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How to Style a Beard (Outfit Ideas for Different Beards)

Bearded man with sunglasses and hat

Beards have been a part of men’s style for as long as men have existed. Facial hair has special significance, it sends a message and it can look absolutely amazing when you style it the right way. But do you know how to pair your beard to your outfit? It’s time to learn the tricks of how to style a beard and how to wear your beard well with some great outfit ideas. The best beard you can wear is the one that looks fashionable and gives you the confidence and swagger you want. When you know you’re styled well, you’re going to look amazing no matter what type of outfit you’re wearing.

Beards Through History

Beards have been around for as long as human beings have existed. In the early days of the Stone Age, human men wore beards to keep their faces warm during those cold, cold Ice Age days. They also probably wore beards to look tough and intimidating, which is one reason why men still wear them today! Beards add more distinction to the face and they’re associated with strength and manliness, so simply having a beard sends a message that you are strong and powerful.

Beard being styled

A beard creates the impression of a stronger jawline. Historically, beards have been a symbol of masculinity. They are still worn as a sign of strength and virility to this day, though men also wear them as a style option. Throughout history, there have been many, many different beard styles and specific facial hair trends that have come and gone and come back again. Which styles are the best beard for your style of dressing, your face shape and your personal sense of style? To know how to wear a beard, understand the symbolism of beards and the different styles you can explore when you’ve got one.

Ancient Symbolism

Beard symbolism has played a big part in human history. In ancient Egypt in 3000 B.C.E. and beyond, pharaohs and members of the royal family wore false beares that were made of metal. The beards were held in place with a ribbon that tied up and over their heads. Even queens did this. The men also grew real beards and dyed their hair reddish-brown or dark brown. 

Ancient people living in Mesopotamia, Assyria and Persia also wore beards that they groomed and dyed. Some used beard oil, while others stylized their beards with curls and braids and decorations. Long beards were seen as a symbol of wisdom and status in these ancient cultures. 

In ancient Greece, beards had an even greater significance. Beards were a sign of honor among Grecian men. They curled and styled their beards heavily. Beards were cut as a punishment, a visual symbol of those who were not worthy of wearing long, dignified beards. It wasn’t until Alexander the Great outlawed beards that the practice changed. His reasons were military in nature. He didn’t want enemies grabbing hold of Greek beards and using it to their advantage in battle. He thought the best beard style was really no beard at all.

Romans kept their beards very neat and groomed, perhaps for the same military reasons. Razors and neat beards were encouraged among all men. Barbershops, where beards could be trimmed and styled, were in ancient Greece and Italy as early as 454 B.C.E. Men have been thinking about their beard style for a long, long time.

Presidential Beards

The first 15 U.S. Presidents were beardless. This trend changed in 1861, with the election of the very bearded Abraham Lincoln. As a younger man, Lincoln was told by a little girl that he should grow a beard. He took her advice and made history as the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln began a new trend, as many of the next Presidents all the way up to Taft were also bearded men. Some of these bearded Presidents were known for their facial hair and sparked many trends in beards among American men and men around the world. Which President do you think had the best beard style?

A Little Bit More Modern Now

Beard trends continued throughout history. Vikings were very particular about their beards and their grooming habits, taking great pains to style themselves. Vikings have a reputation for being fierce. You definitely didn’t want to cross one who lost his beard comb! Beard care was a big part of Viking culture and to this day, those looks of old continue to inspire many modern beard styles.

Man sitting with a full beard

Blackbeard, the famed pirate, was said to put firecrackers in his beard to create thick black smoke. It made him a terrifying sight. Beards were hugely popular during the Crusades and in Victorian times, all kinds of strange styles flourished. Throughout history, beards have been fraught with symbolism and with style.

What does your beard tell the world about you? What styles of beard will look great on you? Do you know how to keep your beard looking stylish and sexy? Do you know how to used a beard brush the right way? There’s a lot of stuff to learn about beards! Learn more about how to style a beard and soon, you’ll have the answers for keeping your facial hair looking amazing, staying on trend and maintaining it well. 

Beard Jewelry

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There are lots of different ways to shave, cut and sculpt your beard to create a distinct look. You can even use braids, curls and other style techniques. But there’s another way to dress up your beard: jewelry. Beard jewelry has been around for a long time and it still works today to make your facial hair stand out.

There are two types of beard jewelry: charms and rings. Charms are designed to hang off your beard somewhere, while rings go around a section of beard hair. You can find beard jewelry in all different material types and colors, though metals are very common. You can even add gems to your beard, if you like. Even a short beard style can be enhanced with jewelry. Sometimes, beard styling means adding a little bling.

Beard jewelry has been around for quite some time. Vikings wore different types of ornaments in their beards, as did Anglo-Saxons in England and Germany living during the early Middle Ages.

Different Beard Styles

All beard styles and types chart

There are lots of different beard styles out there and that means there are lots of different outfits you can wear with them. Experiment with all kinds of different outfit ideas and create some amazing looks to match your beard style. Because when you’re a man who’s bold enough to wear a beard, you’ve definitely got it in you to take some fashion risks and really make the most out of your facial hair.


Anchor beard

The anchor beard is a partial beard style that actually resembles the shape of a ship’s anchor. The hair covers the chin and extends up and out, away from the chin, in two symmetrical thin lines of hair. The middle of the beard extends up in a thin line to the lower lip. This creates that classic anchor shape. This beard style is typically paired with a mustache. This style is usually kept short and trimmed. Many Hollywood superstars have worn anchor beards as part of their regular look, including Robert Downey, Jr., Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. 

Because this look is seen so often on Hollywood celebs, this is a great formal look. It’s a little bit sexy and when paired with a great suit, there’s something almost dangerous about it. This is a great “bad boy” look that women are certainly going to notice.

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Get a hot suit at Jos.A.Bank. This is a famous name in men’s suits and you will see why when you go looking for your next new suit here. They have a huge selection and a very easy-to-use online store where you can shop for specific suit styles, patterns and colors. There are always lots of great suits here and reasonable prices. Frequent sales and discounts make it even easier for you to get great suit style to match any moustache and beard look.


The Balbo beard is unique because it features a beard and a separate mustache. The look is named for Italo Balbo, who was an Italian aviator. This beard covers the jawline and does not rise high on the face; it does not extend up to the cheeks. The middle of the beard does usually join with a soul patch to cover the entire chin. The mustache is disconnected, so you can play with different mustache styles while wearing this beard. 

The Balbo beard is a neat, trimmed beard look that works great with semi-formal and professional wear. A little facial hair gives you a little bit of distinction and makes others notice you, which is always a good advantage to have in any business situation. 

Shop for great professional looks at Mango. This online store has a huge selection of men’s fashions, including a big collection of amazing blazers in all types of fit and colors. A blazer is an easy way to dress up an outfit and make it perfect for semi-formal and professional wear. Mango’s sharp tailoring and great styles make it easy to create an amazing look that goes great with your beard.


The bandholz is a very big, bushy, luxurious beard for guys who really like having a beard. It’s named for Eric Bandholz, a corporate guy who worked in a conservative office. Bandholz really wanted to grow a beard. He decided to ditch the job and grow the beard. It led to a brand-new lifestyle. Bandholz founded Beardbrand, a company that sells men’s grooming products, like beard balm and other essentials. Of course. Soon, he became known for his beard, a style that is now synonymous with his name. In this style, the mustache is connected to a full, long beard. The Bandholz has no specific length, so grow it as long as you like.  This is a great style to choose if you want to play around with a longer beard look.

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This full beard shape was clearly made for those rugged outdoor adventures. When you’re dressing for a casual look that’s outdoorsy and tough, this beard is just the right way to dress your face. Pair it with flannel shirts, blue jeans, hiking boots and maybe a denim jacket if the weather is a little chilly. The warm beard and warm clothing will keep you ready for all the outdoor adventures you might find when you’re hiking, fishing, camping and enjoying the world outside your front door.

When you want to dress for the outdoors, turn to L.L. Bean. This brand is famous for its outdoor wear and for making tough clothing in general. You can shop here all your outdoor clothing, from jeans and boots to shirts and accessories. L.L. Bean truly has it all.


Bushy beard

The name of the bushy beard style pretty much speaks for itself. The bushy beard is a full beard style in which the mustache and beard are connected and allowed to grow out and long. This creates a very full, poofy effect that gives the bushy beard style its name. If you can achieve full beard growth all over your face, you can pull off a bushy style.

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When you want to make a style statement, the bushy beard is an amazing way to achieve it. This beard is going to get attention and it’s going to turn heads. So if you have a bushy beard, pair it with cool hipster style. This beard style has become extremely hot with hipster looks. To achieve this, you’ll want skinny jeans and a button-down shirt.

Get just the right pair of skinny jeans with a jeans expert: Wrangler. Here, you can shop for all sorts of hip-looking styles that will definitely keep you on trend. Pair your skinny jeans with work boots for that ironic hipster vibe and you and your beard will be very well-styled indeed.

Chin Strap

The chin strap beard, which may also be called a chin beard, is characterized by its thinness. This beard is grown along the bottom of the chin and the jawline, up to the sideburns. The mustache is usually not connected but sometimes may be grown down to meet the chinstrap in a look that combines a chinstrap with a goatee. The chinstrap is a highly customizable style. You can wear this beard very thin, though it can be grown in somewhat thicker lines as well.

The chin strap is a super sexy look because it’s well-groomed and doesn’t hide the face but it also gives you that facial hair that women find so compelling. This look works great as an everyday style and that’s what makes the chinstrap so perfectly suited to casual outfits. Slip into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and just let your casual sexiness speak for itself.

Head to the Vans website to find a huge selection of T-shirt styles for all your casual looks. There’s a great selection of graphic and well-designed T-shirts here at reasonable prices, so you can always find something new to add to your wardrobe.


The circle beard looks like a goatee. It’s distinct for forming a circle around your mouth. With this style, the beard is only grown in this area. The mustache connects and goes straight down to the beard, which just covers the chin and does not extend up the jawline. The beard may cover the entire chin up to the lower lip or may be groomed so that it provides only partial chin coverage.

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This beard style is highly suited to athletic outfit ideas. If you’re sporty, or you just want to look that way, the circle beard says that you know how to have fun and you aren’t afraid to sweat. Pair it with some classic athletic gear to really make this style come to life.

You can’t go wrong looking for athletic gear at Puma. This brand is one of the big names in creating athletic gear, starting with amazing shoes. Puma is a famous name in trendy shoe style and many wear their shoes even when they’re not doing anything sporting or athletic. Pair your Pumas with a tracksuit and a plain white tee and you will be ready for any casual day of fun…or heck, you can always go to the gym if you want!


Defined beards are short and trimmed and have razor-sharp edges. These beards are very well trimmed and neatly kept. The defined beard is achieved with a uniform length all over. Within these parameters, a defined beard can take on many different shapes and styles. This can be a stubble beard, a short boxed beard, a long beard style or anything else you want. As long as it has sharp lines, it’s a defined beard.

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The defined style looks neat and well-groomed and that means it’s perfect for a super formal look. If you have an important event to attend but you don’t want to lose your beard, trim and shave your way to a very defined style and you are going to look amazing in your tuxedo.

The tuxedos at Moss Bros. are available in a huge range of styles, from colorful to your basic black. These tuxedos are tailored and made to be extremely flattering. Paired with your defined beard, you just don’t go wrong with a tux here.


When you see a ducktail beard, you know why it’s called a ducktail beard. This style is characterized by the long chin length. The ducktail is a full beard style that connects the sideburns and the mustache. The chin whiskers, however, are grown out longer than the rest of the beard so the length extends downward in a triangular shape. This creates the distinct ducktail look. Stray hairs can really mess up this style, so you’ll want to use wax or other products and trim the beard frequently so that it will hold its shape.

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The ducktail look is rugged and ready to take on the world so, of course, this beard style is perfect for your work look. Tough corduroy pants, a blue button-down shirt that’s rolled up at the sleeves and a classic work jacket with boots will make you look like you can erect a barn, muck out a stable or just be a tough guy when needed. This is a look that says you not only aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty but you get them dirty all the time taking on all the tough tasks.

When you want tough clothing that’s stylish and well-made, turn to Carhartt. This company is practically synonymous with work gear because they’ve got it all. Come here to get that classic Carhartt work jacket, a distinct look that immediately says you’re ready to get down to business. This is the building block of many great work outfits. 

French Fork

The French fork beard is not for the faint of heart. This is a full beard that connects to the sideburns and a full mustache. What makes this beard different is the twin sections of hair that split equally at the beard and extend downward. This creates a two-prong look that gives the French fork beard its name.

When you want to get the most out of this beard style, opt for a casually sexy look. That means fitted slacks and a button-down shirt that’s open at the collar. Loafers or oxfords will pull this look together beautifully. The French fork is a great complement to a style that’s casual but a little bit dressed up. This look can go with you on a date or to a night out with the guys, when you’re running errands or to any casual or semi-formal event you happen to attend.

Head to the Ralph Lauren online store to fulfill your shirt needs. This store has a big collection of button-down shirts in a ton of different colors, which makes it very easy for you to create head-turning looks. Ralph Lauren is famous for men’s fashion but despite the designer label, the clothing here is reasonably priced. You might be surprised to see how affordable it is to look this good.


Want to have  Garibaldi beard? Make sure you also have a tape measure. This full beard style has specific restrictions. The Garibaldi is a full beard with sideburns and a mustache but the length is never more than 7 to 8 inches (around 20 centimeters) in length. The bottom of the beard is wide and rounded. It’s a very powerful look. This style was popularized by General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who became famous for his facial hair as well as his battle tactics.

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Want to create an edgy look? The Garibaldi beard is just the right accessory for a leather jacket. Wear it with a dark T-shirt that fits you very well, a pair of slim-fit jeans and some black boots and you will absolutely turn heads everywhere you go. 

When you need motorcycle style, you need to go to the motorcycle experts: Harley-Davidson. Their online store is actually packed with amazing clothing and accessories, including the sexy leather jacket you need to create the edgy style your beard wants you to have. In fact, the Harley store has an impressive collection of riding jackets and vests that are highly stylish. They will all look amazing with your big, lustrous beard.


The goatee is a classic beard style that’s very popular. This is a small beard that covers just the chin, either in whole or in part. The goatee can be paired with a detached mustache but not always. When styled traditionally, goatees are kept trimmed and short. This is a neat, clean look that works with many face shapes.

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The neat goatee is a great partner for any preppy style. When you’re going to hit the golf course or the tennis club or meet someone special for a lunch date, a goatee with a classic preppy look is going to be just right. Pair your goatee with a classic polo and a pair of chinos and you will be ready for any casual to semi-casual day or evening event. 

Shop for amazing polos at Avenue 85. You will find a huge selection of polo shirts here in all different colors and styles. The polos here have little details that show how well these clothes are made and give you that little extra style “oomph” you deserve. 


The gunslinger beard style just looks like the Old West. This style is recognizable for the long mustache with extends downward on either side of the mouth and then extends along the jaw up to the sideburns. This is a thin beard style and usually has little or no chin coverage at all. This style is still in fashion today and still evokes a sense of toughness and coolness in those who wear it.

This old school style is just the right thing to wear with a winter look. Think classic knit sweater, great wool slacks and a long trenchcoat. You will look very much like a modern gunslinger, a man who knows what he’s about. 

Capture this style perfectly with knitwear from HBX. The selection of sweaters here can keep you busy shopping for a long time. Get them in multiple colors and styles, from sweater vests to cardigans to everything in-between. You will be ready to take on cold weather looking truly fashionable and trendy with the clothing here.


The long beard style is pretty self-explanatory. This is any beard style where the hairs extend beyond the chin more than a couple of inches. Long beards can be extremely long indeed, like the facial hear worn by the band ZZ Top. Several styles of beards can be worn as long beard styles, such as the classic full beard.

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What looks amazing with a long beard style? A slim-fitting suit with a skinny tie, of course. This is an amazing professional or semi-formal look that’s also incredibly trendy. It’s a perfect look for a date or for a power lunch. The long beard paired with a well-tailored suit offers a little bit of contrast and shows that you’re a multi-layered person who has a lot of different sides to your personality.

Capture this hip suit style by starting at Ties. Here, you can look for a tie that will truly capture your style that can be tailored and professional, but a little bit fun and reckless, too. The skinny tie styles here will look beautiful with any slim-fitting, well-tailored suit you want to wear.

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are really a type of sideburn but they cover so much of your face, they are also considered to be a beard style. Mutton chops are very long and very thick sideburns that come down along the jaw at least the chin. This style ends at the chin, with two distinct beard sections. If the chops join in the middle, they are no longer mutton chops but a full beard.

The mutton chop style says that you’re a little bit country. You’ve got old fashioned values, or at least a look that honors the styles of the past. What looks perfect with mutton chops? A denim jacket, of course. You can go full denim and pair this accessory with a pair of blue jeans or break up the design a little bit with a pair of khakis. Pair it with a classic henley shirt with a three-button neckline and you will really bring that charming country style to life.

Shop for all the denim you want at Liverpool Jeans. This company specializes in denim and in great casual looks. Search for denim jackets and pants here and you will definitely find the amazing look you want that’s just a little bit country but also a whole lot stylish and trendy.


The patchy beard style is not fully grown in. This style is distinct because it is not a full style. There are areas of the beard that are not filled in with hair. Many types of beard styles qualify as a patchy style. Often, the patchy beard look is worn with a very short beard or long stubble. 

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Pair your patchy beard look with a cool skater style. All you need are some baggy slacks and a hooded sweatshirt, along with a pair of classic skate shoes. This sloppy casual style actually looks super hot when it’s styled the right way and a patchy beard is definitely the right way to style it.

Shop for hoodies and other skate-friendly style clothing at the Mad Hueys. Here, you can nab lots of hoodie styles in all different colors. There are plenty of sweatshirts here with cool images that add color and life to your look. The prices are reasonable and the selection is big, so you can stay busy here shopping for a while. 

Petite Goatee

The petite goatee is a very small goatee where hair is grown just around the mouth and chin. The petite goatee has very thin lines and very little face coverage. 

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Style a great summer look with a petite goatee, a pair of shorts and a collared shirt. This casual dressy look is perfect not just for the golf course but for a lunch date, an afternoon of running errands and just for looking amazing. The petite goatee is a great style to wear in summer when you don’t want your face to get too hot but you also don’t want your face to be fully naked.

Shop for all the golf-friendly and summer-ready looks you want at Glenmuir. This company has been in business for over a century and they specialize in golf clothing. That means they specialize in summer. Look here for your summer shorts and you will not be disappointed. The shorts here are made for golf, which means they are lightweight, not too short and available in a big array of different colors. It’s everything you need for some summer shopping.


Create a royal look with a royale beard style. This is a goatee beard style where hair is just around the mouth and chin and does not extend up the jaw. The royale style is a full mustache and a thin chin strap beard that just covers the bottom edge of the chin. This style is often completed with a small soul patch, a little hair just under the lower lip.

Some styles are perfect for all different outfit ideas. Whether you want to be casual or formal, the royal is a great look to have. What might be difficult is styling all the beard looks you want to try. Make it happen with shavers and grooming products that are designed to help you explore different beard styles.

You’ll find all the grooming and shaving supplies you need at Mankind. This online storefront is full of different trimmers and products that make it possible for you to create any interesting beard look you want, from the royale to the bushiest beard on the list.


The scruff beard style’s power is that you aren’t too sure it’s a beard. This is a super short beard that is actually just stubble. It’s a full beard style but most of the face is still highly visible, as this is more of an 11 o’clock shadow than an actual beard. 

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Nothing says sexy quite like a scruffy beard style. Stubble is definitely hot. Build sexy outfits around standard regular fit blue jeans and a V-neck T-shirt. This will show just a hint of skin and that will drive others just wild. You want jeans that fit well but not too tight. Pair it all with some casual loafers or sneakers with no-show socks and you will capture a sexy, casual style that’s going to look great around the house. 

When you want blue jeans, turn to the first name in blue jeans. That is, of course, Levi’s. This is the company that patented jeans, after all. Expect to see an enormous selection of jeans here. You can shop by style and find the perfect fit and denim wash for all the sexy looks you’d like to create. Levi’s is a trusted brand and they always have lots of stylish jeans to choose from here.


The square beard look is styled with a wide bottom that extends from the jaws to create a square shape. This beard is grown a little bit longer but it’s actually very tricky to maintain because of that shape. The square beard must be trimmed often to maintain a neat look. Otherwise, this becomes a bushy beard style.

The hip square beard is just right when you design outfits for casual cool style. That means your basic graphic T shirt, a pair of slacks and some oxfords or boots. You will look casual but still very stylish. This is an amazing day or night look for any casual activity or event.

Look for just the right shoes at Allen Edmonds. This online store specializes in great-looking footwear. They have a selection of casual shoe styles that will definitely suit any outfit ideas you create for yourself. These styles are classic, in style and very high-quality. If you’re going to spend money on fashion, then do it with a good pair of shoes. 

Van Dyke

Named for Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, who rose to fame in Europe in the 1600s, the Van Dyke beard remains an extremely popular style despite its age. This beard has a long, thin mustache that extends over the corners of the lips and a small tuft of hair that is long just at the chin. 

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Design a suave, sophisticated look for yourself with this beard and a timeless suit. A casual suit, matching pants and a blazer, paired with a tee shirt and your van dyke beard is going to look super hot and stylish. Wear it with sneakers and no-show socks to show your devil-may-care sophistication. A little detail, like a great watch, will set this look over the top.

Stop for all the sophisticated style you want at Calvin Klein. This designer label is famous for its sophisticated style and for trendy fashion. You’ll find an amazing collection of suits and blazers and slacks here, the building blocks for the sexy and sophisticated looks that your van dyke beard is absolutely begging for.


Knowing how to style a beard is pretty difficult. Not only do you have to choose the right beard for you but you also need great fashion to go with it. If you’ve still got a lot of questions about wearing a beard well and pairing it with the right outfits, no problem. We’ve got the answers to all the most common style questions about beards. 

Man with a gray beard

How do you choose your beard style?

What kind of beard style should you choose to wear? You may need to experiment a little bit before you pick a specific facial hair style. First, let your beard grow out naturally for a month. Get a sense of how your facial hair grows so you can get an idea of what you have to work with. In the meantime, pay attention to the facial hair you see. This will help you figure out the style you want. 

When you have some hair to work with and you have an idea of styles you like and styles you can create with the facial hair you have, start to experiment. Play around with different looks and you’re likely to land on one that you know is right. 

How can you style a patchy beard?

There are lots of different ways to style a patchy beard. Many of Hollywood’s leading men have patchy beards where the hair doesn’t grow in full and thick and rich everywhere. Inf act, this is extremely normal. Many men don’t grow full, thick facial hair all over. Patchy beards work well with a variety of styles, including goatee looks, circle beards, scruffy styles and other looks that don’t require full beard coverage on the face. Chinstrap beards tend to work especially wear for patchy hair growth patterns.

Which beard styles will suit you best?

Face shapes and head shapes vary from person to person. You’ve probably known plenty of people who have a more oval-shaped head and face, or perhaps one that is more round. You’ve seen guys who have heavier jaws. So which beard is going to work best with your particular face and head shape?

If you have a more square shape, stick to a more defined style that doesn’t have a lot of hair on the jawline. A goatee, circle beard or royale style will suit you very well.

If you have a round face, a beard with a little less hair or a lot more hair is going to work very well for you. You don’t want medium-sized beards or short, full beards, as this may make your face look even wider. You’ll find the short beard styles, anchor beards and van dyke beards all suit you very well. 

If your face is more square or rectangular in shape, play around with disconnected beard looks that don’t fully cover your face. The gunslinger, chin strap styles and mutton chops are all great styles for this face shape.

Oval face shapes are in luck because they can play around and wear almost any beard style they want! Start growing your facial hair out now because you can try any style that your natural growth pattern and boldness will allow. 

How to trim a short beard?

You can actually trim your beard to be just about any length using a beard trimmer. You want one that is finely calibrated to have many different settings, so you can achieve a short length with ease. All you have to do is set the razor to the length you want and then, you can easily trim your short beard. It’s also possible to do this with a pair of scissors, but this method is highly imprecise and extremely time-consuming. Always comb your beard out before you trim it, as rogue hairs can get in the way and won’t get cut properly.

How often do you need to trim your beard?

Since every man’s hair grows at a different rate, there’s no one answer for how often your beard needs to be trimmed. You look at yourself every day, so you know when your beard is starting to look a little rough. Depending on the style you’re wearing, you may need a simple pair of scissors to clean up your beard and keep it at a certain look. Other times, you’ll need an electric shaver to define the lines of your beard or to shave away certain parts of your face to maintain a specific beard style. Many men shade their stubble once a day, so you may need to make minor beard adjustments on a daily basis. If you get into the habit of grooming and trimming your beard every day, it will always look great. 

How to comb a short beard?

What’s the correct way to comb your beard? If you want to wear a beard, you need to know how to comb it properly. This will keep your skin under the beard healthier and it will keep your beard looking much nicer. Beard hair can end up with split ends and tangles, just like your head hair. This will make even the nicest beard look bad and scruffy.

Brushing and combing your beard keeps it clean and keeps it looking nice. Bonus, this also makes your beard feel nice to the touch. This is definitely something that you want. 

To probably comb a short beard, wash your beard first. This will remove dirt, oils, food and gunk from the hair. Next, apply oil or balm. A few drops are all you need. Next, use a comb to brush your beard. Start at the bottom and work your way up, always combing in the direction of the hair growth. Be gentle. If you hit a tangle, pulling too hard could result in loss of hair that leaves a bald spot in your beard. Go slowly and comb it properly. After all, every beard should be a healthy beard. Don’t forget to clean and rinse your comb after you use it.

Brush your beard every day to keep it healthy and keep it looking its best.

What is the most popular beard style?

Beard styles have gone in and out of fashion all through history. There are some styles from back in the day that you look at and laugh at immediately. But the thing about beard styles is that they’re always changing. Sometimes, a beard style someone just invented becomes the new hot look. Other times, it’s a  beard that existed hundreds of years ago. There is no one beard style that is more popular than others, though the classic full beard is probably one of the most common types you will see out in the world. 

Will a full beard suit your face shape?

Full beards are a classic look and they suit all kinds of different clothing styles. Oval shapes, which can wear all different beard types, look great in a full beard. Other face shapes can experiment with different full beard styles. A defined beard can be trimmed and shaped to suit any face and still offer a great full beard look.

Do beards make you look older?

Does having a beard make you look older? In some cases, yes, actually. Some studies actually show that men with beards look older than they do without beards. This means that adding a beard can add a certain amount of distinction and worldliness to your look. It’s a fairly easy way to look much more professional and sophisticated.

What is the most attractive beard style?

According to study results published in Men’s Journal, facial hair definitely has an effect on how others see your level of attractiveness. This study found that facial hair can make men look more attractive in general. Women who participated were more likely to find sex appeal for short-term flings in men who had stubble beards, while they desired more long-term commitment with men who had longer, fuller beards. So if you’re going to style your beard to attract love or lust, now you know what to do!

How many beard types are there?

Men have been wearing beards and styling them in different ways since the dawn of human time itself. There are so many types of beards and new styles are being invented so often, it’s impossible to say how many different types of beards there are at any given time. But through history, dozens of different, specific beard styles have been fashionable and trendy.

What does beard oil do?

So what the heck does beard oil do, anyway? Actually, a lot. While there are a lot of cosmetic-type products out there that seem like they may be somewhat dubious, beard oil is a genuine must-have for fellas with facial hair. This oil conditions and moisturizes facial hair as well as the skin beneath it. This prevents dryness and keeps your hair and skin softer and healthier. You definitely want a soft beard, not one that feels rough and scratchy. 

Beard oil makes hair lay flatter, prevents tangles and just in general improves the look and health of your beard, all stuff that you definitely want. As an added bonus, the oil actually makes your beard smell nice, too.

Why is your beard itchy?

Itchy beard? This is a very uncomfortable experience and it does mean that something is happening. Why is your beard itchy? Well, there are a few reasons.

If you’re growing out facial hair for the first time in a while, it’s going to be itchy. That’s because the edges of the hair scratch the hair follicles as they grow out. This can create an itchy sensation all over. This is uncomfortable but it will pass when your beard hairs grow out a little bit and once your face adjusts to the hair.

Your beard may also become itchy due to dry skin. This can be an indication that you’re using the wrong products to wash your beard or that you aren’t using beard oil. You should be using beard wash, not standard shampoo or soap, to keep your beard clean. Using the stuff that’s made for head hair or for body skin can end up drying your beard. You should be using products that are specially formulated for your beard hair.

Regularly comb out your beard to get rid of dirt, food, skin cells and debris that could be irritating your skin and making your beard itchy. 

Other problems, such as in ingrown hair, fungus and other skin conditions can also lead to itchiness. if your beard and skin are healthy and you’re using the right products on them, as well as regularly combing your beard to care for it, then you may have another problem. Consult with a doctor to get this checked out, rather than waiting for the problem to go away on its own.


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