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Are Steel Toed Boots Comfortable?

Today's workers are commonly required to wear steel-toed boots, but even those who do not deal with heavy materials prefer them for personal usage. Here are some reasons why steel-toed boots are important.

Black stell-toe boots

Steel-toed boots can be comfortable when they are broken in properly, and worn properly, and are a must for many workers today across multiple industries. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that approximately 6 out of 10 work injuries are musculoskeletal related and 10 percent of those happen with the foot.

Thus, steel-toed boots are often mandated for today’s workers, but even people that don’t work with heavy materials enjoy them for personal use.

Learn more about steel-toed boots and how to ensure they are more comfortable here.

Benefits of Steel-Toed Boots

Steel-toed boots are durable boots that are made with an additional insert in the toes of the boot that provides protection from falling objects or heavy materials. This insert is typically made of steel, hence the name steel-toed boots. It is said that a steel-toed boot can withstand as much as 75 pounds of objects falling on the boot without causing any injury to the foot.

The reason people use them is that they do provide safer footwear for tough jobs. For those that work with rolling objects or cutting tools, a steel-toed boot could prevent significant injuries and even amputation. Even cleaning a floor can be safer when you are wearing steel-toed boots.

Steel-toed boots are also typically constructed with greater durability and are good for everyday use as well. If you like hiking, live in harsh weather or do hand or machine work at home in your personal time, steel-toed boots have a lot of benefits for both safety and durability.

When they have been broken, steel-toed boots can be your most comfortable shoe as well. You just feel safer when you wear them and want to wear them more. Finding a comfortable steel-toed boot isn’t difficult.

Fit Matters

man wearing black steel-toe boots

When it comes to steel-toed boots, you have to get the right fit. Too small is going to be a very uncomfortable steel-toed boot, and too big will make the boot unsafe and awkward to wear. At the same time, you want a boot that is a little larger in size, so that you can wear comfortable socks or other footwear inside the boot.

This will make for a better fit and a more comfortable boot. A boot that is too big is not only going to be awkward but will lead to a lot of sliding around inside the boot. This is going to create discomfort in the way of blisters and other foot problems.

The steel toe in the boot is going to make for a larger boot by definition. It is not uncommon to go up one-half size in steel-toed boots, and this is the best benchmark to use when you are buying a pair. This gives you just enough room to wear thicker socks, have an insole, or just have a little pinch of extra room in the boot when you need it.

Half a size of the boot will not create problems such as blisters when you are wearing boots when you have broken them in properly.

How to Break In Steel-Toed Boots

When you have just purchased steel-toed boots, you will expect to wear them all the time. You won’t be able to do that at first if you do not break them in properly. It can take as long as one month to fully break in the boots. Buy them approximately one month before you will need them.

When you see that your boots are wearing out and will need new steel-toed boots soon, get your new pair earlier than you need them.

When you can, at home, begin the process of breaking them in. The last thing you want is to be on the shop floor or at work with a blister that has been cooking for four hours. You won’t be able to finish your workday the same way, your work product will suffer, and you could increase your risk of injury as a result.

Wear your boots at home for a few hours every day when you first get them. Wear them with the same socks that you would wear them with at work or when you are working at home. Don’t wear them when you are watching television, but when you are walking around and doing things around the house.

Another way to break in steel-toed boots is by bending them and manipulating them. When the leather is brand new and soft, work the boots with your hands, when you aren’t wearing them, and twist the leather a little bit to break them in.  You can also use shoe trees to put into the boots for several nights.

This will help to expand the leather on them so that you get a more natural bend to the boot as you are breaking them in.

Use shoe trees inside the boot for one night at a time. Try them on the next day, and each day, until you have the right fit.

Invest in Good Steel-Toed Boots

Steel-toed boots are a vital part of America’s workforce today. They offer many benefits, including safety and the prevention of injuries. They also make many jobs easier. Invest in a good pair of steel-toed boots, get the right size, and spend the time that it takes to break them in. When you do, you will find that steel-toed boots can be comfortable with time investment as well.