items you wear outdoors, just like Yeti. The pricing here is similar to Yeti as well. A lot of things you like about the Yeti brand are present here, too.

Helly Hansen (Similar Pricing)

Helly Hansen Crew Softshell Jacket, Ebony, Small

Helly Hansen makes a huge range of outwear options that are designed with lots of colors and styles that have a common theme: the way they look. Helly Hansen clothing is a bit more form-fitting than many standard designs. This outdoor clothing is figure-flattering and definitely has a cool vibe. Like Yeti, this clothing is fun to wear, as well as being comfortable and ready to perform well in outdoor conditions.

Like Yeti, Helly Hansen is a fun twist on its clothing. There are a lot of eye-catching colors and cool graphics, not to mention the label’s very bold branding. Also like Yeti, Helly Hansen makes clothing for men, women and kids, including a range of bags for all our outdoor needs.

The two brands have a lot in common, including similar pricing. If you like the color and selection of Yeti but you want outdoor wear that maybe shows off your physique a bit, Helly Hansen might be the brand for you.

Huckberry (More Expensive)

Legendary Whitetails Men's Standard Buck Camp Flannel Shirt, Navy Heather, X-Large

Huckberry specializes in outdoor clothing for men and the brand has fully committed to this goal. Huckberry puts great emphasis on materials and design to create rugged, comfortable performance outdoor wear in a number of staple items that includes jeans, T-shirts and hoodies.

The Huckberry brand carries a big range of clothing in neutral colors. You’ll find lots of different shades of brown, gray, blue and green in the catalog. The clothes have classic designs and traditional, timeless styling. The clothes here definitely have a touch of modern style and a little bit of trendy flair to go with the timeless silhouettes. The somewhat modern look of the clothes is something the brand has in common with Yeti.

If you like outerwear that looks rugged and performs well that isn’t trying to be too flashy about it, you’ll like what you find at Huckerry. The pricing here is more expensive than what you’ll find at Yeti.

Marmot (Similar Pricing)

Marmot Drop Line 1/2 Zip Men's Pullover Jacket, Lightweight 100-Weight Sweater Fleece, Steel Onyx, Small

How do you feel about some bright splashes of color, traditional designs and tough clothing that’s ready for anything? If your answer is yes, you’re going to love Marmot. Button-down shirts, comfy pullovers, zip-up hoodies, Marmot has it all. The classic items you grab when you’re going hiking or fishing or whatever, they’re all here.

Both Marmot and Yeti make outdoor clothing and gear for men, women and children. Both use colors and classic styling to keep their clothes looking good. Both even have similar pricing, so you can spend about the same amount of money buying clothes across both brands.

In addition to clothing, Marmot sells accessories and footwear, along with tents, sleeping bags and bags to hold your gear. Like Yeti, Marmot is a lifestyle brand that is built around hiking, camping and the great outdoors. If you think the casual, fashionable style at Yeti is pretty great, too, you will like what you see at Marmot.

Merrell (Less Expensive)

Merrell Men's and Women's Zoned Cushioned Hiker Socks-Unisex 1 Pair Pack, Onyx, Shoe Size: 9.5-12

Are you worried a little less about bright colors, pretty designs and whether or not a piece of clothing makes your biceps pop? Are you focused more on the permanent aspects of the clothing you’re going to wear outside? You’re going to like what you find at Merrell.

This brand is about practical performance wear, not about fashionable, flattering outdoor style. These clothes are made to do the job with features like waterproofing, insulation and other technology designed to protect you from the elements. With Merrell, you’re ready to take on anything.

Merrell makes clothing for men, women and children and they make everything you need to wear, from mid-layers to T-shirts and outdoor wear. All the clothing here is made to perform and it’s made to fit comfortably. The designs are simple and casual.

Merrell prices are somewhat less expensive than similar items at Yeti, so you can buy a little more here. When you want clothing that does the job and does it well, you want Merrell.

Mountain Hardwear (More Expensive)

Mountain Hardwear Men's Standard Microchill 2.0 Zip T, Black, Large

If you’re going to be getting active in the cold weather at all, you’re going to want to know about Mountain Hardware. This brand specializes in cold weather wear that starts with insulating base layers and ends with durable outer layers and accessories designed to give you even more warmth.

Mountain Hardwear doesn’t just make all the items you need for cold weather wear, they make it in a huge range of different colors. Most items here come in different color options, from bold jewel tones to neutral shades that easily blend in to the terrain.

This brand makes clothing for climbing, hiking, camping, snowsports and anything else you might want to do outside. Merrell makes clothing for men and women and a whole line of equipment, as well, including sleeping bags and all kinds of carrying bags.

Mountain Hardwear is more expensive, on average, than Yeti. This is because these clothes are optimized for cold weather wear. Many pieces here are made with insulation and extra materials to give them added warmth, features that make clothing items more expensive because it takes more materials to make them.

Montbell (Similar Pricing)

Montbell Alpine Light Down Jacket L

Bold graphics, classic colors and high-performance clothing is at the heart of the Montbell brand. Montbell focuses on hiking and camping apparel and that’s exactly the style these clothes capture. The catalog is covered with button-down shirts, rain jackets, T-shirts, hats and tons of outerwear options. You can buy base layers, pants and whatever you need to take on the world outside.

Montbell makes fashion for both men and women in a range of designs in a mostly neutral color palette full of shades of white, gray, brown, green and blue. Many designs contain interesting graphic designs to catch the eye. The styles are classic and comfortable, made in traditional silhouettes.

Montbell also carries bags of all kinds, including sleeping bags and backpacks. You can also find a huge selection of accessories for camping here, including lighting and toiletry items, including camp furniture. The way Yeti specializes in camping, Montbell specializes in camping. The two brands just happen to focus on different products. Both have similar pricing and if you can’t find what you need with one brand, you can probably find exactly what you want with the other.

Moosejaw (Similar Pricing)

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt, Blue, Ombre/Plaid, Large

If your idea of fashion is being comfortable, Moosejaw is your label. This brand makes performance clothing for the outdoors and they make it for everyone, in designs for men, women and kids. You can even find unisex designs. Moosejaw makes everything you might need to wear for your outdoor lifestyle, from pajamas to underwear the leggings, not to mention all those other items.

Moosejaw also carries a huge range of accessories and everyday items. The catalog is full of neutral colors, with lots of gray, black and blue, along with plenty of Earth tones. These clothes are made to feel good, not to be super flashy.

This brand makes clothing for men, women and children, the same as Yeti. Moosejaw also carries hats, bags and all sorts of general gear for camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Moosejaw pricing is similar to Yeti, so you can buy similar products for about the same amount of money with either brand.

Patagonia (More Expensive)

Patagonia Standard Sport, Black, One Size

A catalog full of Earth tones and tough outdoor clothing is what you’ll find at Patagonia. This is one of the best-known outdoor clothing brands out there and the product line is absolutely huge. This brand makes clothes for men, women and children, not to mention plenty of bags to go with it all.

Patagonia focused on performance clothing. Many items here are made with fleece, which is lightweight but warm. You can shop for insulated items here, rainwear and other gear that’s meant to perform during certain outdoor activities.

Patagonia is a famous name in outdoor clothing and it’s a well-known brand, so the prices here are a little bit more expensive than what you’ll find at Yeti, a relative newcomer on the fashion scene.

Salomon (Similar Pricing)

Salomon womens Salomon Women's Sense Ride 4 for Women Trail Running Shoe, Sirocco/Peachy Keen/Red Orange, 7 US

If you’re looking for sporty clothing for men, women and children, look no further than Salomon. This brand specializes in outdoor wear for all kinds of activities. Salomon also carries a huge range of shoes in vivid colors and interesting color combinations to go with the Salomon product line.

The Salmon product line includes clothes for skiing and snowboarding, along with all the other winter clothing you might need. Thanks to a range of mid-layers, you can find more warm-weather clothing here, too. Salomon also makes bags and packs of all kinds, along with accessories made for taking on the outside world.

Salomon, like Yeti, specializes in clothing and gear for outdoor adventuring. The clothes are made to fit well and drape well in simple, colorful designs. The simple, casual designs are perfect for whatever you have planned for your day. The pricing at Salmon is similar to what you’ll find at Yeti, so you can spend about the same amount buying items from either brand.

Tretorn (Similar Pricing)

TRETORN Nyliteplus Canvas Sneakers Women's Lace-Up Casual Tennis Shoes Classic Vintage Style, White/Navy, 8

The Tretorn brand is famous for its iconic sneaker but this label fulfills an interesting place on this list: Tretorn sells what Yeti does not. Tretorn makes sneakers and outerwear, items that Yeti does not carry. But Tretorn makes the same sort of high-performance outdoor gear that Yeti carries. They just make the stuff that goes on top of your Yeti clothes.

Tretorn makes a big range of outerwear options, so you can get whatever type of coat or jacket you need, depending on what your day has in store for you. If you’re looking for a brand to complete your Yeti outfits, Tretorn is it. The pricing here is similar to Yeti, so this is a natural shopping continuation for all your outerwear needs.

Wearing Brands Similar to Yeti

Wearing camping clothing

There are lots of clothing brands making outdoor clothing but Yeti does have a different look to it. Complete your wardrobe by finding and wearing brands similar to Yeti, whether they carry similar products or they carry the stuff Yeti doesn’t make. Expand your brand knowledge to add lots more to your wardrobe. For you, Yeti can truly be legendary fashion.


There’s a lot to learn about Yeti, which is way more than a brand that makes coolers. Getting to know about outdoor clothing brands can actually create more questions. If you’ve still got questions about Yeti and brands similar to Yeti, no problem. We searched for the most commonly asked questions about this brand and we’ve got the answers, so you don’t have to wonder about Yeti anymore.

How do you get the right size in Yeti clothes?

Clothing sizes are always a difficult thing to master. Different clothing manufacturers have their own size charts, which means you may not wear the same size across two different brands. The best and only way to get a perfect size is to go buy the measurements of your body.

Measure your chest around its widest point and your waist around its thinnest point. Your hips should also be measured around the widest point. Get these numbers correct and match these numbers to the Yeti size chart to make sure you get clothing that fits perfectly.

Where are Yeti clothes made?

Yeti products actually come clearly marked so you know exactly where they were made. Many Yeti coolers are made in the U.S. However, Yeti also uses a facility in the Philippines for some products. You can always check the label on the item, or the description on the item if you’re buying online, to see where exactly the item was made.

What are Yeti clothes made of?

Yeti strives to e a highly affordable brand because outerwear is for everyone to enjoy and for everyone to get active. Many of the clothes available in the Yeti catalog are made with a cotton/polyester blend that creates soft, durable clothing that is easy to machine wash and dry. Fleece is another common material found in clothing from this brand. Fleece is a performance material that is insulating but lightweight.


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