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I Bought the Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves and Love Them (They Really are Touch Screen Gloves)

Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves

When I try a new clothing brand, I start small.  I buy one or two items and see how I like them for a while.

If I love it, I buy more.

That’s exactly what happened with my growing Canada Goose wardrobe.  Same with Banana Repbulic, AG jeans and Lululemon.

My wife bought me a Canada Goose down coat a couple of years ago.  It’s been pretty much the only coat I wear all winter ever since she gave it to me.

Fast forward to late Summer 2021 and I decided to load up on Canada Goose wear.  Included in my splurge were the Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves.

I wear gloves pretty much every day from late October to March.  I don’t like cold hands.  I prefer black leather.

I had a good pair but now that pair doesn’t compare to my Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves with respect to fit, comfort and the fact I can almost seamlessly use my touchscreen phone with them.  I’ve bought other gloves in the past that claimed to be touch screen friendly but weren’t.  The Canada Goose gloves can operate a touchscreen phone.

Demo of my Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves operating a touch screen

These gloves work pretty good on touch screens. It’s not perfect but it is a glove.  Texting would be difficult but I’m able to open apps and navigate the screen.  There’s no way I could type or perform any more precise functions on the phone.  Here’s a demo of these gloves using a touch screen.

Canada Goose Gloves using touchscreen phone

Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves
as of September 14, 2023


While mostly leather, there are sections in the glove that are softshell stretchy, warm fabric.  There’s also a lining throughout that is soft like velvet.

The leather is high-quality; it’s supple and soft.

Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves

Canada Goose Jackets


Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves

Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves

These gloves are fairly snug.  I bought a large and they are more form-fitting than other leather gloves I have.  I like the form-fitting aspect because I have better finger/hand dexterity but sometimes I prefer the looser fitting gloves.

Over time the Canada Goose gloves fit better and better as they stretch and form to my hand size.  This makes them more dextrous and comfortable over time.


I don’t live in a super cold climate so these keep my hands perfectly warm.  I’ve never tested them in snow conditions but I suspect they’d do a decent job.  They aren’t going to perform even close to my Canada Goose Snow Mantra Mittens but they aren’t designed to.


Can you use these gloves for athletic pursuits outside?

Yes. In fact, these are great gloves for running, cycling, mountain biking, walking, etc. outside in colder weather.  They’re form fitting but offer a lot more warmth than other athletic gloves.  I have a pair of mountain biking gloves and while they offer some great padding and protection, they’re not warm.

Where is the famous Canada Goose badge?

It’s hardly noticeable on the gloves.  It’s a tiny plastic button on the wrist section of the glove. Check it out:

Canada Goose Badge Button on Gloves

What size did I get?

I’m 6′ 3″ and bought large. They fit well but are snug. If you have large hands (which I don’t) buy an extra large.

Are the Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves worth the money?

I like them. I’m glad I bought them. They are superior gloves but they cost more than twice what many other comparable gloves cost.  My other leather gloves, which I like, cost $80 and they are comfortable, warm and high-quality leather as well.

Only buy Canada Goose stuff if you have quite a bit of money.  One exception is if you’re going on some expedition and need the best-of-the-best such as one of their parkas or deep-freeze mittens… this stuff is the best of the best and worth the big investment if going to cold climates.  Oh yeah, the Canada Goose raincoat is very much worth the money… best raincoat I ever owned (and I live in rainy Vancouver so I know rain coats).

Canada Goose Mixed Media Gloves
as of September 14, 2023
Canada Goose Outer wear