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9 Flare Dress Styles To Choose From

Don’t you just want to spin around when you’re wearing a flare dress style? There’s something about a full skirt that makes you want to dance and spin and strut a certain way. Flare dress styles can be worn for any occasion at any tie and they can be styled in any way. Experiment with different flare dress styles and try on different designs to have a lot of fun with this flirty, versatile look. 

Person holding out the skirt of a flared dress

Types of Flare Dress Styles

If a dress is made with a full skirt that flares out, it’s a type of flare dress. Many different styles of dresses have this quality. A wide, flaring skirt creates a very fun, feminine look that can be styled a number of ways. Try different flare dress styles to see which ones suit your style best. 

1. Baby doll

KIRUNDO 2021 Women’s Summer Mini Dress Sleeveless Ruffle Sleeve Round Neck Solid Color Loose Fit Short Flowy Pleated Dress (Medium, A-White)

Baby doll dress silhouettes flare outward because the skirt of the dress is full and wide. Baby doll dresses flare out from the body ad create a fun, casual look. Because baby doll dresses have a waistline that is just under the bustline, this is a very forgiving silhouette that is effective for hiding a baby bump or just camouflaging a stomach and waist area you don’t want to put on display. This simple, casual silhouette makes baby doll party dresses.

2. Draped

Sidefeel Women One Shoulder Ruffled Draped Loose Cocktail Mini Dress Medium Black


Draped dress styles are meant to fit loosely around the body, almost hanging around the frame. The skirt is full and drapey in a flaring design. This type of gown is comfortable to wear and doesn’t emphasize the figure. 

3. Fit and flare

Allegra K Women's Vintage Plaid Houndstooth Long Sleeve Work Office Zip Up Fit and Flare Mini Dress X-Large Coffee

There are many different mini dress designs that flare outward. The most recognizable is, perhaps, the fit and flare dress. This short dress is made with a bodice that fits around the torose, emphasizing the waist and bustline, before it flares out over the hips in a wide, circle skirt design. Short fit and flare dress styles made a good cocktail dress choice. You may also see this style used for casual wedding dresses as well. A fit and flare wedding dress can be a great choice for a beach wedding, though maxi dress styles are also very common.

4. Halter

Floerns Women's Summer Floral Print Sleeveless Halter Neck Beach Party Dress Green Floral M

In halter neck dress designs, two pieces of fabric come together behind the neck in a sleeveless, shoulder-baring design. Often, halter bodices on dresses are paired with flaring skirts. Think of Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. This was a halter neck design with a wide, flaring skirt. This classic dress still makes a great prom dress style.

5. High low

Bdcoco Women's Vintage Lace Long Sleeve High Low Cocktail Party Dress, Black, Medium

High low dresses are sort in the front and long in the back. This design is very eye-catching as semi-formal or formal wear. Because he emphasizes here is on the skirt, the skirt of a high low dress is somewhat wide and flaring. Because of the varied hem length, many consider this to be a perfect dress.

6. Off the Shoulder

Exlura Womens Lantern Sleeve Tie Back Dress Ruffled Off Shoulder A-Line Vintage Mini Dress White

Off the shoulder dress designs often have cap sleeves or a ruffled neckline that extends across the collar bones and shoulders. These dresses can be loose or tight fitting in the bodice and may also have a flaring skirt design.

7. Skater

Verdusa Women's Elegant Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Ribbed Short Skater Dress Black L

Skater dress styles are short dresses that are above knee length. Often, they have mini dress designs. Skater dresses can have any type of sleeve or neckline style but they are fitted around the waist. The skirt flares out in a circle design from the waist, which creates a lot of flare. 

8. Tea length

Alex Evenings Women's Tea Length Embroidered Dress Illusion Sleeves (Petite Missy), Taupe, 12

Tea length dresses have a classic dress silhouette dating to the late 1940s. These dresses are made with a fitted bodice and fitted waist. The flared skirt comes out very wide from the waist over the hips and falls to about mid-calf in a midi dress design. Tea length dresses are often used as a more casual or semi-formal wedding dress because of the length.

9. Wrap

BTFBM Women's Casual Dresses Long Sleeve Wrap V Neck Floral Print Bohemian Swing A-Line Pleated Hem Midi Dress with Belt (Swiss Dot Black, Large)

Wrap dresses fit around the body in a crisscross design and tie around the waist. This design enhances the bustline and the waist, which makes wrap dresses extremely flattering for the female figure. The skirt of the dress flares out. This creates a comfortable fit that helps to show off the lower body curves without emphasizing them too much with a tight fit. This dress is known for being flattering to any body type because of the way it emphasizes the shape in such a forgiving fashion. The wrap dress design gives everyone more of an hourglass figure.


Still have questions about flare dress styles? There’s a lot to know about wearing these dresses well. Get the answers to the most common questions asked about these types of dresses and you’ll know how to wear them just like a style expert. 

Woman wearing short flared dress and carrying shopping bags

What is a flare dress?

A flared dress is any type of dress that flares out in the skirt, coming away from the body in a wider fit. Flare dress styles can be long or short and they can be made with any neckline or sleeve type. Many different types of dresses can be flare dresses, so long as tye have skirts that flare outward. 

Are fit and flare dresses in style?

Fit and flare dresses are considered to be universally flattering on almost all body types. They make the waist looks smaller and they help to camouflage the lower body, which can cover many problem areas. These dresses are very easy to wear for multiple types of occasions. They can be worn as casual dresses, semi-formal dresses and formal dresses, depending on how they’re styled and how they’re worn. The fitted upper body and flaring skirt create a comfortable, versatile design that you can wear anywhere.

How to style flare dresses?

Flare dresses can be worn for truly any occasion and worn to show off any style. Add some color and fun style to a casual flare dress by pairing it with flats or sneakers. Add a patterned or colorful belt to add more interest to the dress. You can top off the dress with a  leather jacket or a denim jacket to add some extra casual or edgy style. 

To style a flare dress for professional wear, try topping it with a cropped blazer and finishing it with closed0toe high heels. You always want to stick to closed-toe heels in a professional environment. Showing your toes isn’t professional, even on the most casual days. 

For a more semi-formal look, strappy sandals will work nicely. Forget about adding an era layer to the dress and add a statement piece of jewelry, such as eye-catching earrings or a necklace. 

Create a formal look with a flare dress with high heels or sleek flats. Choose elegant metal or bead jewelry, such as a string of pearls or diamond stud earrings. Don’t wear a smartwatch or any accessories that are plastic. 

What should you wear under a flare dress?

Because flare dresses are specifically made with a wide skirt that can flare upward with movement or wind, it’s important to think about what you’re wearing under the dress. A close-fitting slip will likely stay in place even if your dress flares up, so this is a food solution. Shapewear also provides coverage that stays in place. You can also wear a pair of form-fitting shorts to give yourself complete coverage under a flaring dress.