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12 Brands Similar to Bonobos

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You’ve seen him. That cool guy, that stylish guy who looks like he’s got it all together. The one who’s confident, probably successful. He’s probably got some hot girlfriend or boyfriend somewhere. He strolls in like he owns the place, whichever place he’s in, and people treat him like it’s true. Well, that guy shops at Bonobos. This is the clothing of the confident, well-dressed, successful-looking man. Bonobos has gained attention for its casual, elegant clothing but this brand isn’t the only one of its kind. There are brands similar to Bonobos that have some of the same characteristics you like about Bonobos.

What is Bonobos?

Today, Bonobos is a huge brand that’s known and loved by fashionable men everywhere. There’s a huge range of products here and more new stuff arrives in the catalog all the time. But back in 2007, Bonobos sold one thing and one thing only: pants.

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Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly, two friends, had trouble finding good pants. Every pair they found just didn’t fit well or didn’t look nice or didn’t hang right or something. So, Spaly started thinking about ways to redesign pants. Soon, the two were captivated by the idea of selling the most perfect pants in the world.

They sold their pants at the school they both attended, asking other men to try on the pants. Before too long, they had made tens of thousands of dollars selling pants around the campus. That’s when they knew they had a hot idea on their hands. They still had no idea how far the Bonobos brand would eventually go.

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Dunn and Spaly are both Stanford Business School graduates today and their brand has continued to grow to become one of the biggest online retailers in the world. To get an idea of where Bonobos might go next in the world of fashion, take a look at the brands that are similar to Bonobos and that share some of the same characteristics you already like.

Finding Brands Similar to Bonobos

Bonobos stands out for its sophisticated style and modern, elegant looks. There are a lot of things that men like about this brand and the style is reason enough why this brand has become so popular. Find the brands that have some of these same qualities, so you can find even more great-looking clothing for every single occasion. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, you deserve to look amazing while it’s all happening,

Alex Mill (Similar Pricing)

Tanming Men's Casual Slim Fit Lightweight Zip Up Softshell Bomber Jacket (Small, Blue)

Unlike Bonobos, which makes only men’s clothing, Alex Mill creates styles for both men and women. The catalog here is full of rich fabrics like soft knits and velvets. You can also shop here to find classic patterns, like simple stripes and fun color blocking. Alex Mill makes modern, chic fashion that’s elegant and classic. This isn’t trendy stuff you’ll wear a couple of times and toss. This is timeless fashion you can wear again and again, no matter how many trends happen to come and go.

The catalog is full of amazing fabrics, a range of colors and all the fashion you want to wear. Shop Alex Mill to find polos, T-shirts, jackets, blazers, sweaters and more, not to mention the shoes and accessories to finish off all your different looks.

The prices across both brands are similar, so you won’t end up spending more if you supplement your Bonobos clothing with a little shopping at Alex Mill.

Billy Reid (More Expensive)

Billy Reid Men's Long Sleeve Donegal Half Zip Pullover Sweater, Charcoal, XL

If you want to capture that look of effortless style in timeless clothing designs, you want to get to know Billy Reid. This brand makes gorgeous clothing in elegant styles for men and women, displaying an even broader product range than Bonobos.

Billy Reid makes fashionable casual and professional wear. Shop here to find men’s and women’s clothing of all kinds, including outerwear, bottoms, sweaters, polo shirts and T-shirts and shirts to wear to work. You can find a big range of accessories here, too.

The pricing at Billy Reid is more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Bonobos but both brands are associated with stylish, high-quality clothing in elegant everyday designs and great professional and professional casual looks.

Dockers (Less Expensive)

Dockers Men's Straight Fit Signature Lux Cotton Stretch Pant, New British Khaki, 34W x 30L

If you’re looking for a brand that knows about pants, something that Bonobos definitely specializes in, then it’s Dockers. This brand has built a reputation around making amazing pants and you can find plenty of those under this label. Dockers makes clothing for men and women and it makes a lot more than pants, though undoubtedly if you’ve heard of Dockers then you’ve heard about the pants.

Dockers also makes shirts of all kinds, including button-ups and polo shirts, along with outerwear. There’s also a big selection of accessories and shoes available here. Dockers offers clothing in multiple color options in simple, elegant everyday styles that look good everywhere. Dockers focuses on comfort and simple style, creating clothing that is meant to be easy to wear and casually stylish.

This is where you go for khakis and laid-back smart casual and business casual looks, mostly in neutral color tones in shades like gray and brown. And when you do shop with this brand, you’ll find that Dockers is less expensive, on average, than the prices you will find at Bonobos. Add some Dockers clothing to your wardrobe to get even more elegant style. Start with a great pair of pants and the rest tends to work itself out.

Folk (More Expensive)

MorwenVeo Men's Fashion Polo Shirts Casual Long Sleeve Golf Shirts Color Block Cotton Tops

If you like style that’s a little bit more vintage, more classic in design than it is trendy, you want to take a closer look a the clothing you can find at Folk. This brand makes styles for both men and women and it makes a big range of items designed for everyday wear.

Shop here to find pants and shirts in all styles, along with outerwear and accessories to finish off all your looks. The catalog at Folk is full of neutral colors, featuring mostly shades of brown and navy and cream. If your look is simple and fashionable and classic and a little bit vintage, Folk is your brand.

The items here are more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Bonobos but like Bonobos, Folk focuses on bringing you styles you can wear anywhere to create a look of cool, casual sophistication and style.

Indochino (More Expensive)

Men Suits Slim Fit Black Business Wedding 3 Piece Tux Groomsmen Prom Blazer Jacket Vest Pants with Tie Men Suit Set XXL

Like Bonobos, Indochino focuses on making men’s clothing designed for elegance and sophisticated flair. Shop here to find suits for all occasions, from business suits to formal suits to actual tuxedos. You can find a huge range of clothing here that includes pants, shirts, blazers and outerwear, along with plenty of knitwear.

Indochino creates great-looking men’s clothing and accessories to match all of it, focusing on a catalog that’s full of different colors and options. Whether you want to create a casual or a very formal look, you will find what you need at Indochino. Like Bonobos, this brand is focused on creating elegant style that follows classic fashion design rather than all the latest trends. This is the clothing of the professional successful guy, something this brand has in common with Bonobos.

The prices here are more expensive than similar items you can buy at Bonobos.

Lands’ End (Less Expensive)

Lands' End Mens Long Sleeve Super-T Mockneck Black Regular Medium

If you need classic, pretty clothing in any style, you need Lands’ End. This brand is famous for making preppy clothing that suits all occasions. Shop here to find styles for women, men and children for all seasons and all activities, from going swimming to going to the office.

Lands’ End makes it all and the catalog of items here is absolutely enormous. Shop this brand to find activewear, jeans, sweatpants, knits, pajamas, blazers, suits, pants, hoodies, even underwear and socks, and that’s just a start. You could shop this catalog all day and still not get a look at every item on offer. The enormous selection here means you can always find another look, another outfit and another reason to shop for stuff here.

Along with all the clothes, Lands’ End makes a staggering number of accessory items that include ties, luggage, hats, gloves, belts and all those other odds and ends you wear. Lands’ End clothing is made in multiple color options in a mostly neutral color palette that features a lot of dark blues, greens and yellows.

Explore the catalog here to find all sorts of casual to professional styles that you can wear every day to look polished and well-dressed everywhere you go. The prices at Lands’ End are more affordable than what you’ll pay for similar items at Bonobos.

Ministry of Supply (More Expensive)

Ministry of Supply Men’s Kinetic Pant 4 Way Stretch Wrinkle Free Performance Pants, 36 x 34 Standard, Navy

From great-looking items you wear while hanging around the house to amazing suits that are going to look sharp in any workplace, Ministry of Supply has the style you want in all the sophisticated looks you like. This brand makes clothing for men and women in classic, chic styles that don’t need a lot of colors or branding or design. These items are made for simple elegance, whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or a suit.

Ministry of Supply makes polo shirts, T-shirts, blazers, knitwear, outerwear, activewear, even underwear and socks. Come here to shop for pants and shirts and anything else you want to wear. All the clothing here is styled for simple good looks in neutral and classic color tones. You’ll find a lot of soft blues and grays here.

You’ll find a lot to like here if your brand is elegant sophistication, in fact. The prices at Ministry of Supply are somewhat more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay at Bonobos. Both brands make timeless, great-looking items that are infused with elegance in a big product line that will allow you to shop easily for everything you might need for everything you might need to do. Because no matter what it is, you want to look good.

Mott and Bow (Similar Pricing)

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Jean, Medium Wash, 33W x 32L

If you like having a big selection of clothing to choose from and you want to truly customize your style, turn to Mott and Bow, sometimes styled as Mott & Bow. This brand makes a big range of clothing in all styles for men and women who are fashionable but not fussy about it.

When it comes to casual wear that’s super stylish, Mott and Bow has you covered. There’s a big selection of jeans here with a bunch of different fit styles and multiple material options. You’ll also find other types of pants here, along with knitwear, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweats and underwear. All the wardrobe staples are here and they’re all made in simple, timeless styles that are about looking and feeling good while you wear them.

Mott and Bow makes elegant casual style that’s perfect as everyday wear. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay at Bonobos, so you can easily add this brand to your shopping rotation without increasing your budget.

Onia (Similar Pricing)

Luxury Brand Military Watches Men Quartz Analog Canvas Clock Sports Watches Army Military Watch (Black)

Soft color tones and simple styles make up the catalog of clothing you can find at Onia. Shop here to find outerwear, knitwear, T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and a huge range of pants, too. You can find blue jeans, swimwear and all kinds of cool accessories at this brand, too.

Onio has similar pricing to Bonobos, so you won’t have to pay a lot more to supplement your wardrobe with items from this label. Onio makes clothing for men and women in classic styles and silhouettes that are meant to be comfortable and fashionable.

This brand makes quality clothing using luxury materials, including linen and cashmere. These clothes don’t just look elegant, they actually are elegant. If you like the classic elegance and style you find a Bonobos, you’re going to like this brand, too.

Outerknown (Similar Pricing)

Outerknown Mens Sojourn Tee Shell XL

Who says you can’t look sophisticated when you’re out camping, or whatever? Certainly not Outerknown, a brand that creates rugged clothing that has a chic, preppy-ish sort of vibe. Because hey, you don’t stop being stylish just because you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Outerknown makes clothing for men and women in a big range of styles of clothing options. Shop here to find everything you might want to wear, from T-shirts to sweatshirts to sweaters and all the jeans, sweatpants and pants to go along with it. Top off your outfit with an accessory like sunglasses or a great watch, maybe a bag to carry your stuff or a hat to really give your look that punch.

The catalog here is full of classics like flannel shirts, soft knits, warming thermals and comfy classic T-shirts. You can shop for a big range of colors and a huge range of items, all suited for more rugged wear and outdoor activities…but it all still has that polish and that sheen of elegant style.

Because sometimes, even executives go camping. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay for similar items at Bonobos, so you don’t have to spend extra to get yourself outdoors-ready.

Todd Snyder (More Expensive)

Mens Fashion Athletic Joggers Pants - Sweatpants Trousers Cotton Cargo Pants Mens Long Pants Khaki

Eye-catching color combinations. Great patterns. Modern design. Todd Snyder has all the elements of great fashion and all the characteristics that help set Bonobos apart. This brand, like Bonobos, makes clothing for men and it makes a lot of it. You can find a huge selection of fashion items here, and it’s all going to have a modern look to it.

Shop Todd Snyder for shirts, jackets, polo shirts, knits, sweatshirts, outerwear, denim, pants, tracksuits, sweatpants, even pajamas. You can find everything to wear here, right down to your underwear. Todd Snyder makes everything in men’s fashion, designs that are perfect for any occasion. You can even find suits here, along with accessories to go with it all.

Todd Snyder is more expensive than Bonobos, with items typically priced a little higher here, on average.

Western Rise (Similar Pricing)

Western Rise at Pants for Men. Durable, Comfortable, Stain Resistant, and Stretchy Performance Pants for Outdoors, and Everyday. Blue Grey - Size 34

Western Rise is your go-to source for casual fashion for men. Like Bonobos, Western Rise has chosen to focus on male fashion. Shop here to find all the items you want to wear and like to wear, items like T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, pants and accessories to finish it all off.

This is casual clothing without any flair or fuss. It’s just elegant, good-looking fashion made in quality materials like merino wool and soft cotton. Clothing here is made in a range of color options and most of those colors are neutral. You’ll find a lot of black and gray and blue here, the basic shades that are perfect to use to build any wardrobe.

The pricing at Western Rise is similar to what you’ll pay at Bonobos, so you can add this brand to your shopping rotation without adding a whole lot of money to your shopping budget.

Wearing Brands Similar to Bonobos

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Bonobos makes great-looking men’s fashion that will give you the sophisticated, elegant look you’ve always wanted to have. But you don’t have to rely on this one brand to get the fashion your heart craves. There are many brands similar to Bonobos that give you the same stuff you like about his label. Learn how to use these brands to fill your closet with all the great looks you’re going to love wearing.


Business Insider – Bonobos started out with one perfect pair of pants, and now it’s the largest US clothing brand to ever start on the web