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How to Style the Slip Dress

Black Slip Dress with Crown

Every woman should own one great slip dress at least once in their life. I can’t be thankful enough that it’s 2022 and almost anything goes in our dear world of fashion. I’m almost as equally thankful for the return of the Mack, I mean slip dress.

I love minimal effort when it comes to fashion but I love an indulgent textile so much more and for me the slip dress is a dream.

Obviously, this goes back centuries but as an undergarment. Can you imagine hiding something so adorable? Ain’t nobody putting baby in the corner! Back in the day as in the 1700’s they were really meant to be wore to make those elaborate dresses fit and flow a little better with a nice silky layer in between our bodies and our clothes. Apparently, Marie Antoinette was one of the first to cause all the drama with wearing as is, but are we surprised? What else goes with diamonds better than silk? Also known as the chemise the slip dress is typically cut on the bias and I don’t know about you, but I do find this to be flattering on most body types. I promise it’s not just for the Kate Moss or Gweneth Paltrow type that survived off cigs. Yea I know nobody smokes anymore but what I’m really trying to tell ya is that you don’t have to be stick straight. The nice thing about a bias is that it really does give you a shape and even with the sleek materials one would normally shy away it tends to be forgiving and very flattering.

Rock Star’s Girlfriend.

If you were there for the whole 90s grunge scene or are visiting it for the first time you know that Courtney Love owned this look but just about everyone was wearing it. Or at least you should know, I’m not saying she was my favorite damsel in this dress, but she nailed the strung-out glam gal. Everyone from your favorite Friends friend,to Sara Jessica Parker, to Naomi Campbell, and Cher no not that ONE but Cher Horowitz from Clueless. I’ll tell you who was my favorite and who will always be my favorite is Drew Barrymore. Uh she’s just the cutest and the slip may have been made just for her helllllo have you seen Mad Love? When I grow up, I want to be her.

Let me count the ways.

So, since we are talking about how to style this beauty it’s pretty easy. Obviously, I must shout out the coolest of coolest way drumroll please……the slip dress with the baby tee. Let’s face it not everyone has arms like Jessica Biel so this little combo takes all the anxiety out of the delicate tank straps. Long sleeves or short sleeves it’s your call. It’s doesn’t matter if the dress is finished with a lace trim, v-neck or a little draping it’s just a perfect look. It can be plain or have a little print or graphic it’s all good. I’m digging the Feminist word peeking out the top for now. Add a boot, a sneaker, a sandal whatever you want it’s a really versatile outfit.

Another fan favorite? The denim jacket. Match made in heaven. With or without a tee this duo is as bad ass as you can get. You can work the look with a long version, cropped and of course the classic cut. Dark denim or light denim, worn in or not the contrast with an ultra-feminine cut of the dress accompanied with the masculine of the utilitarian jacket exudes confidence. That’s really what it’s all about right, making you feel good like you can conquer the world.

Cantonwalker Women's Oversize Vintage Washed Boyfriend Denim Jacket Long Sleeve Classic Loose Jean Trucker Jacket 003 (Light Blue Washed, L)…

Now if you’re already good in the self-confidence arena then you don’t need to hear it from me that rocking this beauty as is can be a sure-fire way to demand all the attention in any room. Dresses for me don’t get any easier than taking the guess work out of creating the look for the day. I’m a lazy fashionista and if I can accomplish a statement with a simple dress, you better believe I’m grabbing the slip dress. Just like Steve Jobs mastered the all black, sometimes you need to use your brain power for other things than to figure out the puzzle of an outfit for the day. Now, I don’t love my arms, but I do love my freedom, and this gives me exactly what I need. My favorite at the moment is a satin leopard print one that I picked up at Target of all places. I’m particular about fabrics and prints and while I am loyal to Free People I’m not opposed to finding little gems for a steal. I got it a couple of years ago and I loved it so much I got one for my besties for her birthday. Don’t worry we don’t wear it at the same time. I have my boundaries.

Give me fur they say!  Oh yea this is where all the fabulousness sits.  Nothing exudes the rich biatch than a slinky slip dress and any form of faux fur.  I’m not making this political but I’m with PETA on this one.  It can be a full on faux fur coat as Carrie Bradshaw does or even just a collar on a cardigan.  Do whatcha like here but it’s suitable for most occasions.   While I prefer the faux, cashmere can also be inserted.  

Slip Dress with Fur

Don’t forget about the power of accessories. With the simplicity of the slip sometimes all you need is a little sparkle. Diamonds or pearls. Layered chains or chokers. Studs or hoops. Maybe somedays you just need to put on all your favorite things to give you just want you need. Fancy yourself up.

One way to really switch it up is the footwear. Gosh there is really no fashion fail here. I would say it’s important to be mindful of where the dress hits but let’s face it you’re probably not getting a dress that’s not suitable for your height and physique. I will wear this dress with cowboy boots all the time right now or a good engineer boot. Clogs clogs clogs for days! Open toed or closed clogs are a great way to make it your own. Don’t be afraid to add a little sock with your closed toed kicks, especially if it’s got a lace trim. If you need slip on a pair of sneakers, go ahead and run around town and then hit a Happy Hour with your girls. Remember gone are the days of hard rules.

Hey Jealousy

I don’t know who designed this first during the Middle Ages but thank you thank you thank you. This look is fit for a Queen and most certainly a Princess as in Diana. It’s influenced a whole movement in formal wear and changed the way our 90’s icon sashayed down the red carpets and wedding isles. I was both devasted and in awe when Carolyn Bessette looked flawless on her wedding day when she became Mrs. John F. Kennedy Jr. She looked perfect in the Narciso Rodriguez gown but the truth is that I was supposed to marry him and so it was a day of major heartbreak for me. Yes, I spent the day crying with my Mom on that fateful day. Rest in peace my loves.

I dunno know maybe my love for it is because it’s nearly impossible to wear a bra with it. I mean you can if you have zero cares about a little strap showing. When it comes down to it, I think it’s more because of my rebellion spirit. Wearing underwear as outerwear, none of these over the shoulder boulder holders, and obviously it just feels good to have something that feels so soft and flowy would be why I pick this over and over again. I’m not going to lie I live in these year-round and sometimes I’ll throw one on right after the shower to get ready. On really hard days I keep in all day and all night because well I just need to. The Drop Women's Ana Silky V-Neck Midi Slip Dress Dress, -Fuschia, XS

No matter if it’s a beach day, wedding day, errand day, or a sleep day go ahead and slip slip slip into this dress. If it’s right it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing at all and that my beauties is the ultimate freedom.