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Can You Get a Pandora Bracelet Resized?

Hello, there! To begin, let's state that Pandora bracelets can be resized. In reality, if one is destroyed, it may be fixed. Continue reading to learn how to resize your Pandora bracelet.

A women's bracelet pandora charms close-up jewelry.

Hey there! Let’s kickstart by saying that, yes, Pandora bracelets can be resized. In fact, you can have one repaired if it gets damaged. This is a great opportunity for you to fix the issue of loosening or tightening your Pandora bracelets. It’s also possible to add more charm and increase the weight of your Pandora bracelet. 

Why Would You Need to Resize Your Pandora Bracelet?

There are several reasons why you might want to resize your Pandora bracelet. Even if you take good care of your bracelet, sometimes it can lose its original size. Nothing to worry about at all. Usually, leather and snake chain bracelets do stretch on their own.

This is because of normal daily use. However, while most people are worried about their bracelets stretching and becoming loose, you might also need to resize a Pandora bracelet to make it bigger. But why?

When looking for a Pandora bracelet, you can sometimes come across a bracelet so small that it can’t pass your hand easily or at all. This can make beautiful jewelry useless. On the other hand, if you are buying your bracelets online, you can realize after delivery that the size mentioned in the stores is not according to your measured sizes.

Fortunately, you can resize or enlarge a small bracelet to make it fit your hand. While it’s possible to size a Pandora bracket up and down, it’s worth mentioning that sizing down is generally easier. Sizing up, not so much. The nature of Pandora bracelets makes it complicated to increase the size, especially those made of sterling silver or silver plates.

Is There Another Option?

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Pandora bracelets will often feel stiff and tight when new. This is completely normal. Usually, the bracelet will become more flexible over time with increased use. You can generally expect your bracelet to expand by about 1cm over the first year if you wear it regularly. If you feel like your bracelet is too tight, you can also go back with it to the shop.

Unfortunately, Pandora does not have a bracelet resizing option; however, they allow you to return the bracelet. Please note that you can only return a Pandora bracelet within 30 days of buying it. This is a better option when working with complex designs like snake chains or flat mesh.

How to Get the Most Out of Pandora Bracelet Resizing

If you want to get the most out of your bracelet resizing, there are several things that you need to figure out. First, you must measure your wrist size. It’s important to get the perfect fit. After all, that’s the main reason for resizing.

You should avoid trying to guess or eyeball the size of your wrist. Instead, get a tape or use a string to get an accurate measurement. Once you have figured out the size of your wrist, you need to add an extra 1-2cm. This will ensure that you can easily slide the bracelet in. 

How Are Pandora Bracelets Resized?

a moderon silver beads and charms pandora bracelet.

The process of resizing Pandora bracelets is not so straightforward. To maintain the value of your bracelet, it’s advisable to have your bracelet resized by a professional jeweler. Experienced professional jewelers adopt certain ways to resize or rebuild their bracelets. Here are some of the techniques they employ:

Reducing Size By Cutting Excessive Chain Links

To reduce the size of a Pandora bracelet, experts can cut the excessive chain links. This is done by using a cutter and first removing the clasp. After removing the excessive chain, the clasp can be rejoined, and the bracelet will be smaller in size. It’s also possible to change the clasp and give the bracelet a new look. 

Increase the Size

Close up photo of vintage pandora bracelet.

If the plan is to increase the size of the bracelet, the technician will have to add some chain to it. It’s quite easy to find a chain. You can just check any jewelry store near you. When increasing the size of the bracelet, you may also need to add some stones or extra pearls to it.

You can either buy the charms and stones, or you can get some from a broken one. These can then be added to the chain on extended areas of your bracelet. Adding stones and charms will also increase the size of your Pandora bracelet. 

Adding a Ring Extender

Another way to increase the size of your Pandora bracelet would be to add a beautiful ring extender. The ring extender will also add some charm to your bracelet. To add a ring extender, the expert will remove the original clasp from the bracelet.

They will then remove links at certain measured lengths where the ring extender will be attached. By adding a ring extender, you can get the desired length of your bracelet. 

The Cost of Resizing Your Pandora Bracelet

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Ok! Now that we have concluded it’s possible to resize your Pandora bracelet, let’s look into how much it might cost. There is no exact range of how much it might cost to resize your Pandora bracelet. Since Pandora does not offer resizing services for their bracelets, you may need to either do the resizing on your own or find an expert to do it for you.

If you are doing it on your own, the only cost you will need to cover is material. On the other hand, if you are hiring someone to do it, you will have to pay them their fee. Here are some other factors that affect the cost of resizing.

Bracelet Material

If you have a Pandora bracelet made of gold or sterling silver, you may have to part with about $15 to $50 dollars to have it resized. When sizing up, there will also be an added cost of adding more charms or stones. It is also worth mentioning that if you pay more to resize, you will likely increase the value of the bracelet as well, given that the resizing is done properly.

The Complexity of Bracelet

Another thing that can affect the cost of your bracelet is its complexity. If you own a complex and intriguing bracelet, you will likely have to pay more to have it resized due to the complex structure and modeling. If you have a golden bracelet, one with platinum plates or diamond stones, you will be looking to part with about $50 to $150. 

Summing Up

Now you won’t stress over what to do when your Pandora bracelet is too big or too small. You can always get it resized. However, if you have ordered the wrong size bracelet, you can always quickly rush back to the shop with it before you approach professional jewelers.

You must also keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. You must make sure you get the right size and maintain your bracelet properly so you won’t have to resize it later.