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12 Brands Similar to LoveShackFancy

Lots of clothing hanging up

What’s your wardrobe like? If you like clothes that are colorful, cute, pretty and perfect for wearing every day, any time, for whatever you might be doing, then you like LoveShackFancy. This label has stolen hearts with its whimsical, pretty fashions that are classic and stylish. Expand your cute, colorful wardrobe with clothing from brands similar to LoveShackFancy and start exploring all sorts of different styles and items to create lots of new looks.

Where Did LoveShackFancy Come From?

Person in boho dress kneeling

LoveShackFancy clothing has a distinct look. It’s a little bit boho, a little bit vintage, classic and stylish and pretty all at the same time. The clothes are comfortable and made in traditional silhouettes. Lightweight fabrics with ruffles and gathers are everywhere in the LoveShackFancy catalog. This brand has taken the fashion world by storm and drawn the eyes of many fans. But where did it come from in the first place?

Rebecca Cohen was a fashion editor in 2013…and she was planning her wedding. No matter where she searched, she could not find the right bridesmaid dresses. Like many brides, she had a clear vision for her wedding. The dresses she was finding just weren’t capturing it.

So Rebecca decided to make her own bridesmaid dresses. She envisioned “dreamy silk halter dresses that captured an ethereal but sexy sensibility.” So…definitely a step up from the usual bridesmaid dresses, then.

As you might imagine, “everyone loved them,” according to Rebecca. In fact, they wanted to buy the dresses. Rebecca took that one step further and started hand-dyeing dresses in her backyard. She sold them at trunk shows and pretty soon, she had a successful brand on her hands.

LoveShackFancy has become highly popular and now the label is on all sorts of different items. LoveShackFancy sells skirts, tops, knitwear, loungewear, swimwear, pants, matching sets and a whole bunch of accessories, including jewelry, bags, shoes, sunglasses and hair items. In other words, you can pretty much get all the fashion you want to wear here.

Finding Brands Similar to LoveShackFancy

Person in short boho dress standing outside

The “dreamy” look of LoveShackFancy has definitely captured hearts, minds and closets everywhere. The air fabrics, the pretty colors, the classic look, it all gives the brand a distinct look. But there are brands similar to LoveShackFancy that capture some of the same elements you like. Explore these other labels to expand your style and take your fashion game to the next level.

LoveShackFancy and similar brands appeal to women of all ages, from their late teens to their 40s and beyond. These clothes are sensual but not sexy, with a princessy vibe that can be worn by a woman of any age. If you like pretty fashion, you’re a potential LoveShackFancy customer.

Buddy Love (Less Expensive)

Winter Jacket for Women,2022 Fall Clothes Trendy Fluffy Shaggy Oversized Plush Warm Winter Coat,Plus Size Solid Long Sleeve Button Down Front Open Cardigan Sweater Outwear White

Like LoveShackFancy, Buddy Love makes clothing and accessories for women. If you like the classic patterns, bright colors and fun, pretty style you can find at LoveShackFancy, you’re going to like Buddy Love. These clothes are casual and cute, brightly colored and made to be comfortable but flattering.

Pants, leggings, skirts, bodysuits, blouses, knitwear, graphic T-shirts and all sorts of dresses make up the catalog at Buddy Love. This brand sells many similar items to LoveShack Fancy and like LoveShackFancy, the clothes here are colorful and fun to wear. Many items come in multiple color options, in fact, so you can customize your style.

Buddy Love also carries items for men and kids and they create matching family outfits to make your photos over-the-top adorable. Buddy Love describes itself as a “southern, boho lifestyle brand inspired by beach vibes.” That’s exactly what you can find here.

The prices at Buddy Love are less expensive than similar items you can find at LoveShackFancy.

Chicwish (Less Expensive)

CHICWISH Women's Black Mock Neck Ruched Long Sleeves Knit Top Sweater Pullover

If your style is a little less boho and a little more preppy, turn to Chicwish. The clothes here are casually elegant with just a touch of that boho coolness. Fringed skirts, cardigan sweaters that tie with a bow, gorgeous florals, classic silhouettes, sophisticated fashion with just a bit of a vintage design.

Chicwish clothes are definitely where classic style meets elegant modern fashion. The catalog has a huge selection of items that includes tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses and accessories that include jewelry, bags, hats, belts and everything you want to embellish your outfits.

The clothing here is less expensive than similar items you can find at LoveShackFancy. Chicwish also offers lots of discounts and sales, so you always feel like you’re saving money when you shop this brand.

Christy Dawn (Similar Pricing)

Women's Jumpsuit Floral Print V Neck Loose Sleeves Double Ruffle Hem Short Mini Dress (as1, Alpha, m, Regular, Regular, Mint Green, Medium)

Soft, casual, pretty, classic. These are words you might use to describe the clothes at Christy Dawn. If you like the boho-inspired dresses and interesting knitwear you can find at LoveShackFancy, you’re going to like the look of Christy Dawn.

The catalog here is full of dresses, blazers, blouses, loungewear, footwear and all kinds of everyday items. These clothes are casual and pretty, with maternity-friendly options available as well. Christy Dawn prides itself on being a sustainable brand. Christy Dawn uses organic cotton and regenerative alpaca hair to create clothing. People who prefer to shop sustainably can find everything they want with Christy Dawn.

The pricing at Christy Dawn is on par with what you find at LoveShackFancy. The two brands have very similar pricing for like items, so you can shop at either and spend about the same amount of money.

Cleobella (Less Expensive)

Cleobella Women's Cora Mini Dress, Paisley Print, L

Cleobella is all about airy fabrics, eye-catching patterns, elegant boho chic. In other words, it’s just the type of brand that fans of LoveShackFancy might want to wear. Loose, blousey fits and soft ruffles give the clothes a distinct look. Classic patterns and unique floral patterns infuse some fun styles into some of the options here.

There’s a lot to like at Cleobella, including dresses, pants, tops, knitwear and accessories to match it all. Find hats, wallets, jewelry, whatever you need to set off your outfits. The style here is definitely glamorous boho with a casual-to-semi-formal look. The airy fabrics and flattering fits are comfortable and pretty, sensual without being sexy.

This brand has a lot in common with the look of LoveShackFancy clothes. Get a look at the fashion at Cleobella and you’ll like what you see. The clothing here is somewhat less expensive than similar items you can find at LoveShackFancy.

Cult Gaia (More Expensive)

Women Spaghetti Strap Sleeveless Bodycon Long Dress Cut Out Halter High Split Maxi Dress Club Beach Evening Night Dress

What happens when the boho look goes high-end? It looks a lot like Cult Gaia. If you love the way LoveShackFancy clothes look but you need something with a more high-fashion or red-carpet look, you need Cult Gaia.

These clothes are flattering and trendy but with vintage appeal. They have fun embellishments, like cutouts, breezy fabrics, feathers and ruffles. But they also have that fashion runway vibe to them that you need sometimes. It’s like the more fancy version of LoveShackFancy dresses, which are more about everyday wear. This is only everyday wear if you insist on looking like a couture model every day.

Because of the high fashion look and the extra embellishments and careful designs, Cult Gaia is more expensive than LoveShackFancy. Cult Gaia makes gowns, outerwear, tops, swimwear, boots and so many bags, shoes and accessories to go with it all, you can almost never run out of stuff to buy.

The collection here changes with the seasons to reflect new fashions and new style trends. Explore Gult Gaia and explore all the fashions here for those times when you want to look a lot more red carpet and still maintain your cool, boho chic sort of vibe.

Petal + Pup (Less Expensive)

Women Off Shoulder Long Dresses Summer Holiday Party Satin Wedding Maxi Dress Dark Green M

When you want your everyday clothing to look good and have a classic and trendy style at the same time, you want to wear fashion like the stuff you’ll find at Petal + Pup. The catalog here is full of everyday fashion with a little bit of flare and a soft, pretty style.

The catalog here is full of rich jewel tones, great neutrals and basic blacks in casual, stylish designs. Come here to shop for dresses of any kind. The selection here is huge. You can search for a dress by season, by style, by color, even for the type of event you’re attending. Petal + Pup has a nice selection of bump-friendly dresses, too.

Petal + Pup carries a huge range of different fashion items that includes tops, pants, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, sleepwear…well, if you’re going to wear it, you will probably find it here. There’s also a big selection of accessories, jewelry and shoes. You’ll always find plenty of stuff to shop for here.

Petal + Pup is less expensive than LoveShackFancy. If you like a huge selection of fashion and you like the more boho casual look of LoveShackFancy, you’ll like Petal + Pup.

Pixie Market (Less Expensive)

Mac Duggal Evening 5124D Jewel Long Sleeves Evening Dress, Mocha, 14

If you want your boho style to have a more sophisticated edge to it, get a look at the fashions at Pixie Market. This is boho with a grown-up vibe, fashion that’s airy and flowy that has a ton of style. You can wear these fashions to the office, on a date, or out shopping. In fact, wear them anywhere. Pixie Market makes everyday to semi-formal clothing that simply looks beautiful in any setting.

The drapey fabrics and classic silhouettes are flattering and pretty, something this brand has in common with LoveShackFancy. Pixie Market makes a lot of everyday and occasion dresses, along with tops and bottoms that allow you to mix and match your various looks. Complete your outfits with outerwear and accessories. Pixie Market has it all, so you can put together all kinds of head-turning looks.

The clothes here are less expensive than similar items at LoveShackFancy, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at everything Pixie Market has in their big catalog of pretty fashion.

Reddress (Less Expensive)

GENERIC Women Plus Size Dresses Long a Line v neck Ruffles Chiffon Formal Wedding Party dress Soiree (Color : Black, Size : X-Large code)

You might guess it from the name, but Reddress carries a big selection of dresses. What LovEShackFancy buyers like about Reddress is the vintage vibe of the clothing here. There are lots of classic patterns and color combinations that evoke the ghosts of fashions past here, but with a cute and modern feel that appeals to lots of today’s fashionistas.

The clothing here definitely has a boho look to it and there are lots of vintage-inspired designs to fall in love with. In addition to dresses for every single occasion from the most casual to the most formal, Reddress carries swimwear of all kinds, including all the sandals and sunglasses to o with it. There’s a big selection of clothing that includes graphic T-shirts, knitwear, sweatshirts, two-piece sets, tops and bottoms, jeans, pretty much whatever you want to wear. You can even buy pajamas with Redddress.

There’s also a big selection of shoes and accessories of all types. Reddress has it all, and plenty of ales events to help you save money when you shop. The prices here are less expensive than the amounts you’ll pay for similar items at LoveShackFancy. So if you’re looking to shop for the fashion you like while spending a little less money, start looking through the Reddress catalog.

Sabo (Less Expensive)

Boho Dress for Women Maxi, One Shoulder Ruffle Dress Porsha Williams Favorites Clothes Tank Dresses Summer 2021 Women's Sexy Slit Hem Floral Short Sleeve Loose Casual Dress Short (S, Cyan)

Sabo makes beachy looks that definitely have that boho look to them. Breezy fabrics, pastel colors and comfortable, flattering fits fill up the catalog here. Lace-up embellishments, ruffles, gathers and gorgeous silhouettes add pretty details to the clothing here. Shop here for dresses, outerwear, knitwear, swimwear, tops, bottoms and every type of accessory you might want to complete your looks.

The breezy, beachy vibe of the clothing at Sabo has a lot in common with the boho styles you can find at LoveShackFancy. If you like one brand, you will probably love the clothes you can find at both. Sabo’s prices are less expensive than LoveShackFancy, so you can spend less when buying similar items at Sabo.

Selkie (Similar Pricing)

Piacakece Women Cute Puffy Dress Printed Bell Sleeve Square Neck Mesh Ruffle Bubble Dress (E-Green, S)

Like LoveShackFancy, Selkie’s catalog is built on interesting, pretty dresses that have their own distinct style look. If you like the romantic, fairy-tale vibe of LoveShackFancy, you will love the ethereal designs you find in the Selkie catalog. These two brands are definitely style soul mates.

Shades of bubblegum pink and cornflower blue fill up the catalog here, which is populated with dresses that are full of ruffles in pretty, airy designs made up of soft fabrics. Flattering silhouettes make these dresses gorgeous on all body types. There’s a definite boho-inspired, vintage look to the dresses here.

Selkie also carries tops and bottoms, skirts, outerwear and knitwear, so you can add even more flattering, fairytale-like clothing to your wardrobe. Selkie fashion and LoveShackFancy have a similar vibe and clearly share the same style influences. Even the pricing here is the same. So when you want to expand your closet with even more of the styles you love and you love the items you find at LoveShackFancy, see the clothes at Selkie.

Shein (Less Expensive)

SheIn Women's Long Sleeve Open Front Crop Cardigan Drop Shoulder Shrug Ribbed Knit Bolero Sweater Solid Apricot Medium

Shein is all about affordable fashion. If you like to spend less and you think finding bargains is fun, you will find limitless amounts of joy a Shein. There are tons of fashions here at highly affordable prices. Shein carries lots of great casual fashion, with plenty of vintage-like looks and classic wardrobe pieces.

The clothes are Shein are available in a wide array of colors and plenty of retro and modern styles that help you create great looks. You can find all sorts of items to wear here, including graphic T-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, outerwear, blazers, lingerie, loungewear, activewear and, of course, all sorts of dresses. There’s a big selection of shoes and accessories at Shein, too.

Affordable fashion with lots of vintage, timeless designs and classic style with pricing that is less expensive than similar items you can find at LoveShackFancy. If any of that sounds good to you, start shopping at Shein.

Staud (Similar Pricing)

STAUD Women's Shoko Sweater, Tan/White, L

Everything you like about LoveShackFancy, you can find in the clothing at Staud. Amazing colors, breezy designs, classic good looks and vintage fashion at its best is what you’ll find here. There’s a definite retro and boho look to these fashions but plenty of modern style to turn heads everywhere.

Staud carries handbags, accessories, shoes and pet items, along with an extensive catalog of clothing. The fashion here includes dresses for all kinds of occasions, tops, skirts, pants, knits and outerwear that will give you a retro chic look everywhere. Staud makes casual and semi-formal styles that would look great in any office and it makes them in gorgeous colors and fabrics.

Staud has similar pricing to LoveShackFancy, so you don’t have to spend more to get even more of the fashion style you love. You’ll find a lot of similarities between the two brands and a lot of items of clothing to love at Staud.

Wearing Brands Similar to LoveShackFancy

Person outside in pretty floral dress

LoveShackFancy became a standout brand for its “dreamy,” fairytale-like boho fashion that’s pretty and flattering and made for all women with all shapes. These clothes are made to be flattering and they’re made in the comfortable styles that women want. But LoveShackFancy isn’t the only brand making pretty fashions that are flattering and classic and stylish all at the same time.

Now that you know where to find brands similar to LoveShackFancy, you know how to expand your wardrobe with the style you like and find all kinds of clothes that are going to look good on you and turn heads everywhere you happen to be.


Person wearing pretty pink boho dress

LoveShackFancy is a pretty new brand in the fashion game but this label has definitely gained a lot of attention in recent years. There’s a lot that’s still unknown about LoveShackFancy, compared to many of the more established brands out there. We looked for the most frequently asked questions about this brand and got the answers to help take some of the mystery out of this popular clothing label. This info might answer some of the questions you’ve had about this brand.

Where can you buy quality women’s clothing?

It isn’t always easy to find stylish women’s clothing at affordable prices. When you want quality for an affordable price, it can be a bit of a pain. But LoveShackFancy and brands similar to LoveShackFancy use quality materials and techniques to put together stylish, beautiful clothing that wears well and looks great.

When a brand is extremely popular and highly endorsed by fashionistas and style experts, you can expect good quality. This is just what you’ll find with LoveShackFancy.

Where are LoveShackFancy clothes made?

LoveShackFancy clothes are made in India, a decision that was made intentionally by the brand’s designer and creator, Rebecca Cohen. The weaving techniques, embroidery and beading used to make LoveShackFancy clothes have a definite Indian style influence, so locating the manufacturing here made sense for the brand. Indian clothing-making techniques and boho style definitely go hand in hand.

How do you get the right size in LoveShackFancy clothes?

Wearing a stylish boho outfit

Clothing sizes tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so the size you wear with one isn’t the same as what you wear with the other. Now throw in the fact that Europe and Asia use a different sizing system entirely that isn’t based on the same system as the U.S., and shopping for clothes can turn into a horror movie.

Size charts are the best way to find clothes in the right size from any manufacturer. Start by measuring yourself. The three main measurements you need to take are bust, waist and hips. Your bustline and hips should be measured at their widest point. Measure your waist at the thinnest.

To properly measure yourself, stand up straight and simply breathe normally. Wrap the tape measure around yourself in a straight line that goes all the way around your body at the right point. The tape measure should be flush against your skin, neither loose nor tight. You should be able to continue breathing normally as you measure yourself.

Record the measurement down to at least a half-inch to get an accurate size. Compare your measurements against the size charts on the manufacturer’s website and you will get clothing in the perfect size every time. As long as you use your own measurements and match these to the clothing measurements, you will get clothing that fits well. No matter what you wear, start with a good fit. Otherwise, nothing you wear will look good on your body.


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