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12 Brands Similar to COS

Elegant mannequins in store window

Call it minimalist, call it simple and elegant, call it modern style. COS is pretty, casual clothing that lets quality speak for itself. The COS catalog is full of neutral colors and classic looks, fashion that doesn’t follow the trends. There are brands similar to COS that have made the same commitment to creating quality style and beautiful fashion. Get to know these brands and fill your wardrobe with the clothes you actually love to wear. isn’t it time that your wardrobe looks the way you want to look?

History of COS

Elegant fashion style

The first COS store opened in London in 2007. Since then, COS has expanded to include many stores around the world and has become a well-known name in fashion. That’s a pretty quick rise to success. What drove this quick climb up the ladder of the highly competitive fashion world?

COS is all about inclusive fashion, styles that anyone can wear and feel great about wearing. The clothing here is made for everyone. COS is classic fashion, not trendy or flashy. It is simple, well-made clothing without frills or embellishments, made in designs that allow the quality and the classic fashion to simply shine.

COS clothing allows you to shine. You know how people say that your clothes are wearing you? Well, you will definitely be wearing clothes from COS. These styles are meant to complement and flatter you, not overwhelm you. If that sounds like your kind of style, COS is your kind of brand. Luckily, there are other brands similar to COS that also strive to provide elegant, everyday looks and fashion you can feel good about wearing.

Finding Brands Similar to COS

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Other brands have put a similar focus on making elegant fashion, rather than creating super trendy fashion. If you like classic, simple clothes that look good, there are brands similar to COS that agree with your sense of style.

12 Storez (More Expensive)

Dress the Population Women's Audrey Spaghetti Strap MIDI A-LINE 3D Floral Dress, Black/Nude, XL

If casual, classic comfort is your thing, 12 Storez should be your brand. This brand specializes in making comfortable, stylish everyday clothing that looks good and feels good. It’s not covered with frills and ruffles and extras but it’s not simple clothing, either. It’s just lovely clothing.

Unlike COS, which makes clothing for women and men, 12 Storez specializes in making clothing for women only. This brand makes a huge range of different styles and a whole lot of different options. Shop here for knits, outerwear, shoes, denim, dresses, blazers, blouses, sweaters, swimwear, loungewear…well, you get the idea. In other words, 12 Storez makes a huge selection of fashion and here, you can pretty much find any item of clothing you want to wear.

This brand offers accessories and bags to go with all your outfits. You will also find a big range of different fabrics at 12 Storez, with items made from silk linen, faux leather and other materials. You can shop by material, style, color, pretty much anything you might to seek out when it comes to your style. And if you’re seeking classic everyday style that’s elegant and easy to wear, you’re in the right place with 12 Storez.

Pricing at 12 Storez is somewhat more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at COS.

Arket (Similar Pricing)

Royal Blue Zip Up Hoodie,Mens Mustard Sweater,Yellow And Red Hoodie,Mens Patchwork Cardigan,Arket Mens Jumper,Windproof Fleece Jacket,Zip Up Brown Hoodie,Faux Shearling Jacket Mens,Unique Mens Jackets

Simple elegance is something to strive for. It makes a difference when good quality is allowed to shine and stand out on its own. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to give items a little help. That’s kind of how Arket approaches fashion. The style here is definitely simple and elegant but with some embellishment, such as pretty raised patterns on knits, a little bit of glitter and shine in certain items, sometimes an eye-popping color.

Arket makes an utterly staggering amount of fashion. You can buy everything here, and that includes styles for women, men, babies and children. You can get just about every clothing item here. Arket makes T-shirts, blouses, jeans, dresses, blazers, underwear, shoes, bags and accessories of all kinds.

The clothes here definitely have an elegant, classic look that’s right on par with the looks you love from COS. If you like the fashion at COS, you will like the slightly more embellished but still lovely and elegant fashion you will find at Arket.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay for like items at COS, so you can shop here without feeling any extra guilt.

Club Monaco (Less Expensive)

Club Monaco Women's Kora CAMI, Light Blue, Medium

How do you feel about soft knits? Beautiful suits? Gorgeous jeans? A neutral color palette that’s full of grays and creams and light browns and blacks? The clothing at Club Monaco definitely has that classic, traditional look to it but it’s made with modern silhouettes and cuts that reflect the current fashion trends. This is the best of both classic fashion and modern style.

This is beautiful, elegant fashion with a high-end look because Club Monoac is a designer brand. You can get all kinds of different items here, including clothing for men and women. Shop here for soft knits, flattering pants and suits, comfortable T-shirts and polo shirts, jeans, underwear, basically anything you want to wear. There’s a big selection of accessories and shoes here, as well, so you can complete all of your outfits.

If you can wear it, you can probably find it at this brand. You could spend hours shopping here and still have things to look at because the catalog of stuff you can get from Club Monaco is huge. The pricing at Club Monaco is less expensive in general, than similar items you can find at COS. So take advantage of the huge catalog and the more affordable pricing by shopping for fashion from Club Monaco.

The Frankie Shop (Less Expensive)

Trench Coat Women,Ladies Elegant Lapel Solid Button Down Blazer Casual Work Wear Long Windbreaker Trench Coats

The Frankie Shop is where elegant fashion meets sophisticated trendiness. This clothing is the super trendy, European version of what elegant fashion is…and if you’re into that, you’ve found your brand. Loose and flowing designs, gorgeous materials with sheen or texture, a color palette full of Earth tones and a totally high-fashion look is what you can expect from the Frankie Shop.

This brand makes fashionable, elegant clothing in all the latest, trendy styles and colors. Come here to shop for outerwear, dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, swimwear, shoes and accessories. The Frankie Shop makes it all, including unisex designs. You can come to this brand for denim, knits, whatever you want to wear. The fashions here work perfectly as office wear or everyday wear.

You actually can wear stuff from the Frankie Shop every day. The prices here are surprisingly affordable and cost less than similar items from COS, which means that you actually can wear these styles on a daily basis. This is affordable elegant daily wear, style to make you feel confident. Feeling good is the best style of all.

Jil Sander (More Expensive)

Jil Sander Men's Gray V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweatshirt US M IT 50

Elegant. Classy. Comfortable. Beautiful. Rarely do these qualities all come together in one place, but they do at Jil Sander. This brand makes pretty clothing in loose, flowing designs and utterly gorgeous fabrics. The elegant designs are simple and unembellished, which allows the natural qualities of the fabric to shine through. Meanwhile, gorgeous colors or a basic black dazzle the eyes.

Jil Sander makes clothing for men and women and this brand pretty much has it all. You can shop here for clothing in all seasons. This includes outerwear, knits, dresses, shirts, lingerie, suits and more. The brand also has a huge line of accessories and jewelry, so you can get everything you need to complete your looks here. There’s a big selection of shoes as well.

You can get everything you need to wear without ever leaving the website, which is a pretty nice feature. If you enjoy having access to lots of stuff to buy, you’re going to have fun at this brand’s online si

The prices at Jil Sander are more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at COS. The high-end look and gorgeous fabrics used to make this clothing drives the price up a little higher.

Kin by John Lewis (Less Expensive)

Long Sleeve Dress for Women,Fashion Casual Elegant Round Neck Color Contrast Knit Midi with Pockets Dress Winter Clothes Cocktail Sexy Flowy Going Out Holiday Dress Christmas Dresses 2-Black

John Lewis is a prolific brand with a huge amount of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags in the catalog. But if you’re looking for simple elegance and classic style, look for the Kin line by John Lewis. This product line captures everything that shoppers love about COS: simple beauty, high-quality style and everyday fashion.

The Kin line by John Lewis has fashion for men and women and it has the everyday wear that people like to wear. Every day. That means sweats, T-shirts, knits, casual dresses, pants that can be casual or professional or semi-formal as the situation requires, plus the accessories to go with all of it. We didn’t even mention the casual, stylish shoes that go with the line.

Get all the elegant fashion you want with this brand. The looks are timeless but have plenty of modern styles and trendy silhouettes, too. The color palette is simple and the fabrics are beautiful. You can get it all for a little bit less, as the pricing for Kin products is lower than what you’ll pay, in general, for similar items from COS.

Mr Larkin (More Expensive)

Alex Evenings Women's Tea Length Printed Chiffon Dress with Shawl, Blush Multi, 12

Mr. Larkin makes clothing with a fun boho vibe. The colors, the flowing silhouettes and the somewhat vintage look of these clothes gives the Mr. Larkin brand a distinct look and a clear, cool vibe. The flowy fashions definitely have an elegant, classic look that’s similar to the styles you can find at COS.

Mr. Larkin makes clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry for women. The catalog is pretty varied. You can find everything from shirts and pants to jumpsuits and dresses. Mr. Larkin makes jeans, knitwear, outerwear and undergarments. You can dress entirely in this brand, if you like.

And if you like cool, classic, boho-like vintage styles, then you’re going to like Mr. Larkin fashion a lot. Soft and bright colors, rich fabrics, flattering designs. That’s what you can expect here.

This brand is slightly more expensive, on average, than similar styles you can buy at COS. However, Mr. Larkin hosts frequent sales in the online store, so you can always check here to see what might be discounted and nab some great fashion at a reduced price.

The Row (More Expensive)

Women Elegant Cold Shoulder V Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress Sparkle Rhinestone Splicing Cocktail Party Mini Dress

The Row draws inspiration from fashions found around the world to create modern, stunning styles in deceptively simple designs. These clothes look elegant and high-quality. They’re made with stunning neutral color shades and basic blacks and dark blues in classic silhouettes that echo some of the popular fashions you can find around the world. This global cultural influence gives the Row fashion a unique look that does set this brand apart from others.

Shop the Row for turtlenecks, T-shirts, knits, outerwear, denim, dresses, even occasion wear for special events and special looks. The Row makes fashion for men and women and it makes the bags, shoes and accessories to go along with it. That means you can get looks for everything you need to do here, from spending a casual day with friends to going to the office to a special event or party where you want to dress to kill. You know, figuratively speaking.

The fashion here is flowing and flattering, modern and timeless and it’s made with high-quality materials like cashmere, leather and silk. Because of the high fashion look and the materials used for these clothes, the Row is more expensive than COS. You’ll pay more the high-fashion, high-quality styles here. If you want to add some high-fashion pieces to your COS wardrobe, the Row is a great place to get started.

Theory (More Expensive)

Theory womens Cl St Jean Business Casual Pants, Black, 0 US

Shop at Theory to find clothing and accessories for men and women. And a lot of it. Like COS, Theory has a large selection of different clothing styles to choose from. This brand makes pants, blazers, dresses, jeans, loungewear, suits, knits, T-shirts and tons of accessories to go with it all. You can truly find everything here, from high-end cashmere to more affordable, everyday tees. Theory has a huge range of items, so you can dress for different dress codes and always look amazing.

Many items here come in multiple color options and all the items here are made with classic good looks You’ll see a lot of traditional silhouettes and wardrobe staples here, from flattering flare dresses to soft knits to figure-loving wrap designs. The clothes here are simple rather than flashy, a style that Theory has in common with COS. These are elegant, sophisticated, grown-up styles that are perfect for the office, for date night, for being out and about while looking amazing. The different color options make it easier for you to tailor your fashion to your own personal beauty.

You’ll find lots and lots of reasons to wear clothing from Theory. The prices here are more expensive than what you will pay for similar items from COS. Theory uses high-quality wool and other fabrics to make clothing, which makes the prices slightly higher than brands using more standard materials. Some items at Theory are priced similarly or even a little lower than COS, as not all items here are made with high-end fabrics.

Toast (More Expensive)

Christmas Dress Boho Elegant Plus Size Women's Printed Long Sleeve Round Neck Patchwork Long Empire Waist Flowy Clothes Womens Holiday Dresses 2022 Christmas Dresses Wedding Guest Dresses(8-Blue,XX-L

Fashion from Toast is made to look traditional, even vintage. This is classic fashion that looks like it’s classic. The items are not brightly colored or embellished. They are simple and made in muted color tones in elegant styles, qualities that Toast fashion shares with items you can find at COS.

The designs here are distinctly more retro or vintage in style, with classic silhouettes, patterns and little extras that are seen in more traditional styles. Little ruffles, simple stripe and check patterns and silhouettes that are made to be comfortable give designs from Toast a distinct look. This is comfortable everyday wear with a vintage vibe and an overall simple, elegant style.

If you want to look effortlessly cool and glamorous with a bit of vintage flair, Toast was made for you. This brand has a similar look to COS in some ways but Toast definitely has its own look going on, too.

If that sounds like you, Toast has captured your vibe. The clothing here is somewhat more expensive than items at COS that are similar but Toast often has sales and special deals to help you save on your style. Beautiful clothes are always great. Beautiful clothes on sale are perfect.

Weekday (Less Expensive)

Alex Evenings Women's Slimming Short Sheath 3/4 Sleeve Dress with Surplus Neckline, Navy, 14

If you like your style to have a bit of sex appeal, you’re going to like Weekday. This brand makes everything, even lingerie, so you can find all the items you need here. The clothes have a cool vintage look and usually, show a little bit of skin or otherwise ramp up the sexiness. This is style for those with a young, hot vibe who appreciate classic fashion.

You’ll find lots of knits, T-shirts, jeans and everyday basics at Weekday, along with swimwear, dresses, hoodies and all kinds of accessories and bags to help you complete all your outfits. There’s a huge selection of fashion here in lots of different colors and styles. Some have fun patterns, while others are more simple in design. There’s plenty of fashion to explore here.

Weekday prices are less expensive, on average, than items you can find at COS. That gives you the chance to get even more fashion for your money.

Whistles (Similar Pricing)

Womens Sweatshirt Crew Neck Puff Sleeve Pullover Elegant Sweaters Soft Fall Clothes

Pretty colors and flattering silhouettes rule the catalog of clothing from Whistles. Yes, this clothing is designed to get whistles. This brand makes it all, from the most casual daywear to formal wedding wear. You can even find styles to be worn seasonally or by occasion.

Shop here for T-shirts and sweatshirts, jeans and jumpsuits, knitwear, dresses, partywear, even maternity clothing. Whistle makes clothing in cashmere, velvet and leather, for when you need something more luxurious. You can even shop for styles that have sequins if that’s your thing. This is elegant clothing with a little bit of extra, such as touchable velvet or a flash of sequins. Because even elegance can be embellished.

Whistles makes clothing for women, along with all kinds of shoes, bags and accessories, so you can complete all of your looks. You won’t get bored shopping with this brand. The catalog is positively huge, with a vast selection and plenty of fashion options.

The pricing at Whistles is similar to what you’ll find at COS, so you can easily add this brand to your rotation and start shopping.

Wearing Brands Similar to COS

Well dress person with accessores torso only

COS fashion is all about beautiful style and elegant, trendless design. You can wear these styles again and again, no matter how many trends come and go. Find and wear brands similar to COS and find all the classic, beautiful fashion you want. Simple elegance is a look that will work for you on a casual day, at the office or wherever you happen to go.


Well dressed in a modern suit torso only

There’s still a lot to know about COS and brands similar to COS. We searched for the most asked questions about COS and brands similar to COS and got the answers so you can get all the info you want to have about this clothing brand.

What does COS mean?

COS means “Collection of Style.” The brand s actually an offshoot of H&M, another well-known name in fashion. COS is part of H&M but it operates independently as its own brand. The styles between the two brands are different and these brands tend to attract different customers, as H&M focuses on trendier styles.

Where are COS clothes made?

H&M does not publicly share specific information about where COS clothing is made. However, H&M works with 602 factories around the world. The bulk of these are located in China, Bangladesh and Turkey.

Can you wash COS clothing?

COS clothing is made with materials like linen, denim and cotton, along with silk and leather. Because COS also sells accessories and jewelry, items here are also made with precious metals. COS also uses many types of wool.

All of these different materials are washed differently. Linen, cotton and denim are all made with natural fibers. These materials can potentially shrink in heat, so you must wash them in cold water and dry them on low heat settings.

Silk, on the other hand, can’t necessarily be machine-washed. This is a luxury material and it’s not usually as easy as tossing it into the washing machine. You might want to hand-wash your silk and allow it to air dry, rather than trying to put it through the machines.

No matter what your clothing or jewelry or accessories are made from, be it metal or leather or cloth, there should be instructions on how to care for the material included with the product. On clothing, you will find this on a label inside the item of clothing somewhere. As for jewelry, there are special jewelry cleaners designed to clean gold, silver and other jewelry metals.

Read the care instructions for your items and if you aren’t sure, find out what your items are made from and use this information to search for the best way to care for the material online.


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