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Do Running Shorts Have Liners? If So, Why?

You might be interested in learning more about running apparel and have some queries. This article will discuss running shorts and if they include a lining. Continue reading for more information on lined running shorts.

Man and woman running early in the morning.

While running is one of the easiest and least expensive forms of exercise, there are still some things you need to know. If you are brand new to running, you may only know a little bit about running shoes, clothes, and accessories. When you are first starting out with running, you can wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

As you become more experienced, you will find that those old clothes may not cut it. You might want to learn a little more about running clothes and have some questions. This article is going to address running shorts and whether or not they have a liner. Continue reading to find out more about lined running shorts.  

Do Running Shorts Have Liners?

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Many running shorts have liners, but not all of them do. You may find when you are looking at running shorts; you see built-in underwear. This is more commonly referred to as a liner. The liner is made from specially designed fabric to keep sweat and moisture away from the body. 

You will find two types of liners. One is thin, loose-knit, and may seem more like a mesh. This liner is more breathable than typical underwear. In addition, this liner is short and cannot be seen when you are running. 

The other type of liner looks and is similar to compression shorts. The compression liner comes in varying lengths. Sometimes it can be seen when you are running, and in other shorts, it cannot be seen. 

Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners?

It is not ideal to wear underwear while you are running. Running shorts with liners are intended to make you feel comfortable while running without underwear. Wearing underwear while running may cause chafing and be uncomfortable. Liners help ventilation to keep you dry and prevent rubbing while you are in constant motion.

Benefits Of Lined Running Shorts

A male runner stretching before running.

There are many advantages to lined running shorts.

Reduces The Likelihood Of Chafing

Chafing is caused when skin rubs against skin or skin rub against the fabric and causes friction. The rubbing is made worse when there is sweat or moisture involved. A liner absorbs sweat and pulls it away from the body, which helps to limit chafing.

In addition, a liner holds the fabric tightly to your skin which reduces the amount of movement of the material and the amount it rubs against the skin. 

Liners Breathe Better

Close up photo of man stretching before doing workout.

Most liners are constructed from a material that is loose and thin which allows more air to flow. This increased air movement helps you stay cool and fresh, no matter how long the run. In addition, the liner pulls sweat and moisture away from the body. Not only that, but the material helps sweat evaporate. 

Higher quality running shorts are made from fabric blends like nylon, spandex, elastane, and polyester. These materials are breathable and cooling. 

Stay In Place

Often when running or working out, shorts ride up, especially in women’s running shorts. This is because liners are built into running shorts which prevents them from riding up. If you have ever had to pull down your shorts while running, you understand how difficult, uncomfortable, and embarrassing it can be. 

Less Layers

When running in warmer weather, the fewer layers you have, the more comfortable you will feel. Since the running shorts are lined, you do not have to wear underwear under them. When you have fewer layers, you are more comfortable during humid and hot days. 

Are There Different Types Of Running Shorts?

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There are a large number of different types of running shorts. There are three major categories: split shorts, compression shorts, and V-notch shorts. The shorts you choose are based on personal preference. You may find that you only like one style. On the other hand, you might like all three options that you wear for different types of runs. 

Split Shorts

Split shorts have a specific shape and look to them. These shorts have a panel in the front of them that overlaps a panel in the back. These shorts are often referred to as divided shorts. They also have a V cutout at the bottom of the shorts. They have a looser overall fit.

Split shorts are one of the more performance based styles of shorts. They provide the best range of motion for runners. These shorts have a short inseam, usually around one inch for both women and men. 

Compression Shorts

A trail runner man athlete on desert path running.

Compression shorts are a tight-fitting style that hugs your body. They are similar to cycling shorts without the padding that running shorts have. These shorts keep you warmer than the other types of running shorts. They also give you support and keep your muscles warm because of their tight fit.

In addition, they are most likely to prevent chafing. These shorts have a high amount of stretch for flexibility and comfort. The length of these shorts varies and comes in men’s and women’s versions. Typically women’s compression shorts are about one inch shorter.

V-notch Shorts

V-notch shorts are among the most popular running shorts. They have a V-shaped cutout on the seam of each outer leg. This is what gives the shorts their name. This cutout gives runners a greater range of motion that is available when the stitches run all the way down the outside of the leg.

V-notch shorts have a much looser fit than compression shorts. V-notch shorts come in options for men and women. The women’s shorts are typically shorter than men’s shorts.