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9 Different Types of Dickies Pants

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Dickies pants are pretty famous for being nice-looking, standard pants you can wear to anything, even to work. Maybe especially to work. Since the very beginning, Dickies set out to make tough work pants for even the toughest jobs.

The fact that they look nice is just a bonus. Once you find out how many different types of Dickies pants there are and how many different features they have, you might be shocked to learn that there’s a lot happening with Dickies pants you never knew. Yes, there’s a whole lot more to Dickies than khaki.

The Dickies Story

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Dickies was founded in Texas in 1922. Back then, Dickies sold bib overalls. The company focused on quality and durability and churned out overalls that were work-ready. The U.S. Armed Forces found out about Dickies clothing and wanted to use them for soldiers. After that, the Dickies reputation was cemented. These were good work clothes.

Pants were soon added to the Dickies product line and they became a hit. Within a few years, the Dickies name was well-known in the U.S. and the pants were everywhere. New styles were introduced but from the very beginning, Dickies work pants were famous. People wore them for all different jobs and even when they weren’t working.

Dickies pants became known as good all-around pants that could be worn any time. To this day, they’re still that way.

Dickies has continued to sell pants and develop many different pants styles over the last century. Now, the Dickies name is synonymous with pants. But you might be surprised to find out how many different types of Dickies pants there actually are and how many custom features each design has so you can tailor your pants to your job, your life, your hobbies and your body.

Everything’s Coming Up Khaki

Person kneeling in Dickies

More than any other brand of pants, Dickies is associated with the color khaki. Dickies makes pants in a huge range of colors including navy blue, but you probably always think of a pair of khaki pants when you think of Dickies.

The color khaki might be associated heavily with Dickies, but it pre-dates the company. Khaki was created by British Army officers stationed in India in the 1840s. They used local mud to cover up white pajamas, creating a camouflaged lightweight outfit that worked perfectly for the hot Indian sun. Uniforms made with khaki dye became standard issue for British soldiers shortly thereafter.

When Dickies provided pants for the army, they made them in khaki. The rest, as they say, is style history. Dickies pants in khaki became incredibly popular and after millions of pairs of them were made for the soldiers, they were seen literally all around the world. Pairs of Dickies khakis were suddenly everywhere.

And basically, they never left. People have been wearing Dickies in khaki and in other shades ever since. But whether you know it or not, they’ve also been wearing them in a whole lot of different styles.

Types of Dickies Pants

Dickies started out as a small Texas company selling a single product but today, it’s a worldwide brand that’s recognized everywhere. There are a whole lot of different types of Dickes pants to choose from in all materials, different fit styles and looks.

You can truly customize the type of pants you wear by searching for fit, job type, style, fabric or any other number of features you can get with Dickies pants. But get started learning about the basic types of pants, so you’ll have a much better idea of the kind of Dickies pants you should be shopping for.


Dickies mens Relaxed Straight Flex Cargo work utility pants, Desert Sand, 38W x 30L US

Dickies cargo pants are made in a loose fit, straight leg designs with a pleated front. This creates extra moving room. The rise is at the natural waist and the fit is somewhat baggy through the rear and thighs to allow for squatting and bending.

These pants have a classic look with a flat cargo pocket on each thigh. Cargo pants were made to store tools and gear, so this is a classic work pant style.


Dickies mens Sanded Duck Carpenter jeans, Timber, 32W x 32L US

Carpenter pants from Dickies are made with heavier materials for durability. Cotton duck, a material that is somewhat like canvas, is used commonly in Dickies carpenter pants. These pants are distinctive for the hammer loop, a feature of carpenter pants because carpenters use hammers. Cotton duck is a heavy material that’s highly water-resistant. Moisture beads up and rolls off cotton duck.

These pants have a relaxed fit through the thighs and rear. They’re reinforced with brass rivets at stress points and the seams are triple-stitched for extra durability and wear resistance. These details make the pants highly durable overall.

Double Knee

Dickies mens Skinny Straight Double Knee work utility pants, Black, 34W x 30L US

Double knee pants are literally that: they have double knees. These pants are made in a two-layer design that creates extra strength in this area. This is helpful for any professional who has to spend a lot of time on their knees, such as carpeting or flooring professionals.

These pants are also made to be roomy through the rear and thigh area so you can move and squat, bend and kneel with ease. These pants also have multi-use pockets and heavy-duty belt loops. These are tough pants made to take on tough jobs.


Dickies Occupational Workwear C993RBK 30x32 Denim Cotton Regular Fit Men's Industrial Jean with Straight Leg, 30" Waist Size, 32" Inseam, Black

Dickies may be famous for khakis but you can get jeans here, too. Like other Dickies pants, these jeans are made to be work-friendly and they come in an array of styles, including carpenter and double knee designs.

Dickies jeans are made with denim in several different washes and have classic styling with tool pockets and a straight, regular fit that is not loose or tight. These jeans have rivets at stress points and some styles are lined for additional warmth. Dickies jeans come in traditional five-pocket and six-pocket styling, among other options.


Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jean, Black, 30W x 30L

Dickies makes a whole range of pants that aren’t necessarily for working. These pants come in a huge variety of colors and fabric types. Made to be casual to semi-formal in style, these pants are available in all types of fit and styles. You can find everything from sweatpants to a pair of great office pants in the Dickies lifestyle pants collection. If it’s a style of pants, it’s here.

Original 874

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant, Silver, 28W x 30L

The 874 is the original Dickies work pant and it is still sold by Dickies in a wide variety of colors and materials. These pants are popular for their slightly wide fit. They’re loose through the legs, which have a straight style down to the ankle with no tapering. This is simply a comfortable, straightforward design and remains one of the most popular pant styles ever made by Dickies.

The 874 sits on the natural waist and it’s made from a blend of polyester and cotton. These pants are finished with wide belt loops.


Dickies mens Relaxed-fit Painter's work utility pants, White, 36W x 32L US

Painter pants from Dickies are made in shades of cream and white, in keeping with traditional painter’s work clothing. Dickies painter’s pants are made in a number of styles with straight, relaxed fits and durable construction.

These pants are made with multiple tool pockets and cotton fabric or cotton fabric blends that keep the design lightweight and breathable. Triple-stitched seams create a strong design. This design is made to sit at the natural waist and these pants are roomy through the rear and thighs.


Dickies mens Flex Work Slim Straight Fit Pants, Black, 32W x 34L US

Dickies makes pants specifically designed for skateboarding, a sport that has started to gain more attention and acclaim in recent years as a true test of athletic skill. The skateboard pants design is a modified version of the Dickies 874 style that has a high rise waist to give the hips and waist full mobility.

Large pockets and a relaxed, comfortable fit are the main features of this style. Dickies adds red detailing on its skateboarding pants, a signature look that adds fashion style points to every skateboarding trick.


Dickies Men's 874F Flex Work Pant, DARK NAVY, 36 30

Dickies is famous for making work pants and over the years, they have created many different styles and types of Dickies pants. Many Dickies pants styles are some form of work pants but there are a few standout designs in the Dickies closet.

The 803 work pant is a skinny style with a straight fit and a low-rise waist. It hugs the lower half of the body closely. It’s made with a combination of polyester and cotton but with two percent spandex added for stretch and flexibility. The waistband is made to prevent rolls and it has belt loops to finish off the look.

The 872 is a slim fit design that’s made to fit close to the body, following the legs and the rest of the lower half in a tailored look. It has a standard rise waist that sits right around the natural waist and a close, slim fit through the hips, thighs and legs.

The 873 work pant is a slim, straight fit design. Like many Dickies pants, they are made with a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The legs of the design fit close to the body, coming straight down from the hips and tapering slightly toward the ankles.

Wearing Different Types of Dickies Pants

There are lots of different types of Dickies pants to try and lots of different features to explore. Dickies makes pants for work and the styles here work in a lot of other ways, too. Dickies pants are casual, semi-formal, comfortable, practical, easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant and they look nice. That’s a lot of stuff to like. You might end up liking a lot of the different types of Dickies pants, too.


Dickies pants have a lot of different styles and a lot of features. There’s a lot to know…so you might be left with a lot of questions. We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Dickies pants to take the guesswork out of owning all the different types of Dickies pants you like.

Are Dickies made in the U.S.?

Dickies still has a headquarters in Texas, where the company began, and some manufacturing is still done at this location. However, most Dickies products are not made in the United States.

Are Dickies waterproof?

Some Dickies pants are made with waterproof fabric, others are made with water-resistant fabric and some have no water protection at all. Waterproof pants are made to stay dry even when submerged in water.

Pants that are water-resistant stay dry even in slight rain, with moisture beading up and rolling off the fabric. Pants that have no water treatment whatsoever simply get wet as all fabric does. However, Dickies uses fabric blends that are quick-drying so that moisture will be less of a problem in all styles of pants.

Can you wear Dickies to an interview?

Dickies are made to be comfortable and casual but most styles are still very business casual, which means they’re perfect for most interviews. If you’re interviewing for a job where you would wear a business suit or strict conservative office wear, Dickies are a little too dressed down.

In most cases, however, a nice pair of Dickies can go anywhere you want them to go. These pants are comfortable, stylish and look fashionable enough for almost any casual, business casual or semi-formal occasion.

Can Dickies be dress pants?

Dickies are made to look nice and there are many simple, elegant styles of Dickies to wear. Some types of Dickies pants will work nicely as dress pants when you need to go to a semi-formal event, such as a wedding or a business function. In other words, they make great dress pants for many different occasions and types of gatherings.

Can Dickies be tailored?

Can Dickies pants be tailored? Dickies are made in a lot of different styles and different types of fits so that there is a pair for pretty much every body. But if your pants need some little changes in the waist or the legs, alterations are possible. However, you will need to get a new pair of pants if getting a good fit requires a lot of big changes.


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