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How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Outfit Ideas)

Boyfriend jeans are comfortable, they look good and they work well on all sorts of different bodies. And despite the name, boyfriend jeans happen to be a big favorite among women. Icons like Marilyn Monroe wore them well. But do you know how to do the same? Learn how to style boyfriend jeans using different outfit ideas to really showcase the best of what these jeans can do. You will end up loving the results. If you’ve been looking for jeans that are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear with all kinds of different fashion, stop looking. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect answer.

A Quick History of Jeans

The invention of jeans was a bit of a collaborative effort. A tailor named Jacob Davis was working in his shop when the wife of a local miner came in and told Davis that his pants weren’t good enough. Her husband wore them out too quickly. Davis needed to make some stronger pants. 

Close up of person sitting in boyfriend jeans

He took her suggestions to heart and began experimenting with designs and fabrics, ultimately settling on a tough cloth he purchased from a store owner named Levi Strauss. You can probably guess what happened next. Together, the two men came up with the classic look of blue jeans, choosing the material and choosing to add the little copper rivets that add so much strength to the design at high-tension areas. In 1873, the two took out a patent for their blue jeans. They were making fashion history. From a simple style, blue jeans would become an icon of fashion that everyone absolutely loves to wear.

Modern Jeans

From these early beginnings, of course, jeans spread throughout the U.S. and all over the world. Strauss and Davis began making their strong work pants with cotton denim dyed blue, creating the traditional look that jeans still have to this day. 

Jeans became popular among workers with tough jobs, like that first miner with the frustrated wife. But soon, people began wearing jeans as more everyday wear. When the Hollywood icons of the 1950s began wearing them, blue jeans were cemented into style history. Once James Dean wore blue jeans, they were the height of style. Suddenly, jeans were no longer workwear. They were sexy style. It was the beginning of an outfit idea and the start of jeans as a true fashion option.

Blue jeans have been a part of popular fashion and high fashion ever since. 

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

None other than Marilyn Monroe herself is credited with popularizing the boyfriend jeans style. She wore a loose-fitting pair of blue jeans in 1960s. The slouchy, baggy look became the standard for blue jeans styles of the day. This was the fit of choice until skinny jeans totally changed the blue jeans game.

Boyfriend jeans are characterized by their somewhat boxy and slightly baggy appearance. They do not hug or cling to the body but they do fit the body, following the lines and curves closely if not tightly. They sit at a mid-low level on the waist, below the belly button but above the hips. Boyfriend jeans are named because they are somewhat baggy and loose on women, as if the woman is not wearing her own pants but a man’s. 

Though often compared to another popular style, the mom jean, boyfriend jean designs differ in the way they fit and where they sit on the body. Mom jean styles typically sit high on the waist. Boyfriend jeans do not. Mom jeans looks are also looser in the legs than the more tapered boyfriend jean style. However, they are less tapered in the leg than the skinny jean designs that are made to cling to the curves of the body. High waisted boyfriend jeans are usually more like mom jean styles than they are like boyfriend jean designs.

Boyfriend jeans, sometimes listed as bf jeans in online stores, have inspired a similar style: girlfriend jeans. These jeans are a little less boxy and a little less baggy than boyfriend jean styles.

How They Should Fit

Because they’re supposed to be somewhat baggy, it can be difficult to find boyfriend jeans that fit the right way. To get the right fit, look for boyfriend jeans that are fitted in the waist and hips. Here, the jeans should fit right against your skin but not tight enough to squeeze your body. The fit should be just enough to sit on your body without gaping, but not tight enough to bite into the skin. Boyfriend jeans also have a bit of a cropped appearance, ending slightly above the ankles. Some styles are made to be longer so that you can cuff the ends of the jeans up and shorten them to above ankle length.

Cuffed boyfriend jeans create a classic look that harkens back to the style that Marilyn Monroe so famously wore. The cropped length makes it easy to wear ankle boot and other high shoe styles with boyfriend jeans. High tops are an option with this jean.

Types of Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans, like many types of jeans, are available in different fit styles. Choose the type of fit based on your own natural body type. Boyfriend jeans can be flattering on all shapes, as long as you choose the right type of boyfriend jeans and wear a pair that fits you well. 


Sidefeel Women's Boyfriend Jeans Loose Stretchy Ripped Distressed Denim Pants Medium Blue

Relaxed fit boyfriend jeans are a little bit looser, which is great for curvier body types. This relaxed cut will fit comfortably and feel good and still show your curves but in a way that’s flattering. 


Lucky Brand womens Mid Rise Ava Skinny Crop Jean, Lido, 29W x 26L US

If you’re a more petite or slender shape, skinny boyfriend jeans are a good choice for you. This style of jeans will fit close to the legs and fit snugly. This creates a sleek silhouette that helps to show the lines of your body. Baggier, looser cuts of jeans can make you look heavy or make you look swamped by your own clothing. Skinny jeans will fit closely and show off your natural shape.


Levi's Women's New Boyfriend Jeans, Lapis Gem (Waterless), 29

If you have a curvier body with wider hips, such as an hourglass or a pear shape, opt for a slim fit boyfriend jean style. This style will gently hug your curves and show off your shape, rather than hiding it. A curvy body can end up being hidden by clothing, which makes your outfits look ill-fitting. Slim-cut jeans will gently hug and display your curves well. Excess fabric will make you look heavier than you are. These flattering jeans will show that you have nothing but sexy curves.


Resfeber Women's Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Cute Distressed Jeans Stretch Skinny Jeans with Hole

Do you have a more athletic or rectangular body shape? Slouchy boyfriend jeans will fit well on your body. This fit is slightly loose in the thighs and just a little fitted through the legs. It’s a comfortable, somewhat relaxed fit but it still fits close enough to the natural lines of your body so that you don’t look heavy or overwhelmed by your clothes. 

Straight Leg

KUT from the Kloth Women's Catherine Boyfriend Jean, Authenticity, 12

Straight leg styles are designed to fit around the hips and then fall in a straight line all the way down the legs. This is a good style to wear if you have thicker legs. If you don’t like the way your legs look in skinny jeans, straight leg boyfriend jeans will sit you well. 

50 Shades of Denim

Blue jeans are actually not always blue. They are also made in a huge variety of different washes, meaning that the jeans can have a much stronger or much lighter blue color based on the wash it has. Some blue jeans look almost faded, while others are a bright blue. You can get jeans in all shades of blue and all other color shades, too. And frankly, it can all be pretty confusing when it comes to putting together different outfit ideas.

Which jeans wash should you be wearing? Get to know more about the most popular jeans washes and which colors and styles work with them the best. Once you know which washes you should be wearing with which colors, you’ll find it much easier to style great-looking outfits.

Dark Wash

Silver Jeans Co. Women's Boyfriend Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans, Deep Dark Indigo Wash, 28W x 29L

Dark denim is not faded at all, or there is very little fading. This denim may be very deep blue or even black-blue in appearance. As a general fashion rule, dark denim is more suitable for nighttime and evening outfits. Dark wash denim also looks good for winter and fall styles that are suited for cold weather.

Dark wash jeans look great with neutral colors, such as khaki, and bold jewel tones, such as ruby red and sapphire blue. This is also a great wash to pair with navy blue. Stick to darker denim washes when you’re trying to dress a little more on the semi-formal side of casual. 

Deep red is a great complement to darker denim washes. This creates a rich overall look and the darker shade will be beautiful as evening or nightwear. Mustard yellow is also highly flattering with darker denim shades. This color shade brightens up any outfit. 

Mid Wash

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean, Mid Wash, 6

Mid wash denim, or medium wash denim, is not exactly dark or light. It’s just a pretty standard blue jean shade of blue jean. You get it. The denim isn’t super faded but it’s faded enough to look like it’s been worn before, a pretty classic blue jeans look. This is a great shade because it can be worn day or night and still look stylish.

A mid wash denim will pair very well with gray, black, white and brown color shades. If you want something more colorful, try emerald. The bright green plays very well off the blue of the denim. 

Light Wash

Levi's Women's New Boyfriend Jeans, Slate Era - Dark Indigo, 28 (US 6)

Light wash denim is made to look very faded. This type of denim wash includes very faded designs, such as stonewash and acid wash. Light wash jeans are ideally suited to be daytime outfits and summer or spring outfits. Light wash jeans are a great voice for all casual looks. If you’re going for a classic casual style, such as a white shirt and sneakers with your jeans, reach for a light wash denim that will truly complete this casual outfit.

If you’re looking for a perfect color to wear with light wash denim, burgundy is it. This dark, rich color is a beautiful contrast against lighter shades of denim.

Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Ideas

Boyfriend jeans are comfortable, versatile and fashionable. But there are different fits, different washes, all sorts of different choices when it comes to boyfriend jeans. So if you have trouble coming up with amazing outfit ideas, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to know how to create fashionable styles, even with something as simple and great as blue jeans. 

We’ll get you started with some great-looking outfit ideas for boyfriend jeans that can help you tap into all sorts of different styles and find your inner fashionista. Once you get a look at some of these styles and start playing around with them, you will be creating your own outfits soon enough. Just get a few pairs of boyfriend jeans and get started.

Autumn Chic

Dress for cool days and nights with boyfriend jeans, a belt and a fitted turtleneck A turtleneck that clings to your form will emphasize your curves in your jeans. Finish the look with loafers to emphasize your casual style. This is a simple and stylish autumn look that you can take to any casual setting or event and turn heads while looking like you’re just fashionable to the core.

J. Crew has a huge selection of denim styles available through their online store. You can even select specific jeans styles and shop just for boyfriend jeans. There’s a big selection of different washes and fit styles here, so you can find exactly what you need to style all the looks you want to wear. J. Crew is a known name in fashion so the prices are a little bit steep. However, sales and discounts make it easier to save some dough while you get fashionable. 


Style a bohemian look with your boyfriend jeans by topping your outfit with a lightweight, loose peasant blouse. This is a pretty, airy look that is easy to wear in fall and spring. Add some colorful beaded jewelry to complete your boho style. A woven shoulder bag is the perfect additional touch. Don’t forget a pair of sandals! Wear your hair loose and long or somewhat touseled and messy to really complete your overall boho vibe and totally rock this look well. You can easily achieve a boho look with a ripped boyfriend jean design, too.

Browse the huge selection of boyfriend jeans at Boohoo. This online storefront has a big selection of different denim styles, colors and fits so you can find the right pair of jeans for every body type. Prices here are extremely reasonable and frequent sales make it even easier to find good deals while you shop here. The styles here are trendy to reflect all the current styles so you can definitely find everything you need to style a perfect boho look with your boyfriend jeans at Boohoo.

Classic Casual

Boyfriend jeans are a great choice for all kinds of casual looks. Put together a classic style with white tennis shoes, a T-shirt and a blazer. This is a casual but very put-together sort of look. Roll back the sleeves of the blazer to complete the casual style. Some statement bracelets will help put this look over the top and allow you to add a little color and bling if you like.  Carry a clutch or a small handbag to finish off this classic, casual outfit idea. This is a great street style look for when you’re out and about.

Look for classic boyfriend jean styles at Everlane. This site has very classic, elegant jeans styles available in different washes, so if you find a pair you like you can always get a couple of them to create different looks. The prices here are mid-range and the clothing is gorgeous. You can also get some extra discounts through online deals, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at Everlane fashions.

Eleganty Underdressed

For a sleek and sexy nighttime look, top off your blue boyfriend jeans with a silky camisole top. Wear a belt and a slightly tousled hairdo to complete the effortless look. This outfit is a little sexy, a little elegant and totally hot for a nighttime casual date night or a night out with the girls.

Head to River Island online to shop for elegant but affordable boyfriend jeans. River Island is all about quality clothing styled with timeless good looks, so you will definitely like what you see here. When you need denim bottoms to round out your wardrobe, this is a perfect place to go browse.


Style a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans with a black tank top and black ankle boots. Motorcycle boots or combat boots are a perfect choice for a slightly edgy look. If you want to show a little less skin or be prepared for a weather change, you can always add a black leather jacket. Finish it off with a black leather belt and your edgy style will be complete. Look for distressed boyfriend jean styles to really drive that edgy look home and really honor this style. Distressed jeans are the building block for many different edgy looks, though of course the black leather always helps as well. If you want a little bit of lift, choose a boot with a little bit of a heel on it.

Look for a cool, edgy style at American Eagle. Known for creating classic and cool designs for all kinds of clothing, American Eagle has a great selection of denim online. Look for boyfriend jeans here and you will find great-looking styles at affordable prices from a trusted name in fashion. If that sounds good, it’s time to start shopping for your next look.

Evening Appeal

Slip into boyfriend jeans and a halter top for an easy casual evening look. A pair of strappy heels will finish this off nicely. Statement earrings will add just the right touch to complete the look. With this, you’re ready for any casual night out. If you need another layer for warmth, bring along a cropped jacket.

When you need jeans, why not go to the first name in jeans? The Levi’s online store, of course, has an enormous selection of jeans in every style and denim wash you could want. They have all the classic and trendy styles, including boyfriend jeans in a variety of sizes and washes. Many styles are available in multiple wash colors, so you can still get different looks for the jeans you love. Levi’s is known for blue jeans, since this company patented them, and the prices are reasonable in relation to the high quality you’ll be getting. Levi’s jeans are still made with the patented riveting process that adds strength to the design. If you’re going to shop for jeans, this is definitely the right place to be.

Everyday Style

For a daytime, go-anywhere look that’s perfect for running errands, wear your boyfriend jeans with a graphic T and a cute white sneaker style. You can wear the T-shirt tucked in or tied off in a more crop top-like design, depending on your style preference. Leave the belt at home to create an easy, breezy style. Keep accessories to a minimum for an everyday style that seems natural and effortless. Finish it with ballet flats, sneakers or strappy sandals. If you have a bit of a glamorous side, it totally works to complete this ensemble with a pair of high heels. When you want a more casual look, stick to a shoe with a flat sole and forget the heel.

TJ Maxx is the perfect store for everyday style. The fashions here are affordable and the selection here is huge. The TJ Maxx store makes it easy to shop for boyfriend jeans in a variety of washes and fits. If you find something you like, you can even search for similar baggy jeans that are like the boyfriend jean styles you spotted. Some styles are available in multiple washes. TJ Maxx also offers sales, coupons and special discounts, so you can save even more money to get fashion that looks amazing every day you wear it. When you’re looking for a great pair of everyday jeans, it would be hard to go wrong at TJ Maxx.

Fall Comfort

For chilly fall days, slip into a knit sweater. A sweater that is cropped or ends just at the waist will highlight your waist and your curves, rather than making you look swamped and hiding your figure away. This is a great outfit that works well for day or evening wear for any casual occasion.

Seek out all the trendy looks in boyfriend jeans for very affordable prices at New Look. Fashion is frequently on sale here, so you can get a discount on the already low prices. There are many different types of boyfriend jeans here in multiple washes and colors, so you can find the perfect pair to match all your fall looks and give you plenty of inspiration for lots of different styles that will catch eyes and turn heads.


Create a look that is super stylish and dripping in glamor with a simple knit top. Add an air of mystery with big dark sunglasses and a long trench coat. Complete this look with a pair of high heels and you will truly look glamorous and intriguing everywhere you go. This is a perfect daytime look for running errands or meeting with a potential love interest. Whatever you happen to be doing, looking glamorous certainly won’t do you any harm.

When you want to create a glamorous style, why not turn to a designer? Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known name in the fashion game and for a good reason. The clothing here looks stylish, fits well and feels good. Boyfriend jeans are no exception. Shop here to find a great selection of boyfriend jeans in different fits and washes, from distressed looks to solid designs. You can find it all here and it all comes with Tommy style. The prices are reasonable in spite of the designer label, so this is good shopping all the way around.


Watch to capture the great denim looks of the 1980s and 1990s? Who doesn’t! Wear your boyfriend jeans with a crop top and a pair of sneakers to get that awesome retro look. Complete the outfit with a denim jacket to really finish the style. This is an amazing day or evening look when you want to really make a style impression. A retro look can’t steer you wrong no matter what you might be out doing. This is a great go-to look that’s a little sexy and very stylish.

Style great retro looks with boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer. This online website has jeans available in different washes at prices that make sense. The styles here are absolutely timeless, so it’s easy to create all different looks using these boyfriend jeans as a cornerstone.

Sexy Casual

Create a look that’s simple and exposes little skin but is still unbelievably sexy. All you need is a collared, button-down shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Unbutton the shirt and spread the collar to show your collarbone, tie the shirt around your waist and roll up the sleeves. This simple look will be amazing with a pair of fitted boyfriend jeans and a pair of ballet flats. 

It’s hard to not be sexy with the trendy looks from Buckle. This online store has a huge selection of boyfriend jeans in distressed styles that show a little skin here and there. There are many different washes and types of distressed looks available. All of them are totally in style and trendy. There’s also a huge array of different fits and styles to suit all body types here, too. All this paired with the reasonable prices makes Buckle a perfect place to get a pair of new boyfriend jeans. Now, you understand the name of this store! 

Summery Sexy

Create some sexy summer style with boyfriend jeans and a crop top. This will look especially stunning with light wash jeans paired against a white top. It’s an especially striking outfit when you add strappy high heels. Finish it with a dark pair of sunglasses and a straw handbag and you are ready for any summer day of fun, a casual date or any other activity you like. 

Find great summer sexy style at Tommy Bahama. This is a name that’s synonymous with summer fashion so what could be more perfect? This is a known name in fashion and that means you know you’re getting great style when you shop here. 


Jeans have definitely come a long, long way since the 1870s. It’s amazing to think that a fashion item that’s still relatively new to the game, because fashion history is so long, has become such a  superstar. But jeans are definitely a superstar of the fashion world. Everyone has worn them, many big-time designers have created their own styles and they look and feel good on all different bodies. What’s not to love?

Person wearing boyfriend jeans outside

Well…maybe all the possibilities! There are so many different jeans styles and fits and colors and washes that it can be overwhelming. So if you still have lots of questions about styling and wearing boyfriend jeans, that makes sense. Get sorted out by getting the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about boyfriend jeans. Soon, you’ll be styling different jeans outfits like a real fashion pro. 

Can jeans be business casual?

Jeans feel good, they’re easy to wear and everyone has a pair of them. So it would seem to follow that jeans make for great work pants in a casual office environment. Sadly, this usually isn’t true. Many office and work environments find jeans to be too casual, even on casual Friday and other special days. As a general rule, you should probably assume that jeans aren’t work-appropriate. However, you can always ask about the style rules for every workplace. Many companies have taken the time to write down their policies and record them someplace so you can access the information whenever you need it. 

As a guideline, jeans are not business casual in any style or in any wash. Though if you can get away with it, always go for a darker wash jean. This looks more professional and a little more formal than light wash styles.

Where can’t you wear jeans?

Jeans are acceptable attire for almost any casual occasion. They’re great for running errands and they’re just the perfect thing for everyday wear. They are the workwear of choice for many professions, especially those that involve getting dirty or doing some type of labor. They’re perfect for horse riding and hiking and biking and all sorts of other activities that involve getting a little bit rugged. But in spite of all these uses and the ubiquitous nature of jeans, there are still many places and occasions where it’s considered a fashion faux pas to wear jeans.

In some places and at some events, jeans are just too casual. You’re going to raise some eyebrows with your style if you wear jeans to church in most cases. This is also why you should avoid wearing jeans to important ceremonies, such as funerals, weddings, baptisms and religious ceremonies of all kinds, whether or not they take place in a church. Even an outdoor garden wedding is too formal, in most cases, for blue jeans.

Avoid wearing jeans to all semi-formal and formal events, as jeans are considered to be strictly casual wear. You shouldn’t wear jeans to the office, to an interview or to an important meeting. When in doubt, just stick to slacks. If the attire is anything but casual, don’t wear your jeans. Follow these guidelines and you probably won’t make a mistake by wearing jeans to the wrong place at the wrong time.

How do jeans fade?

Jeans are made with sturdy denim material that is non-itchy and non-irritating on skin. It resists tearing and wear and it stands the test of time. You probably have some pairs of jeans that you’ve had for years and years because jeans are built to last. Why, then, do they end up fading and losing color over time?

Traditional blue jeans are made with indigo dye. This is what gives jeans that distinct “blue jean” color shade. Indigo dye naturally fades over time through washing and wearing, becoming lighter and whiter in color. This is caused by the way the dye binds to the fabric threads used to weave denim cloth. The indigo dye binds only to the outer surface of the fabric, not to the core of the materials. The faded look of blue jeans has become a part of the look of blue jeans, so much so that some designers sell jeans that are already faded and distressed to capture this classic look.

How should boyfriend jeans fit? 

Boyfriend jeans are meant to be worn a little loose. This can make it difficult to get that perfect fit. However, there is a specific way this style of jeans should fit your body. The leg should be slightly tapered, following your leg without being tight on it. The length should end just above the ankles and the jeans should fit through the hips. They will be fitted around the waist and hips and slightly loose everywhere else, but not too loose. These jeans are not meant to be big and baggy, nor tight and restrictive. The crotch should not be low and loose on your body, nor high and close against it.

When your boyfriend jeans look and feel great, you’ve hit that sweet spot between baggy jeans and perfectly fitting boyfriend jeans.

How should you wash your boyfriend jeans?

Many style experts agree that you shouldn’t wash your jeans too often. You shouldn’t be washing jeans every time you wear them. Unless you do a lot of heavy work in your jeans where they are getting dirty, you can wait to wash them after every few times you wear them. 

When you do wash your jeans, turn them inside-out before you put them in the machine. Use cold water and a gentle setting. This will prevent shrinking and it will prevent tearing and damage to the fabric fibers. Use a mild detergent to prevent fading as much as possible. To be even gentler with your jeans, you can always hand-wash them in the bathtub or a large sink or tub of any kind. Let the jeans soak in water with mild detergent first, then gently rub the soap into the jeans, rinse them thoroughly and dry them.

When drying jeans, use a low heat cycle. Remove the jeans from the dryer while they are still damp and hang them up or lay them flat so they can finish drying. If your jeans are very dirty before you wash them, soak them in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes before you wash them and dry them.

As always, consult with the care label on jeans before you do anything. If these instructions differ from the basic jean washing instructions outlined here, follow the care label first and foremost. 

How should your boyfriend jeans be stored?

Some clothes can be damaged if you hang them on hangers or fold them up and put them away in a drawer. So what’s the deal with jeans? What’s the best way to store this essential fashion item? Have you been storing your jeans wrong all along and never knowing it?

Breathe easy. Jeans can actually be hung in a closet or folded and stored in a drawer, depending on what you want and what works for you space-wise. Jeans are made with thick denim fabric and they tend to hold their shape even when they are hung and folded. Either way, be sure to fold the jeans in half neatly along the seams before you fold them over a hanger to hang or fold them up for placement in a drawer. Luckily, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with jeans because they are designed to be tough, to hold their shape and to keep looking good after repeated wear.

The great thing about jeans is that the denim fabric often gets softer and nicer to wear over time. Few clothes actually improve with age but jeans often do. So however you store them, store them! Jeans styles tend to fluctuate so even those outdated jeans can become all the rage again in a new fashion crycle.

Why is blue the classic color for jeans?

Jeans are so associated with the color blue, it’s right there in the name. So why are blue jeans blue, anyway? 

Jeans are blue because of the indigo dye first used in denim to make the material. Textile weavers were experimenting with fabric when they accidentally stumbled on the method to make denim. That batch of denim was dyed with indigo and the textile makers could see right away that this was a perfect marriage. Denim looks so amazing with the natural indigo dye that these two have been paired up ever since. 

How loose should boyfriend jeans be?

Boyfriend jeans are styled to fit somewhat loosely around the body. However, you don’t want them to be baggy. This will make you look heavy and hide your natural shape, which is never a good look. Boyfriend jeans should be loose enough to feel comfortable all over and give you enough room to move in all ways, whether you’re twisting or squatting. However, they should not be so baggy that you have a lot of excess fabric hanging off of you or bunching up anywhere on your body.

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

The great thing about boyfriend jeans is that they look good with all types of footwear. Because boyfriend jeans have a slightly cropped leg rather than a long length, this is a perfect style for showing off different types of footwear. Depending on the outfit you’re wearing, boyfriend jeans look great with athletic shoes, sandals, high heels, ankle boots, loafers, flats and just about any other type of shoe you might want to slip on. This versatility is one of the reasons it’s so fun to style different types of outfits and explore all different fashion looks with boyfriend jeans.


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