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Is it Okay to Wear a Bow Tie with Jeans? Does it Work?

Wearing a bow tie with jeans may not be everyone's cup of tea but let us show you how this pairing can be pulled off. Here are a few ideas on how to wear a bowtie with jeans.

Man wearing silver bow tie and jeans.

When first ask if it’s okay to wear a bowtie with jeans, my first response was “Oh h—no!.” Then, I found out people do this, and now, all I ask is, “why?!” I don’t like it, but I can show you instances in which people have pulled it off.

How to Wear a Bowtie with Jeans

Men's outfit including jeans and button shirt with bow tie against concrete background.

“No, you are not going to look like a waiter. No, you will not look like a professor unless you want to. And, no, you will not look like Peewee Herman,” says writer Brent Kraus.

I’m having a hard time being supportive of wearing bowties as it is, but for Kraus to put that image in my head? If you feel like you have to convince yourself that you’re not going to look like a “common stereotype,” then something is “just not right.” At this moment, I’m having a hard time respecting other people’s fashion choice, to be honest.

I’d still be your friend if you want to dress that way, but I might have a hard time keeping my opinion to myself if you do. I will try to be nice because no one should put down the way someone else prefers to dress. Besides, you shouldn’t worry about what I think anyway, but I do offer suggestions based on research.

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You must think about the bowtie itself before you decide on the outfit you wear it with. Normally, you can wear cotton or other soft knit fabric with jeans. Satin ones may not look as appropriate with these kinds of bottoms.

You might also find simple designs in polyester, nylon, or other lightweight fabrics. Wearing a bowtie with jeans also requires that you choose the right shirt, hat or other outfit pieces to combine with it.

The Shirt


Source: Trendhim

Choose the shirt you’d wear with your bowtie wisely. Concerning this, a quality shirt made from cotton will always make you look smart and presentable. Usually, a button-down shirt becomes the primary outfit base when wearing bow ties with jeans. The shirt worn with a bowtie almost is always white but doesn’t have to be.

Usually, a shirt with a bowtie also stays tucked in. This applies to both casual and formal outfits and with or without a blazer or overcoat.

The Jeans

Slim Dark Wash Temp Control Hyper Stretch Jeans

Source: Express

Usually, bowties pair best with dark-colored jeans. They usually come in navy blue or black, for instance. If wearing jeans, the bowties usually look best if the denim pants come in a solid color rather than a frosted or stonewashed pair.

This doesn’t mean you’re limited to just dark jeans all the time. Several variables influence what kinds of pants you wear with your bowtie. I saw some, for instance, worn with bleached denim fabrics that appear lighter than blue jeans.

The Shoes

Captain brown ankle boots

Source: Thursday Boots

Some bowtie outfits with jeans came with brown ankle boots. I’ve seen similar styles made for both men and women. I would try either the brown that was first suggested to me or maybe black. Most of the time, I do wear black shoes.

A Hat (Optional)

Men's UPF 40 Textured Fedora

Source: Kohl’s

This hat usually comes with casual suits worn by men. However, I’ve also seen women wear them. They come in a variety of materials, such as felt, wool, cotton or similar.


Source: Panama Jack

Fedoras don’t always come in black, by the way. I found some in brown straw or white. They even arrive painted in a variety of colors for coordinating with colorful shirts, blazers and bowties.

The Blazer

Wearing a blazer when you wear a bowtie almost seems expected, especially when wearing them with jeans. It doesn’t have to be, however. If you do wear a blazer with a bowtie, make sure it complements or contrasts the colors in the bowtie as well as it should. Sometimes, you can find a print or solid-colored suit jacket that comes in the same print or color as the bowtie, for example.

A Course-Fabric Sweater


Source: Pendleton

It may have wool fabric in it or perhaps consists of acrylic materials that have a similar course texture. Either way, wearing a sweater would a rough feel to it may make a bowtie outfit more approachable in casual settings. In fact, I actually like this better than the option worn with a blazer.

After all, why wear a bowtie with jeans if you feel the need to dress it up with a blazer? My point of view comes from relating jeans to informal outfits, not formal ones. That’s why.

Lapel Pin

Bullet Lapel Pin

Source: Otaa

“If you want to look simple but still sophisticated with jeans and a bow tie, add a lapel pin,” says Muniom, an authority on men’s formal wear.

Of course, you need to first choose a blazer to wear with your bowtie, shirt, jeans and other accessories. However, the lapel pin can personalize your outfit based on the type of pin you choose.