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Hottest Bathing Suit Trends for Women (2022)

Girl in bathing suit on beach with gold loops

If you’re anything like me, you are in a constant state of beach vacation daydreams. I can’t help it and as a former sun worshiper, river rat and lounge lizard it’s a hard habit to knock. Urg, it’s literally freezing right now and the last thing we want to think about is bathing suit shopping and worse bathing suit trying on. Who’s with me on this one? I usually start my swimwear shopping right about now; I like to have the most options instead of mid-season blues and picked over selections. There is nothing worse than trying to get a bathing when you need it, I promise it will be a struggle every time to find something that makes you feel as beautiful as you are if you don’t jump on it now, well unless you’re a size zero it seems there is never a shortage there.

So aside from being the early bird another little fun trick before trying on is self-tanner. Yes, girl try it out. I love a good tanning water, it’s easy and completely buildable so you can get just the right tone. I mean a wise woman once said tanned fat looks better than white fat and no, I’m not body shaming here it’s just a joke after all some people contour body parts, right?

Now that you’re ready to muster up the courage I think it’ll be much easier when peek at some of the hottest trends this year.

Cut it out – and I’m not talking about bad attitudes

Get ready to see or should I say not see the bathing suits with cutouts. Just when you think there isn’t much more you could cut out of your swim attire, we are proven wrong. If you prefer a bikini over a one piece no problem the designers have been busy engineering just the right peek a boobs I mean peek a boos for it all. You can feel confident and sexy and keep them guessing with this look. Cutouts on the sides of a top will make for fun tan lines. You don’t even have to say a word to make a statement. When you’re ready to hit the beach bar just throw on the sheerest dress and order that Mai Tai.

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit One Shoulder Cutout Bathing Suit, M Yellow

Tie one on – with cocktail in hand

This is well suited for anyone that just wants to look great next to the sparkling waters. We are talking dainty ties that wrap around you for days. Ties aren’t just for ensuring you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction but also a fun detail and a fresh way to style those triangle tops ans wrapped around your waist a couple times. Something this good shouldn’t be covered up.

ZAFUL Women's Sexy Halter Wrap Bikini Cross-Cover Padded Swimsuits (Red S)

Oh, Hey Crochet

I know that not one of you will be surprised that I’m head over heels in love with this trend. Yes, yes, yes the crocheted swimsuit. I know that every once in a while, this tries to creep in, but it usually falls flat and it’s usually on the girls that go to Mexico and get their hair braided. Sorry Dawn. Not this time, not in 2022 it is here, and we are ready for it. Throw on a light kimono and it’s every boho girl’s dream. Did y’all see Lizzo sporting her turquoise and rainbow bikini top and jeans? She knows what’s up, check her Insta! Love her. In fact, you should just know that she’s just owning most of these trends this year.

Handmade Women's Crochet Triangle Reversible Sexy Bikini Top and Bottom Sports Swimsuit Set Blue

Bling Bling

Did anyone say belts? Why yes, I did. We are seeing a lot of sophisticated belting this season and it’s pretty. A lot of gold around here, not only with belts but also some stunning embellishments. We are a world of overindulgence, and little or big gold hoops and loops fits in quite perfectly just be careful or else you’ll end up branded but one of those little suckers.

FEIYOUNG Sexy Womens Monokini Scoop Neck One Piece Backless Cheeky Swimwear Semi Thong Bikini with Belt

Tiny tiny mico babes

This is any dad’s heart attack waiting to happen with this trend. The micro suit. Blessed is the person that has the confidence to pull this off without constantly overthinking it. While egos are getting bigger and bigger the bathing suits well are just absolutely getting smaller and smaller. All the thirsty celebs are already showing off their beach bods, but hey if you haven’t eaten since 2021 then I guess you deserve this. I’m not hating but trust me even if I had my 20-year-old body back, this is one trend that I would pass on.

Bandeau Ballet

It doesn’t get simpler than a bandeau top bathing suit. No strappy straps to fuss about and think about all the waving in the air you can do, waving like you just don’t care. It’s my favorite F word, freedom! A one piece is like the busy girls’ dream, you can pack up the cooler and keep the girls in check all at the same time. No problem.

OMKAGI Women's 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits Off Shoulder High Waist Bathing Suit High Cut(Medium,Apricot Leopard)

Color me happy

Bold is always beautiful when it comes to summertime. Gorgeous hot corals and mesmerizing turquoise and ever color in between is the best way to get noticed. Sure, while the standard black, red and navy are always in take a chance and try out a fun shocking print or a bright color that matches your sunny disposition. Oh, you’re more of a grump well good you know how I love a good fashion contradiction. Tans go well with any color.

SweatyRocks Women's Sexy Bathing Suits Scallop Halter Bikini Top Floral Print Two Piece Swimsuits Yellow Floral Small

Diamond in the rough

This is one I can say I haven’t tried but you better believe I’m jumping on this bandwagon. Hello glitter swimwear? Get out of my head! I unapologetically love glitter. I was the annoying girl that required some form of micro glitter with every Halloween costume and I’m sure that bar in Chico is still vacuuming up some of that today. You can imagine how I feel about glitter suits and especially that you won’t be leaving a trail of fairy dust everywhere you go. From pastels to brights, you will be shining bright like a diamond in the sun.

Blooming Jelly Womens High Waisted Bikinis Party Glitter Scoop Neck Crop Top Swimsuits Two Piece Bathing Suit(Large, Black)

You’ll always find love

At the end of the day there is pretty much something for everyone, usually that’s a line I reserve when I’m talking another girlfriend off the limb from their latest boy betrayal but today it’s all about surrendering to be the best-looking beach bum you can be.

You have to kiss a lot of toads before you can find your prince and so yeah be prepared to order multiple suits and try on more than you care for but when you do land your next fav, you should probably get it two colors.

So, jump in that shower, exfoliate that skin and spray that tan on the only way you’re going to find the one you love is to feel a little vulnerable in Feb but by March you’ll be ready for your spring fling. Global warming is real.