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I Own Two L.L.Bean Flannel Shirts – 14 Things You Need to Know

Wearing my L.L.Bean flannel shirt

My wife bought me two L.L.Bean flannel shirts two years ago.  In late Fall and Winter I wear them almost weekly. I love them.  Come Spring, I wear my flannel shirts with khaki shorts.  I really need to order more.  They’re such a classic, casual look that’s also warm and exceedingly comfortable.

Having had two L.L.Bean flannel shirts for a couple of years now, here are my observations.

1. High quality: the pattern is seamless across the buttons (mark of a higher quality shirt)

Seamless pattern across buttons on L.L.Bean flannel shirt

I love the color combination options with L.L.Bean flannels.  Most are subtle, softer colors instead of bright. I like that. I’m not a bright shirt guy.  Moreover, check out the pattern when buttoned up… it’s seamless across the buttons. That’s the mark of quality; not the only mark mind you.  Let me put it another way.  Shirts whose patterns don’t line up properly across the button line are lower-quality.

2. 100% cotton

100% Cotton Long Sizing L.L.Bean Flannel Shirt

There are no synthetic materials.  It’s straight up cotton; all natural. I love that.  While not great if it gets wet, when dry, it’s comfortable, soft, warm and looks good.

3. They’re a thinner material than most flannels yet still very warm

I’ve had thicker, coarser flannels in the past. They’re okay but what I love about the L.L.Bean flannel shirts is they are thinner, more malleable, softer and so darn comfortable.  It’s a shirt; not a shirt that doubles as a jacket.  It really is a great shirt for so many purposes, outings and activities… but keep it for casual situations.  It’s not a shirt you tuck into khakis and head to a fine dining restaurant with your boss.

4. You can get them in “Tall” which is awesome for taller folks

The long offers longer body length and arms.  Just be sure to order the “Tall” version.  I’m 6′ 3″ and they are more than long enough for me without a bulky torso.  I can button up the cuffs without it pulling whenever I bend my elbows.  

5. They are durable

I’ve now worn these two flannel shirts through two winters. I’ve worn them a lot. The colors are still as bright and vibrant as the day I received them. Not a single button has fallen off. No tears. No stains.  They are as good as new.  It’s impressive actually.

6. Color stays true and doesn’t fade over time

Because I wear these shirts doing fairly active stuff outside, I wash them frequently.  Despite going through the wash many times, the colors and patterns look great; they haven’t faded at all.

7. There are two cuff buttons so you can do the one-flip on the cuff

Cuff on L.L.Bean flannel shirt

I prefer button-down shirts to have two cuff buttons.  This offers the one flip roll which I really like.  I seldom button up the bottom cuff button.

8. The one left-side chest pocket has an inner button (instead of a pocket flap)

Chest pocket buttoned up on L.L.Bean flannel shirt

Actually, I like both flannel shirt looks.  These just happen to have the inside button but I would just as happily buy flannels with the flip-down cover pocket.

9. They look great with pants or shorts

I wear my flannel shirts with all kinds of pants such as khaki pants, jeans and khaki shorts, including cargo shorts.  They look great with so many different types of pants and shorts.  But don’t wear them with trousers or athletic wear. I don’t think it’s a good look.

10. The collars are button-down

Button-down collar on L.L.Bean flannel shirt

I like the button-down collar because it helps keep the collar in place.  There are no collar stays with these shirts so without the button-down collar, the collars could easily become unruly.  I don’t like unruly with my apparel.

11. I’ve never had to iron them

I wash them. Hang-dry them. They’re ready to go. They wrinkle a bit but once I worn for 30 minutes, they smooth out. Besides, one nice aspect of flannel is it’s not meant to be ironed. No creases necessary; in fact, creased flannel shirts would look weird.  

12. If you prefer a thicker flannel, get the L.L.Bean Chamois shirt

I prefer the thinner 100% cotton material but if you like thicker, warmer flannels, get the Chamois shirt at L.L.Bean.

13. They aren’t cheap but still totally worth the price

These shirts start at $80 but go up above $100.  You can certainly buy cheaper flannels on Amazon but IMO, spending more for a better quality and better fit is totally worth it.  Cheaper flannels aren’t long enough, the arms are too short and are too bulky in the body.  These L.L.Bean flannels fit so nicely, last a long time and look amazing.  I’d rather two high quality flannels than 6 low quality that I never wear.

14. I will definitely buy more flannel shirts from L.L.Bean… I’m a lifetime customer

I’m close to buying another two or three flannels from L.L.Bean. I’m a big fan. I also have a flannel shirt from Banana Republic which is pretty sweet.  I can’t fault those either.  All-in-all, I love the flannel look for non-formal occasions.  They’re warm, comfortable and look great.

Buy L.L.Bean flannel shirts here.