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Are Long Earrings Okay with Short Hair?

Depending on the look you're going for, wearing long earrings comes down to what makes you feel comfortable. Here are some tips on how to sport various types of long earrings with short hair.

Woman with bob hair wearing long earrings.

“You can also look for bright colours danglers. However, avoid wearing stud earrings as they won’t be seen. Long metallic strands are another great option for such haircut,” says the Fashion Lady, who apparently prefers long earrings with short hair. I decided I agree. 

What Kind of Look are You Going for?

Woman with red, short hair wearing dangling earrings.

Some women feel that long earrings can overwhelm their short hair, while others think they add a touch of elegance. Ultimately, it comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Wearing long earrings with short hair depends on the overall look you’re going for, so what’s it going to be for you?

I found some ideas that appeal to me. By the way, I have long hair, so I usually only wear long earrings with my hair pulled back anyway. Therefore, I think long earrings really is the preferred type to wear with short hair.

Long Drop Earrings with Short Hair


Rhinestone & Metal Tassel Decor Drop Earrings

Source: SheIn

This recommendation also came from the Fashion Lady, who says that long drop earrings usually pair well with bobbed hair. I noticed that they especially can enhance a layered, straight hairstyle that shows off the ears. Metallic gold or silver seems to work the best, but I’ve seen them painted in just about any color for matching with different outfits.

Pearl (or Faux Pearl) Beads

Camilla 14KT Gold Pearl Drop Earrings

Source: Lulus

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve worn any beaded jewelry, including the faux pearl. I especially like them if they have either an incandescent or iridescent glow about them. Maybe they’d look best when wearing with pastel colors, but you might be able to contrast them against black, red, royal blue or another distinguished shade. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them with print patterns though.

Chandelier Earrings

SELOVO Clear Austrian Crystal Chandelier Tassel Long Big Statement Chain Dangle Drop Earrings Silver Tone

This type of long drop earring sometimes has diamonds, rhinestones or other gems in them mixed in with metals. It may appear too flashy with ultra-short or shaved hairstyles unless you plan to wear a hat. They seem like a bit much to me, but they sometimes work with red or black evening gowns.

Knotted Danglers

Marin Knot Earrings

Source: Gorjana

I haven’t decided what I think of these. I suppose the knot that comes out from the earlobe can provide a little more definition than flat danglers would, as flat ones seem like they’re pressed too flat against the ear sometimes. They also may bring the earrings forward toward the face, enabling you to show them off more. I think they should drop just a little longer to almost touching the shoulders, however.

Crystal Vine Earrings

Crystal Vine Earrings

Source: Altar’d State

I’ve never seen anything like these crystal vine earrings I just found. They don’t dangle like some other long drop earrings, but I like the shine of the transparent gems set in just the right amount of metallic structure.

These long earrings look like they measure just large enough to be seen from short distances. I might rather have these stones that have the appearance of a crystal combined with either silver or white gold, two of my favorite metals.

Thin Danglers

Star Decor Long Drop Earrings

Source: SheIn

Danglers come with our without stars or other accents in them. The fine metal provides a glow in the light and may bring out some of the face’s highlights. Some thin drop earrings, however, may not appear as visible as ones slightly thicker than these. That’s what I’d find if I could – ones like this but with a bit more durable metal.

The one thing I do like about these thin danglers is: They drop to the neckline. This gives the appearance of hair strands, which I think maybe quite effective for producing the appearance of side hairpieces on people who have a short haircut. What’s more, they’re subtle enough to wear with a matching necklace chain without appearing like you’ve worn too much jewelry.

Studded Earrings with Short Hair

I added a few examples of studded earrings with short hair, so you can understand the difference of effect between them and the longer ones. I don’t understand the point of wearing studded earrings with short hair at all. It’s hard to see them, especially from a distance. I maybe have found at least one exception, however.

Gem Earrings

Solitaire London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

Source: Brilliant Earth

To me, Gem earrings may provide the perfect exception to wearing studded earrings instead of long ones with short hair. Wearing Topaz, for example, brings out blue eyes. Likewise, an emerald stone would bring out green eyes, brown stones would bring out brown eyes – you get the idea.

Pearl (Or Faux Pearl) Studs

Grace Pearl Stud Earrings

Source: Pearl-Lang

I think pearl studs, or most studs for that matter, are boring. There, I said it. Pearl studs instead of gems, in particular, don’t do much. These specific earrings should have come with a brighter, iridescent finish to make them shine more. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Metal Studs

Bead Ball Stud Earrings

Source: Blue Nile

Of all the metal studs, these silver ones I probably would like the best. They stand out better than the pearl ones, and the gold ones probably have a similar sheen as these. Still, I overall prefer long earrings with short or pulled-back long hair.