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Dad Jeans vs. Mom Jeans

What are Dad Jeans and Mom Jeans and how can you wear them fashionably? Explore about these jeans in this article.

Folded stacks of jeans.

I am not a father, though I am old enough to be one. I am a writer, which means that I work exclusively from home, and when I do venture outdoors my preferred clothing consists of jeans and a jumper. I cannot wear tight-fitting jeans, nor am I inclined to put on the edgier types of jeans that the kids sport nowadays.

I like good old-fashioned straight leg jeans that have a relaxed fit. My long-term partner feelings on the subject are similar to my own. She is slightly older than me and wears what may be considered mom jeans.

Dad jeans and mom jeans. Both are based on older more traditional designs, but can be given fashion twists that make them contemporary and hip. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

What Are Dad Jeans?

Three color jeans on white background.

They are waist high jeans that have a relaxed fit and are very loose from the knees down. These jeans have become a major fashion trend and can be worn by men and women alike. They bring comfort and a classic look.

Indeed, dad jeans have become a thing among celebrities, which has only added to the buzz that surrounds them.

What Are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans, isolated, rustic background.

Mom jeans are also waist high and have a relaxed fit. They are loose in the thighs and tighter around the legs. They are similar to dad jeans, but are designed to highlight feminine curves.

Mom jeans were all the rage in the 90s and early 00s, with the coming of so-called “soccer moms”. The fashion abated a bit, but has recently made a comeback.

Styling and Wearing Dad Jeans

Jeans display at a store.

Why are dad jeans called dad jeans? It is because they give a sense of both informality and moderation. They are the kind of informal clothing that a responsible person—like a dad—would wear.

Dad jeans can be worn with any simply designed piece of clothing such as a white shirt or white sneakers. The pants legs are often cuffed, but this is not a necessary. The jeans are meant to be worn in all seasons.

So, you can throw them on with a short-sleeved polo in summer and a nice cardigan in winter. Some dads even go so far as to rip the jeans to show some skin, and show that they are as fashionable as the kids. (I am not one of them).

Styling and Wearing Mom Jeans

Woman wearing mom jeans.

Like dad jeans, mom jeans can be worn with a nice new skirt, a simple short-sleeved polo or a blouse. You can where them with flats, boots, or sneakers. Indeed, one of the great things about jeans—blue jeans in particular—is that they take on a kind of color neutrality.

No one is knocked for wearing jeans with light or even bright colors. You can even where them with a simple plaid or a nice blue or olive shirt.

You can wear your mom jeans cuffed at the bottom. You can also tuck your shirt into your jeans if you want to show off a gorgeous figure or the weight you have lost. It is a widely accepted fact that women must look nice, neat, and tidy even when they dress informally.

Mom jeans allow you to meet this standard—if it is one that you hold yourself to. Mom jeans will allow you to be comfortable while wearing them with a dressy blouse or a nice shirt. That is the thing about mom jeans: the accentuate the nice things you wear rather than degrading them.

The boots and sneakers you wear with mom jeans will make a difference to your entire look. Wearing a nice new pair of shoes with your mom jeans will impress. You can also spice things up with accessories such as a belt or a scarf.

The most fundamental difference between dad jeans and mom jeans is that mom jeans are meant to bring out the feminine in any woman while dad jeans are meant to add a touch of ruggedness to any man who wears them.

Women Can Wear Dad Jeans—But Should They?

Couple portrait wearing jeans on pink background.

While it is possible for women to wear dad jeans. Men cannot wear mom jeans. So, if you are a woman who wants to sport a pair of dad jeans, these are some of the things you will need to consider.

The right jeans for you—mom or dad jeans—will be based on your size, body type, and look you want to achieve. If you are larger in the thighs, you should probably stick with mom jeans, as they offer more space. If you are larger in the legs, then you might be able to sport a pair of dad jeans comfortably.

You should also keep in mind that mom jeans are meant to give women a fresh and a bit of a frisky look. In other words, they are meant to make women look attractive and sexy in an informal and sleek way. If this is how you like to look and feel, then it is probably best to stick to mom jeans.