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Do Henley Shirts Go with Sneakers? If So, What Sneaker Colors?

You can't go wrong in pairing a henley shirt with sneakers. These casual staples are perfect if you want to make a relaxed statement. Find out the types and colors of sneakers that go best with henley.

Man wearing light blue jeans and white sneakers.

Do you own a Henley shirt? Almost everyone has one, as this versatile style of shirt has been around for ages. However, one of the questions that keep coming up from Henley shirt owners is: Do Henley shirts go with sneakers? The simple answer is yes! 

The Henley shirt does go splendidly with a pair of sneakers. It also works with pants of all colors although you’ll want to stick to white sneakers if you want to bring out the color and style in your Henley shirt. You see, as with everything else in your wardrobe, you need to use a certain level of discernment when styling your Henley shirt, white sneakers, or not. 

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What type of sneakers to wear with the Henley shirt?

Man holding a pair of white sneakers near the beach.

Name a more versatile piece of clothing than a Henley shirt, go on, we dare you.” 

Yes, the Henley shirt is quite versatile. In fact, it’s so versatile that it’ll look great whether you pair it with high-top or low-top sneakers. The Henley shirt lends itself to a more casual style, so it goes well with almost all sneaker types. And I mean ALL. 

Pair your Henley shirt with a pair of white canvas All-Stars and you’re sure to get a more laid back and chilled look. For a more edgy style, try pairing your Henley shirt with white leather sneakers and fitted pants to channel your inner biker. 

Change up the type of white sneakers that you wear with your Henley shirt and you’ll see just how versatile they can be. It’s amazing how changing from a white canvas sneaker to a white leather sneaker can modify your look entirely. But, that’s the power of a Henley shirt and sneakers. 

A white sneaker with a slight Velcro detail can also make an impressive statement when worn with a Henley shirt. In fact, I’m not a fan of pairing my Henley shirt with sneakers of any other color. 

With that said, there are plenty of people out there who firmly believe that you can pair your Henley shirt with sneakers of any color, provided the sneaker has quite a bit of white detail on it.

How to achieve a more relaxed look while wearing your Henley shirt

Man wearing green henley and khakis sitting on a bench.

It’s simple! Everything about the Henley shirt already screams relaxed and comfortable. However, to achieve a look that is even more laid-back, you can pair your Henley shirt with chino pants and white low-top sneakers. 

This fit will help you make a simple and relaxed statement. A beige chino would work well too if you’re looking for a more simple Henley shirt look. Simply said, the understated look sometimes tends to make the best possible statement, especially with a Henley shirt. But, you can always elevate it with a couple of accessories, such as a leather bracelet or a pair of simple rings.  

Why should I buy a Henley shirt to compliment my white sneakers?

Boisouey Mens Fashion Casual Front Placket Basic Short Sleeve Henley T-Shirts Dark Grey

In my opinion, everyone should consider buying at least one Henley shirt in their lifetime. That’s because the Henley is a quality shirt that’ll last you for many years to come. It’s perfect to wear as a transitional piece of clothing from spring to summer and fall. 

You can mix up your versatile Henley shirt with almost any of the pants in your closet. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for your sneakers and if you have a Henley shirt in every color, then you can wear them with even more of your sneakers. And you can wear a Henley shirt for a night out on the town with a pair of designer jeans, a simple chain to achieve a more formal-casual look. 

What color pants will go well with the Henley shirt in your closet?

Man in a henley shirt and colored pants sitting on a boulder.

Do you own a Henley shirt but haven’t worn it as yet because you’re not sure what type of pants to wear it with? 

Well, there are no hard and fast rules in terms of what color pants you should wear with your Henley shirt. My advice would be to always work with your unique style and the mirror is your best guide. 

I would also suggest picking the most basic color pants to go with your Henley shirt. Think grey, violet, black and even khaki. 

To sum it up

The Henley shirt is a stylish staple in any man’s wardrobe. It always looks great with a pair of white sneakers and you just can’t go wrong with this look.