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12 Brands Similar to Abercrombie

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Abercrombie is one of those labels with a name that’s instantly recognized. Everyone’s heard of it and many people have worn something from this brand. Ambercrombie is known for its slightly preppy, beautiful designs. This brand carries everything from the most casual activewear to gorgeous formal wear covered in sequins. But there are brands similar to Abercrombie that offer the stylish fashion you want and have things in common with this brand. Expand your brand awareness to know where to shop to get exactly what you want to wear.

Whether you’re looking for a brand with a huge range of different styles or one that focuses on preppy fashion, there are plenty of Abercrombie similar brands that can keep you busy shopping for a long, long time. Add all the different looks and amazing styles you want to your wardrobe by first identifying the brands that you absolutely love.

The Roller Coaster History of Abercrombie

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The Abercrombie clothier brand has a long, long history that dates back to 1891, when it first opened as a retail sporting goods store in New York City. People flocked to the store because it offered unique, hard-to-find sporting goods items and clothing. In fact, Abercrombie sold everything from elephant guns to athletic shoes. Shoppes could purchase fishing tackle, guns or a tennis racket.

Sportsmen, hunters and outdoorsy types of all kinds purchased items from the store, including the likes of Teddy Roosevelt. This was a huge, department-store like building and it was a huge success in the department store mecca that is New York. There, the giant department store fit in and drew huge crowds.

In the rest of the world…this formula just didn’t work as well. This was a painful retail truth that Abercrombie & Fitch would come to know well.

In the 1970s, things weren’t going so well for the popular company. Abercrombie branched out into the suburbs, trying to get a foothold on the fashion scene among everyday shoppers. The move was bold and brave…and it was a bad idea. The company floundered and, after 85 years of successful selling, filed for bankruptcy in 1976.


It seemed that the Abercrombie company and brand was over, banished to memory like the Model T and other super old stuff that people don’t use anymore.

Then, the company was purchased in whole by Oshman’s Sporting Goods, Inc. in 1978 and then 10 years later in 1988, it was purchased by the Limited, Inc., another well-known name in the fashion business.

Abercrombie was revamped and relaunched as a brand selling casual luxury clothing. New lines of clothing were launched for kids, teens and women and Abercrombie became a globally recognized brand thanks to its affordable, great-looking fashion.

Abercrombie decided to cast a wide net and chose to hit a strong buying audience: tweens, teens and 20-somethings. To do it, Abercrombie needed a hot, young image to go with its hot, young fashion. Weirdly, the brand chose to do that by having sexy young models take their clothes off, rather than to put on Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. It seemed like a marketing technique that was working against itself…but as they say, sex sells.

The Abercrombie brand became famous for its sexy catalog and its shirtless models, men who would greet shoppers as they entered physical stores. These controversies only propelled the brand to more success and it definitely caught the public attention. Soon, all kinds of people were talking about the brand and noticing its sexy stores. Who wouldn’t?

A Fallen Clothing Idol

But eventually, there was a backlash against the brand for its hypersexual marketing, along with some other controversial practices. For one thing, Abercroibe did not make larger-sized clothing, preferring instead to cater exclusively to those with slim silhouettes. The brand was scolded for being exclusionary and for promoting skin over substances. Abercrombie’s techniques worked in the 1990s. But in the much more woke times of later decades, Abercrombie started to look like a relic of the past again.


Preppy fashion dress

Abercrombie has been revamped again and has yet another new life and a new look as a slightly more mature label. The brand now appeals to 20- and 30-somethings, along with other shoppers older than this. Now, Abercrombie is well-known for its preppy, smart casual fashion that can be flattering, sexy, stylish and perfect for whatever you want to do.

The brand carries a big range of sizes and a whole lot of fashion that is trendy, timeless and great-looking. These clothes are sexy because they’re fashionable and they look good, not because they bare a ton of skin. If you think preppy, classy style is sexy, Abercrombie is definitely your brand. But there are other brands that might just match your fashion sense perfectly, too.

Where to Find Brands Similar to Abercrombie

Abercrombie has been around for a long time and it’s gone through a few different versions. But for those who like the preppy, smart casual look of Abercrombie clothing in the post-modern era, there are lots of options out there. Discover brands similar to Ambercromibe that offer a big selection of fashion and have things in common with this practically historic fashion brand. What you like about Abercrombie is in other brands. Explore them to expand your fashion and start learning a lot more about your own sense of style and the clothing you like.

Aeropostale (Less Expensive)

Aeropostale Women's Polo Shirt Small Navy 404a

Aeropostale makes clothing for teens and 20-somethings and for people who just like young and hot style. You can find all the freshest looks here and get an idea of what teens are actually wearing. This brand is full of cool, comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies, cool graphic T-shirts, jeans, flannel shirts, dresses, loungewear, underwear and all the accessories you want to complete every outfit, including fragrance.

Aeropostale makes clothes for men and women and they make a lot of them. Like Abercrombie, this brand carries a huge selection of all types of clothing in all sorts of different styles, though mostly the Aeropostale look is casual and colorful, in fits designed to hug the shape and flatter the figure.

This brand also offers a huge range of fashion in a range of styles, from casual to formal clothing that you will want to wear anywhere. The pricing here is less expensive than what you will find at Abercrombie, so you can get even more fashion for your money.

Aeropostale and Abercrombie are two brands cut in the same mold, with a very similar look between all the fashion styles here.

American Eagle Outfitters (Less Expensive)

American Eagle Outfitter Women's Next Level Stretch Low-Rise Jean Jegging 3251 (10 Regular) Grey

Search for preppy casual style online and soon, American Eagle Outfitters will pop up. This brand is well-known for its comfortable but stylish clothes that you can wear every day while going about your regular business. American Eagle makes clothing for women and men and it makes a ton of different styles that all have a preppy, casual look. These clothes say you don’t care about fashion…so that secretly, you can care a lot about fashion.

The catalog has a big selection of jeans, along with everyday items like dresses, loungewear, outerwear, underwear, swimwear, tops and bottoms. You can find a big selection of accessories here as well, including perfume and shoes. In other words, you can fully dress yourself in American Eagle and find everything you want to wear here, even down to the fragrance you’re wearing.

American Eagle even makes home products because this is a lifestyle brand that sells all sorts of stuff. This is a highly recognizable and popular brand, too. American Eagle is known for its trendy preppy clothes. If you like the look of Abercrombie, you will like what you find at American Eagle. The pricing here is more affordable than Abercrombie, with similar items being priced lower at American Eagle. This gives you even more bang for your buck.

See how far your dollars can go at American Eagle. If you like preppy fashion, you’ll know you’ve found a style match when you see the clothes here.

Athleta (Similar Pricing)

Big pin Athleta Shorts Women, Running Highwaisted Shorts with Liner (M, Army Green)

Athleta makes athletic clothing and activewear exclusively and this brand make it very well. There’s a big collection of items here, including leggings and sweatshirts and jackets. You can find everything here you need to work out in or find clothing that makes you look like you work out. These styles are comfortable, figure-flattering and avialble in a bunch of different colors and styles to match your own personal fashion sense.

Athleta also carries a big line of bras and swimwear. You can even find casual, cute dresses here. These are perfect for playing golf, playing tennis and getting active in other ways where a dress won’t hinder your movements. If it’s cute and sporty, you’re going to find it at Athleta.

The pricing at Athleta is similar to the pricing you’ll find at Abercrombie, so you will spend the same amount when you shop with this brand. If you want to round out your wardrobe with more athletic items, Athleta is the perfect choice for you. Activewear is a hot look on the streetwear style scene, so even if you aren’t at the gym you will be trendy when you wear this.

Banana Republic (More Expensive)

BANANA REPUBLIC Men's Premium-Wash V Neck Tee (X-Large, Black)


When preppy style becomes sophisticated with a high fashion edge, it’s the Banana Republic. Abercrombie and Banana Republic were definitely created in the same vein with the same goals in mind.

At one point, these brands were serious competitors targeting the same teen buyers. But like Abercrombie, this brand has grown up over the years. Now, it makes fashions for 20- and 30-somethings who are a little bit cool, a little bit preppy and totally stylish. Both brands are carrying similar looks again, which means you’ll probably like what you find at Banana Republic if you like Abercrombie fashion.

You can find just about everything here. Banana Republic makes clothing for men, women and babies. There are many lifestyle items here and a huge selection of cashmere clothing for when you really want that high-end look and feel. Banana Republic makes all kinds of clothing in all sorts of lush materials, including velvet. You definitely can’t get bored shopping here. Between the fashion and the home items, Banana Republic has all kinds of stuff you’re going to like.

Shop here for sweaters, outerwear, dresses, suits, pants, T-shirts, even pajamas. You can find the most comfortable and casual clothing here or find a sharp outfit for the office. This brand also makes a huge line of accessories, including handbags, shoes and jewelry. Heck., you can even get items for your pet here. Banana Republic wants you to shop with this brand if you’re shopping for anything at all. You can find so much stuff under this label, that’s almost possible.

The pricing at Banana Republic is more expensive than Abercrombie. However, you are paying for high-end fabrics and design when you shop with Banana Republic, which always costs a little bit more. This brand considers itself to be a little more high-end and so you end up with more expensive materials and clothing-making methods, which can mean additional durability and quality in clothing.

Frank and Oak (More Expensive)

Scentlok BE:1 Divergent Windproof Insulated Primaloft Camo Hunting Jacket (Mossy Oak Terra Gila, Large)

Casual, classy, pretty. This is probably close to what you’ll think about clothing from Frank and Oak. The catalog here is full of soft, muted colors, classic patterns and staple pieces. Frank and Oak sells it all. Shop here for tops, bottoms, dresses, underwear and outerwear. There are also plenty of accessories here as well, along with fashion for both men and women.

This is smart casual clothing that’s a little bit preppy and a little bit dressy and a whole lot stylish. Classic silhouettes, elegant colors and amazing fabrics make Frank and Oak clothing stand out. The pricing here is more expensive than similar items you will find at Abercrombie. Frank and Oak uses quality fabric, such as Merino wool, which tends to elevate the price.

If your style is soft, elegant and understated while still being classically stylish, you’ve got a check out Frank and Oak. The style here is made to look a little bit elegant everywhere you go. It’s every daywear when you look totally classy and preppy every day.

H&M (Less Expensive)

Classic Retro Vintage style 1970 T-Shirt

H&M is known for having a huge variety of fashion for all young, trendy people. These clothes are trendy, casual, pretty and stylish. The catalog at H&M is full of different colors and tons of different items. Many items from this brand are available in multiple color options. You can find all kinds of different items here to hone your style and keep you stylishly dressed for any casual activity that life brings your way.

H&M makes clothing for men, women, kids and babies. This is a lifestyle brand that makes a ton of products, including stuff for the home. The look of H&M is trendy preppy, fashionable casual and semi-casual clothing that would look great on date night, at the office or when you’re out and about. This brand carries a wide range of different styles, like Abercrombie, and sticks to an overall look of preppy-trendy that definitely matches A&F fashion.

Shop with this brand for beauty products, shoes, accessories, underwear, nightwear and clothing of all kinds. The number of items to buy at H&M will keep you busy shopping for a while. The prices here are less expensive than similar items you can buy at Abercrombie, so you can buy a lot more clothes for less money.

There are new items available at H&M regularly as the catalog gets updated with new styles and fashion, so you can keep coming back here to see what’s new and hot in young fashion.

Hollister (Less Expensive)

Hollister Men's Sport Fleece Gamer Hoodie HOM-29 (X-Large, 1537-522)

When you love cool, casual style, you will find yourself loving Hollister. These clothes are made for young, fashionable people who like looking good and feeling good. Hollister isn’t afraid of bright colors and trendy silhouettes and styles. If your fashion sense takes a walk on the bold side sometimes, Hollister should make you feel right at home.

All the latest looks in jeans, activewear and casual clothing are here. If you want to stay up-to-date on your style, just get clothing from Hollister on the regular. The catalog is constantly updating with new styles so you can stay up on the trends and keep your wardrobe totally Insta-ready.

Of all the brands on the list, Hollister is the one that most closely resembles the fashion you find at Abercrombie. The style here is a little bit more trendy and a little bit more casual. Think less preppy and cooler than Abercrombie. Even so, the two brands are definitely style twins.

Hollister makes men’s and women’s clothing of all kinds, from sleepwear and loungewear to outerwear, dresses, tops and bottoms. You can shop for shoes and all accessories here, including fragrances. Hollister truly has it all. There’s also an enormous selection of jeans here, truly a wardrobe staple of everyday, casual fashion. You won’t get bored looking at items from Hollister because it will take you a while to see everything this brand has to offer at any given time.

The prices at Hollister are less expensive, on average, than the prices of similar items you can find at Abercrombie. This is Abercrombie clothing that’s a little more casual and a little more trendy, for those days when you need to wear a stunning pair of sweatpants with a short matching sweatshirt. Start wearing Hollister along with your Abercrombie pieces, because these two brands pair together very well.

Levi’s (Similar Pricing)

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jeans, Dark Stonewash, 36W x 32L

Levi’s is one of the most famous names in jeans. In fact, it was the first name in jeans. It was Levi Strauss who, along with a tailor named Jacob Davis, first took out the patent for blue jeans in the 1870s. The brand has been specializing in denim ever since. This is a go-to source for jeans, denim jackets and any type of denim you want to wear. However, Levi’s makes a huge catalog of fashion that’s full of other stuff to wear.

Levi’s is incredibly popular among young shoppers, being a favorite brand for teen shoppers. But Levi’s is a brand that definitely appeals to people of all ages and the clothing here is truly timeless. Levi’s has several signature pieces in the catalog, including the famed trucker jacket and, of course, the popular and classic Levi’s 501 jeans. Some of the staples here have been a part of the Levi’s catalog for decades.

At least you know the Levi’s brand isn’t going away anytime soon. This is one of the few brands that has remained pretty strong on the style scene through the decades. Levi’s manages this feat by constantly updating its styles and its technology to keep up with the times. The brand has introduced many new items into the catalog over the years and Levi’s remains a thriving name on the style scene.

Levi’s makes clothing for men, women and kids, along with plenty of accessories to help you complete every outfit. Underwear, socks, shorts, sweaters, pants, T-shirts and jeans of all kinds are available through the Levi’s brand.

The pricing at Levi’s is similar to Abercrombie’s pricing, so you won’t end up spending more to shop at this brand. Levi’s is one of the few brands in the U.S. that’s actually older than Abercrombie! Shop with a classic and shop with the jeans experts when you shop at Levi’s. If you mix and match items from Levi’s and Abercrombie, you can tell everyone you’re wearing two brands from the 19th century. That’s historic fashion cred.

Mango (More Expensive)

SMENG Fall Shirts Women Plus Size Long Sleeve Striped Shirts Fall Tops for Women Clothes Tshirts Blouse tees Ladies Multi Color Tops Trendy Tunic t Shirts Wine red XXL

If you like preppy fashion, don’t waste another minute before you get a look at the clothing at Mango. This is preppy fashion with a high-fashion look. The clothes are Mango are made with fabrics and materials that stand out and truly create a stylish look. Velvet, leather, wool and gorgeous knits fill up the catalog here, along with standard synthetic fabrics.

Magno is definitely urban preppy style, with lots of clothing that would look great on any city street while you make your way to work in a pair of killer loafers or high heels. There are a lot of black and jewel tones in the catalog, power colors for a powerfully stylish person. This brand makes a big selection of clothing from casual to semi-formal and formal designs, so you can truly get everything you need to wear here.

Whatever style you want to capture is available at Mango, whether you need to make a killer impression at work or knock ‘em dead on a date or just put something on to hit the gym. Like Abercrombie, this brand makes a huge range of different types of clothing for all occasions.

Shop Mango for T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pants, swimwear, sportswear, underwear, outerwear, dresses, accessories and anything else you might want to wear. There’s a ton of stuff to shop for here. Mango makes clothing for men, women, teens and kids, so you can get clothes for everyone here. All of it has that preppy, stylish look that Abercrombie has in its fashion, so you will find lots to buy at Mango no matter who you’re buying for.

The prices at Mango are more expensive, on average, than similar items you’ll find at Abercrombie. This is due to the use of Merino, which is a relatively high quality wool, along with other more premium materials. Mango also makes clothing in polyester and other highly affordable synthetics, so check to see what your items is made from before you pay more to have them.

Mott & Bow (Less Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Women's Classic-Fit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt, Pack of 2, Olive/Oatmeal Heather, XX-Large

Mott & Bow makes a selection of different fashion but this brand truly specializes in jeans. Many different styles of jeans are available here and in a variety of different washes, too. You can also shop for “the perfect tee” at Mott & Bow and even visit the online store to find the ideal style of jeans for your body type.

Search Mott & Bow for sweaters, sweats and T-shirts to go with all your jeans. This brand makes fashion for men and women, including styles with eco-friendly denim and denim twill blends. There’s a big jeans selection here, so this is a perfect brand to stock up on this main casual fashion staple. These jeans are meant to flatter your shape and Mott & Bow provides a lot of different fits and styles so you can make sure you get the exact look you want.

The prices at Mott & Bow are very affordable and less expensive than similar items you will find at Abercrombie. This is super casual clothing that fits well and looks good. Mott & Bow jeans are made to flatter your body, fit comfortably and look great everywhere you go. If that sounds good to you, go shop at Mott & Bow.

Revolve (More Expensive)

Norma Kamali womens Diana Gown Cocktail Dress, Red, XX-Small US

For clothing that is sexy and trendy, turn to Revolve. If you don’t mind showing a little skin and you believe in flattering silhouettes, you’re going to find plenty of stuff to wear from this brand. Revolve has a strong style and sex appeal and a big range of gorgeous clothing that will work well as office wear or for date night.

If you miss the sexy appeal of Abercrombie of the past, Revolve is the brand you’ve been wanting. This is new style infused with a little bit of that sex appeal that Abercrombie was so famous for in the pages of fashion history.

Revolve makes everything you want to wear, from activewear to lingerie to outwear to denim. You can find everything here and all of it is trendy and beautiful. You can even shop at the Revolve online store by activity, searching for looks for work, for a night out, on the weekend and a lot of other categories. Revolve even has a wedding shop, plus n entire line of cotton clothing.

In other words, you can truly find fashion for every occasion and activity here. Whatever you’re doing, Revolve makes fashion for it. Even if you’re getting married!

Shop here for shoes, accessories and beauty items as well. Revolve maintains a huge selection of women’s fashion and women’s fashion-related items. There are always new looks available as new trends hit the runways, so you can keep coming back to Revolve to get the latest fashions and shop for all the hottest looks in the fashion scene

Pricing at Revolve is more expensive than similar items you can find at Abercrombie. Keep your eyes peeled for sales, which do happen, so you can save some money and still get the fashion you want. Smart shoppers also look for discount codes to save even more money. This is how you put your style sense to work in a good way!

Superdry (Less Expensive)

Superdry Mens Ultimate Sd Windcheater Jacket, Slim Fit Bold Orange/Rich Navy Size L

Superdry makes just about everything you can wear, including ski and snowboard clothing. There is definitely some extra selection here and more varied clothing than you’ll find with many other brands. Search here for sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, loungewear, swimwear, outerwear and any other clothing you might want to wear. That just the beginning of what you can shop for at Superdry. It’s easy to get sucked into this brand’s website because there’s just so much to see.

Superdry carries a big selection of bags, backpacks and wallets, to say nothing of the scarves, hats and other accessories. You can also find plenty of footwear options here as well. Superdry makes clothing for both men and women and it makes clothing in classic, cool style. All the staples of a cool wardrobe are here: soft hoodies, fleece-lined denim jackets, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts, jeans, great-looking knits, you name it. Like Abercrombie, this brand carries an absolutely huge and varied range of styles for you to wear.

All the classics are here and they all look great with a huge range of colors and some designs that are colorful and fun thanks to bold graphic details. You’ll find a big range of items to wear at Superdry and you’ll find them all to be great casual styles. These are everyday clothes and they’re made to be affordable. Superdry clothing is less expensive than similar items you can get at Abercrombie. Add some Superdry items to your wardrobe and see how you like casual, classic style.

Wearing Brands That Look Like Abercrombie

Preppy outfit knitwear

There are many brands similar to Abercrombie that offer all kinds of fashion at all sorts of different prices. If you want to expand your fashion and explore your personal sense of style, take a closer look at these brands. It’s time to flex your fashion sense.

When you know more brands that you like, it’s much easier to find all the styles you like, too. Start tailoring your fashion so that it actually matches your personal sense of fashion. Because after all, what you wear tells the world who you are. Write your story with clothing that really reflects who you are.


Preppy outfit with skirt and bag

Still have questions about this century-old brand and brands similar to Abercrombie? There’s a lot to learn about a brand that’s been around for so long and gone through so many changes and different style periods over the years.

The history of Abercrombie is really the history of American fashion, in a sense, with all the various ups and downs that go along with it. Get to know more about Abercrombie by getting the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the brand, and start to learn lots more about this famous label.

Is Abercrombie going out of business?

Abercrombie has gone through plenty of ups and downs over the years and the brand has come close to annihilation more than once. However, Abercrombie & Fitch has always managed to bounce back. This label enjoys strong brand recognition and now, it has become a historic American brand.

Abercrombie will certainly suffer from more ups and downs because the fashion business always does, but this label is likely to stick around a good long while. After all, there’s some reason Abercrombie has been selling stuff for more than a century.

However, big changes can always happen and few businesses are completely safe. Once, big bookstores were the solid businesses to trust and then, a little website named Amazon came along. The land was once peppered with video rental places and then, a little service called Netflix appeared. Anything could happen and Abercrombie could one day disappear. So many you should do your shopping there before it’s too late!

Why is Abercrombie so expensive?

Abercrombie & Fitch is not an inexpensive brand. Get just a few items here and you’ll blow your entire shopping budget. You can buy a lot more from other stores. So why are A&F clothes so expensive?

Abercrombie is considered to be a “near luxury” brand. What does that mean? It is not luxury but it’s close to being luxury. This means that Abercrombie uses high-quality materials to make items and puts extra time and attention into construction, so clothes are more durable than those from less expensive brands.

There’s also high brand recognition with Abercrombie, something that always drives up the price of fashion. In addition to all this, Abercrombie is fashionable. The clothing here reflects the current trends and styles, which means they cost more than outdated looks.

However, Abercrombie is not a luxury brand that limits its production of clothing to maintain exclusivity. Nor does it stick to just high-end materials to make clothing. This is why Abercrombie is “near luxury.” True luxury brands are more expensive than Abercrombie & Fitch clothing.

What does Abercrombie mean?

There’s something instantly memorable about the name Abercrombie, and not just because the brand used to have shirtless in-store models. The unique name has definitely helped the label stick out and stand tall in memories.

The name Abercrombie was actually the last name of its founder. The store was first started in 1892 by David Abercrombie, who named the store after himself. About 10 years later, Davis was joined by business partner Ezra Fitch. This is how the label got its now-iconic name of Abercrombie & Fitch. The label still carries this name even though both founders left the brand decades ago.

Where are Abercrombie clothes made?

Abercrombie has its clothing and products made mostly at a factory in the Philippines. Other items are manufactured in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Guatemala, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and several other countries around the world.


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