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Do Bracelets Look Good On Guys?

I've heard opposing views on whether males look attractive in bracelets. Some fashion experts appear to be fiercely opposed to it, but others may be more relaxed on the matter. I believe that persons of any gender should follow the bracelet-wearing instructions I provide.

Close up photo of a mans hand holding a shade while wearing bracelet and watch.

I’ve seen opposite opinions about whether men look good in bracelets. Some fashion experts seem vehemently against it, but others may have a more relaxed view on this subject. I think people of any gender should follow the guidelines I provide for bracelet wearing.

With a Matching Watch

Men wearing a watch and bracelets while checking his wallet.

Real Men Style says, “Your bracelet does not have to match your watch.”

That advice surprises me. However, I’m sure this fashion guidance does have some limits. For instance, you wouldn’t typically wear a multicolored, yard friendship bracelet with a 24-karat gold formal watch. However, your watch face or band may have gems on it, while perhaps the bracelet doesn’t.

Otherwise, perhaps your bracelet has beads made of glass in it, but your watch has a fabric band. Sometimes, the metals and textures vary between the two, but they usually have some common connector, such as one similar color or metal.

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Without a Matching Watch

A close up shot of a man wearing a suit and a bracelet.

King Midas

“Unfortunately, this entire idea of manly bracelets is folly. Bracelets can’t ever work for today’s man,” says Insider’s Dennis Green in “Why men’s bracelets will never — and should never — catch on.”

Dennis Green seems to abhor the idea of any man ever strapping “tiny pieces of metal, leather or nylon to their wrist.” Green also says that all menswear has a purpose, such as sunglasses being for eye protection and cuff links being to seal cuffs. This writer apparently sees no use at all for a man wearing a bracelet, but a watch apparently serves one of the useful functions men’s attires should have.

I can’t say I agree. I don’t see anything wrong with a man wearing bracelets if he chooses the right ones. Even if not wearing a watch, I don’t think many should go overboard wearing more than just a couple of bands on one arm – not two, however. Some exceptions may apply, such as whether it’s a formal or casual occasion. Still, usually, only teenagers wear too many bracelets.

Wearing Multiple Bracelets

Adult men wearing a denim jacket and many bracelets.

If you’re going to wear multiple bracelets at all, please use some common sense. I’ve seen some hideous combinations of random yarn and jelly bands worn on the arm with or without a neon watch and other crazy accessories. Not everyone may feel the same way I do about this, and I do understand. I’m sorry if I sound harsh.

You don’t have to choose bracelets of all the same color, patterns or textures, however, when wearing a few of them together. In fact, the all-black, all-brown, all-white or same of any shade may bore people. I recommend choosing at least two colors you can combine, but make sure those colors make sense with one another.

What’s more, it’s not necessarily “wrong” to choose two or more different bracelet prints, textures or styles to wear together. For instance, you could choose a braided band and add a string of subtly printed beads. Otherwise, each bracelet might have different sized weaves, or one might have a checked pattern and another a striped one.

The key to wearing multiple print bracelets together involves balancing both bold and neutral bands. Some prints, textures and patterns will stand out among the rest and have at least one complementary or contrasting color in them. I usually look at quite a few examples before choosing which bracelets I’d wear together if I do.

Wearing Just A Single Bracelet

Friend of the groom wearing him a silver bracelet.

The best way not to overdo bracelet wearing is to just choose a single band with unique characteristics. For instance, not many fabric wristbands have a decorative clasp and are made of sturdy rope that sets them apart from frayed, flimsy friendship strings. Some of them come in just about any color, so you could match them with a suit, dress shirts and pants, or even jeans and a t-shirt.

A single metal bracelet that has braided and textured strands could ease the monotony of any men’s outfit. It’s not a watch, so its purpose only serves to decorate your arm. However, it does accentuate an outfit enough without taking away from it.

It’s Okay to Have Fun Though!

When it comes to wearing bracelets, I do have my opinions. However, the best advice I can give you is to just have fun with them if wearing them for casual occasions. They can help you express your individuality and help you establish the image you want to portray, such as if you spend quite a bit of time biking and want other people to recognize you as such.