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Best Smartwatches for 2020 – We Tested 15 of the Latest Smartwatch Models

Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages, made more confusing depending on which smartphone you're using. Here's what we've learned.

We’ve been madly buying, using and testing the latest smartwatches for all of 2020.  You can read all the individual smartwatch reviews here, brands covered here and all of our smartwatch comparisons here.

But if it’s a succinct list of what we consider the best smartwatches for various purposes, functions and tech, this is the article for you.

Below we list out the best smartwatches for a variety of uses, tech and purposes.  Enjoy.

Best Overall Smartwatch

fossil gen 5 carlyle vs apple watch series 5 analog watch face

It was really easy to pick the best overall smartwatch for iPhone users but a bit harder for Android users. That’s because iPhone users don’t really have much choice while Android users have too many choices.

Read why these are the best.

Best Smartwatch for iPhone

apple watch series 5 customization

No surprises here. The best smartwatch for the Apple iPhone is the Apple Watch Series 5. The latest and greatest Apple smartwatch brings superior integration, Siri, the ability to reply to texts and emails, plus many more features.

Learn why the Apple Watch Series 5 is superior and some alternatives.

Best Smartwatch for Android

fossil gen 5 carlyle dog watch face

Android users have many watches to choose from. At the end of the day, I concluded that the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is the watch I’d buy.

Read the best budget and premium smartwatch for Android users here.


Best Smartwatch for Fitness and Exercise

garmin fenix 6 workout

Imagine if you could plug in a device that can strengthen the underpinnings of health, exercise and lifestyle. That would be the Garmin Fenix 6, which is the ultimate fitness and exercise smartwatch. Read the review of the Fenix 6.

  • Extremely good battery life
  • Great visibility in the sun
  • Fantastic data that analyzes your exercise, health and sleep
  • Coaching tools to keep you active and improving
  • Maps, titanium case, music

Read why the Fenix 6 is the ultimate fitness and exercise smartwatch.

Best Smartwatch for Texting

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle keyboard replying to message

A capable smartwatch keeps the smartphone away and every manufacturer has its own approach to how replying to texts and emails should be undertaken.

I know it’s a real dilemma, so learn more here.

Best Smartwatch for Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smartwatch

If Apple iPhones pair best with Apple smartwatches, then Samsung phones pair best with Apple smartwatches?

Not really.

It does have better integration, but Samsung smartwatches have some weaknesses.

Confused? Here are some points to think about.

Best Budget Smartwatch

Ticwatch E2 vs Fitbit Versa 2 apps

Want to get your first smartwatch? With so many things to consider, this guide will walk you through what you get at different price points as well as the benefits of buying a premium smartwatch. At the end of the day, we think the Ticwatch E2 (on the left of the photo) is the best budget smartwatch. Read the review here.

  • Great battery life
  • Wear OS advantages including speech-to-text superiority and Google Assistant
  • Pool Swim tracker app
  • Budget-friendly

Still, there are more factors to consider. Read the in-depth comparison here.

Best Smartwatch for Business

fossil gen 5 carlyle vs apple watch series 5 watch face

Busy businesspeople don’t have time to waste. A smartwatch can help with that by not only telling you the time, but also saving you time from tedious, boring tasks. We examine which smartwatches have the best voice assistant and the easiest interaction with messages and emails.

Read the in-depth considerations here.

Best Smartwatch for Cycling

garmin fenix 6 workout

There are many types of cyclists but I still feel that there’s one watch that will help all cyclists. It’s the ultimate sport smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix 6.

Read why.