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How To Wear Bandana Print


Girl with bandana scarf and coffee

Everyone make it back to work in time after the big game yesterday?

Who else went to a Super Bowl party yesterday just for the half time show? I don’t think that I watched one play of the game, I think I saw a part of the commercial, but I was certainly glued to that screen and turned up the volume as loud as I could the minute, I heard that first hit of Next Episode. We were all doing a little Crip Walking to the beats and showing our age.  Sure glad I stretched before I got there.


The lineup couldn’t have been any better for such a trip down memory lane for anyone born after 92. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar dang that was fun and wow Mary J. Blige was a stunner and rocked her 52-year-old body in all that sparkle.  Those boots though!

They were all suited and booted in their performance best that is for sure Eminem sported his usual hoodie, Dr. Dre commanded respect in his leather and black but I think the one that really nailed it was Snoop in that blue bandana track suit with a Ram nod. No doubt it was custom, and did we expect anything less than him and his Boss lady supporting the West Coast team?? As usual they were the cutest in their unmatching matching suits.

California Love

In my California days I loved me a bandana and I wasn’t repping anything just my red bandana wrap around skirt, I love that outfit and I wore it with a white body suit. It was my favorite summer outfit to hit the dance floor on and maybe because it matched my red lips. I kept that skirt for decades and every once in a while, I tried it on to see if it still fit but for some reason it seemed much shorter than I remembered. Glad to see those days aren’t gone forever. Many brands are still using that print, some are traditional while some have their own added special details like these Vans.

Vans Mens Classic Slip-On VN0A33TBD9S Bandana - Size 10

Make no mistake as soon as I got home, I jumped on Amazon and searched for bandana clothing. I’ve had my eye on this top and I was curious what else was out there. Here are some of my favorite looks.

Free People Women's Sun Valley Bandana Tunic, Red Rocks, M


If you’re looking for the track suit vibe like our boy was wearing, I found these joggers. They look so cozy, and I don’t even care I ordered them anyway but sized down. I opted for my usual red because that’s just me.

SCREENSHOT-P11092 Mens Hip Hop Premium Slim Fit Track Pants - Athletic Jogger Paisley Pattern Allover Bandana Print Bottoms-Red-Small

I am loving this mixed print and color combo.  Give me mixed media of any kind and I’m in love.

SCREENSHOT-P11090 Mens Hip Hop Premium Slim Fit Track Pants - Athletic Jogger Paisley Bandana Bottom with Taping-Red-Large

Maybe you’re just hooked on leggings.  I’m not here to judge I live for my leggings of any kind.  


Jessica Simpson Sportswear Women's Standard Tummy Control Pocket Capri Legging, Periscope Bandana, Large


There were quite a few hoodies too. This almost might be one of those most inconspicuous ways to wear it. Yeah, yea, yea, I know, how is that possible. It’s all in the mind here, hoodies are so common and notorious for having graphics of all kinds so just slide it on into your wardrobe, you’ll be just fine.


CaliDesign Men's Blue Bandana Hoodie Crip Clothing Paisley Print Cholo Crenshaw Sweatshirt (2X - XXL - 2XL)


There were a few really cute jackets, puffers which is totally fine because we are still in winter over here. I honestly think that the bandana is timeless. Again, we see the classic utilitarian item be designed is not many different ways than originally intended. According to the most recognizable is what they call Turkey Red and are we surprised that the French founded this fashionably perfect color? The process was so unique and complicated that it fell victim to industrial espionage. So scandalous. After all imitation is highest form of flattery, right?

Levi's Women's Cinch Waist Puffer Jacket, Blue Bandana Print, Large



Are you a little more modest and think you couldn’t ever pull it off? Okay, first that is just insane you can pull off anything second if that’s the case then maybe stake your hit with an accessory. I found this really cute belt. Belts are having their day in the sun, and probably thanks to Gucci GG Marmont belt, oh yea that one. I mean it’s gorg and all but why not throw in something different? Casual is having its moment in 2022.

AccMall Men's Canvas Military Bandana Pattern Web Belt & Buckle 60 Inches Black

Don’t worry I’m not forgetting about the good old bandana scarf; I wouldn’t do that to you. These are worth their weight in gold, I’ll tell ya. Rosie the Riveter bless her, but you won’t necessarily look like her or a bank robber. I feel like bank robbing is on the rise, but we don’t see a lot of paisley bandanas involved and I’m sure happy about that. They are great as masks, around your neck, as a headband, I even love them tied around your wrist. Ha I remember back in the 80’s my brother had his 12th birthday party, and all the boys wore bandanas tied around their thighs. Since it was the 80’s they were mostly of animals prints, paint splatters and of course all in neon prints. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Funny enough his birthday was yesterday so don’t think I wasn’t shouting along with 50 Cent “Hey Shortie it’s your birthday”. Anyway, it’s a cute inexpensive non-committal (for those Valentine’s haters) a way to add a little bandana love and I love this one with the rose detail.

Zad Unisex Red Rose Paisley Print Bandana Headband Scarf Face Covering, White

Well since it’s the season of love why not talk about under garments.  This is a great way for fashion at heart introverts to show a little sumpin sumpin.  I mean I don’t think your guy would mind sporting these around, do you?  Just please do not let the jeans sag, help a brother out.

Men's Boxer Brief (Black, Red, Blue/Bandana 3 Pack, L)

What is everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer?  Ring Ding Dong, Ring-A-Ding Ding Ding Dog the socks.   I think every year I’ve been graced on this year I have received a pair of socks from my Mom for Christmas and in turn I now gift socks. The only difference about me is that I don’t stop at Christmas, I love to give them for any occassions and sock designers know it too and I think there is nothing or theme that hasn’t been made into a sock.

K. Bell Men's Classics Novelty Crew Socks, Bandana Wrap (Red), Shoe Size: 6-12


There are cute boots socks, and I love these little shorties.  They would be so cute with a little clog and a black dress, don’t you think?

K. Bell Women's Pop Culture Novelty Crew Socks, Bandana (Red), Shoe Size: 4-10



I doesn’t matter if you are the Gen X folks that was there the hip hop scene back then or you’re the Millennial  who’s parents taught them to love it.  You can totally get away with wear this print in any way but I gotta go now and practice the Roger Rabbit.