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13 Brands Similar to Stussy

Two young people wearing cool streetwear style

Stussy is known for cool, everyday fashion, the kind of stuff that skaters and surfers wear. If you like comfortable, casual style, you will definitely find stuff to like under the Stussy brand. But what makes this brand so special? Are there brands similar to Stussy that capture the same sort of too-cool-for-fashion-but-still-fashionable vibe as this popular label? Get to know what makes Stussy fashion so great and find out which other brands will give you all the fashion looks you want.

Where Did Stussy Come From?

Bending down wearing streetwear fashion

Shawn Stussy started to shape his own surfboards at age 13. Born in Southern California, Shawn knew that beach and surfing culture was in his blood. In 1979, he started his own surfboard business in Laguna Beach. He branded his boards with his own signature, scrawling “Stussy” on each and every one.

To market his surfboard brand, Shawn Stussy printed up a bunch of black T-shirts for the Action Sports Retailer trade show in 1982. The shirts had the Stussy logo screen printed across them. By the end of the show, he had sold 24 surfboards…and one thousand T-shirts.

His mission was clear. In 1984, Stussy launched his own clothing brand. It grew exponentially and within four years, Stussy clothing had made it all the way to Europe.

Today, this brand is recognized and worn globally. It has become an extremely popular label known for cool, casual streetwear that is beloved by BMX bikers, surfers, skaters and all hip, interesting people the world over. But when it comes to casual fashion, there are lots of labels to explore when you want to expand your fashion.

Finding Brands Similar to Stussy

Wearing streetwear style in front of graffiti wall

Are there brands similar to Stussy that capture the same super cool, super comfortable, super casual vibe as this label that was started by a skateboarder? You’ve heard about all those expensive high-fashion labels that create clothing that looks good for the office. But what about brands that create the clothes you actually want to wear?

Alife (More Expensive)

Cool Alife Sweatshirt

The Alife brand has all the cool, casual fashion you want. Shop this brand for a vast selection of T-shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, hats and of course, footwear to match it all. Alife clothing is made in a huge array of bright colors and classic, casual style. These clothes have clean, classic silhouettes. You can find all the staples here, all those everyday items that you reach for when you’re just running to the store or going to a friend’s house.

These clothes have a cool, everyday look to them that’s a lot like the casual fashion you can find at Stussy. Alife clothing is more expensive than Stussy. Its mission is to create artistic, everyday streetwear that captures the look of the downtown culture you can find in New York City.

Awake NY (More Expensive)

mens graphic hoodies vintage,sweatshirts for men hoodie, Hoodies for Men Pullover, Mens Hoodies Pullover Patchwork Color Block Sweatshirts Casual Drawstring Tops with Kanga Pockets

Shop at Awake NY to find all the T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and pants you might want to wear. From cool bomber jackets to awesome varsity jackets to button-down shirts to the bottoms you need to go with it, Awake NY has all the streetwear looks you might want to wear. And they’ve got them in a huge range of color combinations, too.

Soft velour hoodies, cool branded T-shirts and all the streetwear style you need fills up the catalog at Awake NY. The pricing here is more expensive than similar items you can find at Stussy. But like Stussy, Awake NY has a huge selection of very hip, very cool clothing that’s going to look fashionable everywhere.

Barney Cools (Similar Pricing)

Barney Cools B Men's Quick Tape Athletic Sweatpants Track Pants, Green, 36

If you want to capture a beachy look, you want to start shopping at Barney Cools. This brand makes everyday casual wear, with a huge catalog that includes T-shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, shorts, pants and accessories to go with it all. Barney Cools uses fabrics like corduroy, terrycloth and velour to create clothing that is touchable, comfortable and great-looking.

This is laid-back, cool style that looks great on the street or on the beach, everyday items that have a timeless look to them. The clothing here is built on traditional silhouettes and simple, wearable style. The price here is similar to the pricing you’ll find at Stussy, so you can spend about the same amount buying items from either brand.

Brain Dead (More Expensive)

Dancing Skeletons Day Of Dead Dia De Los Muertos T-Shirt

Vivid colors, great patterns, lots of graphic detailing and soft, touchable fabrics are what you’ll find under the Brain Dead label. This label makes clothing, accessories and footwear, so you can get everything you want to wear here.

Like Stussy, Brain Dead makes everyday, casual fashion for young people in their teens, 20s and 30s who are stylish but without a lot of fuss, people who want to be comfortable and look good in all their clothing. That’s the kind of clothing you can get here.

Brain Dead’s prices are somewhat more expensive, on average, than similar items you can find at Stussy.

FUBU (Less Expensive)

Fubu FB510 Men's Crew Tshirt, Cotton (XXL, Orange)

If you like a lot of bold graphics, bright colors and fashion that’s just too cool, you already like FUBU. This is streetwear that’s made to be seen. FUBU is characterized by a lot of branding and a lot of eye-catching graphics, which you can find all over the T-shirts, hoodies and jogging pants made by this brand.

This clothing is comfortable, casual, easy to wear and eye-catching, all the things you want to see in streetwear. FUBU, like Stussy, appeals to shoppers who like cool clothing that feels good. The pricing here is slightly less expensive than the pricing you can find at Stussy, so you can buy even more clothing and get that much more cool stuff to add to your wardrobe.

Heron Preston (More Expensive)

Heron Preston Sweatshirt for Men's Crewneck Crane Long Sleeve Shirt Sweater Hip Hop Loose Pullovers Hoodie Trend Tops (D,X-Large,X-Large)

Heron Preston makes cool, casual streetwear styles for both men and women. And they make it all. This brand carries outerwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts, denim, pants, activewear and swimwear, along with all the accessories you could ever want to go with it. That includes belts, hats, jewelry, bags and sunglasses. Heron Preston also makes underwear, socks and shoes. If you can wear it, you can find it at Heron Preston.

This clothing has a lot of cool style, with designs featuring graphic images, interesting clothing textures and all kinds of everyday fashion. Distressed denim, varsity jackets and soft sweatpants and sweatshirts fill up the catalog here. When you want a casual everyday look that’s filled with graphic details and little extra touches, you want to shop under this label.

The pricing at Heron Preston is more expensive than the average prices you will find at Stussy.

Kith (Similar Pricing)

Kith Shirt for Men's Box Logo T-Shirt Hip-Pop Short Sleeve Retro Sweatshirt Couple Trendy Pullovers Tee Tops Clothing (White,Large,Large)

Kith makes everyday streetwear for colder climates. You’ll find lots of soft tracksuits, warm hoodies and knitwear under this label. Kith has a huge collection of products that includes cargo pants, button-up shirts and headwear. There’s a big selection of accessories here that includes jewelry, eyewear, footwear, scarves, even wallets. Everything you need to complete your outfits is carried by this label, which also has the outfits your want to wear, too. That makes it pretty easy to shop at Kith.

Kith’s everyday, comfortable streetwear is made in interesting color combinations, with bright details and little touches that make the clothing here stand out. Graphic patterns, classic silhouettes and soft fabrics fill up the catalog here. Kitch has a similar look to Stussy thanks to its everyday, streetwear vibe. Even the pricing here is similar to Stussy. If you like one brand, you’re definitely going to like them both.

Noah (More Expensive)

Mens Casual Sweater, Hoodies White Zip Up Hoodie Hooded Sweater Women Street Man Loose Blank Fleece Sweater Men's Large Long Sleeve Hoodie Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts Work for (XXL, Dark Gray)

Texture, color and classic patterns in traditional silhouettes all come together in Noah brand clothing. Unique color combinations and patterns usually seen in ties, along with amazing fabrics, help to set this brand apart. Shop at Noah to find bags, bottoms, shirts, outerwear, T-shirts and accessories of all kinds, along with the classic sweatshirts and jackets with contrast collars.

This brand makes workwear and everyday wear that is made to be wearable thanks to comfortable designs. Noah uses a lot of wool and twill blends to create the clothing here, gorgeous fabrics that are touchably soft and totally wearable. This is ageless casual clothing that appeals to everyone.

Noah’s prices are more expensive, on average, than the price of similar items you can find at Stussy.

Obey (Similar Pricing)

Obey Men's Baker Graphic Coaches Jacket, Black, X-Large

How do you feel about stripes, color contrast, bold graphics and comfortable everyday clothing? If you like all of that, you’re going to like a lot of the clothing you can find in the Obey catalog.

Shop here for T-shirts, knitwear, jackets, sweatshirts, accessories and lots more. Obey makes clothing for men and women who want to be casual, comfortable and cool all at the same time, no matter what age you might be. After all, you always need a great sweatshirt or a long-sleeved shirt with an eye-catching design.

The pricing at Obey is similar to what you’ll find when you’re shopping with Stussy, so you won’t spend any more when you choose to shop with this band.

Palace (Similar Pricing)

Palace - style designers Pullover Hoodie

Stussy began as a surfboard brand that captured everyday California street style. Palace is a skateboard brand that relies on classic designs to create cool, comfortable clothing you want to wear. The colors, the graphics, the classic cuts, it all comes together to give Palace its own distinct look.

You’ll find a lot of bold colors and simple, everyday designs under the Palace label. This brand makes jackets, tops, bottoms, tracksuits, hats, footwear, bags, all the stuff you usually wear every day and all the stuff you need to create the perfect casual wardrobe.

Puffer jackets, hoodies, T-shirts and more. Shop at Palace to get whatever you need to look good while you’re going about your everyday business. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Stussy, so you won’t pay any more when you shop this brand.

Polar Skate Co (Similar Pricing)

Crewneck Sweatshirts for Women Womens Cute Sweatshirts Skateboarding Frog Long Sleeve Hoodie Baggy Hoodie Khaki

If you’re a skateboarder, you might already know about Polar Skate Co. This is a go-to brand for boards and board accessories but for style enthusiasts, this is a great brand for pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts ad all the other items you might want to wear on a day-to-day basis. This is cool, casual fashion with classic good looks and simple silhouettes.

Like Stussy, Polar Skate Co. makes clothes that appeal to young people and those who like casual, everyday fashion. The catalog is full of clothing in black, khaki and a range of neutral colors in simple styles. All the wardrobe staples are here, including denim.

The pricing at Polar Skate Co. is similar to the pricing at Stussy and the fashion is definitely cool and casual. If you like Stussy, you’re going to like Polar Skate Co.

Supreme (More Expensive)

Supreme Rogue Bad Boy Tee Military Style Gaming Gamer Hoodie

Supreme is a go-to brand for skateboard accessories but this is a great brand if you like skateboarder fashion, too. Get jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, pants and accessories here in a wide range of colors and straightforward styles. Supreme mostly offers clothing in bold shades with simple styles without a lot of graphics or patterns.

This is casual, everyday clothing that can go anywhere. Supreme clothing mixes and matches well with the clothes you can find at Stussy. The pricing here is somewhat higher than Stussy but still has the same cool, casual look to it.

Thrills (More Expensive)

Men Sports Colorblock Shorts Casual Mid Waist Drawstring Shorts with Zipper Pockets Mens Skate Shorts Blue

Thrills makes a huge collection of clothing in a wide range of colors using fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, linen and recycled fabrics, among others. These clothes feel as comfortable as they look. Shop here for cargo shorts, button-down tops, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans and just about whatever else you might want to wear. Thrills even carries socks, bags, hats and bags, to say nothing of all the different accessories here.

Search Thrills for all your daily, casual style. The pricing here is somewhat more expensive than what you can find at Stussy but the product line is huge, so there are a lot of different items to explore and add to your wardrobe.

Wearing Brands Similar to Stussy

Stussy makes clothing for skateboarders, surfers and anyone who likes cool, casual and comfortable style, but Stussy doesn’t stand alone. There are many brands similar to Stussy that provide this same kind of fashion. Get to know them all and get to know your own sense of style better.

It’s what you wear when you’re being casual that really shows the world, and you, who you really are. So have fun with your fashion and expand your casual wardrobe to include lots more brands like Stussy and similar brands that also look and feel great.


Person wearing cool streetwear style kneeling down

Still have questions bout the Stussy brand? There’s a lot to know about this label and brands similar to Stussy. We searched for the most commonly asked questions about this brand and we’ve got the answers you need. Because casual style still means that you need to have some style. With a little extra knowledge, you will have a lot more fashion sense.

Where are Stussy clothes made?

Stussy clothes is still based in California but this brand uses manufacturers in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, China and other locations all over the globe.

Can you machine wash Stussy clothes?

All clothing, whether it’s made by Stussy or brands similar to Stussy, is subject to shrink depending on what it’s made from. Cotton, linen and other natural fibers tend to shrink in the presence of heat.

To avoid shrinking on any clothing, including those from the Stussy brand, wash your clothes in cold water and dry them on the lowest heat setting. This will prevent any shrinking.

What does Stussy mean?

Stussy is named after its founder, Shawn Stussy, who used his own name for his first surfboard shop. The business took a whole new direction when Stussy branded a bunch of T-shirts with the Stussy logo and they were a surprise hit with young people and casual style enthusiasts of all ages.

What is Stussy known for?

Stussy is famous for making streetwear of all kinds. This is an everyday style that you’ll see people wearing as they go about their daily business. This is what people wear to run errands, go to friends’ houses and just hang out. Streetwear is whatever people are wearing in the moment as their usual casual fashion. Today, that means hoodies, sweatpants, T-shirts and similar items.

The brand is also well-known for its “8 ball” logo, a graphic that has appeared on many Stussy items.

Why is Stussy so popular?

Why does Stussy stand out in streetwear fashion when many brands similar to Stussy are out there creating the same kinds of clothing? Stussy didn’t become so popular by sheer accident. In fact, Shawn Stussy worked hard to build his brand and create its cool reputation.

Shawn Stussy sent clothing from his brand to well-known fashion influencers living all around the world. The brand’s cool varsity jackets were sent out to many people who were known for their style and who had reputations for being cool and popular. This helped to build the brand from very early in its creation and would later cement Stussy as a hot, trendy fashion label worn by the most stylish people out there.


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