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14 Brands Similar to Shein

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Once upon a time, people used to shop for everything they needed at huge department stores. They’d come here to get toys, home items, clothing, jewelry, shoes, all of it. Now, the internet exists. And stores like Shein exist. This is essentially an online department store where you can buy just about everything, stuff to put in your home and lots of stuff to wear on your body. Shein carries it all, fashion for all genders and all ages. But this isn’t the only brand offering a huge selection of items at affordable prices. There are other brands similar to Shein that you can use to do all kinds of shopping.

History of Shein

If you haven’t already heard of Shein, just wait. This fashion brand has truly taken the world by storm, becoming the large online-only fashion company in the entire world. Shein even became the most-downloaded app in the world, overtaking retail powerhouse Amazon.

Wearing fashion outfit and carrying handbag body only

If you can beat Amazon at something, you are winning.

The story of Shein’s success is simple: this brand gives people what they want. If you’re a shopaholic, Shein is going to be your drug of choice. The website adds thousands of new styles every single week and it provides clothes that are highly affordable.

Fashion outfit studio shot body only

What’s not to like? And people do. Shein has become a beloved brand around the world and new shoppers are discovering this label every single day. However, there’s even more to discover. Find brands similar to Shein and find a whole world full of affordable fashion.

Finding Brands Similar to Shein

Casual fashion outfit body only

Looking for a brand similar to Shein? They are out there and they do have a lot of fashion for you. Start exploring these brands to start adding a whole lot of style to your wardrobe.

1015 Store (Similar Pricing)

If you love the broad range of fashion and affordable prices you find at Shein, make room in your heart for fashions from 1015 Store. This brand doesn’t have the enormous range of products you can find at Shein, because few brands do, but it has got a whole lot of affordable women’s fashion if that’s your kind of thing.

Amazon Essentials Women's Classic-Fit 100% Cotton Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt (Available in Plus Size), Pack of 2, Black/White, Medium

Shop 1015 Store for dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpsuits and more. You can even shop here for items that cost $15 and under for days when your clothing budget is really strained. There are a lot of great styles here in pretty colors, classic silhouettes, trendy designs and cool vintage fashions.

Find all kinds of fashion at 1015 Store. If you like the affordable, varied and fun fashion you find at Shein, you should start shopping at 1015 Store, too. Even the pricing here is similar to what you will pay at Shein, so you won’t have to increase your shopping budget to add this brand to your browsing rotation.

Aliexpess (Similar Pricing)

If you like shopping online for a lot of affordable stuff, you probably already know Alipexpress. This huge online retailer sells a massive amount of stuff. This is one of the few online retailers with a product line that’s big enough and varied enough to rival even Shein.

Dokotoo Womens Sun Casual V Neckline Long Sleeve Open Back Floral Print Mini Dress Bohemian Fashion Skater A Line Ruffle Hem Beach Dresses White Medium

Shop Aliexpress for electronics, jewelry, pet stuff, sporting equipment, tools, even automotive stuff. Yeah. Aliexpress seriously doesn’t know when to quit. Of course, you can shop here for an enormous selection of fashion, too.

Aliexpress truly has everything in fashion you can wear. That includes bodysuits, jeans, swimwear, dresses, sweaters, suits, jackets and everything else you might want to wear. The prices here are highly affordable and, in fact, are very similar to what you will pay at Shein. If you like Shein’s selection and pricing, you’ll have lots of reasons to like Aliexpress, too.

BerryLook (Similar Pricing)

Like Shein, BerryLook carries a huge selection of fashion for men and women. But that’s all you’ll find here: fashion. If you’re looking for lots of style options, you can definitely find that here. If you’re looking for everything else, head back to Shein.

Summer Women Cotton Linen Tshirt Tops Trendy Short Sleeve Casual Flower Tunic Tees Comfy Soft Crewneck Flowy Blouses

Shop BerryLook for all clothing items, everything from dresses to T-shirts to jeans to blazers. The fashion here appeals to a wide audience and people of all ages, something that sets it apart from Shein. Where Shein appeals mostly to young people and people who like young fashion, BerryLook has a more classic and sophisticated appeal.

Find lots of classic and elegant styles here, looks that aren’t quite so trendy. What you will find is a lot of selection. BerryLook offers most items in a big range of color options, so you can truly find the styles that are right for you. BerryLook has pricing similar to Shein, so you won’t end up spending more when you’re shopping for this brand.

Boohoo (Similar Pricing)

If you think fashion should be hot and trendy, we think you’ll like Boohoo. This brand carries trendy fashion that has a cool vibe. Beautiful materials, like satin and leather, appear in the catalog frequently, and Boohoo isn’t afraid of bold, bright colors. Like Shien, this brand offers a big range of men’s and women’s fashions.

Mens Fashion Athletic Hoodies Sport Sweatshirt Solid Color Fleece Pullover Khaki 3XL

Shop this brand for dresses, tops, beauty items, shoes and accessories of all kinds. The catalog is full of hoodies, athleticwear, tracksuits, loungewear, denim, blazer, swimwear, you name it. You can find clothes for the office, clothes for date night, clothes for just relaxing and even clothes for weddings.

Boohoo has a truly huge selection of fashion and adds new items to the catalog every week, so you can keep coming back here to see what’s new and hot in style. The prices here are very similar to Shein. You’ll pay the same amount for similar items across both brands.


Affordable fashion in bright colors and pretty styles in a big catalog of choices. ChicMe and Shein both have these qualities in common. You can find all types of clothing here, from party dresses to two-piece sets to lingerie. ChicMe carries a vast selection of styles at prices that are similar to what you’ll pay with Shein.

CHICME Women's Christmas Tree Print Ruffles Sheer Mesh Puffed Sleeve Tops Lace Round Neck Blouse Shirt 2 Pink S

Shop here to find dresses, jackets, activewear and everything else you might want to wear, including shoes and accessories, at affordable prices in great, trendy designs. A lot of pieces here are embellished and detailed with bling and little extras that give the clothes here a more high-end look.

This isn’t luxury fashion, but it definitely looks like it could be. ChicMe style is all about what’s popular now and what’s going to look great on you, and that’s why so many people love this brand.

You might, too.

FairySeason (Similar Pricing)

What’s hot in fashion right now? What are people wearing? What’s trendy and fresh? Answer all of these questions at FairySeason. Here, you can find the newest fashions and see all the latest looks. Whether it’s gorgeous knits in winter or short shorts in summer, FairySeason has all the young, hot styles that people want to wear in a big range of color options.

Summer Tops Women Casual Spaghetti Strap Lace Floral Tank Top Cami Shirt Grey M

Shop FairySeason for dresses, swimwear, activewear, hoodies, denim, lingerie, you name it. You can also shop here for shoes and accessories. There are seasonal and holiday items here, too, so you can look totally current for everywhere you need to go.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Shein. The big catalog of trendy fashion is similar to Shein, too. Fairy Season sells only clothing for women but this brand makes up for this lack of product diversity by selling a lot of fashion that’s frequently updated.

Goodnight Macaroon (More Expensive)

Shein is a great go-to source for affordable fashion in a lot of trendy looks. Goodnight Macaroon is a great source for slightly more elegant and expensive style that’s more professional and semi-formal in design. There are a lot of beautiful knits and gorgeous blazers, head-turning coats and pretty blouses and dresses that will make people take a closer look.

Goodnight Macaroon Womens Fringed Lace Pullover Blouse, Black, X-Small

The style here is a little more sophisticated than Shein, appealing to a slightly older and more professional customer base. Goodnight Macaroon makes only clothing, handbags and shoes for women, but there are plenty of items in the catalog that is updated with new items regularly.

The prices here are a little more expensive, on average, than the price you’ll pay for similar items from Shein.

Lighinthebox (Similar Pricing)

Like Shein, Lightintbebox serves as an online department store offering a huge range of products that include toys, electronics, home and garden, phones and accessories and lots more. Of course, Lightinthebox is best known for its big selection of fashion items. You can shop here for men’s or women’s clothing.

Women's Sunflower Summer T Shirt Plus Size Loose Blouse Tops Girl Short Sleeve Graphic Casual Tees (Wine Red, Medium)

Lightinthebox makes a truly huge range of items in every style, from the most casual to the most formal. You can even shop for evening wear and wedding wear here, along with sporty clothing and casual clothing of all kinds. The looks here are highly trendy and appeal to a huge customer base. The clothing here is worn by people of all ages. If you like a good bargain on fashion, you’re going to like Lightinthebox.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay for the same sort of items at Shein, so you won’t spend any more if you choose to mix up your wardrobe with some items from this brand.

ModaxPress (More Expensive)

If you love casual fashion that’s a little bit sexy and highly trendy, it’s time to start shopping at ModaxPress. This brand carries a big range of fashion for women that includes activewear, plenty of denim, sleepwear and tops of all types. This young, hot fashion here appeals to those who like this kind of style and the catalog is updated frequently to have all the latest looks.

Moda Xpress Juniors Size Khaki Beige Mid Rise Butt Lifting Push-Up Stretchy Skinny Jeans 10840C

Gorgeous colors, great patterns, classic materials and trendy styles are what you’ll find at ModaxPress. The pricing here is slightly more expensive, on average, than the prices you’ll pay at the highly affordable Shein, but ModaxPress still sells a big range of affordable fashion that’s fun to wear.

NastyGal (More Expensive)

Are you an old soul? Do you have a cool, vintage streak in your heart? If you love classic fashion and trendy style, NastyGal is a brand you’ve got to see. This label makes clothing for women that has a cool vintage vibe but with plenty of modern trendiness, too.

PRETTYGARDEN Women's 2022 Fall Two Piece Outfit Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Tops And Long Pants Tracksuit Sweatsuits (Black,Medium)

Fringe. Faux fur. Feathers. Sequins. Shine and sparkle and lots of pretty style. This is what you can expect to find at NastyGal. There’s an enormous selection of dresses, jeans, shirts, graphic T-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, two-piece sets, sleepwear, swimwear and loungewear, along with a ton of accessories and shoes to choose from, too.

You can find everything you want to wear at NastyGal and you’ll find that it’s all trendy with a bit of a vintage vibe. There are a lot of colors and a lot of life to the styles in the catalog here. The more you shop here, the more you’re going to want to shop here.

Prices at NastyGal are slightly more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Shein, but this brand also offers highly affordable fashion at prices that are designed to fit into any clothing budget.

PrettyLittleThing (Similar Pricing)

PrettyLittleThing makes styles in all sizes for all types of women. The catalog here includes petite, plus and maternity sizes, something not every brand can offer. Shop here for everything in the way of fashion, along with all the accessories, shoes and beauty items you might need to go with it.

Floerns Women's Plus Size Satin Spaghetti Strap Cowl Neck Wrap Party Cami Dress Apricot Pink 2XL

This brand has a big catalog full of fashion, including sleepwear and lingerie, dresses, jeans, hoodies, suits, tracksuits and everything you might want to wear. You can shop PrettyLittleThing to find casual to professional to formal looks.

The catalog is full of mostly soft colors and classic silhouettes. PrettyLitleThing offers timeless style that’s a little bit trendy but also truly classic, gorgeous looks that appeal to women of all ages who like great style.

The prices here are similar to that you’ll find at Shein, so you can shop here without even going over your clothing budget.

RoseGal (Similar Pricing)

You’re a RoseGal is you like cute, current fashion and you’re curvy. This brand specializes in plus-sized clothing. Some other brands don’t even make plus sizes for curvy women. RoseGal has decided to specialize in it. The clothes here are not typical plus-size designs. These are current, trendy, fashionable styles that women of any size would wear. The difference is, these sizes are for women of ample proportions.

Rosegal Women's Long Sleeve Pullover Turtleneck Plaid Thin Tunic Sweatshirt Top Blouse,Black

The prices here are highly affordable and similar to what you’ll pay for similar items at Shein. This is another way that RoseGal stands out, as other brands make plus sizes that are more expensive than smaller-sized clothing.

There’s an extensive catalog of items to shop from here, too. RoseGal carries dresses, swimwear, intimates, activewear, bottoms and tops. You can also shop here for accessories to finish off all your outfits.

Rue21 (Similar Pricing)

Rue21 makes fashions for young buyers, fashionable and trendy people who like to stay right on the cutting edge of what’s happening in style. There’s a big range of casual clothing to enjoy here. Shop Rue21 for tops, dresses, jeans, graphic T-shirts and more for women and men.

Jack David /Rue21 Juniors Womens Blue Denim Jeans Destroy Skinny Ripd Distressed Pants (0, Jack David ER-101-BLUE Jean)

This brand also carries a line of plus-size fashions. In all sizes, the catalog here is full of bright colors and the latest in cool, casual style. The catalog gets a constant influx of new items as fashion trends change, so you can always keep your wardrobe up-to-date.

The prices at Rue21 are similar to what you’ll pay at Shein. Both brands specialize in affordable, great-looking styles that are super trendy.

TBDress (More Expensive)

You can find a lot more than dresses at TBDress but this brand does specialize in dresses. Shop here for all kinds of dresses, from casual sizes to wedding and event wear. If you need a red carpet-worthy look, you can always shop here.

Women's Elegant Fixed V-Neck Classic Floral Lace Bodycon Cocktail Lace Dress (931B-1-3 Navy, XXL)

Shop TBDress not just for any style of dress you want to wear, but for brightly-colored fashion of all kinds. The catalog here is full of graphic T-shirts, pretty blouses, great patterns, lively colors and all the latest, trendiest looks. TBDress also makes fashion for men, plus plenty of shoes and accessories you can use to complete any outfit you want to wear.

The prices here are just a little more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Shein, though this brand also strives to provide plenty of affordable fashions in all the latest styles, a philosophy it shares with the Shein brand.

Wearing Brands Similar to Shein

Wearing casual fashion blouse

Shein offers a huge range of affordable fashion in the latest styles so you can put together any number of highly fashionable looks. But there are brands similar to Shein that have plenty of trendy styles for you to try at prices you’ll like, too. Explore all of these brands to have access to all of the fashion you want at prices that won’t break your budget.


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