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12 Brands Similar to Faherty

Wearing fashion clothing at the beach

If your style is casual and effortless and beach-ready, the Faherty band was pretty much made for you. This brand focuses on cool, comfortable clothing that would look great at the beach, at the grocery store and anywhere else you need to go when you’re wearing a casual but stylish look. You can get all the casual items you want to wear here and you’ll find it all with a cool, laid-back style. But if you like Faherty’s whole deal, there are brands similar to Faherty you can use to round out your wardrobe. Get to know these brands and get more of the fashion you want.

History of Faherty

If you look for the founder of Faherty, you aren’t seeing double. The brand was founded by two identical twins and they’ve turned it into a family affair, bringing their mother and one of their wives onboard to help run Faherty. And yes, that’s their last name.

People on beach with sun in background

Mike Faherty, one of the twins, dreamed of having his own clothing brand even as a young man. He wrote about this goal in a college essay in 2000. Mike spent years working at Ralph Lauren before launching his own brand, along with his brother, in 2013. He learned the ins and outs of the fashion business and he learned more about his own personal style, which was heavily influenced by his New England upbringing.

Mike launched the brand with casual, comfortable style in mind. He launched the brand to sell the kind of everyday clothing that people actually wear. And with his ideas and his designs, he struck gold.

The Faherty Brand

Faherty’s success now speaks for itself. The brand has hundreds of locations and a big online presence. Faherty makes casual clothing and accessories of all kinds for men, women and children. You can shop this label for T-shirts, polos, pants, sweaters, hoodies and all the beachy looks you want, plus the accessories to finish it all off beautifully.

Person relaxing on the beach in casual clothes

However, the brand has another special feature that sets it apart from many others: eco-friendliness. Faherty is a sustainable brand that uses ethical business practices. Many items in the catalog are made with natural and recycled materials. Some shoppers of the brand don’t even know about this feature, while others shop at Faherty only for this reason.

Finding Brands Similar to Faherty

Faherty stands out as a casual wear brand that makes high-quality clothing. In fact, the brand advertises that the clothes are made to last for a lifetime. Faherty has got style, eco-friendliness and lots of other features to love. But there are brands similar to Faherty that have some of the same characteristics that people love about this brand.

Sunglasses on the beach

Allbirds (Less Expensive)

Allbirds has all the casual clothing you want. If you believe in a simple wardrobe of T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks and underwear, Allbirds is your brand because this is what they carry. Most styles here are available in multiple colors and in many size options, so you can find exactly what you want.

Women’s Sexy Sleeveless High Neck Racerback Cropped Tank Tops Cute Teen Girls Halter Neck Crop Tops Vest Black Large

Allbirds makes clothing for men, women and children. Along with casual everyday clothing, the catalog is full of athletic and casual shoes, including hiking shoes and water-repellent sneakers. Allbirds fashion is typically simple and unembellished, straightforward designs that just let good design speak for itself.

The prices here are somewhat less expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items at Faherty.

Billabong (Less Expensive)

If you like cool, beachy style, you’ll like the fashion you find at Billabong. Classic patterns and interesting color combinations fill up the catalog here. Billabong is famous for making surfing fashion, which gives it a similar beach-friendly look to the casual styles you can find at Faherty.

Billabong Arch Fill Long Sleeve Tee Navy LG

Shop Billabong for jackets, jeans, hoodies, flannels, T-shirts, tank tops and submersible shorts, something you’ll want to have if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the water. Billabong uses a simple color palette of mostly neutrals and Earth tones. The Billabong branding often features somewhere on items. There are a lot of soft colors and fun patterns, along with solid-colored items. The catalog is full of choices, something Billabong has in common with Faherty.

Billabong uses classic silhouettes and casual wardrobe essentials to create a product line full of stylish, beach-ready clothing. The prices here are less expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items at Faherty.

Buckle (Less Expensive)

If your style is just a little less beach and more like a western ranch, turn to Buckle. This brand is known for T-shirts and jeans, along with all the other items you need to put together a great casual wardrobe. You can find boardshorts here and styles for men, women and children.

Amazon Essentials Men's Straight-Fit Stretch Jean, Dark Wash, 36W x 30L

Shop Buckle for loungewear, jackets, shirts, sweaters, tops and all the accessories you want to go along with it. Buckle also carries a big selection of shoes that includes all the casual styles, right down to flip flops. Yes, you can get western styles here, too.

This is casual clothing with both a western and west coast sort of flair. Buckle makes styles that are classic but colorful with interesting color combinations and eye-catching graphic designs. The prices here are less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Faherty.

Hot Topic (Less Expensive)

The bright colors and graphic designs at Hot Topic definitely speak to younger fashion lovers but the designs are distinctly retro. There are a lot of pop culture references that are decades old, which gives the clothing a sort of 1990s vibe. This was a go-to fashion brand in the 1990s, so it makes sense that Hot Topic’s style would reflect these roots.

Hot Topic Black Pierced Beanie Black One Size

Shop Hot Topic for tops, bottoms, hoodies and all the casual fashion pieces you want. Hot Topic also carries a big range of bags and accessories. This brand makes clothing for men and women in a range of casual styles. All the classics are here and many of them have that distinctly vintage 1990s look to them.

The fashion here is less expensive, on average, than the prices you will pay for similar pieces at Faherty. Hot Topic makes fun, trendy clothing with retro flair, something you can only pull off if you have a cool, beach-ready sort of attitude.

Matuse (Less Expensive)

Shop Matuse to find plenty of sporty, casual looks. This brand carries sweatshirts, boardshorts, T-shirts and other athletic wear. The catalog here is full of neutral colors and simple Earth tones in modern, casual designs that are made to look and feel good.

CUPSHE Women's Summer Slip Boho Maxi Dress Lace Up Tassel V-Neck Flare Ruffle Beach Dresses White S

The style here is casual and simple, with very discreet branding and a few heavy graphic designs. You can also get wetsuits under this label, just in case you plan on being super sporty. Matuse makes the items you need to get active outdoors and look pretty good while you’re doing it.

Matuse makes clothing for men and kids in comfortable, everyday styles. The pricing here is less expensive than the prices you will pay for similar items from Faherty.

Mollusk (Less Expensive)

This brand is named for a marine creature and it makes clothing that’s perfect for marine activities. Shop Mollusk for T-shirts, board shorts, shirts, jackets, pants, accessories and shoes to complete all of your outfits. Mollusk makes clothing for men, women and children. You can even get surfboards and wetsuits here, along with other gear and equipment you need to enjoy the water that’s next to the beach.

Kanu Surf Men's Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Monaco Navy, Large

The style here is colorful and casual and cool. The designs are made to fit well and feel good, in casual styles that appeal to shoppers of all ages. Mollusk makes fashion for people in their 20s, 30s and beyond.

The prices here are somewhat less expensive than what you’ll pay when you’re shopping for the same type of items at Faherty.

PacSun (Less Expensive)

If you’re looking for a truly huge catalog of cool and casual threads to buy, look no further than PacSun. This brand makes all kinds of casual clothes that would look great on the beach or just about anywhere else you want to go.

REORIA Womens Casual Summer One Piece Sleeveless Tank Top Playsuits Short Jumpsuit Beach Rompers Black Medium

Shop PacSun to find styles for men, women and children. You can also find unisex styles here. This brand makes T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, shorts, boardshorts, jackets, sweatpants, jeans and all the other casual items you might want to wear, too. This brand has a big range of fashion and a whole lot of products to choose from.

The catalog here is full of colors and bold graphic designs, classic patterns and cool distressed styles. The PacSun brand is all about young and trendy fashion for people who like the young and trendy look.

PacSun makes highly affordable fashion, offering clothing that is not only reasonably priced but also by hosting frequent sales events that provide even more opportunities. PacSun fashion is less expensive, on the whole, than Faherty.

Pact (Less Expensive)

If you like Faherty’s commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, you’re going to love Pact. This brand offers clothing made in a fair trade factory with organic cotton. All the clothes here are soft and simple, with most styles made in multiple color options.

JEKAOYI Mens Casual Linen Cotton Button Down Short Sleeve Shirts Cuban Camp Guayabera Beach Tops Blue

Pact makes clothing for men, women, children and babies. You can dress everyone in this brand. You can even get bedding here if you love organic cotton. Pact makes a huge line of products that includes underwear, socks, shoes, shorts, sweatshirts, sleepwear and sweaters, not to mention accessories to go along with it.

Pact has a big line of casual clothing in mostly neutral color shades made through fair trade practices with organic cotton, something that many fans of the brand love. If you like the casual, ethical clothing you can find at Faherty, you will like Pact, too. the pricing here is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Faherty.

Quiksilver (Less Expensive)

If you like your beachy fashion with a little bit of flair, take a look at Quiksilver fashions. This brand makes simple clothing for men and women in a huge range of colors and all the classic styles. Shop here to find T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, board shorts and lots of different clothes designed for outdoor activities.

Quiksilver Men's Omni Check Long Sleeve Tee Shirt, Black, Medium

You can also find bags, shoes and accessories at Quiksilver, all the items you need to complete all of your activewear and casual outfits. The styles here are made with comfortable silhouettes with Quiksilver branding. The catalog contains mostly solid colors and a huge range of different items to choose from.

Quiksilver is less expensive, in general, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Faherty. You can easily add this brand to your shopping rotation without breaking your budget.

Reef (Less Expensive)

Classic patterns, bold graphics and lots of colors make up the catalog at Reef. This brand makes everyday clothing that’s perfect for spending time outdoors or hanging around inside. Reef makes clothing for men, women and children and it makes a wide range of products.

Reef Mens Fleece Hoodie - Legacy (Dusty Blue, X-Large)

Shop Reef for T-shirts, hoodies, pants, shorts and accessories to finish off all your outfits. You can also find a huge range of shoes under this label. Reef clothing isn’t just casual, it’s also a lot of fun. This is very carefree style that’s easy to wear and fun to shop for.

Reef clothing is offered in multiple color options in classic silhouettes that fit well and look good. Sho this brand to get all the fun, casual fashion you want. The prices here are less expensive than what you’ll pay when you’re shopping at Faherty.

United by Blue (Similar Pricing)

United By Blue’s style is a little more rugged. This is clothing that’s ready for all sorts of outdoor adventures, whether you’re going to climb a mountain or go relax on the beach. Many items here are available in multiple color options and United By Blue uses a lot of colors, so you can find fashion that suits your personal style pretty easily.

United By Blue Soft Trail Sock - Cream (L)

United By Blue makes clothing for men and women, along with home items. The catalog is full of classic patterns like plaid and some color block designs, along with more straightforward solid-color looks. You can get everything you want to wear here, including tops, bottoms, loungewear and outerwear. Shop for shoes and accessories to finish off all your outfits, too.

This brand has similar pricing to Faherty and a similar cool, casual look. If your style is active and colorful and stylish, you’re going to like the items you find a United By Blue.

Urban Outfitters (Less Expensive)

Urban Outfitters is known for streetwear and for being cool, something the brand has in common with Faherty. The selection of products here is absolutely huge and Urban Outfitters is always offering new styles, as the clothing here represents all the hottest and latest trends in clothing.

Urban Outfitters Free People Backyard Hoodie, Ecru Combo, SM

Shop Urban Outfitters to find styles for women and men. Urban Outfitters makes graphic T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, jeans and activewear, just for starters. You can actually find everything you want to wear here, including hats and accessories to finish off all your looks. Urban Outfitters even makes shoes.

This brand makes an enormous selection of items in multiple color selections. All the styles here are hip and young and trendy. You can find a lot of colors, graphic images and eye-catching patterns when it comes to clothing here.

Urban Outfitters prices are less expensive and slightly more affordable, on average, than the prices you will pay for like items at Faherty.

Wearing Brands Similar to Faherty

Surfers on the beach with sunlight

Faherty is unique not just in the fashion it offers but also in the way the brand conducts business. However, there are brands that have some characteristics in common with Faherty. if you’re looking for brands similar to Faherty to complete your wardrobe, they are out there. Once you know more about these brands, you’ll know more options for creating your own signature style and developing your own distinct looks.


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