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Does Silver Jewelry Go with Blonde Hair?

Silver jewelry goes perfectly well with blonde hair but not in all instances. See the several factors that can affect this match-up and how you can pair them perfectly.

Blonde girl wearing silver jewelry.

Sure, there are times when silver jewelry does not go with blonde hair, which I want to highlight first and foremost. However, for the most part, silver goes hand in hand with blonde hair.

There are times when certain types of blonde hair styles will work better with silver. Then there are other times when you should go with a gem or jewel tone like a ruby or emerald. Yet, ultimately, you can wear silver colored jewelry like platinum or white gold with blonde hair and look fantastic.

Silver and White Gold are Bleached Out

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Let me begin with when silver jewelry does not go well with blonde hair. For people with light colored hair that is blonde, they already lack naturally warm color tones. This makes wearing bright colors like blue or pink a good fit, since these help accentuate a person’s silhouette.

If you are blonde, you need this shadowing and highlighting since your hair is so light in tone. Adding silver jewelry will only be more of an issue.

Silver and white gold earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry get lost in a sea of blonde hair. They match too much, and you tend to overlook the silver jewelry when the person’s hair is blonde. It almost looks like the jewelry is just another highlight rather than a costly and precious statement.

Yellow gold is about as problematic. This is why brown, black, or bold colors for gems and metal jewelry are best for most blondes.

Depends on the Skin Tone

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Along with the color of the person’s hair, their skin tone also needs to match up with their jewelry choices. People with a cool skin tone are going to naturally look best with white gold or silver jewelry, even if they have blonde hair. According to WikiHow, “Cool skin tone also matches best with white metals. Examples of this would be silver or white gold.”

If a person has a warm skin tone, they most likely have red or light blonde hair. This matches with redder hues like orange and yellow, and for these people, silver jewelry is sometimes in and sometimes out. The warmer skin tones generally look best with gold jewelry. But silver jewelry when worn with the right outfit and hairstyle will pop with radiance.

Sometimes Silver, Other Times Gold

Woman with blonde hair wearing silver jewelries.

Then there is this situation where the color of the jewelry depends on the tone of your blonde locks. As we all know in the hair bleaching and faux blonde community, you can never predict how your next blond style will look. I recently attempted to bleach my roots and was unsuccessfully, mainly from using too much bleach powder compared to the quantity of developer, but that’s a part of doing hair at home. Anyway, the issue here is, sometimes when you get your hair done and it’s bleached, the final result is more of a brassy, gold tone or a lighter, white tone.

Grazia Magazine reiterates this fact: “Blondes who go to darker tones, for instance, can find a rose gold a good alternative to silver and gold. Pale skin tones who have recently gone blonde find that 9 kt or 14 kt gold suddenly looks much more striking than before.”

If you have bleached or white blonde hair that has a natural tone, then silver jewelry is the way to go for you. Gold jewelry looks dated on bleached white blonde hair that has a more urban feel and not in a good way. It’s more of a bringing-back-the-Eighties style. However, if you want to go with a look from the Eighties, then go for the gold jewelry.

On the other hand, yellow or gold blonde hair works best with gold-toned jewelry. If you have toned your hair to be golden or strawberry blonde, I say no silver jewelry for you. This would be the time to wear gold jewelry, as a way to highlight the gold tones in your hair.

When Silver Jewelry is In for Blondes

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About the only time of the year when silver jewelry might always look better on a blonde is the summertime. If you are someone who gets naturally tanned in the summer months, and you are blond, you can use the tan of your skin to make your light hair pop. The same goes for your jewelry, especially when wearing white gold rings, bracelets, and ankle bracelets.

The tan skin and silver jewelry contrast each other in a more modern way than the gold jewelry on tan skin of the 1980s. Or at least that’s how I feel based on the style back then when I was a child. Too much gold on heavily tanned skin is dated. Meanwhile, Sterling silver or platinum pop and sends out a Nordic vibe that makes us think of a viking spirit. It’s very Scandi, as they say, and Scandi is cool by definition.

What is the Final Verdict?

Woman with blonde hair and silver jewelry posing against the warm backdrop.

Silver jewelry, including platinum, titanium, and white gold tends to be more durable and often more affordable as a result. If you are a blonde, you can get away with wearing this Second Place metal—in a contest where First Place wins the gold.

Because that’s the reality, silver will always be second fiddle to gold in terms of class and power in jewelry. Yet when it comes to wearing silver to match your hairstyle, blondes, for the most part, can get away with it.