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Are High Heels Comfortable?

One secret to instant style elevation is wearing high heels. Here are some tips on how to choose the right type of heel that is best for you.

Woman wearing a red high heels

Yes, high heels are comfortable – if you know how to choose the right ones that is. In fact, I don’t know why high heels get such a bad rep because they are a definite must-have for women. They can take any look from nice to WOW in an instant. 

It just breaks my heart that some people will never experience the confidence boost that comes with wearing high heels because they believe that they’re uncomfortable. Read on to find out how powerful high heels are plus other reasons why they’re – or can be – comfortable.

The history of the high heel

Most people don’t know this, but men were the first people in history to wear high heels in 10th century Persia. During those times, heels were considered a sign of high social status and – strangely enough – masculinity. High heels continued to evolve over the years and by the 20th century, they were mostly worn by women and the narrow heels came to represent femininity.

The power of a high heel

My mother was the first woman to teach me about the power of a high heel. She taught me how this shoe can make a woman look and feel elegant and classy while accentuating features like the legs and posture. 

In fact, studies have proven just how powerful heels can be when it comes to how they make a woman look and feel. One study even showed that high heels are the sexiest type of shoe a woman can wear.  

“Wearing high heels makes women look more long-legged and gives them a sexier posture.”

Variety, variety, variety

A picture of a red heel boot

I personally think high heels have the most variety when it comes to shoes. They come in such a wide variety that every woman is spoilt for choice. You’ve got the pencil heel, kitten heel, block heel, and more – so you will definitely find a pair that’s comfortable for you.

There are also different designs, like strappy or lace-up heels which show off your beautiful feet perfectly, or ones that completely cover your feet like boots. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and prints that are perfect for every taste and style. 

The variety of high heels available makes it easy to make a bold fashion statement with them. You can’t help but get noticed in red-colored high-heeled boots. In fact, red boots, like these ones in a low block heel, are sure to make any outfit pop, have you turn heads, and they’re comfortable to wear all day of course. 

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Get the right heel height

With so many different heels to choose from it’s easier than ever to find high heels that are just the right height for you. To guarantee comfort, try and avoid heels that are more than four inches in height. If you have to go higher than this, there is one simple yet amazing trick that you can try instead of getting higher heels. All you have to do is choose heels that have a platform under the toe to create the illusion of a higher heel. Clever, right! 

The chunky heel is your best friend 

woman wearing white block heel

The chunky heel, also called the block heel, is every girl’s best choice. This type of heel offers better balance when walking and reduces the pressure placed on the toe area. Block heels also give you a better proportion and make you look taller. Definitely worth buying!

These black block heels with lace-up detail for example offer plenty of comfort because of the thickness of the heel and shoe’s design. They are in a versatile color so they will go with just about anything in your wardrobe and are the perfect pair whether you’re heading out for date night or a fun night of dancing with the girls.

Getting the right size

You may be wondering how someone can get the size of their shoe wrong right? Well, this is one mistake many women make when it comes to heels. The one very important rule to remember when buying high heels to is always buy a size that’s bigger than your actual shoe size.

This leaves room for space in the heel and also helps to prevent friction that leads to those annoying blisters. So, choose the right fit, always!

Choose the right shape heel

Choosing the right heel shape is one of the numerous things that you can do to make wearing high heels comfortable all the time. The truth is, not all high heels are made for everyone because we are all unique – and have unique feet as well. So, always keep in mind the shape of your foot when buying heels so you don’t regret buying them after the fact. 

If you have narrow toes, then pointed heels are a great choice for you. The pointy design of these heels means they have less room around the foot area so they’re perfect for those with toes that aren’t that wide. 

Remember to wear your high heels in before going out

Stepping out in a new pair of high heels before taking them for a spin at home is one decision you will live to regret. It’s always a good idea to wear your heels at home with a pair of thick socks first. Any pair of thick socks will do, but you can also choose from padded ones that are available.

This will help stretch the heels so that when you eventually wear them out, they won’t pinch your feet and they’ll be way more comfortable. 

All in all, high heels are comfortable for all the reasons I mentioned above.  So go out there and step out in style!