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Bracelet Size Chart (Women, Men and Kids)

You must locate the sizing chart that corresponds to your body type. Please see the sections below for information on men's, women's, and children's bracelet sizing. Some bracelets may not necessitate as perfect a fit as others. I don't think about using a bracelet sizing chart before putting a bangle, chain, or watch on my wrist. I wish I'd learned about this way of sizing years before. It is beneficial.

Hands full of colorful different bracelets.

I don’t typically think of using a bracelet sizing chart before wearing a bangle, chain or watch around my wrist. I wish I’d known about this sizing method years ago. It does help.

How do I size a bracelet correctly?

Womans wrist with expensive silver bracelet.

You need to find the sizing chart that applies to your body type. Refer to the sections below on men’s women’s or children’s bracelet sizing. Some bracelets don’t require as precise of fitting as others.

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Introductory Advice

I like a bracelet that doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off my wrist. The easiest way for me fit it on my wrist easily is if it has a hinge and clasp or buckle.

Hinges on some bracelets appear subtler than others, however. If I had to choose between a hinged bangle with too noticeable of a fold, then I would prefer a closed bangle.

A closed bangle with no hinge appears more streamlined – no seams showing for its entire circumference. However, it does require a more precise fitting.

How do I choose the right bracelet size?

Arms of a woman with many gold bangle bracelets.

If you ever tried to force your four fingers through a bangle that’s too small for you, you probably won’t have an easy time removing it later. I think a bracelet sizing chart will help you slide bangle bracelets over your fist the same way a ring would fit over your knuckle.

How do I size my wrist?

Doctor measure a man's wrist using goniometer.

Find a sewing tape measure, or you can print off a copy from the internet and cut it out with scissors to use. The letter-sized paper should provide you enough room for printing a long enough bracelet sizer to wrap around your wrist. Make sure you choose the right size for your body type and/or gender, however.

What type of bracelet is the hardest to size?

I think the bangle bracelet that doesn’t have any hinge or clasp is the hardest one to size. However, if you get it right, it may be the one to least likely fall off your wrist later.

Women’s Bracelet Sizing Guide

A size chart for women's bracelet.

For most women, you would probably have extra small, small and medium sizes. However, some women might have large or extra-large wrists.

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How do I size a women’s chain and cuff bracelet?

A cuff bracelet with rubies.

Make a cutout of the paper sizer you printed or unroll your tape measure. Then, wrap the sizer around your wrist.

Make sure you have the numbers facing out and position the tape just below the wrist bone. Look at the original copy of the sizing chart and find your wrist measurement. Use this to determine what your size should be.

If you’re not sure what size to use, always choose the size slightly bigger than your wrist. Bangle sizing calls for a little bit different technique.

How do I size a women’s bangle bracelet?

Womans arms with black nails and bangle bracelets in her wrist.

Make a fist. Then, run a measuring tape or a paper sizer across all your knuckles and around to the back of your hand. It should wrap around from the center of your index finger to the center of your pinky, making a complete circle.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, print out a copy of our sizer and cut out at least one copy of it. After determining your fisted hand measurement, find out your hand size on the chart we provide.

It’s okay if the size you choose is slightly larger than the width of your fist. However, don’t choose one slightly smaller, or you won’t be able to easily slide it off and on.

Men’s Bracelet Sizing Guide

A size chart for a men's bracelet.

How do I size a man’s cuff or chain bracelet?

Silver and gold chain bracelet for men.

Screw Cuff, Gold

Face your numbers on your tape measure or paper sizer you cut out outward. Then, wrap it sizer around your wrist below your wrist bone. To determine your bracelet size, compare this measurement to the men’s chart we provide shown above.

Men might have up to four sizes for their chains and cuffs: Extra small, small, medium and large. It’s rare you’ll see an extra-large one, but they might have them. Slightly larger but not so wide that it will fall off your wrist is better than too tight.

How do I size a man’s bangle bracelet?

Make a fist and measure around the largest part of your hand across all your finger knuckles. When doing this, you will form a whole circle around your hand. That’s how you know you’d fit a closed bangle onto your wrist.

Children’s Bracelet Size Guide

Bracelet size chart for children.

Infant and children sizing works differently than for men and women. You will have to refer to the sizing information based on age of child and type of bracelet. (See different children’s bracelet types below.)

How do I size a children’s chain bracelet?

Chain bracelet with blue heart design for children.

Use a measuring tape, string or paper sizer you printed and cut out.  Then, notice the measurement, and choose the size based on inches and age of child: Newborn to six months old, 6 to 12 months, 1 to 4 years, 4 to 7 years, or 7 to 10 years old.

There’s also a teen-sized one. If you’re not sure what size to choose, err on the size of larger and not smaller or choose one based on your child’s age. That usually works if your child has an average age-weight ratio.

How do I size a child’s bangle or hinged bracelet?

Wrap the paper sizer, measuring tape or string around the wrist right below its bone. Make note of that measurement. Then, choose either the extra-small for a baby or the small for children two to six years old.

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