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Is It Okay to Wear Blue Jeans with Black Sneakers (Low or High Tops?) If So, What Goes with it Best?

Check out the various ways on how to pair blue jeans with black sneakers. This combination is no longer just for casuals or play. You just need to add the right accessories and you can wear them even in the office.

Woman in blue jeans and black sneakers against the white backdrop.

Yes, you can. It’s been said that black goes with everything. It’s been said that blue jeans are neutral, and they can be worn anywhere, any way you wish. Now, guys toss on a T-shirt or a sweatshirt, pull on boots or sneakers with their jeans, and away they go. That leaves the question of black sneakers worn with blue jeans to the ladies. So, girls, grab a latte, and we’ll talk about shoes.

How You Wear The Jeans

Today’s offices (those that are still open through this pandemic, that is,) have more relaxed dress codes than back in the day. Sure, ladies still wear dresses and nice pants and shirts, but the old “casual day” is no longer Friday. It’s pretty much every day.

Office Chic Jeans

Woman in blue jeans and sneakers sitting on her office desk.

While no boss in his right mind would allow blue jeans with rips at the knees or down the legs in his office, a discreetly frayed hem wouldn’t go amiss. Add a satiny blouse with a scarf tied at the waist over your slightly frayed jeans and black sneakers, and you have an office look all the other girls will immediately copy (the nicest form of flattery.)

Decorated Jeans

Decorated jeans and skirt isolated against the white background.

Bling has never (so far) and will never go out of style. Remember how you embroidered, glued rhinestones, or snapped metal pieces onto the legs of your bell-bottomed jeans (okay, I’m that old) back in the day? Remember doing the same to the flat-topped caps we wore with them? We were the height of fashion back then, and all eyes were on us.

Today, everything goes. You wear your blinged blue jeans over your black sneakers paired with a retro sweater to semi-formal occasions. You wear them to college classes, church functions, neighborhood block parties, and to host charity functions. Bling rules, ladies!

Foreign Fashion Jeans

Arab woman wearing hijab and blue jeans.

Women who come to America from foreign climes adopt and adapt their clothing to Western fashion. How many times have you seen a lady from across the pond wearing black sneakers with her abayat? How many foreign ladies adopt some Western fashions while retaining their Eastern traditions? You’ll see black sneakers peaking from beneath those traditions.

For example, foreign ladies will wear blue jeans, black sneakers, and pretty shirts with their hijab over their head and hair. These are common sights on American city streets. They’ll wear the same ensemble with their long dresses and headwear with blue jeans peeping out from beneath. Of course, the black tennis shoes are on their feet.

Black Sneakers Are No Longer Just For Play

Woman in jeans and sneakers sitting outdoors.

If technology has advanced to Star Trek proportions over the last 20 years, then it’s safe to say that clothing has come a long way as well. From virtual to digital to 3D printing, fashion hasn’t so much stepped into the 21st century as it’s taken a flat-out run. Let’s take a look at shoes, for example (grab another latte, ladies!)

Types Of Black Sneakers

We almost fainted when we heard about high-heeled sneakers. We loved it, though, when sandals and Crocs began looking like sneakers. We absolutely adored our winter boots that looked like sneakers. I don’t know about you, but I never understood black sneakers built like sandals. Summer footwear should be one or the other; I never “got” hybrids.

Black Sneakers In The Professional Arena

Easy USA - Womens Canvas Lace Up Shoe with Padded Insole, Black 37300-7B(M) US

Then came the sneakers that looked like dress shoes. You first began to notice nurses wearing them. Then you saw nuns wearing them, followed by women who walked to work (carrying their heels in their bags,) professionals who went running on their lunch breaks and then wore their black sneakers into the boardroom or into court. Sneakers had breached the casual-professional wall.

Black Sneakers For Optimal Health

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers, Coral Black

Don’t forget those with health problems requiring special shoes made to fit their feet. They support the feet and knees in order that the legs work properly. You’ll see those with lower back pain, diabetics, those with weak or painful knees, as well as those with foot and ankle problems wearing these types of shoes. My dad was a diabetic, and he had a pair of these special shoes.

So, It’s Okay To Wear Blue Jeans With Black Sneakers

Close-up of woman black sneakers and jeans.

In a time when lots of people are seen in public wearing pajama bottoms, when people wear belly shirts with Daisy Dukes, and in a time when clothing is sheerer than is acceptable to most of us, wearing blue jeans with black sneakers isn’t so gasp-worthy. My daughter and granddaughter wear their black sneakers with jeans with rips all the way down their legs instead of just at the knees. It’s a thing.

Regarding shoes, some of the world’s fashionistas have a lot to say. Manolo Blahnik  said, “Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis.” Another way to put it was Marilyn Monroe’s opinion, “ Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” These two hit the head on the nail.

The reason why is that shoes matter. The most boring reason is that they support the feet, ankles, and knees. The fun reason is that they look great while you’re dancing, running, or walking. They go with everything. They go to every place.

Final Thoughts

Black is no longer just for little black dresses. Blue jeans are no longer just for weekends. Both are amazing parts of stunning looks. We’d love to see how you pair your black sneaks with blue jeans, so drop us a picture.